Virgil Was Here

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Creative Direction: Virgil Abloh
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  • Louis_Ckray
    Louis_Ckray Month ago +1241

    Track list
    Lauren auder- in gods childlike hands
    Mansur brown- want you
    Elmiene- Golden (*unknown)
    Clipse- momma I’m so sorry
    Allissandra, AC- Maury show
    DJ Die- reincarnations
    Miles Davis- Generique
    Quarteto em cy- Tudo que voce podia ser
    King crimson- in the wake of Poseidon
    Bobby krlic- The house that Harga built

    RIP VIRGIL such an inspiration to us all, I imagine he picked the track list himself and I just wanted to share that with ya 🙏🏾

    • pjetrs
      pjetrs 29 days ago

      We gotta thank Benji B for all these great tracks too, what a team those two were

    • Matheus Caiaffa
      Matheus Caiaffa Month ago


    • Kiril Smirnov
      Kiril Smirnov Month ago +1

      @Tim Quester Elmiene - Golden

    • Matt Black
      Matt Black Month ago

      I don't see Mr Me Too instrumental from "Clipse".

    • Matt Black
      Matt Black Month ago

      Thanks for that.

  • Missing-nin
    Missing-nin Month ago +1983

    Virgil showed me that so much was possible

    • Dada Le Saint
      Dada Le Saint 10 days ago

      What for example?

    • Rakesh Shukla
      Rakesh Shukla 26 days ago

      @Robert Burnett in hi GNU 🙏🙏

    • Rakesh Shukla
      Rakesh Shukla 26 days ago

      @Robert Burnett 🎉🎉 to l

    • Chosen 1One
      Chosen 1One Month ago

      Man tell me about it…I feel like I can make waves in fashion as well. I never met him but I always felt like he was speaking to me through his work.

    • MrBreakBadHabits
      MrBreakBadHabits Month ago +1

      Still is :) :) !!!!

  • Exequiel Godoy
    Exequiel Godoy Month ago +922

    You are the Idol of many small designers.
    You helped us enter the world of fashion and there are no words that can describe how grateful we are.
    Rest in Peace V.
    Thank you for inspiring us and change our lives 🕊️

  • LaazrGaming
    LaazrGaming Month ago +328


  • Pico Mingstones
    Pico Mingstones Month ago +403

    Virgil really changed so many lives with his inspiration, seeing what everyone had to say just made you understand how important he was. Virgil changed my life, when I was younger I saw what he was doing with Pyrex and starting off white and just instantly fell in love with his work. We’ve all seen him progress all the way to becoming the creative director of lv and he has done an amazing job there putting everything into each collection. He inspired me to become a fashion designer from a young age and I’ve been working on that ever since, he has shown us where working hard gets you and it’s because of him that I’ve worked so hard to hopefully make my dreams come true. So far I’m still in school but getting the top levels and it’s because of the work ethic I’ve learned from Virgil. I owe it all to him, I’m so thankful and I am heartbroken that he is gone. My biggest dream was to work with him at lv one day and sadly that can’t ever come true now but he has inspired so many to continue his journey that his legacy will always be with us. Rest in peace goat 🕊✨®

  • self
    self Month ago +515

    Rest easy.
    One of the most influential designers of all time.
    He didn't get the flowers he deserved when he could still smell them.
    I pray he passed knowing he made a great positive impact in the world through art, design and personality.
    What a hard loss to take for us. There will never be another designer as eccentric and soulful as Virgil Abloh.

    • marmavit
      marmavit 16 days ago

      @Kyriakos Alexandrou I was curious to see the show and I still feel the same about him.

    • Kyriakos Alexandrou
      Kyriakos Alexandrou 17 days ago

      @marmavit why did you come here then?

    • MrBreakBadHabits
      MrBreakBadHabits Month ago

      I have to agree of what you just said!

