CRAZY Keyboard You WEAR!

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
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    TAP is a wearable keyboard, mouse, and game controller you can use on any Bluetooth-enabled computer or phone IRL, in AR, or VR!
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Comments • 4 470

  • Marc
    Marc 3 days ago

    has anyone ever thought on using this in a fighting game! i can see
    the potential of this thing for that (Taunt jet upper for days!)

  • Sleight 1476
    Sleight 1476 10 days ago

    Perfect for my Hartman cosplay

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 11 days ago

    Well if there was a way for you to combine two of them and use both hands to reduce the total combinations then maybe it could be something i'd be interested in

  • Minje Kim
    Minje Kim 14 days ago +5

    I actually want to see someone master this thing

  • boopis man
    boopis man 14 days ago

    Gaming clone jutsu

  • T81
    T81 15 days ago

    i only use my thumb index finder and middle finder, rip

  • McCon54 54
    McCon54 54 20 days ago

    anyone else wanna buy this just so they can show up to class with one on and have people think you are the messiah?... No?... Hmmm well its just me then.

    KB MILLER 21 day ago

    SOOOO this would be PERFECT for Blind folks I would say ;-)

    KB MILLER 21 day ago

    He put a strapon lmao

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem 22 days ago +1

    When nerds say “Get the strap.”

  • ItzFrolix
    ItzFrolix 22 days ago

    Imagine going in a starbucks and people think ut gona hurt people

  • Fiery_Gamers
    Fiery_Gamers 26 days ago

    Sooo whats the finger movement for the finger

  • Aowa Deviantart
    Aowa Deviantart 27 days ago

    This is usefull when i am drawing/sculpting and i need to make lot of shortcuts with my other hand only.

  • Fernanda Bezerra
    Fernanda Bezerra 27 days ago

    I got excited for a moment cuz I thought it would be a neat little thing for the deaf community (still cool, just not as useful as I first thought)

  • Sean Bibby
    Sean Bibby 28 days ago

    Try playing a game with it

  • AP3X L0G4N
    AP3X L0G4N Month ago

    I thought you meant a virtual piano keyboard that you touch with a special glove in VR!!!

    wait, that's an idea........

  • Shay Dawes
    Shay Dawes Month ago

    Vr is great shush

  • Hisham Zaza
    Hisham Zaza Month ago

    I fucking love Linus and his intros 😂

  • the 8-bit sentry
    the 8-bit sentry Month ago

    Me: DUDE! I really want a !
    Friend: A what?
    Me: No no, a .
    Friend: You want a?
    Me: No I want a ! you know the keyboard with no keys, or boards for that matter.
    Friend: Makes sense to me.

  • LordThree
    LordThree Month ago

    Looks gay

  • Tyler Holbrook
    Tyler Holbrook Month ago

    They could have programmed it to recognize asl or something...

  • Sameem Weam
    Sameem Weam Month ago

    The intro thow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MK Dash
    MK Dash Month ago

    BEST INTRO I've ever seen in Linus' Videos

  • Gameboss NKB
    Gameboss NKB Month ago

    Ever want to use your able bodied 5 fingered hand with an inefficient glove to type instead of a normal keyboard

  • Jose Peña
    Jose Peña Month ago

    Cheddar is actually on Pluto TV which the app is on the Play store. Oh did I mention it's free.

  • Charles Aiden De Leon

    Who the heck is that sponsor begging for subs? That's ILLEGAL.

  • Moneyfun
    Moneyfun Month ago

    Awesome to see and use

  • Nako NR
    Nako NR Month ago

    LTT slowly becoming the next bill nye the science guy

  • Hanshin Lee
    Hanshin Lee Month ago

    it'd be cool if they made a morse code version where it's just 2 fingers (and thumb)

  • mburch1974
    mburch1974 Month ago

    So this is ok for typing but FPS wouldn't work out so well. You would have to repeatedly have to type the direction to go somewhere unless you motified the device to have a button you could touch to have it repeat until it's lifted off...

  • mburch1974
    mburch1974 Month ago +1

    I might actually buy this just for the challenge.

  • daniel spell
    daniel spell Month ago

    You practically have to learn
    A new language

    • G3 mintblock
      G3 mintblock Month ago

      You go this in your recommendation to?

