The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • The guys are rolling with the homies as they learn how to make professional sushi rolls and compete in a culinary maki battle. Who will win and be crowned Mr. Rice Guy?
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    Frank Proto, Director of Culinary Operations at the Institute of Culinary Education
    Institute of Culinary Education
    Rob Seidel
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Comments • 11 483

  • little chicken awesomeness

    as an Asian I can confirm eugeans claim with being spanked with that shit it hurts hard

  • Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk 3 hours ago

    ned and Eugene together usually make me uncomfortable but I love them together in this video

  • Dead Yak
    Dead Yak 3 hours ago

    I sense weed was involved in this episode lmao

  • Lauren Colby
    Lauren Colby 4 hours ago


  • The person With no name

    I’ve never seen someone take so much pride their asian

  • Sharon Risantono
    Sharon Risantono 5 hours ago +1


    It's Frank from three levels of cooking!

  • Catman!
    Catman! 6 hours ago

    I hate how every one of Eugenes jokes are “I’m Asian“

  • Mg Hpone Thant
    Mg Hpone Thant 6 hours ago

    Eugene’s right

  • Bloo Janee
    Bloo Janee 7 hours ago

    Eugene's smile ahhh 😂💞

  • Kidknapped
    Kidknapped 7 hours ago

    Wait, so they're not even gonna try to rolls? If it was purely presentation then everyone should have done hand rolls

  • M&M's with smiles
    M&M's with smiles 8 hours ago

    I love how happy eugene and ned were the entire video *until ned lost😂* but even then they both showed amazing character

  • Pokemon Fan
    Pokemon Fan 8 hours ago

    Sees rice paddle
    Eyes widen

    IOICT 9 hours ago

    Thank you for the Ariana Grande reference zach. Was getting worried us teens wouldn’t get any recognition😔

  • Namjesus
    Namjesus 10 hours ago

    ''Oh we're gonna Start drinking?''
    3 seconds later
    ''I didn't mean to shoot it''

  • It’s_ Araceli
    It’s_ Araceli 10 hours ago

    Neds and eugenes energy together is so cute

  • Shiro Zexal
    Shiro Zexal 12 hours ago

    eugene and ned's combined energy in this is amazing

  • Aku Chou Lee
    Aku Chou Lee 12 hours ago

    Everyone: "To Keith!!!"
    Eugene (in silence) : "To Cthulu..."

  • Ever
    Ever 14 hours ago

    What are Ned and Eugene high on?😂

  • soph MUA
    soph MUA 14 hours ago

    yooo this guy made lasagna on epicurious once

  • Meredith Kincaid
    Meredith Kincaid 16 hours ago

    Omg it's Frank!!!!

  • Meme video everyday
    Meme video everyday 18 hours ago

    eugene: “spanking your asian children.”
    yeah 😭😭😭

  • DragonTamer
    DragonTamer 19 hours ago

    1) Ned and Eugene is by far my favorite duo cause the amount of crackhead energy brings me life.
    2) "have you ever witnessed a triple homicide?" Is a mood.

  • Megan Vilaysack
    Megan Vilaysack Day ago

    Ned and Eugene stoned

  • J Liu
    J Liu Day ago

    8:21 some random dude filming in the back

  • Imaginary Explosions

    Not a single soul:
    Keith: *angry chihuahua noises*

  • Hugh Vo
    Hugh Vo Day ago

    It’s weird to see Frank here and not on Epicurious

  • michnish
    michnish Day ago

    I lo e how Ned's peak not sleeping because of baby crazy, as someone watching this while up because of baby: I feel you

  • Varchas
    Varchas Day ago

    So some cheap sushi places wont actu-
    you have beutiful eyes

  • Emma
    Emma Day ago

    protect silly ned and Eugene AT ALL COSTS

  • XxCookie KookiexX

    I get free sushi cuz my parents own a sushi restaurant, >:)

  • Bananabun Pipz
    Bananabun Pipz Day ago

    Am I the only one that recognizes that chief from tasty videos?
    Just me?


  • Natasya Bianchi
    Natasya Bianchi Day ago +1

    I love ned’s. Id definitely eat that one. And its really pretty

  • Nandini Gupta
    Nandini Gupta Day ago

    Eugene are you drunk
    Edit: like pre saki
    More edit: Ned are you drunk too
    More more edit: but yes Eugene very nice character growth

  • Ing M
    Ing M Day ago +3

    This video is evidence that Eugene and Ned are actually exceptionally close friends even within their best friend group.

  • heyitsMinj
    heyitsMinj Day ago +1

    Bruh... My Asian parents smacks me with rice cooker lmaoo

  • Dani Co
    Dani Co Day ago

    t o c t h u l u

  • BakoymaTravels
    BakoymaTravels 2 days ago

    I love how Eugene is when he loses ;-D "Character growth! Cthulhu!"

  • Aiden Boi
    Aiden Boi 2 days ago +1

    The only video without Eugene drunk

  • Sapphirewolf 219
    Sapphirewolf 219 2 days ago

    It's call kneeding 5:47

  • Sapphirewolf 219
    Sapphirewolf 219 2 days ago

    Nope sorry Eugene 2:05

  • jamie k
    jamie k 2 days ago +2

    2:05 I have never been able to relate more to anything

  • A fish with big lips

    Omg I just realized frank is from epicurious

  • Sunset 2971
    Sunset 2971 2 days ago

    Eugene was a crackhead and I loved it

  • Aqua de Horchata
    Aqua de Horchata 2 days ago +1

    Omggg it’s frank!!!!

    DPWFG 2 days ago

    I want sushi so bad... But I can't have any because I'm pregnant... I'm just torturing myself.

    • DPWFG
      DPWFG 13 hours ago

      @Taylor Bastian veggie might be okay, but I was salmon haha. It's the whole thing with mercury and what not.

    • Taylor Bastian
      Taylor Bastian 13 hours ago

      Not even veggie sushi cause of possible cross contamination? Although the doctor in the pregnancy did say you could eat sushi.

  • nimbu
    nimbu 2 days ago +2

    18:14 Keith awkwardly trying to toast him Lmaoooo

  • Madeline Snowfall
    Madeline Snowfall 2 days ago

    Eugene: it is kinda like a nipple
    Also Eugene: * shove it into his mouth*

  • Bluebythehour
    Bluebythehour 2 days ago

    I learned eugene and ned make a force tht is unstopable

    • Roland de Vera
      Roland de Vera Day ago

      eugene seems to be less annoyed here than usual lol

  • saira fathima
    saira fathima 2 days ago


  • Denis Galicia
    Denis Galicia 2 days ago

    Ned will forever be my mood

  • Margaret Yonce
    Margaret Yonce 2 days ago

    Okay, who here recognizes Frank from "4 Levels of ..." on the Epicurious Channel?

  • Michelle NGO
    Michelle NGO 2 days ago +17

    Eugenes not lying. Those rice scoopers are multipurpose

  • Nana Family
    Nana Family 2 days ago +1

    Why is it that if you close your eyes it sounds wrong!!! (when they start cooking)

  • V- Vlogers
    V- Vlogers 2 days ago

    Omg frank is from tasty

  • fatboy
    fatboy 2 days ago

    Never had good sushi but i want to

  • Demonic Memes
    Demonic Memes 2 days ago

    10:28 *i Cleanse this house.*

  • Liam Andrea
    Liam Andrea 3 days ago

    who knows frank from epicurious

  • David-William Park
    David-William Park 3 days ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about frank growing his own rice???????

  • bellyMel19
    bellyMel19 3 days ago

    Making muffins!

  • Elven Yun
    Elven Yun 3 days ago

    World war 3 for Asians