    • Ces Cesnokov
      Ces Cesnokov Month ago +1

      It's not about what he did, but where he was at the end and how he got there. 🤷🏻

      His creativity was amazing. No doubt about that.
      He obviously was there for a reason.

    • marmavit
      marmavit Month ago

      @AWFUL! I am actually sorry for his premature departure, but I am not a fan of his fashion sorry.

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago +185

    A career like his is really remarkable in the short time span he managed to accomplish it.

    RIP Virgil, you'll be talked about in the future among the greats.

    • Mac
      Mac Month ago

      @codebrker24 Very well said.

    • Juvyy
      Juvyy Month ago +2

      @codebrker24 I Know I Noticed That Also And IAM 15 yrs old kid That Feels As If I Have To Continue Virgils Legacy And He’s Truly My Inspo Right Now But I Just Don’t Know Where To Start 😔

    • codebrker24
      codebrker24 Month ago +9

      It's like he knew before he knew. I am sure some could never figure out why he ran so fast, however, when you believe you only have so much time, the small stuff is just that...small. It says much of the man to take a position he knew would change the game and pave the way for so many others but never be able to see the fruits of his labor. He defined cool in a way that very few if any have been able to capture. Virgil brought a new vocabulary to fashion that was and always will be authentic.

  • Awoken Entertainment
    Awoken Entertainment 18 days ago +218

    So many inspiring pieces here, may Virgil Abloh's legacy live forever.. 🤍🕊️

  • Samuel Ofoe
    Samuel Ofoe Month ago +311

    The ending makes even the coldest people cry...God Bless you eternally Virgil...Thank you for everything 😓😓

  • T/C
    T/C Month ago +326

    Thank you for everything, Virgil. "FOREVER"

  • Conjurer
    Conjurer Month ago +162

    This is beautiful, he was ground breaking, they shouldn’t have took him so early, Rest In Peace Virgil.

    • Idara Nwa
      Idara Nwa Month ago +8

      It’s not up to they. It’s up to God. His time on earth was served. We don’t know the why. But he did more in his 41 years then most people do with 90 years on this earth.

  • Brian Kang
    Brian Kang Month ago +88

    "Life is so short you can't even waste a day subscribing to what someone else thinks you can do versus knowing what you can do..." Virgil was here, but you are still here. Hope watching the show from heaven was even more magical than watching from my house.

  • catarina abreu lima
    catarina abreu lima Month ago +30

    “Those who pass by us, do not go alone, and do not leave us alone; they leave a bit of themselves, and take a little of us.”

    ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Numba 10
    Numba 10 Month ago +30

    This was more than just a fashion show, it was a celebration of life through art. Although he’s no longer here with us, his energy radiates & he’ll forever live on through what he’s created for us to enjoy. This is living proof that if you have a dream and chase it to you can’t no more, it could definitely come true.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +383

    This era lives forever.

  • Rachael
    Rachael Month ago +86

    This show read like a love letter from Virgil. Thank you for sharing your beauty and greatness with us while you were here. May your family be comforted and find peace knowing how many lives were touched and inspired by you. ❤️🕊

  • mitchellaq
    mitchellaq Month ago +72

    He devoted his life to the next generation and left a legacy for all of us to follow

    Thank you for everything Virgil 🕊🕊🕊

  • iLL-Nois22
    iLL-Nois22 Month ago +5

    Merging streetwear with luxury and high fashion Virgil broke the mold of what fashion and art can be, he catered his work to a wider audience. He made his art for the culture and made it accessible for all to enjoy in different forms and mediums. He made a dream for small creative designers that seemed nearly impossible into something that is attainable. His legacy will live on through the people he influenced and through his pieces that we will use as reference. He put the city of Chicago on the map, using our streetwear fashion as inspiration for his collection displayed on the Paris runway for the world to see.

