TFIL vs MEGA RAMP! (Bad Idea)

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • This Episode: We couldn't ride bikes in the skatepark, so naturally we headed straight for backflips on the megaramp. Enjoy =)
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    TFIL vs MEGA RAMP! (Bad Idea)
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 389

  • Mari Brask
    Mari Brask 3 months ago

    I'm surprised how Corbin isn't in this video :o

  • Brandon Padilla
    Brandon Padilla 5 months ago

    For that mountain bike camp. Heck yeah

  • Brandon Padilla
    Brandon Padilla 5 months ago

    I went there that summer!

  • Penny Saylor
    Penny Saylor 6 months ago

    I am so very sorry and Heart sick to hear you talk about loosing Sparta. Not to bring up ur sorrow again but what happened to ur beautiful friend? R.I.P. SPARTA.

  • Ella Dupain
    Ella Dupain 6 months ago +1

    Cmon heath I’m 13 and I can snowboard heck there are 5 year olds who can do it heath you got to SEND IT!!!!

  • AwkwardPoet 18
    AwkwardPoet 18 7 months ago +1


  • conner dailey
    conner dailey 9 months ago

    Why are you guys at Woodward skate park and doing things that can hurt u or kill u

  • loli anime-_-
    loli anime-_- 9 months ago

    I remember a video before and the fat guy with the nipple rings said he will get a big snow ball and hit Elton no offense about the fat part

  • Neverland's Misfit
    Neverland's Misfit 10 months ago

    I'm with Heath, my body isn't made for this 😂 But I actually cheered For Heath at 5:12

  • ryan petty
    ryan petty Year ago

    i have been there for a week before

  • Bleac h
    Bleac h Year ago

    2:55 “I think you mean I don’t feel so good”* Elton I think has earned the rightful name of Mr. Stark

  • Carmel Cal
    Carmel Cal Year ago +1

    At 3:25 I saw my sixth grade teachers name on the ramp a.k.a Mr. Woodward

    • Carmel Cal
      Carmel Cal Year ago

      And it was every where else so I was like is this like a place that he made for kids cause that's not creepy at all

  • Angelina
    Angelina Year ago

    You should bring Corban there

  • Nicole Richardson

    scardey cat

  • Laura Sheldon
    Laura Sheldon Year ago

    Uncle Elton need his nephews back, not the same without Sam and Colby!

  • Shannon's Exotics

    It's so funny cause i ride a bike daily haha

  • bloody nose
    bloody nose Year ago

    so anticlimactic at 6:45

  • rayster01
    rayster01 Year ago


  • Alexisandthecraft 1

    He wearing a Minnesota shirt AND IM FROM MINNESOTA

  • Call your memes Airsoft

    Where u get the O D green bike

  • Z e xx Xx
    Z e xx Xx Year ago

    Love your vid guys

  • kayla seime
    kayla seime Year ago

    where was this like city

  • jenna m
    jenna m Year ago

    I wanna do the trampoline stuff

  • Sydney & Wolf Speak

    So glad Jay is okay,

  • Blxck .x. Rxses
    Blxck .x. Rxses Year ago

    you should have brought corbin! you have to go back with corbin sometime and make a video!!! like and reply if you agree so elton can see!

  • EllBell6128
    EllBell6128 Year ago

    What is his Snapchat

  • abc 123
    abc 123 Year ago

    Team TFIL: Having to stay in prison for a night. Ask cops if you can sleep in a cell and have to do all of a normal prisoner does. Shows everyone not to get into trouble, makes a fantastic video, and you can all say you stayed in prison

  • Kesha Evans
    Kesha Evans Year ago

    Jay sounds like obama

  • Emily Rose Gibson

    id love to see thes guys go olympic style swim training

  • Shayne Ventura
    Shayne Ventura Year ago

    LIKE SO THEY SEE THIS (list of places for them to explore or stay the night at)
    I know you guys do like overnight videos/exploring videos and stuff, often with Sam and Colby. I found some cool places you could go to and try to stay the night or just explore. All in New Jersey, all haunted. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital 101 Sullivan Way, Trenton, NJ

  • sara
    sara Year ago


  • Grace Reed
    Grace Reed Year ago

    Sam is so cute I luv u sam

  • Grace Reed
    Grace Reed Year ago

    I luv u why do I always hear Kevin heart eating chips notification gang 😘 luv u so much

  • DJRaveBaby
    DJRaveBaby Year ago

    Whaley House

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi Year ago

    And great that this video got the exact same soundtrack as the video: overnight at bowling alley

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi Year ago

    Woohoo Elton castee did it!
    He made a perfect backflip landing for having just one go at his BMX ride

  • sara
    sara Year ago


  • Sherri Harper
    Sherri Harper Year ago

    hey princess unckel elten

  • Xavier Zimmerman
    Xavier Zimmerman Year ago +1

    250,000 likes on suicide forest ;) ;):):):):):)

  • Grady Fleming
    Grady Fleming Year ago

    Wheres the bear

  • Zack Spethman
    Zack Spethman Year ago

    It's a shame Heath had to put bleach in his hair and not down his throat

  • deedruh cee
    deedruh cee Year ago

    Heath is me at 3:15 hahahaha... trying to explain to my friends why I'm just observing hahaha

  • _Lost_In_Reality_

    "You want me to go down this stupid big ramp"
    "What stupid big r-oooooh"
    Elton you sound so innocent

  • Evan Vernon
    Evan Vernon Year ago

    Where is the bear you guys bought for a million subs

  • Jacob Sanchez
    Jacob Sanchez Year ago

    yall should do the teeterboard

  • kaitlin
    kaitlin Year ago

    oh my goid, he on xgames mode

  • _martinsanchez
    _martinsanchez Year ago +1

    can you make video with cory colby and sam again? please

  • tara-jane haggart

    Are you coming to Australia this month?? come to sydney you have many fans including me

  • Snake King Jexxy
    Snake King Jexxy Year ago

    "yo my whole balls is out"

  • Trying to Post movies on yt

    You have had one mil for a while and you havent gotten a bear

  • Unitye Mic
    Unitye Mic Year ago

    When will you guys go back to the Wallie House? After the trip?

  • Ahmed Azouz
    Ahmed Azouz Year ago

    Please do more Overnight and Scary vedios like suicide bridge please do more of them

  • Tori Beth
    Tori Beth Year ago

    Jay not doing a backflip is me

  • Emma Elizabeth
    Emma Elizabeth Year ago

    Cheerleaders doing backflips* Jay is me : These people are aliens like they have some type of anti gravity it makes no sense . 😂

  • kaygame crownd_kayyy

    You guys should do the elevator game with Colby

  • Jovianne Tabraham

    I'm so happy they were playing the Eagles in the park

  • xiamara matos
    xiamara matos Year ago

    do the overnight challenge at the Hotel Del Coronado's in room 3327

  • CptSG
    CptSG Year ago

    I feel like I've seen this before..

  • Crystal Freeman
    Crystal Freeman Year ago

    Y'all need to go do a overnight challenge and try to find aliens

  • Sami Mckenna
    Sami Mckenna Year ago

    Jay is so underappreciated 😍