KSI Reacts To PRIME Commercials on FIVERR (UK Launch)

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • I hired bunch of strangers on Fiverr to make/create Prime Commercial and got KSI to react to them all!
    Promo code: MOSYED
    15% off until 31st December 2022'
    Link: go.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=4015...
    Thank you for all the love and support!
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    All my stock footages from:
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Comments • 805

  • Mo Syed
    Mo Syed  16 days ago +527

    WE WANT YOU FANS TO CREATE 15-30SECS ADVERT TOO USING THE FOOTAGE!... submit your work on Instagram or Twitter with the #MoPrimeAd AND TAG ME TOO! we will react to the best ones! the Winner, will get $500 and some Prime from me! - DEADLINE - 15th JUNE 2022. LETS GO!!!

    • Zunaw
      Zunaw 11 days ago

      bro this is 18GB?????

    • Brawlstars adda
      Brawlstars adda 13 days ago

      Yes we will do

    • Crytux
      Crytux 14 days ago

      mo please react to kyle nutts prime ad, it has to be the best one

    • Deeraj Sivakumar
      Deeraj Sivakumar 15 days ago

      @Aris sagias most of the clips in the $28 and $240 are right out of kons ad

    • shakeagem
      shakeagem 15 days ago

      or on mega... both would be fine 😓😓

  • Billyhan_
    Billyhan_ 16 days ago +4082

    I feel like the guy who did the commercial on JJ’s Reddit video is actually the best now that we have these to compare to

  • Lutfur Rahman
    Lutfur Rahman 16 days ago +2496

    The fact that the 28 dollar one was better than all the 3 digit ones says a lot lol

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 12 days ago

      @Mo Abz You can find all about me this YT channel. I have add my fiverr link

    • Mo Abz
      Mo Abz 12 days ago

      @caluminsta Solid work bro🔥 Can I use your skills to make a video for a project I’m working on

    • MD MOSARAF ctg
      MD MOSARAF ctg 12 days ago


    • Liam
      Liam 13 days ago +1

      @Ashwath Vimal Nah, 28-dollar one was easily the best. I do a lot of creative work for my company using After effects, and there were so many little issues with the last two that just don't seem professional for the money. the 28-dollar one had some issues as well, but not as many, and for that price, it's amazing value for money.

    • K Pro
      K Pro 13 days ago +1

      Don't forget the PRIME ad from Kyle Nutt, who make all of this ad look shit
      And because that's free lmao...

  • Inam Ghafoor
    Inam Ghafoor 16 days ago +1184

    the $28 should have got more love what a bargain!

  • A Human ._.
    A Human ._. 16 days ago +522

    That 28$ guy fucking killed it

    • jodii .06
      jodii .06 15 days ago +2

      @caluminsta are you really the one who did it? Your name doesn't seem to correlate to the one in fiverr, plus there's nothing on your TheXvid that suggests anything about editing, so I'm kind of suspicious of that

    • B4H
      B4H 16 days ago

      Thanks mate

    • Aryan Bakshi
      Aryan Bakshi 16 days ago +2

      @caluminsta smashed it mate, p ur price to at least 3 digits. Best out of the lot

    • A Human ._.
      A Human ._. 16 days ago +10

      @caluminsta hey nice to see you
      So you did a amazing job at editing I wish you all the best on your video editing career and if it's just your passion then man trust me, you killed it🔥

    • Not Aviwim
      Not Aviwim 16 days ago +27

      @caluminsta you did an amazing job and you still have so much more potential left , you should raise your editing price tbh , now that you can saw you prime commercial edit

  • dead shot
    dead shot 16 days ago +487

    This Ksi guy seems fun he should start a youtube channel

  • lars 21
    lars 21 15 days ago +147

    When the 28$ commercial make all the work better, you can say it's all about creativity.

    JVK GAMING 16 days ago +519

    Big UP Mo for bringing out JJ and making a react session/video with him 🙌🏽. And thank you for always making sure the edits are on point and entertaining!!

  • Muss
    Muss 16 days ago +112

    Mo is too kind, allowing such a small youtuber like JJ to feature in his videos

  • Khutsang Mabelane
    Khutsang Mabelane 16 days ago +178

    Thank you Mo for showing us upcoming content creators like KSI

    • Ishan Pekamwar
      Ishan Pekamwar 16 days ago +10

      Yeah he even edits his videos as a favor

  • Djay
    Djay 16 days ago +251

    You are a great man MO
    you've been humble, and have done everything you can to help out all these smaller youtubers...
    keep up the good work mate!