  • Selizzle
    Selizzle Month ago +29

    Rest in peace Virgil, you influenced streetwear to a whole new era. It’s sad to see you go at such an early age, you may be gone but will never be forgotten. You will always be the inspiration for the future generation of streetwear designers.🕊 You’re absence in the industry will be felt deeply.🕊

  • Kate Ross
    Kate Ross Month ago +67

    Three words that I will always use to describe you ; Divine beyond time. Humbly I thank you for all you added to this world but most of all I thank you for polishing black ppl in a way that allowed fashion to prepare itself to respect BLACK as equals ; because of your legacy myself & so many more young GIFTED & BLACK designers will continue the sequel of polishing BLACK ppl until the world see us all in every color, sexual preference &/or creed as equals. Thank YOU #VA ♾💜 I promise today forward I will no longer use my mind & until the end of time I will use my imagination in everything I do because I was blessed to appreciate you!

    • Benhesed Iszrael
      Benhesed Iszrael Month ago

      The vibes of your message suggest to me you should consider reading the book, Paekche's Principle: The Great Secret of Asia

  • Mojena Talien
    Mojena Talien Month ago +8

    Rest In Peace, Virgil. This still doesn’t feel real. He influenced so much in the culture from art to fashion to music. He’s inspired so many young artist, he will live forever because of that. Im sending so much love to his family 🤍🕊 fly high

  • frank b
    frank b Month ago +15

    C'est magnifique... quel bel hommage... all his shows were so full of emotions, which is actually rare... I'm so sad that we won't be able to experience more of his brilliance and of his charming presence... but he left a deep mark and his legacy will live on... Merci Virgil!

  • Muffin Th3 MUA
    Muffin Th3 MUA Month ago +7

    This made me look at my son in a different light ❤️ I want him to be as fearless as Mr. Virgil was. Such an iconic man ❤️

  • Bellla Z.
    Bellla Z. Month ago +4

    This was put together and executed so beautifully! Masterpiece collection! Rest in Love Virgil!🤞🏾💖

  • Hunter De La Ghetto III

    He's given us sooo much in such a short time. Endless Vision. Perfect Execution. A Big Red Hot Balloon of creation.

  • Cindy-Sue Causey
    Cindy-Sue Causey Month ago +4

    What an amazing, inclusive feeling setting for a fashion show! Never seen one like it before. Looks like it made things accessible for an incredibly large number of people. It's not just that, either. People really got to see the product because of how long the models wandered amongst the attendees. 💞

  • DaniLA
    DaniLA Month ago +40

    Beautifully moving. 🥺 The collection was stunning, loved the music and production. Virgil was here! May his soul fly high in peace and his family feel the love from everyone. ❤️

  • Najji Mohammad
    Najji Mohammad Month ago +15

    This era lives forever. Almost 10 years of loving this mans work and his story. Thank you

  • David Manev
    David Manev Month ago +68

    Legend! A true visionary and the father of streetwear today. 10, 20 years from
    now I will proudly say that I lived in the Virgil era. Thanks for everything, rest in paradise ❤️

  • Charles Wong
    Charles Wong Month ago +1

    Thank you Virgil. You changed so many lives including mine and the impact that you left here won't be forgotten. This was beautiful to watch and I hope you're in a better place now creating more art.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +17

    Love you Virg. You'ved touched everyone's lives and always went above n beyond to make a positive impact on people. You inspired us to be better and to go for it n be great n make mistakes.

  • Nina
    Nina Month ago +2

    Eu to chorando com o fato que ele escolheu uma música de Milton Nascimento para tocar no desfile. Simplesmente que momento, que cara, que vida! Vendo tudo que ele fez, eu consigo enxergar que a vida vale mesmo a pena!!!!

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +14

    Virgil was the man I listened to when I thought something wasn’t possible. Going against the grain of the stereotypical life to pursue fashion design was the best decision I ever made, and I have Virgil to thank for that. We love all love you, we’ll never forget you. Thank you. 🕊

  • Female Doggy
    Female Doggy Month ago +3

    Virgil has been one of my biggest inspirations in like the past 8 years at least. Him and Demna, this is sad but also feels like a perfect tribute. I’m sure hed be so proud of himself knowing that the most iconic luxury brand in the world was in a way led by him and honored him like this 🔥

  • onii_tw
    onii_tw Month ago +5

    I wish we could've seen more of his genius.
    Rest in Peace Virgil.

