Mordheim Angry Interview

  • Published on Jul 10, 2015
  • AngryJoe Interviews for Mordheim: City of the Damned based off of Games Workshops tabletop game! This strategy game is currently in Early Access now!
    *Sorry for the gum chewing, I was offered a piece right before. Quickly realized I was chewing and stopped halfway through - wont happen again*
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Comments • 300

  • tatawbr
    tatawbr Year ago

    This game is soooo broken in the PS4. It is also "not fun" hard and unfair.

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    do they not invite angry joe to these events anymore? lol cuz we see movie n TV reviews but where is the last few yrs haven't seen any angry interviews n angry reviews are harder to come by. i get it but eh yeah that's a dead horse by now. just wondering if they don't let him do this anymore or if its he just doesn't go anymore? Which is it?

  • cookytrix
    cookytrix 2 years ago

    thats some good crank man!

  • Red Beard NJ
    Red Beard NJ 2 years ago

    playing on console now and the game is amazing. .will say that its geared toward older players like me who are fans of this style...reminds me of the great classic Gladius game!

  • Red Beard NJ
    Red Beard NJ 2 years ago

    playing on console now and the game is amazing. .will say that its geared toward older players like me who are fans of this style...reminds me of the great classic Gladius game!

  • Harald Arz
    Harald Arz 3 years ago

    this is truly one amazing game. i don't know why it is so underrated. all the community feedback really helped making this game so nice!

    VET ROVA 3 years ago

    I've played over 150 hours, and i have to say, i think it's a superb game, however it's very limited in content, It has greater potential if it was in development for longer.

  • antoni santos
    antoni santos 3 years ago

    he got me with the "bastard son of Valkyria Chronicles and X-COM"

  • Blisterdude123
    Blisterdude123 3 years ago

    The people criticising Joe for actually asking questions are laughable. It's an interview, not a "let the guy monologue all he wants".

  • Thepokemonmies
    Thepokemonmies 3 years ago

    Now its released u should review it. U probably wont, but I would want u to.

  • Sickle Stevens
    Sickle Stevens 3 years ago

    sean william scotts twin ?

  • Sickle Stevens
    Sickle Stevens 3 years ago

    lmfao he looks like sean william scott

  • Alcatar
    Alcatar 3 years ago

    Said he'll try it after this..
    No video uploaded..

  • Boss Paw
    Boss Paw 3 years ago

    Holy shit, I actually like Joe in this video!

  • PHeMoX
    PHeMoX 4 years ago

    Now this guy is a perfect example of a french Canadian guy speaking great English. Just saying dear Blood Bowl 2 press dude with unbearable french accent!! :P Okey okey, I'll stop complaining.

  • Yacob Evans
    Yacob Evans 4 years ago

    I just discovered Joe not long ago a I really like what he stands for!! If I ever invest time in the gaming industry I will make it a goal to work with this man.

  • achi bhai
    achi bhai 4 years ago

    what a nice dev

  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u235 4 years ago

    Joe -- learn to pronounce the name of the game correctly you ape.

  • Harvinder Singh Billing
    Harvinder Singh Billing 4 years ago +1

    Warhammer Gotrek and Felix can be set to become the BEST RPG EVER!!! come on people take this opportunity, it has so much story to it. Fucking developers are missing the opportunity to make this great series into a game!

  • kangaxx
    kangaxx 4 years ago

    Quitate el puto chicle de la boca antes de hacer una entrevista.
    Joder, que ya no estas en el colegio

  • Internet Omatic
    Internet Omatic 4 years ago +3

    this is why I sub to joe. He's no bullshit and not into politics. he's just a dude who likes games.
    I also like that dev. He seems like he's super in love with what he's making.

  • Joel Ke
    Joel Ke 4 years ago


  • Echtvergoldet
    Echtvergoldet 4 years ago

    Please let them make a "Inquisitor" game!

  • Raphael Solanine
    Raphael Solanine 4 years ago

    Redhead here is a valley girl. seriously, count the number of times he says "like". holy shit stockings batman, this guy has a grammar impediment.

  • Bindair Dundat
    Bindair Dundat 4 years ago

    I liked Valkyria Chronicles, I liked XCOM, I prefer fantasy over anything else, and though Games Workshop was never really a thing this side of the planet, I love the look of the Skaven. So I could be a hardcore fan of this, but I will wait till the actual release and early reviews. Seen too many shitty games recently.

