Why I Left WillNE...

  • Published on Jan 14, 2021
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 687

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +2609

    He gets the kids every fortnight for a weekend

      THE_BREAD_BANDIT Year ago

      Roses are red violets are blue i am sad and so should you

    • Max O'Reilly
      Max O'Reilly Year ago

      Your voice reminds me so much of Richard Ayoade.

    • Ned
      Ned Year ago

      o0o0o fortnite! 😁😂😂

    • Far Too Much To Say
      Far Too Much To Say Year ago +1

      He gets ImAllexx every second weekend?

    • Dojojack
      Dojojack Year ago

      how did this get on to 22 on trending

  • JCC
    JCC Year ago +1974

    Your videos are quality mate. No doubt you'll smash it!

    • Jackgames 2016
      Jackgames 2016 Year ago

      @Tazwar 22 so what if will made him who knows he may do good on his own good luck to him

    • HuddzHD
      HuddzHD Year ago

      @Ciarán Carlin get in that clubs team

  • George Memmott
    George Memmott Year ago +1411

    Honestly the most heart wrenching breakup I've seen, I hope the divorce papers weren't a struggle Ciaran

  • Steph
    Steph Year ago +429

    Finally... been waiting on Ciarán’s side of this story... so much drama, so many emotions...

    • Steph
      Steph Year ago +6

      @iDrinkFebreze dw, its all good! Glad I could explain :)

    • iDrinkFebreze
      iDrinkFebreze Year ago +7

      @Steph ah ok, thanks, I’m not the best at keeping up with things, sorry! :)

    • Steph
      Steph Year ago +13

      @iDrinkFebreze uhhh idk if you’re being sarcastic or not but basically...... Ciarán isn’t editing for Will anymore because he wants to focus on his own channel more and do what he loves. I was just going along with the title lmao

    • iDrinkFebreze
      iDrinkFebreze Year ago +2

      Can you fill me in on everything I don’t know what’s going on 😅

  • James Mee
    James Mee Year ago +453

    the extra quality of these vids now that you've left will is frankly disgusting. it gets me too excited

  • ItsMeDamien69
    ItsMeDamien69 Year ago +965

    cant believe you’d do this to him 😪😪😪 he’s probably crying right now

    • OJA 26
      OJA 26 Year ago

      @adam mikeys good and u put a laugh cry emoji at ur own comment

    • adam
      adam Year ago +5

      Its all jokes . But wills editing is garbage ever since ciaràn left 🤣

    • talia
      talia Year ago +2

      The profile pic is georgous

    • we are in a simulation
      we are in a simulation Year ago +2

      Holy crap this is so sad YES CIARAN YOU HAVE FINALLY DEFEATED WILL

    • Messed Up
      Messed Up Year ago +5

      Init 😂

  • Olivia Boyd
    Olivia Boyd Year ago +531

    Can’t believe OJ had the audacity to compare his situation to Will and Ciarán

    • Blitwope
      Blitwope Year ago +2

      Wtf is the intro😭

  • blake hebert
    blake hebert Year ago +104

    holy fuck, the amount of effort you put into this video is so apparent. incredible job, Ciarán. i genuinely hope that you succeed. you’re going to do great.

  • Cian
    Cian Year ago +79

    When Ciarán said he was leaving Will to focus on his own channel I was not expecting his videos to get this good.

  • Mindaugas Mazrimas
    Mindaugas Mazrimas Year ago +11

    At the end of the day, you were doing the bulk of the work to help build Will’s dream. Now, youre able to work and achieve your own. You have to respect a person who bets it all on himself. Youre hilarious mate and youll do well

  • Skylon The Dragon
    Skylon The Dragon Year ago +71

    This is a next-level editing skill. One day ( if not right now ) you'll become a movie editor.
    Keep up the incredible effort.

    • Stephanie G
      Stephanie G 3 months ago

      He said in the video he doesn’t want to be an editor lol that’s why he stopped editing for people…

  • becky allott
    becky allott Year ago +208

    Jeez if every crime show opened like this video then I would be invested

  • Noble Dysthiest
    Noble Dysthiest Year ago +467

    I feel like this elusive "tax-man" is the Thanos of the Eboys Universe

  • The Sunnybee
    The Sunnybee Year ago +11

    I felt like I just experienced a Netflix documentary or a crime tv show , this is proper class and well done

  • Destination Unknown
    Destination Unknown Year ago +18

    I’ve never wanted a TheXvidr to succeed as much as this guy!