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez Month ago +8

    Thank you Virgil, you changed the world: the culture, the fashion industry, the hip hop industry, the social media, the vibes, the status quo, the streets. You ARE one of the most influential black men in history of humanity. You changed millions of lifes and my life too. Thank you brother.

  • Indra Mami
    Indra Mami Month ago +26

    Virgil married 2 different cultures, the streets & high fashion and not only made it work, but made it comfortable for such a union to take place. He was a visionary.. I would go as far as to call him the Basquiat of the fashion world..Both artists creations broke very similar boundaries & united other’s through their works of art.. Born a LEGEND *eid a LEGEND, FOREVER VIRGIL. 🖤 🕯 🕊 🖤

    • jonnyfendi2003
      jonnyfendi2003 Month ago +1

      Oh please people dragged his work and would drag this collection if he were still alive.

    YELLOW HOUSE TV Month ago +28

    Rest In Paradise King V. You're a true testimony of 'Black Child Your Dreams Are Valid'. Virgil you not only made us believe in our fashion dreams as heterosexual males, but you also made it acceptable to be a niche in our black communities. The world lost a pure soul who so happened to be a fashion genius of the modern era. You're with the masters now, Basquiat is surely happy to be with you. Long live King V.

    • malde
      malde Month ago +1

      this comment gave me goosebumps for real, basquiat and him might probably been good friends ngl

  • Emily’sVibrations✨

    Thank you Virgil for making your dreams come true and showing people of color and any person actually that it is possible for genuine beings to find their place on this planet and own their universe💫 Rest In Peace

  • Mehruss Jon Ahi
    Mehruss Jon Ahi Month ago +10

    i'm not sure what the story is behind the "unknown" song, but the lyrics discuss the "golden years", or the time of life when someone is old. the chorus discusses having a "golden hour or a golden minute or a golden second just to keep my eyes forward". to me, it means that even the slightest hope of being able to have that "golden hour/minute/second" and being able to live a long life is enough to keep looking ahead.

    “life is so short you can't waste even a day subscribing to what someone thinks you can do versus knowing what you can do..."

    • byAquaman
      byAquaman Month ago +1

      @miikayle funches Elmiene - Golden (Demo) !

    • miikayle funches
      miikayle funches Month ago

      I’ve been looking for that song it’s very good

  • Isaiah Kulakevich
    Isaiah Kulakevich Month ago +21

    Beginning of the post Virgil era. Thank you for all the magic you brought and for really showing us how, more seats at the party really make a better party. rest easy V

  • Thalita Holanda
    Thalita Holanda Month ago +16

    Gratidão por poder dividir um planeta e uma época com vc Virgil 🙏🏻 Gratidão por tudo que aprendi com vc durante a sua estadia nessa terra 🌎 O seu legado jamais será esquecido... muita luz na sua nova jornada. Parabéns LV pela belíssima homenagem 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Ass: Alguém desconhecido, made in Brazil 🇧🇷

    ADRIAN H. Month ago +3

    Always striving and a GREAT Voice for the younger generation he was. Will always be remembered.

  • Ash Ianthe
    Ash Ianthe Month ago +1

    I’ve been feeling very weird since Sunday, couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Didn’t realise I was mourning. Virgil made me realise everything and anything was possible no matter where I’m from, lifestyle, inspiration. And for that I’ll always be grateful. RIP V and thank you 🕊💘

  • Kirk Collins
    Kirk Collins Month ago

    I'm blessed to have been graced with your presence Virgil! Thank you for the inspiration, the humility, and the dedication you exemplified in your lifetime KING! I CAN SAY WITH A CLEAR HEART THAT YOU CHANGED MY LIFE. Thank you sir, thank you.

