I Tried Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork For The First Time • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Turns out Brenda has been eating an "interpretation" on the real thing! Watch her journey as she goes on the hunt for the most authentic Chinese sweet and sour pork.
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  • Games and Colors
    Games and Colors 6 days ago

    I bet this place is Poppin now after tasty visit.

  • Magdalena
    Magdalena 9 days ago

    yo yo yo

  • Lake - Ru
    Lake - Ru 10 days ago

    To be honest i m here just for food & brenda

  • mehh
    mehh 10 days ago

    100% supportive of Tasty firing Brenda

  • Jaime Arredondo
    Jaime Arredondo 12 days ago

    I wanna touch it... I wanna eat it... I wanna feel it

  • Muteteli Harvey
    Muteteli Harvey 13 days ago

    She's annoying

  • Jen TheReader
    Jen TheReader 14 days ago

    Authentic Chinese food is about tasty and healthy not exaggerated cravings. The lady terrified me.

  • Lil whatever
    Lil whatever 23 days ago

    糖醋里脊、锅包肉、咕咾肉all could be Sweet n sour pork lmaoooo great population comes great dishes

  • Lil whatever
    Lil whatever 23 days ago

    shes an actress

    MISFIT 23 days ago

    that girl can probably hype a white flour

  • Bob Gatewood
    Bob Gatewood 24 days ago

    This looks SO delicious! And I may be able to do it. Thanks for another possibility.

  • eVa NaH
    eVa NaH 24 days ago

    OMG... Alvin..u are GOD!!

  • Yt-Kg1
    Yt-Kg1 25 days ago

    That’s wassup man

  • Carmelo Pappalardo
    Carmelo Pappalardo 25 days ago

    I am so jealous.

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 27 days ago

    Did she have meat with cream of sum yung gai?

  • Monkey Bender
    Monkey Bender 28 days ago

    reality show star

  • Zhe Ying Chin
    Zhe Ying Chin 28 days ago

    The so called American style you’re saying isn’t inauthentic. It’s Cantonese style called 咕噜肉. This version your eating is from 四川. Both are authentic just different.

  • Spencer McCallion
    Spencer McCallion 29 days ago

    like a knock off cardi b. i hate this video lol

  • Tara Hughes
    Tara Hughes Month ago

    Making me wanna cry😭❤🍲

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. Month ago

    I would ask for like 10 to go boxes or else they'd have to wheel me out of there in a stretcher.

  • Vag Pounder
    Vag Pounder Month ago

    What kind of accent does she have?

  • Im Rosin
    Im Rosin Month ago

    I'd sit in a 2 hour NY traffic jam for little pepper

  • Oompa Loompa
    Oompa Loompa Month ago

    FREE HONG KONG !!!!!

  • Dominic Crimmings
    Dominic Crimmings Month ago

    I'd like the real thing and not an interpretation either. Shame we won't ever get that on your channel.

  • X Z
    X Z Month ago


  • Edward Valentino
    Edward Valentino Month ago

    No disrespect. What the hell are you. You look Chinese and sound like a bronx latina

  • Zagaara
    Zagaara Month ago

    can replace the ketchup with Apple Vinegar/Cider Vinegar it will bring out the sweet sour taste.

  • oliver Lamb
    oliver Lamb Month ago +1

    I hate it when Brenda just talks for the chef, I want to hear what the chef is actually saying!!

  • George Finkle
    George Finkle Month ago

    This whole video is annoying.

  • Łøłłípøp Gacha ́・ᴗ・`

    I feel like I’m talking to a football player, like idk I get the vibe 😂

  • mudslide1971
    mudslide1971 Month ago

    Sweet-and-sour spareribs Cantonese style is the best

  • Vivien Tse
    Vivien Tse Month ago

    The American sweet and sour pork is more similar to Canton styled sweet and sour pork. We call them ‘Goo Lo Yuk’. They are cut in blocks. To taste the authentic version of American sweet and sour pork, you need to try the Canton one at an authentic Canton restaurant, not a Sichuan one.
    Canton style is a completely different cuisine from Sichuan style. Even the sweet and sour pork is taste different.