  • Baba Ayman
    Baba Ayman Month ago

    That looks like an interesting system.
    Maybe a glove with a display could be an option.
    Having a screen on your wrist is often done wrong.
    If that screen worked for basic phone functions plus a mouse keyboard combo.
    You could probably get a lot more then 8 hours battery built in and add a few features on the screen to make things easier.

  • ChildsCoffee
    ChildsCoffee Month ago

    i thought the company said fap

  • Glad1atoR
    Glad1atoR Month ago

    This unironically sounds like so much fun

  • Xephro
    Xephro Month ago

    Me llamo sombra

  • Bloody Silver
    Bloody Silver Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the knuckles “no” from sonic adventure 1. 😂 2:48

  • U5eemerollin 001
    U5eemerollin 001 Month ago

    Could you use this for gaming

  • Phodium Peroxide
    Phodium Peroxide Month ago

    0:41 unlike sonic i dont chuckle

  • Jonathan Silverblood

    This type of input device, paired with a hidden wireless charging station in the desk would be rather interesting. No fuss about battery life, you can leave and come back without much issues and if the input speed and accuracy end up being rather good after a year or so of typing, I could actually consider committing to this.

  • Rishi Rajan
    Rishi Rajan Month ago

    Most useless shit ever.

  • 7th King
    7th King 2 months ago +2

    I’ve been using this for over a year now, I’ve done some personal software modifications and use it to control my google enhanced home.( turning lights on and off, appliances, TV, alarm systems, also enabling music play commands, and even my personal AI assistant ) it’s really great, the learning curve is something to consider I have a couple, one for typing and such and a separate one I modified, Price is a little high I agree but if you’re like me this can become an essential tool.

    • Brandon Harris
      Brandon Harris Day ago

      what sort of wpm are you averaging having used it for over a year?

    • mburch1974
      mburch1974 Month ago

      this guys uses two...holy crap dude at the same time? They should make a body suit as telling what you could accomplish

  • Lvl5Kobold
    Lvl5Kobold 2 months ago

    internet sign language

  • CBG gaming
    CBG gaming 2 months ago

    2:13 here's Johnny!

  • Mr_McD0nald
    Mr_McD0nald 2 months ago

    I bought this, and I was surprised about how good it works, and now tap strap 2 is a thing

  • Blue
    Blue 2 months ago

    I cringe when you broke keyboard

  • Kyrim YT
    Kyrim YT 2 months ago

    lol right before this vid i got an ad about honey with Linustechtips in it

  • Joachim Schoder
    Joachim Schoder 2 months ago

    And the Cheddar ad is designed to give seizures to any epileptic watching

  • I come in peace!
    I come in peace! 2 months ago

    Why I can´t buy this in Europe?

  • Jonathan Patrick
    Jonathan Patrick 2 months ago +1

    this is amazing for people missing a hand honestly 10/10 it works and is easy enough to teach

  • TvGamingFun
    TvGamingFun 2 months ago

    U remind me of a young bill nye

  • Javier Escuella
    Javier Escuella 2 months ago

    It might useless in the future. We already have the ability to type, use mouse and input directly from our brains with some brain computer interface systems like neurolink. This will take some more time to perfect and obviously a bit of money ( although it will definitely get cheaper with time and popularity). BCIs will dominate the imput market and physical periferals might slowly (or quicky) fade out. Not to mention that BCIs are intuitive and effortless to use. Possibly more so than a traditional keyboard and mouse.

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 2 months ago

    it would had been awesome if you reviewed gameplay with the TAP.

  • Yoshi Stover
    Yoshi Stover 2 months ago

    This sounds like it would be great to go with a gpd win2. Because the gpd win 2 has a tiny keyboard. But if you're on a bus or train and need to type something out, and you have this on hand it could be pretty great.

  • Aoid
    Aoid 2 months ago

    So you gotta throw some gang signs to write

  • Maukku 1
    Maukku 1 2 months ago

    soo play fps games with this

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 2 months ago

    It would be really cool if they could make this work with sign language.
    Also, TheXvid channels buying sponsor spots? That's just sad.

  • Zerox Rockman
    Zerox Rockman 2 months ago

    Girlfriends' favorite.

  • DrGoldsylver
    DrGoldsylver 2 months ago

    Have you tried yet the Azeron keypad « beaks » (fortnite player) plays with?

  • Luc1f3r R0g
    Luc1f3r R0g 2 months ago

    I wish Stephen hawking had this :(