  • Alec Lund
    Alec Lund Month ago +2

    Virgil was the one to really make me care for fashion. When I first got interested he would be one of the first people i looked up to. He would always inspire me to make my own stuff and wear. To not care what other people had to say as long as I liked it. He taught me to have my own perspective and my own influence. RIP V

  • Rizka Kurnia January

    The icon, the legendary, that will always be remembered by so many. RIP Virgil Abloh. 🕊

  • Erin Woods
    Erin Woods Month ago +12

    So I cried…there’ll be no one like him. Virgil “Forever” and more.

    HACKIN Month ago +6

    Thank You for everything, Virgil. you changed my life, with your way of thinking… with your way of making art… with your way of bringing a new culture into fashion. starting from scratch to be the best, thanks Virgil, you will always remain in my heart ❤️🕊

  • hope
    hope Month ago +2

    He’s someone who I will always look up to -to capture an image of something that’s bigger than you
    🕊🙏🏽 Virgil

  • Jordan K Sweet
    Jordan K Sweet Month ago +1

    RIP to a wise- pure legend! You will always be remembered. Thanks for the impact, as well as, inspo! Virgil For Life!

  • HGD
    HGD Month ago +3

    This isnt fashion this is ART!! the cinematograghy and the music choice is amzing Rip Virgil, he was loved by many.

  • Bzhsj shhshs
    Bzhsj shhshs Month ago +5

    Virgil gave me my first High fashion show, I’ll always be grateful for that. He changed the industry and his impact will never be forgotten

  • Sigurd Hansen
    Sigurd Hansen Month ago +1

    i miss Vigil so much, he brought the world and culture together in a beautiful way, for me he was the center of culture, everything thats creative could always be linked to Virgil, and he will be the foundation to alot of careers in the future. VA forever.

  • Jade M
    Jade M Month ago

    I don’t have the words to describe how beautiful, powerful, whimsical and glorious this is and the mark Virgil placed on the world ✨
    Wishing everyone here good health and energy. Enjoy each day, even the small things.
    Peace and blessings to Virgil’s family, friends and fans 🖤

  • I AM Undefined Art
    I AM Undefined Art Month ago

    Rest in Power Virgil. Since your homecoming, I have been watching video after video. I wished I followed your journey prior to your homecoming to send you an email or letter of HOW AMAZING you are!! Wow! Your way of thinking is beyond human comprehension and is on a level of divine intelligence. I am so happy for your dedication to our community. You moved my heart and soul. I'm so glad there are videos, books and articles to learn more about you. I am dedicating my next several Art Collection to you. Virgil you are a magical force to this world. You are truly missed. It feels like I known you for many years. TRUE Alignment.

  • LIC
    LIC Month ago

    RIP Virge. That was an amazing set .

  • Alice Miriah
    Alice Miriah Month ago +82

    The music was absolutely amazing wish I could find it all. Beautiful vibrant designs as well. Virgil will inspire me for many decades to come.

    • nel
      nel 16 days ago

      @Fedor Karaulov Elmeine- Golden Years

    • Renee Martin
      Renee Martin Month ago

      The song at #17 was out of this world 💕❤️

    • Vincent Tajan
      Vincent Tajan Month ago +3

      The unknown song is Elmiene "Golden"... it's unreleased

    • Fedor Karaulov
      Fedor Karaulov Month ago

      @Nelcy Castillo pls answer me how this song will be found🤝

    • Angel Benny
      Angel Benny Month ago +6

      Track list

      Lauren auder- in gods childlike hands

      Mansur brown-want you


      Clipse-momma I'm so sorry

      Allissandra, AC- Maury show DJ Die- reincarnations

      Miles Davis- Generique

      Quarteto em cy- Tudo que voce podia ser King crimson- in the wake of Poseidon Bobby krlic- The house that Harga built

  • Tye Redding
    Tye Redding Month ago +1

    legend never die, this was the hardest thing to watch, this man showed me everything and I never met him, a true inspiration, Rest In Peace Virgil

  • Twenty Twenty
    Twenty Twenty Month ago

    My first time hearing about you was through the Louis Vuitton Don video. To see your come up and your eventual reign was more than inspiring, it was surreal. I hope that you were happy with what you did, and that you live forever as a legend should.

