Zack Knight - Wake Me Up (Avicii Ft Aloe Blacc Cover)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2013
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    Piano Cover of Avicii Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (COVER)
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  • Arfin Knight
    Arfin Knight 7 months ago

    best singer

  • Arfin Knight
    Arfin Knight 7 months ago

    osam song

  • N V
    N V 9 months ago

    *Anyone nov 2k18?*

  • aarti wahi
    aarti wahi 9 months ago

    simple cute@zack knight

  • we are love bierd
    we are love bierd 9 months ago

    You look like a little boy and so cute.

  • Lolo Ril
    Lolo Ril Year ago

    i love you more than the world i belived about you since your first cover happy for you zack

    RB CEROGIC Year ago


  • Monella Feritta que sanguine de blessure

    Zack Knight este perfect , Voce superba , Stil , Vestimentatie perfecta , Restul cantaretilor la baie .

  • Ashraf afk
    Ashraf afk Year ago

    Zack please make more songs

  • BayoOn Ahmad
    BayoOn Ahmad Year ago

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiing 💖💖💖😍😍😍

  • Kavya Yadev
    Kavya Yadev Year ago

    beautiful melodious song sir Zack ur song thus encourage me when I feel low.

  • birendra ram
    birendra ram Year ago

    Kya bolna aap ka Kya song h

  • Shakti Vlog
    Shakti Vlog Year ago +2

    Who is watching still in 2018..???

  • Muqaddas Hussain
    Muqaddas Hussain Year ago

    Wake me up 💔

  • Badgirl 4lyf
    Badgirl 4lyf Year ago

    Awww bless him❤❤❤❤ love him soo much Zack u almost made me fall in tears because of the way u sang the song

  • BroDude99393020303030405 303050606

    \ /
    | |
    \__=-[NO DISLIKE!]-=__/

  • BroDude99393020303030405 303050606

    \ =-[LIKE]-= /
    \ /
    \ =-[SUB]-= /
    \ /
    \ /

  • SisAndBro SisAndBro
    SisAndBro SisAndBro 3 years ago

    I can't wait for is concert it's on at 2016 Sep 16 or 17 something like that and my bday is on Sep 8 omg

  • Fariha M
    Fariha M 3 years ago


  • Karen Karapetyan
    Karen Karapetyan 3 years ago

    What the music played on the Piano?

  • Fahima Akhtar
    Fahima Akhtar 3 years ago +4

    I can't stop concentrating on him swallowing 😭😭

  • Syahirah AR
    Syahirah AR 3 years ago

    which mic do you use if you don't mind me asking? great covers btw :)

  • Zahra Knight
    Zahra Knight 3 years ago +2

    ur buff😍😘

  • Dawn Gardiner
    Dawn Gardiner 3 years ago

    I am feeling my way through the darkness without you.....Except i am wiser and im older but i am lost because you left after i came so far with you..Now all i have is my beating heart to guide me and it will...Even tho i am lost ...Without the prospect of you....I dont ever wish this feeling away tho because you were just awesome and my dreams are filled with great things with you in them and for that im gratefull....A'h will never know we are worlds apart (Literally :-( ) also but he is the most awesome guy in just ever....

  • Zaneera R.
    Zaneera R. 3 years ago

    STILL loving this 3 years later

  • Ali
    Ali 3 years ago

    Heavenly voice 👼.

    CHEEZY CHESTOR 3 years ago +3

    fuck arjun . zack is better than arjun . but i am losing hope in t-series cuz they are making arjun's project bigger than zack knight ... plz t-series open your eyes -> tera hero idr ha . zack you da man .. curse arjun , arjun sucks oh oh . loser

    • Samia Shabir
      Samia Shabir 3 years ago

      +PackerZ Lastor I like both

    • Anmol Ali
      Anmol Ali 3 years ago +5

      Stop comparing this is NOT a competition or anything zack is a great singer n arjun is too there's no need for all this

  • Karen Karapetyan
    Karen Karapetyan 3 years ago +14

    ZZ A A CC K K
    ZZ A A CC K K
    ZZ A A CC KK
    ZZ A A CC K K
    ZZ A A CC K K

  • Lolololol Lololool
    Lolololol Lololool 3 years ago

    Zack knight 👌

      CHEEZY CHESTOR 3 years ago +5

      fuck arjun . zack is better than arjun . but i am losing hope in t-series cuz they are making arjun's project bigger than zack knight ... plz t-series open your eyes -> tera hero idr ha . zack you da man .. curse arjun , arjun sucks oh oh . loser

  • Laaxmoun Giree
    Laaxmoun Giree 3 years ago

    awesome ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • josielma Dias Dias
    josielma Dias Dias 3 years ago

    amo essa cancion las gosta mucho

    BICKY MONDAL 3 years ago +3


  • Lolololol Lololool
    Lolololol Lololool 3 years ago


  • Jasmin K
    Jasmin K 3 years ago +1

    Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aadila Manek
    Aadila Manek 3 years ago

    I love your voices

  • B.J.R.
    B.J.R. 4 years ago

    Very Good voice control!!

