LGBT Pride | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • It’s LGBT pride month and we’ve put together some of our favourite moments from Captain Holt and Rosa.
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    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Brooklyn Nine-Nine TheXvid channel. Here you'll find the best moments from Jake, Amy, Boyle, Terry, Holt, Gina and Rosa. Nine-Nine!!
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  • Simply Rise
    Simply Rise 2 days ago

    0:30 What do you need quasimodo? 😂😂😂 I love Rosa

  • NawDowl
    NawDowl 4 days ago

    Am i the only lgbt person who hates pride month

  • Pode me chamar de Debz

    "My female woman wife"

  • Fran's Room
    Fran's Room 5 days ago

    Ah Brooklyn 99, the show where everyone and their mother is bisexual

  • Lyanna Stark
    Lyanna Stark 6 days ago

    1:25 terry killed me

  • spacestuffandstardust

    Whenever I hear Holt say what he says to Rosa at the end I cry.

  • Scott S
    Scott S 8 days ago

    *Lots of laughs, lots of fun, ending arrives*

    :O ... That ending was fucking brilliant.

  • Sophie Olson
    Sophie Olson 8 days ago

    Normal people: LGBT

  • OfficialKirbyFan68
    OfficialKirbyFan68 10 days ago

    Wait sarge is gay!!!

  • Vishwendra Singh
    Vishwendra Singh 11 days ago

    Captain Holt's is the best gay out there.. she just literally changed the definition of being gay.. LGBTQ got new star!!!
    I have never seen a gay like this, she just helped with the movement...

  • guidotron82
    guidotron82 11 days ago

    What a time to be alive.
    A show I love being used to promote love in all its forms .
    I kinda needed this today.

  • Purrgundy
    Purrgundy 15 days ago

    Imagine a spinoff of that other life in which Rosa and Gina are a "hot ass" badass couple bringing justice to the world...

  • Ava Regan
    Ava Regan 15 days ago

    "When my cousin called me babe you said that relatives shouldn't call each other that''

  • Claine
    Claine 17 days ago

    The last clip made me tear up a bit

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 17 days ago +1

    2:13 underrated moment

  • Mugdha Tewari
    Mugdha Tewari 20 days ago +2

    "Oh my goodness, boyle looks like a lesbian!"

  • Memer for Life
    Memer for Life 22 days ago

    Lol it's like LGBTQRRTQPPGJI+ now

    • Ben Henocq
      Ben Henocq 9 days ago

      Wow. Great joke. Very original.

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle 23 days ago

    Wunch kissing Holt has always bugged me, she has to know he's gay and married. That is such an aweful thing to do.

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 29 days ago

    I wish to be Captain Holt's level of peak Stone Gay

  • The Republic Of Ireland

    "A female woman"? What other kind is there genius

    • The Republic Of Ireland
      The Republic Of Ireland 28 days ago +1

      @EikiraShan I figured man, was making a joke

    • EikiraShan
      EikiraShan 28 days ago +1

      The Republic Of Ireland he’s gay and he’s trying his best to explain a hot woman

  • Ben Milnes
    Ben Milnes Month ago

    Petition to remove the LGBTQ+ from Brooklyn 99

    • Ben Henocq
      Ben Henocq 9 days ago

      A large percentage of real people are LGBTQ+, but when our media reflects this its an issue?

    • EikiraShan
      EikiraShan 28 days ago

      Ben Milnes tf

  • Fish & Chips
    Fish & Chips Month ago

    There are a lot of parts that don’t belong in this video.


    Holt banged Ron Swanson!

  • Incal Noire
    Incal Noire Month ago

    I want Aubrey plaza tô guest star as rosa's sister or something so bad

  • Ana Elric
    Ana Elric Month ago


  • Magical Tododeku_Darry

    This video is amazing and I love how u included Jake in saying that a man was hot lmao, 👌🏻😅😂❤️😄

  • Samini the B
    Samini the B Month ago

    So I love this show and I get if a straight actor isn't comfortable with kissing other men, even as a show, however, I feel a little bit uncomfortable that the only person Holt "kisses" is when a woman forcefully kisses him. Actually, it makes me really uncomfortable.

  • GermBread
    GermBread Month ago

    Do a you're fired montage

  • Gremlin
    Gremlin Month ago

    How did I not know Rosa is bi??

  • Juicy Jesse
    Juicy Jesse Month ago +1

    Rosa reminds me so much of Bad Janet from The Good Place

  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes 2 months ago +1

    That last clip was beautiful.

