COVER STORY: Paris Berelc

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • See how Paris Berelc went from a young Wisconsin gymnast to starring as Skylar Storm on Disney XD's Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force, to most recently landing a groundbreaking role on Netflix's acclaimed new series, "Alexa And Katie." (Season 2 can't come soon enough!)
    In this candid interview as part of YSBnow's exclusive prom shoot, Paris opens up about fame, friendship, and mental health.
    Watch all of our past interviews with Paris:

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  • Prank Universe
    Prank Universe 2 months ago

    Awwww I wish you were best friends with Katie in real life.

  • Morgana
    Morgana 2 months ago +1

    I love her so much you don’t even know

  • Raluca Cristescu
    Raluca Cristescu 4 months ago


  • Miranda chacon juarez
    Miranda chacon juarez 4 months ago +2

    Why Isabel (Katie) is no his best friend? I feel sad with that 😢😢😢

    • sevinvin
      sevinvin Month ago

      they are pretty close in my opinion. mychala and her are bestfriends but that doesn't mean paris and Izzy are not best friends know what i mean

    • blissfulsparks
      blissfulsparks 2 months ago

      Miranda chacon juarez I love that shoe

  • Corbnuts Nuts
    Corbnuts Nuts 4 months ago

    Why was mighty med taken of Netflix?

    • Poweranimals
      Poweranimals 2 months ago

      Because Disney is coming out with their own streaming service.

  • Holly Rucker
    Holly Rucker 5 months ago


  • Pretty X Aura
    Pretty X Aura 8 months ago +1

    Paris Berelc forever

  • Hassan B
    Hassan B 10 months ago

    I love you dress

  • aimee eischen
    aimee eischen 10 months ago


  • Alexa and Katie ultimate fanclub xoxo

    i love my girl so much

    • YSBnow
      YSBnow  11 months ago +1

      loveeeee her!!!

  • Minna Abdulrazig
    Minna Abdulrazig Year ago

    Yesssss BTW everyone season 2 is coming out

  • Zoe Marshall
    Zoe Marshall Year ago

    Paris is such an inspiration xx Your my idol Paris xxx

  • Audrey’s Adventure

    It makes me sad because her and Isabel aren’t actually best friends 😭 but she’s so strong and determined keep at it girl 😂

    • sevinvin
      sevinvin Month ago

      they are actually bestfriends, they're pretty close on and off camera which makes it easier for them to play bestfriends on the show.

  • Precious Bibby
    Precious Bibby Year ago +15

    Doesn’t she speaks like Selena Gomez ?! ❤️😍

  • Kathryn Didier
    Kathryn Didier Year ago +6

    I♥️ gymnastics

  • half&half
    half&half Year ago

    Is it just me or does she look like aulii cravalho

  • CNCOwner Q
    CNCOwner Q Year ago +14

    This is kinda like Annie LeBlanc! (In a good way)

    • GabbyThe Goat
      GabbyThe Goat Year ago

      Harmonizer05 Q I was thinking the same thing

  • Donaje Garza
    Donaje Garza Year ago

    Did she date Eric unger?

    • PotterheadPug
      PotterheadPug 4 months ago

      Idk but she's been dating Jack Griffo since January 2017.

    • Abid Yousra
      Abid Yousra Year ago

      Donaje Garza no she date jack griffo

  • Spartan Sid
    Spartan Sid Year ago

    I’m so glad u never uploaded a segment of Corey Fogelmanis #endwhitesupremacy !!!

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores Year ago

    OMG I am from Wisconsin too it's so cold ❄⛄❄⛄

  • Kelsey Lynn Cook
    Kelsey Lynn Cook Year ago +17

    Paris is the sweetest xo ♥️♥️

  • George Pink
    George Pink Year ago

    I love ysbnow

  • Katie Bee
    Katie Bee Year ago

    I saw 1 add for the series...........i watched them all before the adds stopped playing..........

  • Leilani Rodriguez6261

    You are the best in Alexa and Katie it is so funnny

  • Brooklynn Ziegler
    Brooklynn Ziegler Year ago +16

    I used to wach Mighty Med, and Lab rats elite force all the time!

    • M_aria_Mstar mega
      M_aria_Mstar mega 4 months ago +1

      Omg I need season 2 bit they cancelled it and I am so angry and I want it so badly and I ship jake short and Paris belerlc

  • Sarah El hannouti

    I love de movie

  • x Ashl3y x
    x Ashl3y x Year ago +31

    Paris is so amazing and such a. Sweet human being

  • Laquisha Thomas
    Laquisha Thomas Year ago