  • Siparantum
    Siparantum 16 days ago +211

    Can we apperciate Mo for helping smaller creators like KSI, we love you Mo!!

  • Pavel Jovanov
    Pavel Jovanov 16 days ago +24

    Well done to the 28$ guy, really liked how he started off and the music as well, kudos!

  • TechBaffle
    TechBaffle 16 days ago +77

    I think music plays a big part in the ad too - some of the songs sounded more like a furniture advert rather than an energy drink.
    $25 was surprisingly good - went really well with the music! Possibly a bit too fast paced - adding in some slower/slow motion shots would make the fast shots/shaky effects seem more alive! The last one had great potential - but the text transitions seemed a bit awkward. The fruit background and lightning effects were awesome! I don't like the background at 13:56 - the bottle doesn't stand out well against the background. With these things tweaked it would be a pretty cool advert 😁

  • SV
    SV 16 days ago +42

    The 28 dollar one was definetly the best bang for the buck

    • kingcrab_._
      kingcrab_._ 11 days ago

      @caluminsta W

    • MD MOSARAF ctg
      MD MOSARAF ctg 12 days ago


    • Alpha Creations
      Alpha Creations 16 days ago +3

      caluminsta nice job man ❤️❤️

    • Vin_ov
      Vin_ov 16 days ago +2

      @caluminsta you've done an amazing job at editing the commercial

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +13

      I can't thank you enough SV. Thanks again

  • The Outlet
    The Outlet 14 days ago +4

    JJ being honest and Mo trying to save his sponsor, lol

  • Smash liek!
    Smash liek! 15 days ago +27

    "It's not all about how much you spend, it'all about finding the right person"
    - KSI .. ( This line was amazing )

  • The Insane One
    The Insane One 15 days ago +13

    i think the $28 one was too fast that it was an overload of colours but the final prime logo was amazing. i think the final one was the best, even with its price tag, the bottles, even though they were not real bottles, it looked realistic and the transitions, text and overall editing was spot on. so these two were joint first

  • DeepSquid
    DeepSquid  15 days ago +16

    KSI: “For $28 dollars?”
    Mo: “Yeah, I agree.”

    • F
      F 15 days ago

      JJ said I like it for $28 so it makes sense

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy 10 days ago

    Love how ksi is working so hard to make content for us nowadays Even doing solo reacts Big up to mo too

  • AChat
    AChat 16 days ago +43

    Glad to see mo helping out small creators like ksi big up

  • Zain
    Zain 16 days ago +47

    $28 one was the best tbf

    • Starman
      Starman 16 days ago

      @caluminsta amazing work bro

    • Nass
      Nass 16 days ago

      tbf though

    • Alpha Creations
      Alpha Creations 16 days ago

      caluminsta bro you are so tallented ❤️❤️

    • Alpha Creations
      Alpha Creations 16 days ago

      yes .it was the best ❤️❤️

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +6

      Thanks a lot my man. I really appreciate your valuable comment.

    RIZIMPH 16 days ago +45

    Love how ksi is working so hard to make content for us nowadays
    Even doing solo reacts ❣️❣️❣️
    Big up to mo too ❣️

  • Rashad ismath 123
    Rashad ismath 123 16 days ago +3

    Big UP Mo for bringing out JJ and making a react session/video with him 🙌🏽. And thank you for always making sure the edits are on point and entertaining!!

  • Shark
    Shark 16 days ago +22

    You’re not just JJ’s editor. You’re THE MAN. Mo SYED!!

    • NewsPaperBin
      NewsPaperBin 15 days ago

      He's just not Mo Syed, he's JJ's editor

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi 8 days ago

    KSI: “For $28 dollars?” Mo: “Yeah, I agree.”

  • Vishnu Hariyabbe
    Vishnu Hariyabbe 16 days ago +82

    I hope Prime Comes To India 😩❤️

    • Aman Singh
      Aman Singh 16 days ago +1

      Wouldn't work in India.

