Can Your Soul Be Transplanted?

  • Published on Feb 26, 2018
  • If you ever need an organ transplant then you better be prepared to get some new memories and personality traits along the way. In today's video FactFile is exploring the strange world of Post Organ Transplant Memory Transference!
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  • Cactus Jones 2.0
    Cactus Jones 2.0 Year ago

    I clicked on the video certain this was click bait. But wow....

  • Dynkie
    Dynkie Year ago

    Wait what now?

  • fangthefluffy
    fangthefluffy Year ago

    Tba on the subject of donating organs after death I believe it should law to donate healthy organs... kinda stupid to waste a organ that could save another's life. The body is but a vessel the only thing of value after death is the memories you have left with others.

  • TSA1
    TSA1 Year ago

    Science brings us forth to a brighter future. It provides new advancements in our technologies to make the lives of millions better. we are taught the only limit of our digital evolution is our imagination but is this really true. have we uncovered a limit to human knowledge and contemplation? Have we tapped into something we shouldn't have? There is a reason we don't see aliens flying about in space. Maybe they venturing into this ethically ambiguous theory when they were not suppose to. I dont know about you but there is a war comming and im gonna be sure im on the right side.

  • kyle cain
    kyle cain Year ago


  • YTComps HD
    YTComps HD Year ago +1

    Love this channel

    • FactFile
      FactFile  Year ago

      This channel loves your comment! Literally... Pressed the heart button and everything

  • Yx Insensitive
    Yx Insensitive Year ago

    31k nice

    • FactFile
      FactFile  Year ago +1

      Thank you! You have been subbed for so long now haha