  • Amar Gao
    Amar Gao 4 years ago +3

    I wish i could sing like this!

  • Mohammad Rishad
    Mohammad Rishad 4 years ago +2

    ur voice really awesome dude.. :)

  • Ashley Eason
    Ashley Eason 4 years ago +2

    Love the voice;)

  • Zulaikhah Deen
    Zulaikhah Deen 4 years ago +3

    He is my fav singer

  • Dhriti Murthy
    Dhriti Murthy 4 years ago +1

    The chorus sounds gr8!!

  • Jaski Knight
    Jaski Knight 4 years ago +6


  • maya yousfi
    maya yousfi 4 years ago

    Mais c'est quoi cette voix, j arrive pas à croire mes oreilles tu es incroyable, perfect

  • Pari Chirya
    Pari Chirya 4 years ago +9

    i love your voice!

  • Tranquil Lee
    Tranquil Lee 4 years ago

    I'm in love!

  • Samina Haq
    Samina Haq 4 years ago

    Love it! 😍🎼 @iamzackknight

  • RandomPhysicist
    RandomPhysicist 4 years ago

    Cheat here

  • Farkas Attila
    Farkas Attila 4 years ago

    Nice cover! Great vocals! Could you please check out my cover of the song? Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Vocal acoustic cover by Attila Farkas) Thank you and hope you will like it!

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  • Deena
    Deena 5 years ago +2

    American got talent !!!!!

    • AMèèn Kháñ
      AMèèn Kháñ 3 years ago

      He is a Indian you can check his Facebook page. Ua amazing Zack ❤️

    • Zeeshan Zia
      Zeeshan Zia 3 years ago

      +ceylin ceylan don't know where you got India from lool but his actually a British pakistani half Palestinian aswell

    • Caprice Rafiq
      Caprice Rafiq 4 years ago

      He may of Been born wherever, but he lives in England

    • ceylin ceylan
      ceylin ceylan 4 years ago

      @Caprice Rafiq He is from India

  • Deena
    Deena 5 years ago +6

    This voice make me want to cry

  • 37Melb_
    37Melb_ 5 years ago +1


  • Zahira Enuss
    Zahira Enuss 5 years ago


  • bong jailani
    bong jailani 5 years ago +9

    Zack Knight!!! Your version is better than the original! XOXO

  • abby douangdara
    abby douangdara 5 years ago

    Sorry about the man part

  • abby douangdara
    abby douangdara 5 years ago

    Your good YOU got some talents in you voice this from a 9 year old man and it is a girl

  • Dadamo Davide
    Dadamo Davide 5 years ago

    Thanks for the like on Instagram! You're awesome too!! It could be great to make a featuring ahahahah

  • patrick dambej
    patrick dambej 5 years ago

    If you can also cover "Speaking my language_R.Kelly" would be great!

  • in2thewaves
    in2thewaves 5 years ago

    Very nice voice!

  • Jay Adams
    Jay Adams 5 years ago

    you have some mad skill

  • roxi26293
    roxi26293 5 years ago

    Such a good cover.

  • Safa Saighani
    Safa Saighani 5 years ago

    This is too beautiful!x

  • Melody Starr
    Melody Starr 5 years ago +1

    He has such a nice voice but please stop the gay facial expressions scratching your chin in the beginning of the video lmao just no

  • KK Woolsey
    KK Woolsey 5 years ago

    where are you from? Brit isles?

  • shola smith
    shola smith 5 years ago

    Pls, anyone...Is that a RODE NT2-A mic?

  • Kara Nichole
    Kara Nichole 5 years ago

  • Silvia Silvia
    Silvia Silvia 5 years ago

    you are the best

  • SrMolina
    SrMolina 5 years ago


    • yannick BLLNS
      yannick BLLNS 5 years ago +4

      if you dislike it.. don't put your comment! and just leave?

    • Jurick Genaro
      Jurick Genaro 5 years ago +3

      @jokomoko888 i wouldnt say zack is the best. but he is 1 of the best. and Dislikes are from the ones who wants to be like him

    • jokomoko888
      jokomoko888 5 years ago +2

      why dislike, zack is the best

  • Jaavivii
    Jaavivii 5 years ago


  • Maggie Ponda
    Maggie Ponda 5 years ago

    You have a gift. That was amazing

  • 김동현
    김동현 5 years ago

    What a.....

  • Sir.WillWill
    Sir.WillWill 5 years ago


  • luisinhavts
    luisinhavts 5 years ago

    Me encanta :) suerte

  • Rafid Shidqi
    Rafid Shidqi 5 years ago +3

    First time watching your channel, and i got fall!! Nice videos :)