  • Zakeetis
    Zakeetis 4 years ago

    How looks like he don't give a fuck in this vid I found it hilarious haha

  • Tommonius
    Tommonius 4 years ago

    I really want to play this game so damn badly

  • Emperorkang
    Emperorkang 4 years ago

    this was made using Unity? i have unity but i dont know what version without opening the program up. i'd love to make a game, but the program is really complicated and i dont have much experience using it.

  • Justus Jep
    Justus Jep 4 years ago

    1:44 Sansa Stark behind Joe ?! :P

  • Dr. Thrax
    Dr. Thrax 4 years ago

    4:25 story driven game with no cut scenes, wow that's sure to be a big hit

  • Elias Scharmer
    Elias Scharmer 4 years ago

    Sisters of Sigmar? How original.

  • shoopdawoop32
    shoopdawoop32 4 years ago

    "I love Sisters of Battle!" Fucking what...

  • Lurvakt
    Lurvakt 4 years ago

    Looks like the game isnt half-bad, well with the exception that all it ever does is fucking crash.

  • Cathal
    Cathal 4 years ago

    Jesus Christ Joe let the guy talk, I know you're on a timer with these interviews but at least let him say some of the things he wants to say. Also there's no need to bash the game in front of the dev, he's clearly passionate and you just throw snide little remarks his way sometimes, granted it's your opinion I know this but save it for the review

  • charley222
    charley222 4 years ago

    the developer listen the community is good to ear they respect player :)
    the community need to be a bit patient and give a chance to this small team :)
    thank for this review

  • pollouk
    pollouk 4 years ago

    That guy is being grill lol

  • pollouk
    pollouk 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if angry joe should collaborate in the making of a game

  • OneArmedMan
    OneArmedMan 4 years ago

    I worked for one of the guys on this dev team. He and his wife own a cafe.

  • Tom
    Tom 4 years ago

    Surely this means that they've gotta do something with gorkamorka! My fav GW game!!

  • MasterBlobby
    MasterBlobby 4 years ago

    This game is garbage, I tried to refund it a few days ago.

  • jesusmannwhaaat
    jesusmannwhaaat 4 years ago

    The board game of this is great. It's much more RPG like than other Gamesworkshop games. There are rules for it on Google Drive.

  • Ixnatifual
    Ixnatifual 4 years ago

    Looks weird how far a single character can move on his turn.

  • GamerFan2050
    GamerFan2050 4 years ago +2

    Those animations really puts me off & then the 100 hours long campaign
    (all 4 warbands) sounds really boring instead of fun :(
    ps. im sure this game will get on atleast 75% sale a few weeks after final version

    • Zan Clan
      Zan Clan Year ago

      You were right.I saw it several time at 75% and this hallowen,I cave and bought it.

  • Ken Lefevre
    Ken Lefevre 4 years ago

    Soooo many Warhammer games coming out this year...sweeeet!

  • OnlyElfen
    OnlyElfen 4 years ago

    I want a Sisters of Battle game!

  • Afroswine Hoggintons
    Afroswine Hoggintons 4 years ago

    Morduheim... ugh

  • TheIceDragon
    TheIceDragon 4 years ago

    Oh god, are they incorporating Age of Sigmarines? kill me...

  • Emiliano Zapata
    Emiliano Zapata 4 years ago +1

    watched a lot of "league of gentleman" matches an I must say that this game improved a lot during open alpha. Not only in graphics and bug fixing, but also in gameplay.
    Looks realy interesting, hopefully joe will stick up to his words a show us his opinion.
    as far as I can tell from observing the matches it's a extreamly well made adapt of the tabletop. all races are realy different to play, it's super strategic, and the perma death and injury system makes it totaly unique.
    only the 40$ seem to be a little high for the current state of the game. it still miss's other objectivs then "dominate the other warband" and have few different charakter models + fighting animations. 30$ would be nearly a "must buy" for every warhammer fan.

  • Rhaen
    Rhaen 4 years ago

    Set in the warhammer what universe?... =P

  • seelefantman
    seelefantman 4 years ago

    totally reminds me of future tactics

  • ǧinnī جني
    ǧinnī جني 4 years ago

    wow so all the games are warhammer based now?

  • Josh
    Josh 4 years ago

    I also played this early access and I was so unimpressed I returned it to steam what a stinker.

  • TheShoguneagle
    TheShoguneagle 4 years ago

    Someone please make a digital version of Gorkamorka!

