Halloween Candy Hacks

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • Don't just eat your Halloween candy! Hack it into even tastier creations with our help! GMM #1212
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Comments • 4 156

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 7 days ago

    I used to do this, shove candy into each other... Now I have issues with my pancreas.

  • kmking1986
    kmking1986 7 days ago

    Crack Berry creme eggs are only available until Easter. How the heck did you get them at Halloween

  • Ethan McMillan
    Ethan McMillan 13 days ago

    I had a decently severe self mutilation relapse just a few hours prior to watching this and I’m incredibly upset by the RAZOR BLADE in this video. Good mythical crew, please try to make these videos more sensitive. I watch these videos specifically to calm down.

  • Joe Cashmore
    Joe Cashmore 23 days ago

    Salt and Pepper weren't right there

  • skiorsnowboard
    skiorsnowboard 28 days ago

    This episode was more gross than some of their purposefully gross videos. All that sugar 😖

  • sudn
    sudn Month ago

    11:35 proof that there is no god

  • Raymond Balan
    Raymond Balan Month ago


  • Green Envy
    Green Envy Month ago +1

    I squeeled as I recognised who the people annocing the spin were cosplaying as-

  • CallMeGingersnap
    CallMeGingersnap Month ago

    Just started watching GMM in the last month or so and i don’t understand what “format” y’all are talking about 😩😂 I just watch them all one after another , however they are suggested to me 😂

  • RealOceanic
    RealOceanic Month ago

    i miss this stuff

  • Claire Jones
    Claire Jones 2 months ago

    The main reason I didn't like the new format was all of the celebrity episodes and the amount of episodes that weren't the "sit down" ones like we're used to. It just felt super staged, and the main reason we watch is for their personalities which weren't there

  • Cletus mc. Yeetus
    Cletus mc. Yeetus 2 months ago

    I'm sans, and I'm sans too!

  • Juan Ochoa
    Juan Ochoa 2 months ago

    I’ll never understand why they were BOTH Luigi lol

  • Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers 2 months ago

    A GMM vid a day keeps the Randy away.

  • pittkendoka
    pittkendoka 3 months ago

    You guys have streamlined getting diabetes.

  • Fred Springer
    Fred Springer 4 months ago

    Link looks like Nietzsche

  • that_radio_control_guy
    that_radio_control_guy 4 months ago +1

    Without that moustache Rhett looks like a learner train driver

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 4 months ago

    I was genuinely surprised when Link bit directly beside where Rhett bit.

  • miLanWF
    miLanWF 4 months ago

    big F to the good old days

  • kyle hux
    kyle hux 5 months ago

    Remember how bad those “4 segment episodes” were?

  • Aluminum Foil
    Aluminum Foil 5 months ago

    im sans

  • Karen Martinez
    Karen Martinez 5 months ago

    That was totally cocaine don’t let em lie to you

  • Lilly Weatherford
    Lilly Weatherford 6 months ago

    Is anyone else bugged by how they say Reese's?

  • LittleBlondie CJ
    LittleBlondie CJ 6 months ago

    Why weren't one of them mario

  • Alexander The fourth
    Alexander The fourth 6 months ago

    Links mustache bouncing when he chew is the best part of the entire video

  • Chronium3
    Chronium3 6 months ago

    Rhett looks like an irish luigi

  • Snazzled Justin
    Snazzled Justin 6 months ago +1

    Also, 2019 anyone?

  • Kaden Barnes
    Kaden Barnes 6 months ago

    Would love to come on an episode and eat stuff 😂

  • Kaden Barnes
    Kaden Barnes 6 months ago

    Yummy 😋 har har har

  • Rowyn's Arts
    Rowyn's Arts 6 months ago


  • Flobber Top
    Flobber Top 7 months ago

    No idea what Swedish Fish are!

  • LittleQueen_ 43526
    LittleQueen_ 43526 7 months ago

    The way he says Cadbury tho smh 😂
    Say cad-bree

  • The Pinecone King of New Orleans

    Stay crunchy

  • Peyton Grif
    Peyton Grif 7 months ago

    Cadbury cream eggs are disgusting

  • Bob Cricket
    Bob Cricket 7 months ago

    Link, I am slightly confusion. Who on God’s green earth don’t like candy corn ?

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 8 months ago +1

    In my opinion Link should have dressed up as Link from Legend of Zelda.... Missed an opportunity there!

