I Tried Authentic Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork For The First Time • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Turns out Brenda has been eating an "interpretation" on the real thing! Watch her journey as she goes on the hunt for the most authentic Chinese sweet and sour pork.
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Comments • 1 724

    DAVID NG 2 days ago

    Should be Cantonese food not sichuan

  • Brock
    Brock 3 days ago

    “this is nothing i had like in the united states” sis you’re in queens 😂

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago

    I will definitely try cooking this at home!

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago

    I really like Brenda!!

  • sheri hossain
    sheri hossain 6 days ago

    I wish I could work for tasty just so I could taste this food

  • Yoan Ulin
    Yoan Ulin 10 days ago

    my friend mohamed will love it

  • Alexander
    Alexander 10 days ago

    I thought it was called black vinegar pig, taste the same

  • Duy Linh Chu Ha
    Duy Linh Chu Ha 10 days ago

    Chinese cuisine is the best evidence of Sinicization. Despite having similar or same culture, Chinese cuisine really shouldn't be called Chinese and should be known by their regional names because calling them Chinese cuisine is as blanketing as saying: Western food. The North South and East West division in Chinese food is distinct with regions eat vastly different food from moorish lambs skewer, warming chicken soup to the love of seafood among the southerly regions. Chinese migrants were afraid of driving their customers away with difficult to remember regional name, making all Chinese cuisine being group together.

  • sean li
    sean li 11 days ago

    I went there on a weekend. It was good but there are places with more authentic tastier foods. It does have good sweet and sour pork though

  • 32 Bit Demon
    32 Bit Demon 11 days ago

    damn 7:37 I'm tasting the flavor, the SPICE

  • 32 Bit Demon
    32 Bit Demon 11 days ago

    YOu can hear the New York and Foreign mashup in the accent

  • Colette
    Colette 12 days ago

    Damn... my secret restaurant is now outed to the public. Smh. LITTLE PEPPER IS EVERYTHING!!!

  • Madison Moceri
    Madison Moceri 13 days ago

    lol idk why im here im vegan

  • Emaan Khan
    Emaan Khan 19 days ago

    “I’m thinking we’re going to China” 😂👌

  • AzN Jerald
    AzN Jerald 21 day ago +1

    5:33 no one noticed the piece of meat that didnt make it?

  • MakenBacon21
    MakenBacon21 22 days ago


  • Noelle Iconic
    Noelle Iconic 23 days ago

    if i keeping watching this imma end up talking just like her hahhahahah

  • jesse julio
    jesse julio 23 days ago

    U should make the biggest sushi

  • Usvasder Watanabe
    Usvasder Watanabe 25 days ago

    That looks really authentic. FYI I'm from Sichuan.

  • Toyu BTD
    Toyu BTD 25 days ago

    why are u so hyped for some sweet and sour chicken lol

  • mdmf117
    mdmf117 26 days ago

    I could listen to brenda speak all day

  • Ron Yoemans
    Ron Yoemans 27 days ago

    Tried this recipe today and sorry to say I couldn't eat it. 2 tsp salt is way to much. Next time I make it half tsp salt and pepper. Also 1 tbls pepper is good for meat.

  • iJARLO _Marz
    iJARLO _Marz 27 days ago

    Please make this recipe.....I’ve actually tried this and those mushrooms are AMAZING ! 🤤🤤 so delicate thanx for sharing I felt same way you did!!!

  • Christian Sticklen
    Christian Sticklen 28 days ago

    This girl sounds like new york or something

  • Rishwa amarnath
    Rishwa amarnath 28 days ago


  • Margareth Booysen
    Margareth Booysen 29 days ago

    I love this video so much. The energy is just great and the food looks great too.❤

  • Paul Chatel
    Paul Chatel 29 days ago

    Why are Americans acting like this?

  • M T
    M T 29 days ago

    Hey I'm Chinese and I'm so happy you're in to Chinese cause I love Americans that's in to Chinese culture :) and mandarin is not easy to learn, OKAY...

  • Loc Vu
    Loc Vu 29 days ago

    This is so beautiful. I love it when people try to learn how to make real traditional food. Awesome!

  • Tristan Dean
    Tristan Dean Month ago

    I love Brenda’s voice 😁

  • HiennyAtYourService

    I eat the decoration of any...dish. HAHAHAHA. Oh, well. I like to clean my plate.

