Space Experts Review Movies About Space

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • "Never let Matt Damon into space."
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    Milky Way. Night sky and silhouette of a standing man - stock photo
    den-belitsky/Getty Images
    Earth sunrise space - stock video
    spawns/Getty Images
    Abstract jump in space in hyperspace among stars and flying in the wormhole - stock video
    raspirator/Getty Images

Comments • 244

  • lil titty
    lil titty 4 days ago

    Woman got that "Land of the Free Karen" goin on.

  • Niyathi Y
    Niyathi Y 9 days ago

    The budget of India’s entire Mars mission was on a lesser budget than that of the movie “Gravity”

  • Cliff Foster
    Cliff Foster Month ago

    I want to see real cryptid hunters review monster hunter movies/Supernatural

  • Marie Laugen
    Marie Laugen Month ago +1

    Yeeeees Interstellar is THE best movie ever❤️❤️

  • Kay
    Kay Month ago

    She gave walle a 5?????? Why am I laughing so hard at this

  • The Cosmic Super Nuova Blasters

    Why not First Man

  • Seikoocekili _
    Seikoocekili _ Month ago

    "I'm an astrophysicist" "oh... I'm a gemini!"

  • I'm U
    I'm U Month ago

    Did they explain why the ship didnt stretch but everything else is such as that orange star dust or whatever it is.

  • Jotima Singh
    Jotima Singh Month ago +2

    An astrophysicist with colored hair, thats new, and rare

  • alliwantisabageladonutandburger

    I'm not a scientific nerd but i love how they know stuff about marvel, star trek and star wars.

  • William Trotman
    William Trotman Month ago

    In the Last Jedi it’s kind of a blink and you miss it thing but there’s actually a chamber between the two rooms with a hatch on both sides. Before they opened the door on the ship the door on the other side was probably already closed. It’s clearly there if you look at the wide shot of her force pulling herself in you can see it.

  • suzawilo
    suzawilo Month ago

    Interstellar sucked ass☝🏽

  • Snowy Wolf
    Snowy Wolf Month ago +1

    Ok they are talking about wall-e sorta like rudely

    It’s a kids movie it is animated it’s not like lost in space or something like that

  • London Print Centre
    London Print Centre Month ago +1

    you don't judge wall-e you monsters !!!! :)

  • Sara Lafrance
    Sara Lafrance Month ago

    Watch the Expanse

  • Erinn Adams
    Erinn Adams Month ago

    Very curious about what their options about the movie Life would be

  • Tessa Bowen
    Tessa Bowen Month ago


  • 700 subscribers without Any videos??

    Errr the Martian???!!!

  • dreamwake7
    dreamwake7 Month ago

    Space experts, more like bad actors.

  • Changkyun's Mole
    Changkyun's Mole Month ago +1

    Interstellar is the best sci-fi I've watched. And I've watched alot but it's just-- i don't know it just THAT film.

  • John Peñaloza
    John Peñaloza Month ago +4

    this series is a total ripoff of Wired’s Technique Critique 🙄🙄🙄

  • Gracie Stayton
    Gracie Stayton Month ago

    I'm not first
    I'm not last
    But when I saw this vid
    I clicked fast

  • Irish Martinez
    Irish Martinez Month ago +1

    i looooveeee this episode and I'm glad that u guys give a pretty good score for interstellar.. ☺☺ one of my favorite movie of all time .. 😍

  • My Violeta
    My Violeta Month ago

    He is going to be assumed to be the one who blew up the ship anyway.

  • Henry Mobley
    Henry Mobley Month ago

    You should’ve gotten Neil Armstrong on this video

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown Month ago

    Star Wars isn’t sci fi it’s fantasy.

  • Crystal_Melody 21
    Crystal_Melody 21 Month ago

    Really with guardians? They are not human. How can you tell scientific accuracy without accounting the other details?

    • Crystal_Melody 21
      Crystal_Melody 21 9 days ago

      estray I never said that it was insulting the movie. I also know they were talking scientifically. I was just saying that out of all the more realistic situations/movies they add guardians into the mix. In films like this, science has to be thought of differently because it is fiction. There are other elements added in that would have to be included in when accounting for science in movies like these.

    • estray
      estray 21 day ago

      Well this is why they said they loved the movie, but if speaking strictly scientifically with what is actually possible in real life, it doesn't score well. Superheroes and demigods don't exist in real life. It's not insulting the movie itself.

  • manoy96
    manoy96 Month ago

    They should of reviewed the Martian

  • Violett Reyes
    Violett Reyes Month ago

    This tripped me out, in the thumbnail he looks like an older Macklemore.

  • Cindy Yin
    Cindy Yin Month ago

    I watched the movie interstellar

  • lil Vincent 12
    lil Vincent 12 Month ago

    This is only buzzfeed series I like

  • v0ffka1
    v0ffka1 Month ago

    Why would something instantly freeze in the vacuum of space?! There is no atmosphere, therefore no way for the temperature to be conducted to absolutely anything from the body .... scientists should know that.