  • James O'Blivion
    James O'Blivion 8 months ago

    Charlie Brown felt bad about getting a rock, til I showed him the fetus chips my neighbor stuck me with. #fetuschips

  • Lubyton Productions
    Lubyton Productions 8 months ago

    Sans wheel intro

  • Justin Roof
    Justin Roof 8 months ago

    The dredge is the flour. The other is the batter. Just sayin. 👹

  • Fiama98
    Fiama98 9 months ago

    If you do these hacks for Halloween, you'll be getting insulin for Christmas.

  • Lorenzo Dapino
    Lorenzo Dapino 9 months ago

    8:55 Luigi hentai

  • TokyoTofu
    TokyoTofu 9 months ago

    No love for waluigi?

  • Keith Mossey
    Keith Mossey 9 months ago

    I think I like the Parker family hahahahah

  • Emma Mcpherson
    Emma Mcpherson 9 months ago

    I love super mario!

  • f. o. m. f_ mere
    f. o. m. f_ mere 9 months ago

    I'd die eating that stuff...

  • The Various Gamer Tag
    The Various Gamer Tag 9 months ago

    Where's Mario

  • Ibraheem Alkam
    Ibraheem Alkam 9 months ago

    I was Mario for Halloween 🎃

  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist 9 months ago

    They did this yesterday too they both had the same costume yesterday was halloween by the way.

  • -iNK-
    -iNK- 9 months ago

    Good Mythical Munchies, with Rhett and Link! This is like watching a cooking show! A funny one at that!

  • KnotLockedLive
    KnotLockedLive 9 months ago

    Halloween fell on a Wednesday......................................

  • Gauntly Gamer
    Gauntly Gamer 9 months ago +1

    funny how all i see is 10 year olds reacting 11 months ago to something that happened a year ago. don't see anyone complaining in the new vids. or anyone complaining here recently. if you're actually a fan of GMM you'll support them, 3-4 vids of content is way more impressions/$$$ for them, and their hard work on the channel, but y'all too lazy to click the next video or something? I discovered them post new-format and I like the new-format, it's easier to digest, the videos are exactly what they say they are, it's made me a fan. Y'all whiny though

    • Amélie
      Amélie 9 months ago

      They dont use that format anymore

  • Bacon Maka
    Bacon Maka 9 months ago

    This is awesome!!

  • Liam bazza
    Liam bazza 9 months ago

    A year ago

  • Samantha Shanks
    Samantha Shanks 9 months ago

    Rhett's chest/boobs tho

  • Trixie188 Video Productions

    I love how all the comments are about the old and new gmm 😂 at least they listened and now it’s only 1 episode

  • The Palm
    The Palm 9 months ago

    I like your videos.

  • Evan Fisher
    Evan Fisher 9 months ago

    Fetus chips

  • Cory Diel
    Cory Diel 9 months ago

    was link thinking of " mosaic"

  • Corey Covington
    Corey Covington 10 months ago

    Rhett gets friggin fried from fried frood

  • JC Rodriguez
    JC Rodriguez 10 months ago

    Why is everyone saying that this is the last good episode?

  • Angiecatlover
    Angiecatlover 10 months ago

    Why couldn’t Link be Mario?

  • Natasha poptart
    Natasha poptart 10 months ago

    Taste the razor is the creme candy corn version of taste the rainbow 😂

  • Springtrap00978
    Springtrap00978 10 months ago

    11:37 YO FELL SANS :333

  • Springtrap00978
    Springtrap00978 10 months ago

    _im gonna deconstruct these jelly beans_
    *durastically hitting with metal pipe_

  • Suzette Watson
    Suzette Watson 10 months ago +1

    Gah! Y'all didn't warn us about the Undertale fans!

  • Kenya Green
    Kenya Green 10 months ago

    fruit frilled fried freat

  • VPagon
    VPagon 10 months ago

    I am proud of them for making a Halloween razor candy joke.

  • DarkAgeDan
    DarkAgeDan 10 months ago

    I love candy corn so much I poop it out.

  • Austin Patterson
    Austin Patterson 10 months ago

    I love candy corn

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 10 months ago

    Fetus chips!

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 10 months ago

    Rhett: aka the PB & J and K K
    Link: *mmmmm letters!*

  • vedaskies12
    vedaskies12 10 months ago

    Please be link from zelda next halloween!

  • Cece Coady
    Cece Coady 10 months ago

    I’m zombie Micheal Jackson for Halloween!!

  • Johnathan Loney
    Johnathan Loney 10 months ago

    Link you got it backward, anyone who is normal likes candy corn.

  • Uke WolF
    Uke WolF 10 months ago

    But what did they use the root beer for????????????????????¿¿¿