  • Walter S.
    Walter S. Month ago +2

    I had general tso in Taiwan in the backalley restaurant. tasted the same, hunan flavor of course.

  • Circuit
    Circuit Month ago +2

    The most asian thing is prob instant noodles

  • pel323
    pel323 Month ago

    "So now you know, we all cry together; maybe just me, by myself, in a bathroom..." lol

  • BliB z
    BliB z Month ago

    Appreciate the authenticity :))

  • Eric Griffiths
    Eric Griffiths Month ago

    okay fine if nobody else is gonna say it I will!
    I want to marry Alvin

  • Hudson Wainaina
    Hudson Wainaina Month ago

    More brenda videos please 😂🤣

  • jasmine welland
    jasmine welland Month ago

    I love her personality on camera

  • sin cera
    sin cera Month ago

    no offense but can she sit tf down and let the chinese speak about their own cuisine and culture

  • Dancho Danchov
    Dancho Danchov Month ago

    Definitely not an exact translation :DDDDDD still laughing

  • Richard Scharinger
    Richard Scharinger Month ago

    this makes me miss Singapore

  • Mimi _____
    Mimi _____ Month ago

    I’m pretty sure American sweet and sour pork is mostly based on Cantonese sweet sour pork the only difference between them is that it less sweet but other than that Cantonese sweet and sour pork is basically the same

  • ranniesd
    ranniesd Month ago

    I love this combo of Inge (my favorite) and Brenda (first time seeing her)!

  • Nim Nemo
    Nim Nemo Month ago

    So much energy from her lol

  • Tiffany Wang
    Tiffany Wang Month ago

    I have one question.

    Is the cameraman single?

  • kinglau66
    kinglau66 Month ago

    Your outfit looks great
    what i heard:
    Your skin looks great

  • Cristo Mathew
    Cristo Mathew Month ago

    Jesus christ she's annoying af!!!!

  • GoodKindaGuy
    GoodKindaGuy Month ago

    watch gutter oil and you'll want to visit china more

  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium Month ago

    Okay!!! Too much drama. Chill down a bit!!!

  • Amado Lumba Jr
    Amado Lumba Jr Month ago

    Who is this Latina beauty?

  • Frozensardonyx '
    Frozensardonyx ' Month ago +1

    Infant looks like she doesn’t like brenda, she looks like she wants to leave😂

  • Jude Lee
    Jude Lee Month ago

    There’s a Korean version that we call tang cu youk

  • Steven Lui
    Steven Lui Month ago +1

    Take a moment to realize that we have a lucky number of viewers (888k views)

  • Danica Louise Cortez

    That's the thing about Americans, I mean no offense, they cook meals like this and call it authentic. Meatballs on a pasta and call it ITALIAN. Oh man, that is so messed up.

  • Jadenhg
    Jadenhg Month ago

    Brenda talks like Cardi B, and has a real personality, Like her so far! is she new?

  • Keri Thibeau
    Keri Thibeau Month ago

    Brenda is one of my favs on this channel. I just started watching Tasty videos and I have never enjoyed the 'realness' of the people on a channel ever. I LOVE how everyone gets along and gives each other a hard time, but what I love the most is that everyone brings their own culture into the channel. I love the differences and variety and humor everyone brings. :)

  • Tigerspaz
    Tigerspaz Month ago

    Stirring with a spoon in a wok... makes me sad

  • An Otaku
    An Otaku Month ago

    Brenda talks exactly like one of my friends lol

  • Angeline Michelle
    Angeline Michelle Month ago

    I love this video soo much & I love all you guys ❤❤

  • G Bradley
    G Bradley Month ago

    Alvin is lovely here

  • Jamuna N
    Jamuna N Month ago

    Now do it for indian cuisine too

  • ChefMK
    ChefMK Month ago +1

    well technically there 2 versions. In Cantonese there are 2 different names/versions I know of. one is the sweet n sour pork that's in cubes, pineapple, peppers, onions most people know and then theres the other one that usually has a fairly thin bone with a dark red sauce(maybe its called peking spareribs, but translated from Cantonese is sugar vinegar spareribs, and its very rare or hard to find a place that makes a good one nowadays) .