  • Daan Amelink
    Daan Amelink 4 years ago

    Does anyone know why Joe hasn't uploaded his Deus Ex: Mankind Divided interview?

  • dabagonsmith
    dabagonsmith 4 years ago

    "The bastard child of xcom and valkyria chronicles" That just fucking sold me. Need to get this game.

  • TheKims
    TheKims 4 years ago

    Looked like a cool game until i heard the word turnbased.

    • TheKims
      TheKims 4 years ago

      For the most part yes. I play Civilization though from time to time.

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer 4 years ago

      @TheKims You only like real time strategy or RPGs?

  • Jimmy Johnston Bowhunting

    Looks like a great game for the people that are into those types of games. not for me tho

  • Vince Cross
    Vince Cross 4 years ago

    He almost looks like Andy Whitfield

    • Sickle Stevens
      Sickle Stevens 3 years ago

      +Trevor Phillips bro he looks like sean william scott i thought it was him for a sec

  • Br3nt
    Br3nt 4 years ago

    Joe you stupid nerd fuck, interrupting the guy when he's talking about something interesting (permadeath in multiplayer), to ask a stupid fucking question, if you can rename the characters..

  • EricDutemple
    EricDutemple 4 years ago

    angry joe for the win , asking the hard question for us!

  • CoyDK DK
    CoyDK DK 4 years ago

    The game is garbage and its NOT fixed, it still not working and its clunky as hell. It requires allot of worke before its playable

  • berniemacsgreatesthi
    berniemacsgreatesthi 4 years ago

    Props Joe...Props......

  • blood raven
    blood raven 4 years ago

    doubt if i ever will play this , but im getting old i think, but i do think it needs A LOT of develepment, but lol needed that also and look were it gotten them, i think all those indi guy growing bigger and bigger are gonna make something beautifull but they need to learn stuff first and its gonna be with making stuff like this , i so hope they not gonna turn into corporate commanders like EA or blizzard or ubisoft and bioware

  • Gareth K
    Gareth K 4 years ago

    Fair play Joe is good at editing and making professional looking videos.

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin 4 years ago

    Also this guy was pretty cool about it, and he got me excited too. I might get the game. When is Joe streaming this?

    • Smurf InHell
      Smurf InHell 4 years ago

      @John Uysal If you find out could you send a reply?

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin 4 years ago

    I'm loving Joe's interviews. Good questions, good and real feedback. If I were a game dev I would start sweating once I found out I had to interview with angry joe lol.
    Of course I love the reviews too.
    Love this channel

  • Kharn526
    Kharn526 4 years ago

    I love how he doesnt say his name LOL

  • Sebastian Blumenberg
    Sebastian Blumenberg 4 years ago

    I just hope that if he's plugging in so much about the community they allow it to be modded.

  • Substandard Gamer Kiba

    One of the best games i have seen! And definitely the freshest dev on the show. Just compare this to Konami bullshit.

  • Pat Kiout
    Pat Kiout 4 years ago

    Has anyone played this game ? is it any good?

  • Russ Fox
    Russ Fox 4 years ago

    Isnt space marine in that same universe

    • Goraka91
      Goraka91 4 years ago

      @Rusty Tiberius Nah, 40k is the sci-fi spinoff to the Fantasy universe. Some things are more or less the same though, like the Orks or Chaos. Some stuff is radically different however.

  • Pedro
    Pedro 4 years ago

    This guy seems really excited about his game. Loved it!

  • Simo
    Simo 4 years ago +5

    When can we get a Necromunda game, now that would work just like Xcom.

    • Sagnus1
      Sagnus1 3 years ago

      @Simo Would love that, or gorkamorka!
      For those not in the know it was basically mad max... with *orks*!
      EDIT: In hindsight I doubt you could actually make a gorkamorka game work, but it *was* a cool concept... Still want Necromunda though.

  • Philanek
    Philanek 4 years ago

    Mordheim should be an XCom-style strategy. This hybrid tbs/tps looks stupid :(

  • Leivve
    Leivve 4 years ago +1

    To his credit. I can't think of any ways you could have multiplayer more then 1v1 without just completely ruining the game, or what the game is suppose to be.
    I could probably see a 4vai or something, but at that point you're playing DnD, not Mordheim.