  • Jeremykd 35
    Jeremykd 35 Month ago +1

    RIP LEYENDA fuiste y eres inspiración para jovenes soñadores como yo

  • Heitor Pedro
    Heitor Pedro Month ago +2

    What a beautiful tribute. Abloh deserved this for being who he was! I am a fan of Brazil 🇧🇷and many here will feel the absence of this great personality of fashion and life. I'm not saying that we lost it, but that the sky gained a true legend! "Thanks for was here Virgil"

  • valle
    valle Month ago +3

    We will never forget your work, your influence, your power. Rest In Peace.

  • Ray Vincente
    Ray Vincente Month ago +5

    The beauty and the heartbreak all rolled into one! Gone but not forgotten! A true legacy and inspiration for all who follow! VIRGIL WAS HERE!

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C Month ago +63

    Such a powering show, the scenery of his vision come true... Rest well🕊

  • Myles Kydd
    Myles Kydd Month ago

    An absolute icon to fashion, music, architecture, art, and culture. Virgil truly left a mark on the whole world and inspired generations to come showing us that minorities have the ability to merge cultures between fashion and real world. You've inspired me to want to go after my dreams not wasting anymore time. LLVA Rest In Paradise.

  • Zach Rose
    Zach Rose Month ago +2

    Man, still can't believe it... Virgil was one of the people I started looking when I was getting interested in fashion, then my style started changing... Virgil made me love and have a different look at fashion, I really hope I can continue his legacy by creating my own clothes one day.

  • Brendan Ryan
    Brendan Ryan Month ago

    What a beautiful tribute and testimony to his genius and insane work ethic. RIP.

  • Maia-sama
    Maia-sama Month ago +116

    So much love Virgil. Rest in Peace and Power

  • Lynn
    Lynn Month ago +1

    He created a legacy of influence much bigger than himself will carry on for many years beyond any man’s lifetime. RIP Virgil 🙏🏼🕊

  • Chymeeras Lair
    Chymeeras Lair  Month ago

    Gone to soon, May your legacy live on!!!!! The ending was beautiful I couldn’t help but to cry.My deepest condolences to his family and friends and colleagues.

  • cruz horvath
    cruz horvath Month ago +4

    You changed the way society thinks,
    One of the most influential designers of all time,
    Thank you for everything, Virgil. "FOREVER"

  • mystro's INK
    mystro's INK Month ago +1

    He truly inspired "more" than most will know. R.I.P a legend. #virgilforever

  • Erick Goour
    Erick Goour Month ago +4

    Descanse em paz grande contribuinte da arte conceitual ❤

  • Kiky
    Kiky Month ago +1

    Virgil was an extraordinary being!! He was not of this earth and was amazingly talented. This is so sad yet phenomenal. 😢 R.I.P Mr. Abloh. Your legacy will live on and won't ever be duplicated. His name should be idolized like other iconic designers. God, Rest his soul. 🙏🏽 Condolences.

  • Kimberly Eshelman
    Kimberly Eshelman Month ago +2

    Through a child’s eyes… the vision and determination to dream and go places. Adventure out and be creative and be brave! The skies have no limits! We love you Virgil 🕊🕊🕊

  • Goldie Locs
    Goldie Locs Month ago +1

    Simply breathtaking! Job well done Mr. Virgil Abloh! T-Y for blessing us with your creative work!S.I.P. 🤎🙏🏽🥺🔥🕊🤎

  • letsleavetheparty
    letsleavetheparty Month ago

    Rest in Peace
    He inspired me in ways too many to mentioned and was the push I needed to my sense of creativity and imagination
    Virgil was here, and will always be