  • John Lau
    John Lau Month ago

    Even within China there are multiple versions of the Sweet Sour Pork, the one in the western world resembles the Cantonese version, but we always serve the dish with bones

  • iSSAC HU
    iSSAC HU Month ago

    我觉得做的像糖醋酥肉 而不是里脊 糖醋里脊不会炸这么滕

  • Karl Shrimpbubblegum

    I don’t know, ma’am. My mum’s version of Sweet and Sour Pork has pineapple and bell pepper in it, and I am from Southern China. I guess different provinces has their different version. The tasty video one is more close to Cantonese version.

  • Josh Andallo
    Josh Andallo Month ago

    What she’s been originally eating is not an interpretation. It’s authentic Chinese-American cuisine; a way that Chinese immigrants prepared their dishes from home using the ingredients easily available. Yes, it was Westernized to please the masses, but it shouldn’t be derided.

  • Top Senior Gusion
    Top Senior Gusion Month ago

    Cardi B doin Tasty vids now?

  • Shōsuke Yuu
    Shōsuke Yuu Month ago

    "I can't live with interpretations👁️👄👁️"
    Proceeds to "interpret" Claire's Twinkie recipe

  • Sebastian Johansen
    Sebastian Johansen Month ago

    Could we please have more latina translations? Cuz that was funny ass hell😂

  • Panzer_Z
    Panzer_Z Month ago +1

    Brenda totally giving me vibes of the female version of Michael Peña from Ant-Man 😂

  • peachmelba1000
    peachmelba1000 Month ago

    The tryhard is real with this girl.

  • x3nity
    x3nity Month ago +1

    Brenda acting her every reaction like food wars is the best thing ever😂😂

  • Marcelo Valdes
    Marcelo Valdes Month ago

    Darling you sound straight up gangsta. Kinda into it...

  • NERO
    NERO Month ago

    i am crying. TOO MUCH RESPECT for the CHEF. he is so GENEROUS.

  • Ostrich Feather
    Ostrich Feather Month ago +1

    Food culture is a purely artistic creation. In a real world, there is no authentic or fake Chinese food. For me, any healthy, delicious tasty dish, using genuine Chinese cooking ingredients and style is the authentic Chinese food.

  • Marco Chow
    Marco Chow Month ago

    I'm quite disappointed in Inga... Sweet and sour pork is quite authentic to me as a Hongkonger. They can from 咕嚕肉. Definitely not from 糖醋排骨

  • Seams Latasha
    Seams Latasha Month ago

    From the looks of it, the tan cu li hi looks like the Korean Tang soo yuk which is actually a version of a Chinese dish brought to and made at Chinese restaurants in Korea by Chinese immigrants. Based on the sound of the two names it’s probs the same dish! The sauce is ketchup-free but definitely has sugar and vinegar. It’s another ex-pat version of which I am thinking is a very popular Chinese recipe. It would be interesting to trace all the different versions of this dish to dissect the differences.

  • Sara Pond
    Sara Pond Month ago +1

    When Alvin sincerely said “anything for you Brenda” I felt that 🥺

  • Ave Rage Gaming
    Ave Rage Gaming Month ago

    Shes so pretty

  • Sarge
    Sarge Month ago +2

    Someone better tell her that the "decoration" is called a garnish!!!

  • Reemis Merc
    Reemis Merc Month ago

    Your cute and all but are you teaching us about how to cook or is this another Foody channel?

  • Venus Vivid
    Venus Vivid Month ago

    Why is she acting like this? It's not that big of a deal and it's honestly annoying. I love Inga tho

  • Garie Centeno
    Garie Centeno Month ago

    the amount of respect for culture in this video i stan

  • tony969
    tony969 Month ago

    this is not fucking "traditional" sweet and sour pork from guangzhou or guangdong. this fucking mainland mandarin speaking mother fucker. fuck off

  • Leslie Abrigana
    Leslie Abrigana Month ago

    Her voice is a bit annoying. She sounds like she's trying too hard to sound as if she's from the hood.

  • LSJ
    LSJ Month ago

    Wow the recipe is pretty simple and I think I can find all the ingredients in most US grocery stores! I think I might try to make it

  • TheMoonKingdom
    TheMoonKingdom Month ago

    Wild Beast:)

  • WeiWen WWE
    WeiWen WWE Month ago

    American style foods is really an insult to the authentic dish and the country it originates from

  • Bill Sulli
    Bill Sulli Month ago

    Millennials are fucking retarded !

  • StonedHuntress
    StonedHuntress Month ago

    I love and empathize with her intense love of good food and the respect she has for the art. Now I want Chinese food...