  • Katie Stephens
    Katie Stephens Year ago +1

    Can’t wait to see you progress even further with everything! Glad to be here for the journey, congrats mate 🖤

  • Sally Seaman
    Sally Seaman Year ago +1

    I'm honestly so happy that your finally able to do what you love. Looking forward to even more amazing videos cause everything so far has been awesome

  • jxdzi
    jxdzi Year ago +2

    Ciaran the way you progressed from editing for will to a well established TheXvidr is sick

  • Darren Nichols
    Darren Nichols Year ago +1

    Love it well done Ciaran, looking forward to seeing where this takes you!!

  • Laura E
    Laura E Year ago +1

    i'm rly excited to see how your channel progresses! honestly one of my faves, and you can clearly see how hard you work

  • Kristin Briggs
    Kristin Briggs Year ago +1

    give it a year and this channel's gonna be unrecognisably popular. So excited to see what you can get up to with all this freedom!!
    Also please never change your outro it's the best

  • Beckoin
    Beckoin Year ago +2

    Absolutely incredible Ciarán, keep this up, the videos are insane! X

  • Tandy's Section
    Tandy's Section Year ago +3

    Great to see Ciran doing what he wants, been subbed since he was bellow 10k subs at FD

  • Mw
    Mw Year ago +2

    Congrats ciarán! I wish you all the best!!❤️

  • Jake Kush
    Jake Kush Year ago +3

    Just wish you the best, and I hope that your channel prospers, I'll be here for the ride and I'll be enjoying it❤

  • Steph
    Steph Year ago +2

    Ok but seriously, I’m happy you’re able to dedicate your time to your own channel. I’m so excited to see all the other videos you have in mind!!! Much luck Ciarán, our favorite lispy boi

  • Aleksandra Devic
    Aleksandra Devic Year ago +1

    I love seeing the creative freedom that is apparent in your recent work. Looking forward to it! Work for Will was well done but this is just amazing, so I'm here for it!

  • Beaves
    Beaves Year ago +1

    I appreciate the amount of effort that you put into your videos. Can't wait to see more of this. Possibly my favourite channel right now :)

  • Zachary
    Zachary Year ago +2

    Based on this video alone... I am so excited for future videos you’ll make 🥰

  • rei
    rei Year ago +1

    ciarán your videos are incredible and you've got a great talent at making these. wishing you the best on your own and hoping for more great content

  • Sarah Menard
    Sarah Menard Year ago +1

    His videos are amazing, I can't wait to see the channel grow even more!

  • rubyelizabethhh
    rubyelizabethhh Year ago +3

    Your content is such insane quality, can’t wait to see more!!

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson Year ago +1

    So happy for you Ciaran! Absolutely love your videos, editing style and humour.

  • Nat
    Nat Year ago +1

    You made Will's videos 10x better, but you deserve way more. You're an incredible creator, extremely talented. Can't wait to see more of you!

  • Jack Winchester
    Jack Winchester Year ago +1

    Sounds like a great decision, always impressed by your videos 🙌 they never drop in quality

  • Sarah Ready
    Sarah Ready Year ago +1

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the channel! And if I lived in the UK I would download pouch because that transition was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Vinny Finch
    Vinny Finch Year ago +1

    This is a genius video. Hilarious original content. I can't wait to see more in the future. 🙌🙌

  • kittikoko ⭐ Isle of Wight

    Good for you, my dude. Your editing skills are insane. This channel is about to blow our minds, I just know it. 😛

  • Fleck
    Fleck Year ago +424

    Big boy ciarán standing on his own two feet

    • Fleck
      Fleck Year ago +1

      @George Towle just clarifying for the snowflakes, i know this guy dw

    • Coybig 7
      Coybig 7 Year ago +1

      As he chats shit about will on this old school beat

    • Water Drinker
      Water Drinker Year ago +2

      @we are in a simulation sat down, editing.