  • Trans Charlie
    Trans Charlie 2 months ago +1

    Who agrees with me that Jake would be a Gryffindor, Rosa a Slytherin, Charles a Hufflepuff, Amy a Ravenclaw, Gina a Gryffindor, Terry a Ravenclaw and Captain Holt a Ravenclaw.

  • Emma Polly
    Emma Polly 2 months ago

    I was thinking for a long time about how to tell my my family that I'm bisexual. Couldn't think how to do it or wasn't brave enough. Then one day my Mum was shuffling her seat and I asked her what was wrong. She said 'It's not straight.' And I answered 'That's funny, neither am I!' It just slipped out really and I'm glad that it did.

  • biro24
    biro24 2 months ago

    What the..... 😁

  • Robert Pinard
    Robert Pinard 2 months ago


  • smartPuff 73
    smartPuff 73 2 months ago

    Literally the only difference Holt sees between men and women is the fact that women have breasts

  • [something witty goes here]

    Damn it, now I have to get back into watching B99.

  • Diogo Bernardes
    Diogo Bernardes 2 months ago

    Rosa is the best character beacuse both me and my bissexual female friend can have a crush on her

  • Whoami691
    Whoami691 2 months ago

    Im usually against crowbaring in gay characters for the sake of PC culture, but what makes this show so good is the fact they don't. Each character can stand on their own merits, it doesn't feel forced or shoved in for PC reasons, they don't shove it down your throat at every oppotunity.

    It's actually done right.

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 2 months ago

    I hate characters whose whole personality is their less than common sexuality. Thankfully. This is not a problem here. Because this show knows how to make realistic LGBT characters. Who are real. And believable, because they don't stick out 800x as much as they really do. Good job b99

  • Leah curtiss
    Leah curtiss 2 months ago


  • xd MaddScientist
    xd MaddScientist 3 months ago

    Just ruined the whole thing for me

  • Simon Mc Connon
    Simon Mc Connon 3 months ago

    Completely unrelated.....I believe that Amy is a better detective than Jake and I have a few reasons why

  • cat n' cheese
    cat n' cheese 3 months ago

    Sorry i disliked. Had to do it 666

  • Wreckage
    Wreckage 3 months ago

    That last scene always fucking gets me.

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg 3 months ago +1

    "When my cousin called me 'babe', you said relatives shouldn't do that."

  • Kirby Le
    Kirby Le 3 months ago

    What a beautiful moment

  • Kai Shiki
    Kai Shiki 3 months ago

    Still can't get over the fact that Pimento is the nuclear scientist in The Dictator. 😂🤣

  • Daniel Beneš
    Daniel Beneš 3 months ago

    *not you Becca*

  • Zachary Walsh
    Zachary Walsh 3 months ago +1

    Holt is the dad everyone needs. I always get a bit emotional when I watch that last clip

  • Obsessed Shipper
    Obsessed Shipper 3 months ago +178

    No one:
    Captain Holt pretending to be straight: HEAVY BREASTS

  • Asbjørn Christensen
    Asbjørn Christensen 3 months ago +7

    I love the fact that when Rosa comes out to everyone, Jake is completely unphased - he just questions her choice in women

  • Neta Almog
    Neta Almog 3 months ago +3

    Holt trying 2 sound straight : I’m still getting over my female woman wife. She had nice heavy breasts

  • Nafeesah Mustafa
    Nafeesah Mustafa 3 months ago

    I felt that hug from captain 😢

  • Amaretto Punsch
    Amaretto Punsch 3 months ago +2

    As I can realize there are more queer characters in this series than I expected which is perfect... it is not just hetero characters and one queer character... it is balanced and I love it

  • PhazonSpaceSystems
    PhazonSpaceSystems 3 months ago +2

    Words can not express how happy Rosa saying "I'm bi" makes me. No dancing around the word 'bi', no "I don't like labels", no "I'm actually gay". She's bi, and she owns it, and I love it.

  • Omar Idris
    Omar Idris 3 months ago

    you forgot the Q

  • Emmy La Feber
    Emmy La Feber 3 months ago +1

    I really appreciate that they put Rosa and Adrian in here, cause a lot of people tend to forget that's bisexuality too ✌🏻

  • FangirlForShips
    FangirlForShips 3 months ago

    Jake: That’s right we got a hot perp alert
    Amy: Ooh I’d like to bring that guy to justice
    Jake: We all would
    TheXvid recommended feed: Jake Peralta being not straight
    Me: Dahm’re not a complete idiot?

  • lex snow
    lex snow 3 months ago

    fun fact:When I started this show I thought Jake and Holt had a thing for each other lol