Coconut Breakfast!

  • Published on Feb 19, 2016
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    Welcome to our new series On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and the team experience on their adventures when they're NOT encountering wildlife.
    On this first video Coyote decides to have a coconut breakfast and attempt to figure out which tastes better...a brown or a green coconut? However once he gets up in the palm tree he finds an incredible surprise!
    Calling all fans of the movie Cast Away, this video is for YOU!

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Comments • 34 837

  • H Sato
    H Sato 7 hours ago

    It is coconut water really you don't know

  • Akura Fadzillah
    Akura Fadzillah 14 hours ago


  • Sofia Foss
    Sofia Foss Day ago

    i dot like coconuts but i do like geting cocoonut with my brother I'm sorry you lost your iguana

  • RedstoneReaderMC

    MALK?!?!?!??! 7:28

  • Sad_Karl_69
    Sad_Karl_69 2 days ago


    IlL puT iT In MY PoCKeT ! 1

  • susan szuflada
    susan szuflada 2 days ago

    Yu bully me 8:22

  • Raquel Doohan
    Raquel Doohan 2 days ago

    The first time wen I was eating a kocnut

  • bootlegged jeanstarch pgtfv


  • Ayden Milbourn
    Ayden Milbourn 3 days ago

    I think i know why tom hanks bashed a coconut with a rock maby he dident have a knife

  • Marissa Leyanne
    Marissa Leyanne 3 days ago

    I died of laugher

  • Deutalios 818
    Deutalios 818 3 days ago


  • Νίκος Παπαδόπουλος

    I really want a coconut right now

  • JakePlayz
    JakePlayz 3 days ago

    Coyote: I GOT AN IGUANA
    Also also coyote:Opens a coconut
    Also also also coyote:Now that looks like a coconut

  • Wafa Ibrahim
    Wafa Ibrahim 4 days ago

    Wilson iguanas name lol

  • Wafa Ibrahim
    Wafa Ibrahim 4 days ago


  • mawoosh
    mawoosh 4 days ago +1

    an iguana and two coconuts

    30 seconds later

    ok lets see whats inside of them



  • alitopan1975
    alitopan1975 5 days ago

    Hey Coyote, what you drank was coconut WATER, not coconut MILK! Coconut milk is made by grating the coconut meat and then squeezing the milk out of it. And why did you put the iguana in your pocket? It might bite you or it might fall out.😂🦎

  • Benedict Charles Alonzo

    1:51 when ur quietly sneaking to get a candy on store

  • Jonathan Poltergeist

    It's like he has never seen a coconut before

  • rahmathu nisa
    rahmathu nisa 6 days ago

    Coyote :first time eats coconuts me :in India (kerala) eating coconuts daily

  • Claire Chen
    Claire Chen 6 days ago +1

    Now you have to take care of the iguana

  • Dark Makor
    Dark Makor 6 days ago

    my favorite part is literally always going to be 1:24 i love the way coyote says "I CAUGHT AN IGUANA" XD

  • Cuddle team leader
    Cuddle team leader 6 days ago

    Me: aren’t u suppose to be helping animals not suffering it in ur pocket?

  • Aiden Corpening
    Aiden Corpening 7 days ago

    6:55 coconut juice splatters all over go pro

  • Awesome Cool
    Awesome Cool 7 days ago

    6:16 why is his arm like that ?

  • Angel
    Angel 7 days ago

    Are you pregnant?
    My dads asking

  • Eathan the dragon ball z fan I was trina mcneely

    😂😂 "ahhh it's rough on MY coconuts!"

  • Eathan the dragon ball z fan I was trina mcneely

    When I saw him jump on the tree from the way it was windy and the tree was tilting I was afraid it would break

  • SamaraSamcy Panzo
    SamaraSamcy Panzo 9 days ago

    When your climbing the tree you really look like a mananggeti

  • Vicky The Chicken_YT

    Am watching in 2020 , am crazy 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Elizabeth Kelly
    Elizabeth Kelly 9 days ago

    My dog is called Wilson

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme 9 days ago

    If you can’t hear the sound of the coconut water inside of the coconut that means the coconut is empty or it’s full of water that you can’t hear it

  • AsianS ClassRoyale
    AsianS ClassRoyale 10 days ago +2

    It’s not coconut milk it coconut water milk is man made

  • Michael Carrico
    Michael Carrico 10 days ago

    It’s called coconut water not milk

  • neuteredcow 8
    neuteredcow 8 10 days ago +1

    Not a single soul:
    Coyote: I GOT AN IGUANA *literally just steals the iguana without knowing if it has a family*

  • Itz Game Time
    Itz Game Time 10 days ago

    I have coconut 🥥 channel

  • Pontus Lindberg
    Pontus Lindberg 10 days ago

    How do a rock sound like

  • DOGEBOI 2000B01
    DOGEBOI 2000B01 11 days ago

    The iguana is a paid actor

  • Alexia G
    Alexia G 11 days ago

    Nathaniel: *gets filmed by cameraman*
    Cameraman: *gets filmed by othe cameraman*
    Me: Wot?

  • Ranie Barrett
    Ranie Barrett 11 days ago

    No come to Jamaica and get coconut it's perfect

  • LordInviSpy
    LordInviSpy 12 days ago

    I like it that when he was in the tree he stole a animal

  • Tim Ho
    Tim Ho 12 days ago

    How do you not know what a coconut tastes like?

  • I-preach Leader
    I-preach Leader 13 days ago +1

    Doesn’t coyote look like pungence

  • Spectrum Wifi
    Spectrum Wifi 13 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • Claire Waters
    Claire Waters 13 days ago

    Did the igunia go into the water?

  • Ivana Safiyah Atillo
    Ivana Safiyah Atillo 14 days ago

    Wierd brown coconut

  • Kids Love My Candy
    Kids Love My Candy 14 days ago

    Fun fact; green coconuts are a popular vessel of alcohol in Puerto Rico, way more than the brown ones

  • Leo Pacuan
    Leo Pacuan 14 days ago

    Ey yummy coconut ey

  • Laura Harvey
    Laura Harvey 14 days ago

    Coyote: “I caught an iguana while getting coconuts!”
    Iguana: **casually licks the air**

  • Marwan Mohamad
    Marwan Mohamad 15 days ago +1

    It’s saying wats bad and good

  • ginelle silatan
    ginelle silatan 15 days ago

    Your so handsome idol

  • The Apsilved Fruit
    The Apsilved Fruit 15 days ago +3

    Peterson: hey guys i found a iguana
    also Peterson: *puts it in his pocket*

  • wavingchair games
    wavingchair games 15 days ago

    phil swift here with brand new flex tape pocket iguana!!!!!!

  • Cobrazki
    Cobrazki 16 days ago

    I’m hungry

  • johanna Sepulveda
    johanna Sepulveda 16 days ago +2

    Coyote:don’t ever leave me
    Also Coyote:*lets Wilson go and then “cries”

  • Emily Wei
    Emily Wei 17 days ago

    XX cvbm.r vi

  • Smittengeoduck k
    Smittengeoduck k 17 days ago

    Coyote tom Hanks go for the brown ones I say go for the knife

  • Iansaniti
    Iansaniti 17 days ago +1

    Wilson:You dare challenge me mortal 1:34