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz Month ago

    I'm not around here very often, so I don't know who this channel is associated with, but as soon as she said "Buzzfeed", all this channel collapsed before my eyes. SMH... Buzzfeed is the crappiest, shittiest "network" or whatever you call it, on the internet, kinda like the American of version of Badabun. jajajajaja Only Mexicans will understand.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    The original Sweet and Sour Pork comes from Harbin, China and is called Guo Bao Rou or Guobaorou

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    How come nothing comes up on the Tasty website when you search for Than Cu Li Gi

  • Nuno Teixeira
    Nuno Teixeira Month ago

    No eggs...sorry, not authentic!

  • Elena Bordenova
    Elena Bordenova Month ago

    me: *waves hands around the monitor to help brenda breath*

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    Nice one bruv, there's a lot of substitute for the sour part. You can try with pineapple, plum or even lemon and orange. Asian dishes in general are damn guhhdd.

  • Alyssa 10202005
    Alyssa 10202005 Month ago

    I luv her accent

  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G. Month ago

    There was an ad with a piggy in it before the video. 😭😭😭

  • DirtSprite GT
    DirtSprite GT Month ago +1

    So im Asian and pretty much eat this all day...

  • Nathan Edades
    Nathan Edades Month ago

    Sounds like Morello of OITNB

  • Seraphim
    Seraphim Month ago +1

    Brenda is annoying asf. Hâte this buffalo

  • Geion
    Geion Month ago

    I love her personality so mich

  • Benjamin Chai
    Benjamin Chai Month ago

    So what u mean is Canadian is the authentic American and folks from the states are not 🤣

  • Alfred Wang
    Alfred Wang Month ago

    You guys should invite Chef Wang Gang in the future😂😂😂 seriously

  • Farrah Niza
    Farrah Niza Month ago

    Chinese people and their pork.no wonder their behaviour are like pigs or even worst.

  • Joey Trijillo
    Joey Trijillo Month ago

    I love tasty so much that I rewatch thier videos

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 Month ago

    There is nothing better than authentic Chinese food. So much sugar is used in American style Chinese food these days you can't eat sugar for a month after one small Chinese meal!

  • Fynn Williams
    Fynn Williams Month ago +1

    Hey guys time to eat actual baby feet

  • emmajoy oludare
    emmajoy oludare Month ago +2

    She has such a great onscreen presence! I’ve always admired people like that

  • James
    James Month ago

    Is it wrong that I want my dick in your mouth?

  • Lorelai Lanning
    Lorelai Lanning Month ago

    I don't know why, but you annoy me.

  • Inam Rehman
    Inam Rehman Month ago +1

    I made this batter. Turns out it's a non- newtonion fluid.

  • Dre C.
    Dre C. Month ago

    Lovely video guys

  • coreas1126
    coreas1126 Month ago

    When she said eating food from your culture can make you relive a page from your life I felt that. It’s so true and I looooove Sichuan cuisine and working with Chinese colleagues helped light a fire under me to get to China. Also if anyone is in NY go to Cafe China and get the braised spicy fish and tofu! You’re welcome. :)

  • steven
    steven Month ago +1

    Interesting to see how the different parts of China do it cause when I was in China it was very different and actually had pineapple in the one I had in China!

  • organicgrains
    organicgrains Month ago

    I've never had sweet and sour pork with ketchup in it....kinda weird that's a thing.

    SHΛDOΞΧ 4 2 months ago

    She is sooo sympathetic and cute 😂

  • Ultra Diamond
    Ultra Diamond 2 months ago

    I’m Glad I can understand Chinese lol

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou 2 months ago


  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez 2 months ago

    dont like how she talks and expresses herself... 😕

  • Gavin Henderson
    Gavin Henderson 2 months ago

    Brenda is def the homie lol

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro 2 months ago

    3:20 But they’re still in the United States..?😂

  • DarkGladiator0
    DarkGladiator0 2 months ago


  • evie scanlan
    evie scanlan 2 months ago +1

    I don't like bredas voice ewww

  • Desiré Urzúa
    Desiré Urzúa 2 months ago


  • Young
    Young 2 months ago

    Why is she talking like Cardi B?

  • benderw
    benderw 2 months ago

    What is the song at 4:00?

  • CrushingRock
    CrushingRock 2 months ago

    Brenda is very charming. And this episode was very good