    • Vishnu Hariyabbe
      Vishnu Hariyabbe 16 days ago +1

      @Spidey taxes bhi lagta hai

    • Spidey
      Spidey 16 days ago

      @Benzo for them 2 euro

    • Spidey
      Spidey 16 days ago

      @Benzo bhai hmm but euro and rupees mai bi diff is liye

    • Benzo
      Benzo 16 days ago +4

      @Spidey that still means 174 rupees for 1 bottle. no thanks im good with 7up r even local nimbu sharbath

  • banana bread
    banana bread 15 days ago

    Thank you for keeping it very to the point mo even brought jj in under 5 mins in the video man knows how it works

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 10 days ago

    You’re not just JJ’s editor. You’re THE MAN. Mo SYED!!

  • JAYLUS 101
    JAYLUS 101 15 days ago +1

    Hey mo that's a great idea. If you have any more great ideas like this one you can make jj react to them. Keep it up mo

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours 13 days ago

    2nd and last one were equally good. Thus I would say I would go with the second one because not only is it cheaper. the quality was above asking price. It was well done. Thus I would use that one.

  • Coral
    Coral 16 days ago +10

    How come the $28 one was wayyy better then the others?? 😂

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv 12 days ago

    KSI: “For $28 dollars?” Mo: “Yeah, I agree.”

  • Edward Northgate (Copyright Free Beats)

    to all those thinking these were too overpriced, just so you know an average commercial that airs on tv costs upwards of $1k - $5k, and then they have to license the music for another $1k - $10k.

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch 15 days ago +3

    The $28 one was the best I’d say. Compared to the rest, it takes the cake

  • Yeeticus
    Yeeticus 15 days ago

    Love getting Mo Involved like this, speaks well and nice guy

  • Malony
    Malony 16 days ago +19

    Mo is so humble ngl

  • sage92
    sage92 16 days ago +32

    I'm really proud that mo is collabing with other small content creators. also ngl but this jj dude reminds me a guy named megamind

    • jodii .06
      jodii .06 15 days ago

      @Darken8 I'm just kidding lad lmao, only Twitter mfs will get angry at this

    • Darken8
      Darken8 15 days ago

      @jodii .06 I won't cancel someone for this 😅

    • jodii .06
      jodii .06 15 days ago

      @Darken8 I'm staying by my cause, I'm going to get canceled on twitter

    • Darken8
      Darken8 15 days ago +1

      @jodii .06 replace n with g
      If you want to

    • jodii .06
      jodii .06 15 days ago +1


  • KG Productions
    KG Productions 16 days ago +43

    you should've dropped the prime footage in the bio and got fans to make edits too

    • mason man
      mason man 16 days ago +1

      Actually pretty smart idea

    • foamx
      foamx 16 days ago +1

      pinned comment

    • Dhamaru Kun
      Dhamaru Kun 16 days ago +4

      Yeah, make challenge for fan, its would be banger

    • Zunaw
      Zunaw 16 days ago

      I’d love to

  • vK9SA
    vK9SA 16 days ago +18

    Mo's beard grew more in a few days than jj in 28 years

      VISHESH MINZ 16 days ago +2

      Naah fam that's vio

    • foamx
      foamx 16 days ago +1

      na you wrong for this LMAO💀

  • Graaficss
    Graaficss 16 days ago +5

    The 28 Dollar guy was by far the best! Great ad 🔥

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 15 days ago +1

      Thank you so much dude ❤

  • Amal Mohammed
    Amal Mohammed 15 days ago +1

    I like how JJ learned new words from MO and tried to use it for the next ads

  • Polar
    Polar  16 days ago

    mo ilove you u deserve everything fam, without u jj is nothing, u deserve everything u have rn and more i love u fam.

  • Devzy 793
    Devzy 793 16 days ago +1

    You can already tell this'll be a straight up *BANGER*

  • _ClarkZ_
    _ClarkZ_ 12 days ago

    Mo, you are the best editor ever!! Much Love

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 16 days ago +1

    Cool challenge, but it honestly would've been better if they came up with the entire creative direction themselves without any collateral.

  • PudLoyS
    PudLoyS 13 days ago +2

    Mo : "I like the sound effects, Cool shots, Nice Transitions"
    JJ : "ye it's alright"

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon 13 days ago

    Glad to see mo helping out small creators like ksi big up

  • Clem
    Clem 15 days ago +3

    The $28 one proves that just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it isn't going to be good

  • E L
    E L 15 days ago

    I’m studying graphic design and I just want to say you’re sooo talented Mo!!!