    • Smurf InHell
      Smurf InHell 4 years ago

      @Leivve I believe since the mechanics and assets are already here it would be more than okay to include it in the game, but like you said I agree the core should be finished first. Maybe an expansion to the game that includes the ability to take on various missions with groups of 4-8 formed player warbands? E.G. Each pick their class from one of their currently employed units in a warband. It would allow people to band together to help level up lower levels, or take on very difficult matches with their highest ranked characters in hopes of attaining great loot, or of course risking it all!

    • Leivve
      Leivve 4 years ago +1

      @Colby Townson They should focus on making the core game the best it can be, before focusing on something like that. Because I agree that would be really cool.
      Maybe they can make a stand along fantasy game.

    • Smurf InHell
      Smurf InHell 4 years ago

      @Leivve Not going to lie, it would still be an interesting mode to have. The more options the better; With persistent loot I could see it working. You and 3 friends take their commanders or other various party members on a 4-8 man mission each with control of their own unique pick. Accomplish a task, get loot, and have fun with MULTIPLE friends in a turn based COOP setting. It may not be the best thing in the world, but with a little polish the game could easily handle this game mode in a competent way.

    NRMRKL 4 years ago

    Awesome interview, this game sounds really interesting although I'm not a big fan of permadeath in lengthy games.

  • Maxson
    Maxson 4 years ago

    Looks like a terrible version of XCOM.

  • Mikael Skog
    Mikael Skog 4 years ago

    Hm. This got me interested. I'm a bit worried about the permadeath in multiplayer, but I'll wait and see. This game could be really cool

  • ThoseTolerableNoobs
    ThoseTolerableNoobs 4 years ago

    I turned off the video the second he said "warhammer-fantasy-universe"

    • kingragnork
      kingragnork 4 years ago

      @ThoseTolerableNoobs You obviously don't know the lore or have read any of the novels from either WHFB/40K. The book that got me into Warhammer completely after having played Dawn of War when I was young would be Iron Warrior. That book is one of the best ever written in the Black Library.

    • ThoseTolerableNoobs
      ThoseTolerableNoobs 4 years ago

      Hm - you're actually right. Congratulations. Maybe weed doesn't always make people come out with nonsense.

    • Snezak
      Snezak 4 years ago +1

      @ThoseTolerableNoobs Well you used the word generic to describe Warhammer, which makes it something that goes the most used path. Then you used the sentence "seems to have none of the scope or story-telling power MOST universes do" which is interpreted that Warhammer doesn't go the same way as most other universes do. Hence, contradiction.
      I have no idea how I managed to write that, I'm high as fuck...

    • ThoseTolerableNoobs
      ThoseTolerableNoobs 4 years ago

      I don't see a contradiction there - gratuitous violence mixed with military clichés is jingoism prevents any kind of narrative scope.

    • Snezak
      Snezak 4 years ago

      @ThoseTolerableNoobs Just alittle contradiction there " It's generic, gratuitous with mindless militaristic clichés, and seems to have none of the scope or story-telling power MOST universes do"

      The reason why so many people are into Warhammer and 40k are because these universes are gritty, over-the-top massive concoctions of unreasonable slaughter, I don't think you can call something like that generic. But for each their own.

  • Angry Sun
    Angry Sun 4 years ago

    had not heard about this. I'll check it out

  • anab0lic
    anab0lic 4 years ago

    Would have much preferred a fixed overhead camera perspective for turn based game like this ala xcom...

  • Jackal Muldipulus CABAL

    Mehh Vermintide looks way better than Mordenheim.

  • Filf
    Filf 4 years ago +7

    I don't mind Joe asking hard questions, but he should stop interjecting in the middle of the guy's answers.

  • Asaad Alshahin
    Asaad Alshahin 4 years ago

    There is a difference between being assertive and rude. Joe should really let people finish talking in his interviews before saying something.

  • J0ncit0
    J0ncit0 4 years ago +2

    Early access simply means You want early Cash, Don't give me that bullshit of you wanting some early feedback. Nobody's buyng it.

  • JasonPogo
    JasonPogo 4 years ago

    don't think I this game is for me but I love the guy Joe is interviewing. He actually seems enthusiastic about the game. Most people at these things just seem to be talking from a list of bullet points.

  • David Jr
    David Jr 4 years ago

    i have this game on early acesss on steam its fun and looks like its going in a good direction.

  • Deaa
    Deaa 4 years ago

    To all you backseat you tubers. You look ridiculous giving this man interview advice. He's doing what people expect him to do. You don't like it? Start your own channel and make your own videos.

  • HowlingSphinx
    HowlingSphinx 4 years ago

    Thanks for the interview Joe!