  • MintyyFresh
    MintyyFresh Month ago +7

    Virgil inspired us all within such a short amount of time, thank god we were alive to experience him

  • Glory Alfonzo
    Glory Alfonzo Month ago

    You were and are a big inspiration to me, rest easy king❤️

  • Ten Shots x
    Ten Shots x Month ago

    RIP to a real icon, a real innovator, a true fashion genius, the greatest inspiration, and biggest displayer of all time, Virgil Abloh🖤💯🙏🏻 the best to EVER do it🤞🏻

  • sadaexo
    sadaexo Month ago +2

    Rest In Peace virgil, you inspired me at a very young age and I appreciate everything you did for the black community.

  • Abbey Lauren
    Abbey Lauren Month ago +1

    “VIRGIL FOREVER” the best creative designer of our time, he is sorely missed. I can’t believe I won’t see him post any future creations.
    A Massive loss to the fashion industry. IRREPLACEABLE. God bless Virgil Abloh 🙏🏻❤️💔

    KLAMATH ONE Month ago

    We just built a beautiful wake boat for Virgil at the company I work for a few months ago. It was an honor and now it means even more. R.I.P. Virgil. A legend always and forever.

  • Kija Lado
    Kija Lado Month ago

    Wow, this was so moving and the music was impeccable. #forevervirgil

  • Fernanda Ramos
    Fernanda Ramos Month ago +1

    Virgil you were and you will be one of my greatest inspirations, you made the impossible something possible and majestic

  • Perra Plays
    Perra Plays Month ago +6

    just insane, what he did, what he was going through, what he represented, and the impact he had that had the light shed on after his death.

  • 뤼뤼
    뤼뤼 Month ago +9

    ‘It is better to burn out than fade away’
    Thank you for your hard work
    R.I.P. Virgil 🙏

  • Peace Moi
    Peace Moi Month ago

    Excellence...he was soo unique in his own way. Proud of you ❗ R.I.P 🙏🏽🥀

  • Darius Devon King
    Darius Devon King Month ago +1

    man... I didn't realize how much I needed him until he was gone.

  • Charles Ansah
    Charles Ansah Month ago

    RIP A true inspiration for young people will be sadly missed rest in peace Virgil

  • Balázs
    Balázs Month ago

    Virgil truly, was here.
    He inspired many of us, many artists to go for it and in the future many those people will show what impact he had on the masses.
    Rest in Peace Virgil.

  • randy fernando
    randy fernando Month ago

    Loved the mixed use of all elements of Fashion. It’s taken from classic tailoring to give a Fresh RTW look, it’s taken from high end to avant-garde to street wear, it’s taken from a Natural to sustainability. It’s a Fabulous LV of Virgil Abloh! ❤️👍🏻👏

  • RiesgoBeats
    RiesgoBeats Month ago

    One of the greatest underdog stories I've witnessed in my lifetime, I don't even follow fashion like that and he was a big inspiration to me..

  • Alex Dawson-Banson
    Alex Dawson-Banson Month ago

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and creative force - being the most amazing influence and resource for black creatives all over the world. My past, present and future work will always be inspired by you.

  • Esther Ikoro
    Esther Ikoro Month ago +3

    That was amazing. So beautifully put together.

  • G VS
    G VS Month ago

    Happy to hear Mansur Brown's music got picked up by LV for Virgil. Such fitting minds in the world of art.

  • Martina Bruce
    Martina Bruce Month ago

    He made such a big impact on the fashion industry, a forever inspiration that will never be forgotten. RIP VIRGIL

  • Eugene B.Alexander
    Eugene B.Alexander Month ago +1


  • Ingrid Llinas
    Ingrid Llinas Month ago +1

    Beautiful from background , clothing and music. Virgil will be in mind. He was a great artists and his legacy will be around. Lots already inspired by him and K ideas or philosophy