  • Fire Lion
    Fire Lion 16 days ago +15

    Damn, Mo doing these business deals 👏

  • Parth
    Parth 16 days ago +10

    I like the $28 guy. The ad is intense with the music and has a sporty feel to it.

  • Jaclyn Jax
    Jaclyn Jax 16 days ago +1

    Mo is obviously our hero but also due to him I now *immediately* think how something could be used on JJ's Reddit. He's given me a complex! Hahahaha

  • mason man
    mason man 16 days ago +2

    Hey mo do a list of all the ads you shown us on TheXvid so we can pick 1 to 8 options and have a certain % at the end of the amount of given days. Also more info to a ad might boost more then you think. See ya

  • Seb Fish
    Seb Fish 14 days ago

    KSI making a lot of videos atm.
    His second channel, sidemen, more sidemen, sidemen shorts, beta squad and now with Mo. Crazy effort from ya boy

  • Hassaan Shoaib
    Hassaan Shoaib 13 days ago

    I want mo to create a prime ad 😂

  • Ankur 420
    Ankur 420 16 days ago +5

    Mo should make a prime advert!
    Would love to see it

  • Wombatty
    Wombatty 8 days ago

    The last one made me wanna drink it the most because it mentioned having coconut water in it. Damn do I love coconut water.

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter 16 days ago +42


    • Mystic Barbarian
      Mystic Barbarian 16 days ago +2

      @Yulds did he just plug himself ??

    • Kam B
      Kam B 16 days ago +1

      @Yulds shush

    • _FaNdAnGo_ Da_MaNgO_
      _FaNdAnGo_ Da_MaNgO_ 16 days ago +2

      @Yulds didn’t ask

    • Yulds
      Yulds 16 days ago +1

      I'm inspired by KSI ...Your support would mean everything to me...❤️

    5THFANG 16 days ago +3

    Before we were mocking JJ because Logan was doing more marketing for prime than him. *Now even his friends are doing more than him*

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn 13 days ago

    Hey mo that's a great idea. If you have any more great ideas like this one you can make jj react to them. Keep it up mo

  • Yasuof
    Yasuof 16 days ago +9

    $28 one was amazing

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +3

      Thank you, Thank you so much Yasuof

  • PinkandStinky
    PinkandStinky 16 days ago +11

    damn that $28 commercial is goated

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +1

      @PinkandStinky Thanks dude. I appreciate it ❤

    • PinkandStinky
      PinkandStinky 16 days ago +4

      @caluminsta you deserve much more than $28, keep up the good work!

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +2

      Thank you so much

  • RavenSwift
    RavenSwift 16 days ago +3

    Mo: Talks in a lot of detail
    JJ: yEs

  • Killer Cr7
    Killer Cr7 15 days ago

    Big up MO🙌🏽 for doing react session with other small youtuber

  • JJ H
    JJ H 15 days ago

    JJ is a simple man, not too hard to impress "Yeah that was great!, Orange for the orange and grapes for the grape" xD

  • Fizan
    Fizan 15 days ago +2

    Imagine Mo using the gift cards to buys them.....

  • PinkandStinky
    PinkandStinky 16 days ago +1

    I think it would be fun if Mo edited one commercial also lol

  • RedDragonGamingHD
    RedDragonGamingHD 15 days ago

    All of these were way too long to be an advert, with the $28 definitely being the best.

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio 11 days ago +1

    The 28 dollar one was definetly the best bang for the buck

  • Ciaran god
    Ciaran god 16 days ago

    I love how this video is just an entire commercial for prime and we're watching it

  • maggsy
    maggsy 16 days ago +5

    wow the $28 was definitely the best imo, the most expensive was second best

  • Keethan A
    Keethan A 16 days ago +18

    Boys what you guys saying, prime or lucazade? I don’t know if prime can top lucazade 🤷‍♂️

    • Devilmaycry- Joker
      Devilmaycry- Joker 16 days ago +1

      Never tried either so I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
      I’m just here to read what people think.