    • we are in a simulation
      we are in a simulation Year ago +3

      What before did he not have feet?

  • MisfitFox
    MisfitFox Year ago +1

    I look forward to supporting you and seeing what awesome stuff you come up with in the future Ciaran!

  • •Mr Yanno•
    •Mr Yanno• Year ago +1

    You're genuinely one of the funniest youtubers I'm subscribed to, keep it Ciarán!

  • Dead_Fam
    Dead_Fam Year ago +1

    Ciarán is always making great video like this incredible master piece. I loved it. I do like how he's using that throne and he's securing that bag. He's worked so hard to get here and I'm so proud.
    Quick question, what do you use to edit and film?

  • MrMagicBeanie
    MrMagicBeanie Year ago +1

    Mate these videos are insanely good. I can't wait for the next ones!🖤

  • Scottxtapes
    Scottxtapes Year ago +1

    You’re easily one of the funniest people on TheXvid would love for you, Stephen Tries & Jaackmaate to Collab.

  • sopheeeyuh
    sopheeeyuh Year ago +1

    I watch every single one of these videos and they just get better every week.

  • Susan Maggiora
    Susan Maggiora Year ago +161

    I’ll always give a like to anyone who calls me a moron!

  • K. K.
    K. K. Year ago +1

    This was soosososos amazing I cant wait for all these new spicey stuff to come out you are so inspiring omg i love this

  • Marc Weißenfels
    Marc Weißenfels Year ago

    much success to you. very inspiring video, wasn't expecting that. you are a great, positive person!

  • E C
    E C Year ago

    Hope you make it to the 1mill mark and above Ciaran, your humour is too good to go unnoticed

  • Seaside Sandies
    Seaside Sandies Year ago +1

    Why have your videos gained such an amazing standard of quality since leaving Will? He was clearly holding you back mate

  • zoevns
    zoevns Year ago +1

    drinking in every wetherspoons is one of, if not my favourite video of yours, i've rewatched it so many times. can't wait for the saga, spin-offs and cinematic universe u create out of it x

  • Alan O'Donovan
    Alan O'Donovan Year ago +18

    Sipping non-alcoholic Heineken on a throne is an alpha move

  • adam
    adam Year ago

    Ciaràn deserves to be in the eboys. Im glad that will and your other friends helped you become a youtuber . Will is deffinatly missing your editing 🤣

  • we are in a simulation

    You will overtake willne frick the rhombus boy I believe in your life ciaran you're the best *epic backflip*

  • Incog Nito
    Incog Nito Year ago

    Gotta say ciaran you always seemed so bored in all the reaction videos on wills channel, now i know why. Seeing you in one of your own videos actually makes me see you in a different light, a good one, your more comical and interested... gonna sub, wish you the best of luck! p.s thanks for not making some bullshit story about why you left

  • Aly Duran
    Aly Duran Year ago +1

    Good for you 🤩 we can see the quality!!! I will honestly try to watch your content from now on

  • amelia Whitaker
    amelia Whitaker Year ago

    i really do believe you'll become success from these videos, feel like ive never seen this style of videos before

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M Year ago +25

    Can't wait for Ciaran to be allowed in a Spoons again

  • David Hartley
    David Hartley Year ago

    Great work mate. You’ve grinded for ages now and deserve this freedom. Can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline!!

  • TheOnlyKeksSuchti

    I like how much effort you actually put into your videos! I really enjoy them lately!

  • Martha H
    Martha H Year ago +1

    The AUDACITY you have making that intro that good

  • soupy time
    soupy time Year ago +8

    If someone uses both pouch and honey i’d be *shaking in fear*

  • Shane
    Shane Year ago +5

    Putting the YOU in youtube, I like it. I would love to see a full scale mockumentary of some kind, there needs to be a really good youtube one and I think you have the skill to do it.

  • Dj DarkDisc
    Dj DarkDisc Year ago

    Your editing is off the charts..you'll smash it man

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray Year ago +1

    Been watching since about 20k subs, the comments show on EFD was the highlight of my week - good luck going solo!

