Introducing Weapon Sidegrading

  • Use Upgrade Stations to convert your AR to a Heavy AR.
    Check out the new feature now!
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Comments • 80

  • SuperxAngelfire
    SuperxAngelfire 4 hours ago

    Why can't you disgrace other stuff like if you had a blue tac you can switch it out for a blue pump?

  • Matthew Estacio
    Matthew Estacio 22 hours ago

    Do something cool

  • adenawer 7777
    adenawer 7777 Day ago

    Haora tenéis siete mil setecientos setenta y ocho

    GISTEN GHOST 2 days ago

    I have the lobby music that is playing

  • Desiree Marie
    Desiree Marie 3 days ago +1

    fortnite is 2017-2020 ok

  • YouTube Spazz
    YouTube Spazz 4 days ago


  • AudiLover 2019
    AudiLover 2019 6 days ago

    I know it’s a small fail but the third team member has rippley at battle pass level 16.

  • Keyann Cooper
    Keyann Cooper 7 days ago +1

    Hey epic games whats up im playing fortnite right and then out of no where this dude just appear infront of me i was watching him and he has on aim bot like what the flip he just jump down and shot me in the head like NOT COOL

  • D.J Waters
    D.J Waters 8 days ago

    Why the Scratch and Riptide level 349 and 350 while the Sludge at level 16 actually how he even got Sludge in the first place

  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell 8 days ago

    Now that it’s S12 we need to be able to Sidegrade the Submachine Gun into the Suppressed Submachine Gun and the Bolt Action sniper into the Suppressed sniper!

  • Torak
    Torak 8 days ago

    I want ability you can get on it suppresor
    On the upgrading bench

  • Benjamin Dewaele
    Benjamin Dewaele 8 days ago

    Add air Royale back

  • Memelord007
    Memelord007 9 days ago

    Dude, they made this, and is never using it. We could do rocket launcher to guided rocket? Or pistol to hand cannon. The side grading is a very unused feature that could be used a lot more

  • Lapiz Lazuli
    Lapiz Lazuli 9 days ago

    For it’s add the floor is lava or food fight the games are valuable

  • Ella Daniels
    Ella Daniels 11 days ago

    Could we have tilted back?

  • Prince Geminite
    Prince Geminite 11 days ago

    Pump -> SSG (Super Shotgun Look it up)
    Tactical Shotgun -> Heavy (Buffed Heavy so its better than tac like the ARs)
    Pistol -> Revolver
    Burst (AR) -> Infantry?
    SMG -> Burst SMG (if people try it out first and ask questions later)
    And 1 2 3
    Bolt -> Hunting Rifle (or Just add it for Season 2)

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 12 days ago

    Sidegrade Options
    Tact to Full Auto
    Pump to Heavy
    Heavy Auto to Hunting to Auto and Back Again

    • md3vmc
      md3vmc 3 days ago

      Brandon Johnson why would anyone turn his pump to a heavy shotgun a green pump is better than a Purple Heavy shotgun
      But heavy assault rifle is good it’s my favorite gun in the game

  • real_PiXxel YT
    real_PiXxel YT 13 days ago +1

    I can't have even half od Scratch skin glicthed... :( Can I have 2 weeks more of glitching this skin and doing gold 8ball (gold is not necessarily, but please)?
    I'm sad

  • Ziyad Dagistany
    Ziyad Dagistany 14 days ago +2

    is this epic games

  • Sasha D
    Sasha D 14 days ago

    Пабг лучше

  • Scarxs
    Scarxs 17 days ago

    Bring the banner skins back

  • Neber Jo
    Neber Jo 21 day ago

    Где обновы

  • Yael Ruiz
    Yael Ruiz 21 day ago

    New sidegrade should have the regular to suppressed SMG or the pump to a tac shotgun that would be nice

  • Tap And Snap
    Tap And Snap 22 days ago

    Add back the combat shotgun

  • Jonathan Bagas Satrio
    Jonathan Bagas Satrio 22 days ago

    Corrupted scratch:oooh a weapon upgrade bench I'm gonna upgrade my scar(while checking the weapon upgrade bench)wait the a new ALSULT RIFFLE OH HELL YEAH(after upgrading) YEAH BOIIII

    • md3vmc
      md3vmc 3 days ago

      Jonathan Bagas Satrio lol I love the heavy assault rifle

  • diazchristina31 !
    diazchristina31 ! 25 days ago

    Add back p-2000 and peely bone

  • Lazy Lime
    Lazy Lime 26 days ago

    Epic plz let us sidegrade to suppressed smg,ar,pistol and sniper

  • Alejandra González
    Alejandra González 28 days ago

    Un buen 🔫

  • jlstuller
    jlstuller Month ago


  • Ig Wolfz
    Ig Wolfz Month ago

    Give Jarvis ACCOUNT BACK

  • Flueboyy here
    Flueboyy here Month ago

    Why can you guys not have ranegader raider in item shop

  • IITitan33II
    IITitan33II Month ago

    This doesn’t even work wdym.

  • pablo lanuza
    pablo lanuza Month ago +4

    You can extend the season a little more, please, that people would like to level up, for something I have bought the pass, answer me, please.

  • pablo lanuza
    pablo lanuza Month ago +1

    You can extend the season a little more, please, that people would like to level up, for something I have bought the pass, answer me, please.