  • Dietitian Sa Pagkawala Ng Timbang

    was very satisfying

    • Bigg Papa
      Bigg Papa Month ago +1


  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik Month ago +2

    Umm Jason Rhodes looks a lot like Howard Wolowitz from TBBT...

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin Month ago

    These two have great chemistry😋

  • jbangelofdeath
    jbangelofdeath Month ago

    damn it... it's BLOWN out to space from a spaceship... What kind of astrophysicists are those?

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney Month ago

    Hey everyone

  • chlatepdng
    chlatepdng Month ago

    Interstellar was siiiiick

  • raiahy
    raiahy Month ago +1

    Now do a whole video about the Martian

  • Moamen Akram
    Moamen Akram Month ago +2

    interstellar is the best one

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan Month ago

    Her hair is so fun 🌈

  • Pizza is Life!!!
    Pizza is Life!!! Month ago

    Damn I just wanted to watch and enjoy these movies.....but now they ruined it for me 😂

    Btw I’m joking

  • Dwayne Morris
    Dwayne Morris Month ago

    Damn, inwas waiting for The Martian. And I though Gravity has science consultants.
    More of this please

  • n
    n Month ago

    You can tell he is clever just by looking 😂

  • Guilherme Fuzisawa
    Guilherme Fuzisawa Month ago

    Some scenes from the martian would be interesting to review. I know that list is about space, but...

  • Bacon Bear
    Bacon Bear Month ago

    I clicked because I thought it was Jerry Seinfeld

  • Mobezz
    Mobezz Month ago +1

    I can feel my brain cells melting from their IQs

  • femaletrouble
    femaletrouble Month ago

    Are you CRYING?! There's no crying in space!

  • AlexNJ0
    AlexNJ0 Month ago

    Elon ?

  • Hugh Chapman-Brown
    Hugh Chapman-Brown Month ago +4

    Where tf is 2001:A Space Odyssey

  • Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight Month ago

    This is shet

  • Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight Month ago

    This is shet.

  • Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight Month ago

    This is shet.

  • Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight Month ago

    This is shet.

  • Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight Month ago

    This is shet.

  • jajceboy
    jajceboy Month ago +19

    Next: Professional Adult Actors react to Sex Scenes in Movies!

    • fnumbuh
      fnumbuh Month ago

      Or just non virgins

  • Prathik Panchmia
    Prathik Panchmia Month ago +11

    You missed out on The Martian. Another fantastic sci-fi space related flick.

  • Christine
    Christine Month ago +3

    I will forever regret not seeing Interstellar in cinemas. What a masterpiece.

  • Adriano Condorelli
    Adriano Condorelli Month ago

    In Total Recall it is a Gravity Train. So there is nothing to do with space it is a subterranean transport vehicle that goes through the Earths crust.

  • Melonia Prikker
    Melonia Prikker Month ago

    Ok now this is interesting!

  • Varun Singh
    Varun Singh Month ago

    Nolan FTW

  • Dewadatta Avasare
    Dewadatta Avasare Month ago

    I have seen the guy on discovery so many times

  • Samrat Sarkar
    Samrat Sarkar Month ago +4

    "they attended first semester, but they didn't attend the next semester" LOL. CLASSIC

  • Woot Woot
    Woot Woot Month ago

    Lena looks like the NASA symbol as an OC.

  • sarasthoughts
    sarasthoughts Month ago

    Getting Vice vibes from these videos lol

  • Daniel Miranda
    Daniel Miranda Month ago +1

    Where's Neil deGrasse Tyson? I'm disappointed 😗

  • Kyle Ward
    Kyle Ward Month ago

    You wouldn't immediately freeze in space, right? You're only going to radiate heat away while you absorb some from the sun. There's nothing to conduct the heat away.. except phase change. Wet parts of you might freeze.The water from your eyes/mouth would boil and your veins would rupture. I hope someone smarter than me can run the numbers, but there's a lot to consider. I like to imagine ice crystals slowly flying off as you desiccate and outgas.

  • DarkCeptor44
    DarkCeptor44 Month ago

    total recall isnt about space though, they were crossing to the other side of the world by going through the ground and when they were near the core supposedly there wasn't gravity.

  • TheProjectX3
    TheProjectX3 Month ago +1

    Watching WALL-E is fun until someone mentions ANGULAR MOMENTUM

  • Molly B
    Molly B Month ago +3

    You should have had them review The Martian! The book is incredibly accurate and I thought the movie held up as well.

  • Raymond Chen
    Raymond Chen Month ago +38

    Interstellar, my favorite movie of all time. Also, has the best cinematic soundtracks of all time. Some of Hans Zimmer finest work on display.

  • Ofentse Tlaka
    Ofentse Tlaka Month ago

    The earth is flat you dummy

  • Toby
    Toby Month ago

    Passengers TRASH

  • demonsorrows
    demonsorrows Month ago

    First time I saw a show that had somewhat of an accurate depiction of space flight and explanation of spinning a ship to create artificial gravity was Babylon 5. Recently started rewatching the series again. Several episodes into season 1 at the moment. Great show =)

  • David Mair
    David Mair Month ago +1

    Great vid only complaint is no martian