    • CptSparky
      CptSparky 16 days ago

      lucozade. i feel like prime prolly to sweet plus primes an influencer company they prolly wont last years ngl jj only owns 5% of the whole company same as logan they will forget about it soon enough

    • 1AZ3R
      1AZ3R 16 days ago +3

      @big boi improvements Nice alt account buddy

    • Keethan A
      Keethan A 16 days ago +1

      *insert spider-man meme here*

    • Eggman Soup
      Eggman Soup 16 days ago +2


  • yellopops
    yellopops 15 days ago +2

    reacting starts @ 4:44

  • Tom Artindale2018
    Tom Artindale2018 16 days ago +2

    The flavour is “blue raspberry”… proceeds to show blue strawberries lol

  • Bouye Ahmed Abass
    Bouye Ahmed Abass 16 days ago

    At 12:21 i laughed so hard🤣🤣 Look at jj face

  • Alpha Creations
    Alpha Creations 16 days ago +9

    28$ one was the best one. It worth way more than that. Whos with me? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eldhose
    Eldhose 16 days ago +5

    The 28 dollar ad was the best of the bunch 🔥

  • Great Anwaegbu
    Great Anwaegbu 15 days ago +2

    Hope the $28 guy sees this video, so he can increase his wage

  • TheRedCourage
    TheRedCourage 15 days ago +2

    You have a surplus of 7$ left.
    Next year, when ad prices definitely rise, JJ will lower your ad expense to 993$, because he will think that's how much it will cost to make ads.

  • Worm
    Worm 16 days ago +2

    28$ was hands down the best nothing else came close

  • Oliver Howells
    Oliver Howells 14 days ago +1

    None of these come close to what Kyle Nutt created. Still the best commercial hands down!

  • Lol
    Lol 15 days ago

    The $28 dollar commercial was so good for it's price

  • ethan czerniak
    ethan czerniak 16 days ago +1

    Mo’s budget for this video was from all the gift cards he stole in KSI’s videos.

  • H….
    H…. 16 days ago +1


  • Pffffffy.1
    Pffffffy.1 15 days ago

    “Might be coming to the UK sooner than you think” my brudda it was meant to be in the UK by February 🤦‍♂️

  • Levi Guyan
    Levi Guyan 15 days ago +1

    That was extremely poor from the triple digit editors. It was genuinely appalling.

  • Amaan Azmi
    Amaan Azmi Day ago

    Idk if you saw this commercial made by kyle nutt on his youtube channel for prime
    That guy just nailed it. I say you give it a watch man

  • IHACKER316
    IHACKER316 15 days ago +1

    28$ guy / girl was the best IMO , Absolutely SMASHED it , i'd have paid $100 for it , not $28

  • Hijack
    Hijack 15 days ago

    I think for a big brand like prime they need to hire pro team for prime ad

  • MX Gamer ProV
    MX Gamer ProV 16 days ago +5

    Bro 28 Dollar one was far better than others. Mo just like complementing each one cause sponsored init. Looked like jj held back cause of the sponsorship.

    • caluminsta
      caluminsta 16 days ago +1

      Thank you so much my man for your valuable comment ❤

  • Allan Kujur
    Allan Kujur 15 days ago

    13:06 Though he used different Glasses for the different fruit flavors, idk why but they look like what you would do for a fruit juice like Tropicana & not for a Hydration drink like Prime & Gatorade. Am I right?

  • SaugaCity Sweeterman
    SaugaCity Sweeterman 16 days ago

    So humble man love brother

  • Rydog Labs
    Rydog Labs 15 days ago +1

    mo you should’ve made one and watched jjs reaction

  • Ryan Castle
    Ryan Castle 16 days ago

    So I've had the craziest idea....maybe some1 could create it, what if you have a girl wake up in the morning grab a prime flavour out the fridge and as she walks out the door taking the 1st sip she transitions to a place relative to the flavour, the rest is difficult to type in text

  • user
    user 16 days ago

    Mo is a genius
    0:45 there are "rumours" prime "may or may not" arrive next month
    "KSI" fans mocking "jj"

  • Luuk B
    Luuk B 16 days ago

    We need prime everywhere!

  • Tarun Arulraj
    Tarun Arulraj 16 days ago +4

    Caluminsta smashed it🔥🔥
    Great editing future

  • big fan dude
    big fan dude 16 days ago +2

    Mo having tons of bottles in the background,me who will not get prime in India

  • MashySob
    MashySob 16 days ago +7

    i like how they pretended the $10 was worth $10 lmao, that was terrible

    • Alarmist
      Alarmist 16 days ago +1

      In a rich man's world $10 is $1, its worth it for them

    • foamx
      foamx 16 days ago

      yup I can make that in 10 minutes lol