  • Joseph Iliff
    Joseph Iliff 4 years ago +1

    absolute credit for being honest!

  • Z3rostar
    Z3rostar 4 years ago

    Isn't Mordheim p2w garbage?

  • Chipawapa
    Chipawapa 4 years ago

    The game is coming along nicely, and he wasn't kidding when he said they listen to the community. As someone who loves Warhammer Fantasy, this has been the best steam purchases I've done.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 4 years ago +2

    "We wanted to get out to the community and get feedback."
    aka free beta testing.

    • wozzlepop
      wozzlepop 3 years ago +1

      +Kevin K Aka a second job you have to pay for..

  • Pure Bafoonery
    Pure Bafoonery 4 years ago +1

    If only any of these games workshop games came to console :/
    Blood bowl 2 on ps4 is great though

  • DrHazardZone
    DrHazardZone 4 years ago

    pretty good review game is sounding good

  • Corsair Carl
    Corsair Carl 4 years ago +10

    Man, I wish/hope they let me play a goddamn Saurus Warrior in Mordheim...
    GW seems to hate on Orks, Lizardmen, and in 40k, Sisters of Battle.

    • ForzaTerra89
      ForzaTerra89 2 years ago

      Corsair Carl if I remember correctly this game had specific war bands and I don't think there was a lizardman one

    • La Nausée
      La Nausée 4 years ago

      @chomag725 Oh, and the "vast majority" of players are *not* male. And even they *do* find it interesting to play as a female character. Essentially every female character that has been the protagonist of her own game has been well-received. And non-male gamers are *a lot* of people, the divide is closer to 50% than you seem to think. Anyone who has ever looked at statistics knows this. It's only that you male gamers are a vocal minority in which there are even louder minorities that are self-entitled and start crying whenever something isn't perfectly in accordance with their preferences, even though they don't represent even half of the community.
      The fact that women in online games are constantly harassed, and that these extremely loud minority group of males go as far as threatening to rape women if they don't agree with them is the reason why so many women pretend to be men online.
      So stop pulling stuff out of your ass just to prove what a moron you are.

    • La Nausée
      La Nausée 4 years ago

      @chomag725 Uh, that's BS: I can't speak about the Lizardmen part, but female characters are something that the majority of people want to see more in games. Female characters - and all-female death machines such as Sisters of Battle, or just the general trope they're based on, the Amazons - are extremely popular.

    • Corsair Carl
      Corsair Carl 4 years ago

      Lizardmen, within lore, have those brave Saurus and skinks who set out to fight Chaos. Lizardmen have ALWAYS been at the throat of the Skaven and the Chaos warriors.
      I'd say they would do it just to go out and rid the world of Chaos.

    • ResidentRumDrinker
      ResidentRumDrinker 4 years ago

      @Trigger McTriggerson In all fairness to the lore, lizardmen would have nothing to do with mordheim. They only have 1 city in the old world and its a long long way away. Wouldn't really make much sense in the setting.

  • Kaufi
    Kaufi 4 years ago

    Please play this on a stream with OJ where us europeans have a chance to watch. :D

  • Vegeta21ish
    Vegeta21ish 4 years ago

    Joe my respects for calling devs out like you did here. I wish more ppl would do this. Furthermore, if the you or other ppl did it to triple a dev more often.

  • DoctorSargeMD
    DoctorSargeMD 4 years ago

    I like how you can kill the enemy and actually take their stuff. Only game I am familiar with that did that was Runescape

  • KubernetePirata
    KubernetePirata 4 years ago

    25 hours per campaign? How did they measure that? Did they include the lull time & in-between turn time as well?

    • KubernetePirata
      KubernetePirata 4 years ago

      I'unno, maybe they feel like they should put some sort of effort to justify the money they will be getting or are getting in the early access? Or maybe the 25 hours thing is inaccurate within itself.
      But good point, there.

    • KubernetePirata
      KubernetePirata 4 years ago

      Well, I ask because maybe the dev lied to us all. He might just booted the game & spend time running in circles, wasting the turn & the time just so they could brag about the game length, y'know? I'm not saying he lied, but what if he did? What if you got the game & it took you a third of the time to beat it? You know the fuzz is gonna be huge.

    • Psychodegu
      Psychodegu 4 years ago

      @KubernetePirata You got to realize that he basically said that the procedural generated hunt for wyrd stone missions will really fluff that out, but the same sort of thing can be said about Xcom.