  • Dechlan Maclean
    Dechlan Maclean Year ago

    I honestly think you make the best quality videos that are bloody funny😂 hope you hit 1mil sooner rather than later because you deserve it brother

  • Cameron Watling
    Cameron Watling Year ago +1

    I found will through you, seems he is the one doing the slurping. Keep up the good work! Very original.

  • hba
    hba Year ago +1

    i feel so proud lol but i can’t wait to see your videos this year :)

  • Ian Urbaitis
    Ian Urbaitis Year ago

    Your stuff is great and the edits are top notch - keep it up big guy!

  • Sam Goz
    Sam Goz Year ago

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up, the videos only get better and better!

  • wadgey__
    wadgey__ Year ago +1

    Love the vids Ciarán! Keep it up!

  • Niall Lawton
    Niall Lawton Year ago

    You've been absolutely smashing these videos lately

  • Hannah Tobias
    Hannah Tobias Year ago +20

    The thumbnail is giving me “why I left buzzfeed” vibes

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto Year ago +1

    This Ciarán bloke is really stepping up his game in 2021! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Danielle
    Danielle Year ago

    This is a bit like the always sunny episode that takes the piss out of making a murderer.love it!

  • Luci
    Luci Year ago

    Very excited to see what you have in store now.

  • JägerBomb
    JägerBomb Year ago

    Ciaran your videos are brilliant! Keep it up!

  • will roussel
    will roussel Year ago

    Love you man always loved your vids. Can always come here to laugh. Been here since 90+1 facts❤❤❤

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    Next step on the timeline is to now hire your own editor.

  • Baby J
    Baby J Year ago

    I love your dry humour bro it has me creasing every video!

  • zoevns
    zoevns Year ago +44

    didn't know will slept with jeffree star, all the best kim- i mean ciaran x

  • Mia
    Mia Year ago

    looking forward to what you produce in the future!!

  • Grimster Plays
    Grimster Plays 11 months ago

    Definitely underrated, big things ahead for you mate, Ciarán to the moon🚀

  • sandra
    sandra Year ago +1

    your editing is so sick! i’m loving this

  • Imrheron
    Imrheron Year ago +3

    1:52 just putting the glasses on and taking them off made me sh*t myself laughing

  • Zishan Ahmed
    Zishan Ahmed Year ago

    editing in this video is a whole lot better, can definately see an improvement since leaving S2W

  • James Judson
    James Judson Year ago

    You are definitely one of the best youtubers going rn, can't many people who are better. Goated!

  • Kale is bean
    Kale is bean Year ago

    Wow, the editing was never this good for an Willne reddit video

  • Bradley Ball
    Bradley Ball Year ago

    Ciaran mate ur gonna bang this keep up the good work your already making a name 4 urself. Cheers

  • Dark Mario
    Dark Mario Year ago +1

    As a British person we always after work go and seat in our royal throne while drinking a beer

  • Jess B x
    Jess B x Year ago +5

    I was expecting a why I left BuzzFeed type video not a full true crime documentary

  • Cee
    Cee Year ago +1

    Best editor that was on that channel stilllll, represent and got your own back, love it.

  • momo
    momo Year ago

    the quality editing of your videos are outstanding

  • Alexei Smirnoff
    Alexei Smirnoff Year ago

    props to you for chasing your dream,

  • Olivia White
    Olivia White Year ago

    Best to you Ciarán, you and Will are both top lads who've brought me hundreds of hours of entertainment and laughs. At least three of those hours has come from watching you guys' videos. If you want me to drum up some fake controversy in a few months to get you cancelled so you've really made it, just hit me up. Give my PA a call.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue Year ago

      He gets the kids every fortnight for a weekend

  • stephanie mcr
    stephanie mcr Year ago +1

    Can’t wait for the sequel!

  • rowan !!
    rowan !! Year ago

    i think we all saw this coming, we know what a monster will is 😔😔😔

  • Literally bro
    Literally bro Year ago

    All the best luck but it’ll be sad to see one of my favourite duo’s go.

  • Linzi Peters
    Linzi Peters Year ago

    your video edits are class and you don't shout and bleed my ears like Will xo

  • J8ck
    J8ck Year ago

    Make sure to get WillNE's name in the title. Well done my son