  • pablo lanuza
    pablo lanuza Month ago +4

    You can extend the season a little more, please, that people would like to level up, for something I have bought the pass, answer me, please.

  • pablo lanuza
    pablo lanuza Month ago +3

    You can extend the season a little more, please, that people would like to level up, for something I have bought the pass, answer me, please.

  • omansy1
    omansy1 Month ago

    Rocket royale copied you

  • Alparslan Gursoy
    Alparslan Gursoy Month ago

    I wonder who thought of this idea was it epic or a community idea

  • knockout gaming zone


  • Potato Sloth
    Potato Sloth Month ago

    Ooh electro shuffle

  • Rosa Meza
    Rosa Meza Month ago


  • Cathal Corcoran
    Cathal Corcoran Month ago


  • The fella
    The fella Month ago


  • Xetsuo YT
    Xetsuo YT Month ago +1

    pls bring back old stretch res with fov

  • Xetsuo YT
    Xetsuo YT Month ago +1

    pls bring back old stretch res with fov

  • Xetsuo YT
    Xetsuo YT Month ago +2

    pls bring back old stretch res with fov

  • StylishNINJA_ 308
    StylishNINJA_ 308 Month ago

    Please unban Jarvis

  • Starfire's Lounge
    Starfire's Lounge Month ago

    you know you didn't have to make this extra

  • brurschan
    brurschan Month ago


  • xXPsicopataXx_Sz YT


  • RussianBear20 !
    RussianBear20 ! Month ago

    Now turn pistols into suppressed pistols and SMGs into suppressed SMGs

  • Yaby Boda
    Yaby Boda Month ago +7

    This guy: changes scar to ak 47
    OG Players: so you have chosen death?

  • Ready Rex
    Ready Rex Month ago

    Mañana nueva temporada

  • Lucas game mine
    Lucas game mine Month ago


  • M.maskey
    M.maskey Month ago

    Music electroswing

  • Adam Tran
    Adam Tran Month ago

    Fortnite why did you kick me out of my account?

  • Ana Lozano Frutos
    Ana Lozano Frutos Month ago

    Season 12 morning
    Fornite: buy v_buck
    Apex legends: FUKKK

  • XD SHADOW難 jklo
    XD SHADOW難 jklo Month ago +43


  • nothiing nothing
    nothiing nothing Month ago

    Unbanned FaZe Jarvis

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt Month ago +1

    Okay but like no one likes Heavy AR

  • HOME OF THE SHOWS -BFM and more

    Epic: we need a new sidegrade!
    *Sees combat*
    Epic: wanna ruin the game?

  • Kyler the mystery Finder

    Fortnight can you add riffs to creative I mean like not the teleporter but the riffs from season four or yeah

  • derek dmv
    derek dmv Month ago


    YARAZAC Month ago

    My gun favorite

  • Coolguyfoe The 2k God

    FIX Your game

  • Bendy BSO
    Bendy BSO Month ago


    Edit: this is a joke btw

  • George Psaroudis
    George Psaroudis Month ago +6

    Epic we want legendary ak in our creative islands

    • George Psaroudis
      George Psaroudis Month ago

      @kelli frank thank you!!!But the problem is when epic add a new weapon in competitive is obliged to add it in our creative islands

    • kelli frank
      kelli frank Month ago +1

      I know how to get it dude! You need to build to your island barrier and drop a plane spawner and a lot of materials outside the barrier by standing close to it. Then drop a blue heavy ak outside the barrier. Go outside the barrier, pick up the items, and place down the plane spawner outside the barrier. Now fly to the main island and find a weapon upgrader.When you upgrade your blue ak to a legendary one fly back to the island and drop the items near the barrier, go inside, pick them up, and put them in a vending machine.

  • DSan 05
    DSan 05 Month ago

    Upgrading your weapon variant is literally just Pack A Punch from COD Zombies

  • Wallytube!
    Wallytube! Month ago +1

    What they didn’t tell us was that they nerfed the heavy season into the ground so now it’s useless

  • R_A_K_A_N [FM]
    R_A_K_A_N [FM] Month ago

    I hope they come back with a floy dance.

  • Eberhart Ethan
    Eberhart Ethan Month ago

    This game is crap and I hope you lose your job

  • Lloyd Hartsell
    Lloyd Hartsell Month ago

    Unbann Jarvis

  • cart1270 cart1270
    cart1270 cart1270 Month ago

    What skin is he wearing

  • Damien Beck
    Damien Beck Month ago

    Give us more frickin' sidegrades already. Also nice job on the "OP" skin. Never gonna give up the name. Sorry to let you down, other people that haven't seen it yet

  • Kinglewis111 sub
    Kinglewis111 sub Month ago +1


    • prodigy gamers
      prodigy gamers Month ago +2

      bruh, he cheated, just because he's popular that doesn't give him immunity to being banned

  • Simon Escobar
    Simon Escobar Month ago +1

    Simon Escobar Fortnite Minecrrft

  • Simon Escobar
    Simon Escobar Month ago +1


    • Simon Escobar
      Simon Escobar Month ago

      Simon Escobar fortnite minecrrft
      xboxone Minecrrft fortnine

  • Uncool Chris
    Uncool Chris Month ago

    What would yo u use if you don't exactly lose or gain anything from it and it's just a waste of space

  • Ryan Benavidez
    Ryan Benavidez Month ago

    Please buff the shot gun body damage

  • Terra Davis
    Terra Davis Month ago

    Fix fortnite too much hackers