Star Trek Discovery Season 3 in Question After Netflix Rejects Picard

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Now that it has been confirmed the Picard series will be on Amazon prime with Netflix passing on the series. My insiders tell me Star Trek Discovery is on thin ice financially. on insider is telling me it is dead in the water. I give CBS some unsolicited advice. This is a news video turned into a rent.
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  • David Damascus
    David Damascus 5 days ago

    So glad CBS is bought out the star trek franchise. 😭

  • Texaschainsaw
    Texaschainsaw 8 days ago

    Ketwolski speculates season 3 is in production. What do your sources say ?

  • Nathaniel Samuel
    Nathaniel Samuel 9 days ago

    I stopped my subscription to Netflix because of Star Trek😂

  • Ben Monday
    Ben Monday 11 days ago

    Just finished STD season one. It ain't bad, but it ain't Star Trek either. I would say it's more Battle Trek with Klingon Klowns from outer space. They forgot their huge klown shoes.

  • Eye Lens Visuals & Photography

    hahahahahahaha OMG!!!! Ketwolski is wiping the floor with facts, 😂😂😂😂 take a minute and do some research before you come out with videos like this which makes you look stupid....

    they just got done making short treks and they're filming season 3 this month. you people kill me with these fake-ass rumors... SMDH.. and oh by the way your inside source has been incorrect plenty of times.

  • Sensei Mccall
    Sensei Mccall 17 days ago

    Well said.

  • Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk 21 day ago

    Look at all the angry fanboys commenting on this bullshit of a video! Fucking pathetic the lot of you

  • Ciaran Byrne
    Ciaran Byrne 22 days ago

    Do the ppl at CBS actually watch this like coz they really need to

  • Anastasis
    Anastasis 26 days ago

    Fake news, Shame shame shame ring ring shame shame shame ring ring shame shame shame shame ring ring shame shame shame...

    UDONTNEED 2KNOW! 28 days ago

    Hope STD dies with picard coming back

  • René Peraza
    René Peraza 29 days ago

    Yikes! Such vitriol. But, I guess it's 'passion.' I'm a 50+ year old fan, ever since '79. I've liked every incarnation of Trek, and there have been many hands on it. They each contributed to the fabric of all its layers, and so appreciate even what STD has done, overall nice and unique.

  • D Howison
    D Howison Month ago

    Wow... pass on geeks and gamers

  • Wolfgare 1960
    Wolfgare 1960 Month ago

    Is Space is same as Crave TV? I ask because Discovery is on Crave TV, a bell streaming service in Canada

  • Newsky79
    Newsky79 Month ago

    It amazes me how dumb Television networks are these days.. Here we are in the social media era and they STILL couldn't figure out what the fans wanted!? One top of that, if they couldn't get full creative licensing in the first place, they should NOT have attempted it at all! Discovery was/is nothing but a badly lit, badly written, badly directed sci-fi space show with the trek emblem slapped on it! That entire team should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  • orcawhalecolin
    orcawhalecolin Month ago


  • david jackson
    david jackson Month ago

    Tactical lock a full phaser and torpedo spread on CBS headquarters. Prepare to fire on my command!

  • Darren from wales
    Darren from wales Month ago

    I am sure Mikey Burnham will save the day. Writing, acting and camera woman extraordinaire. She can do everything...........except ACT (or be in a good science fiction series)

  • 90 Lancaster
    90 Lancaster Month ago

    I'd not mind buying some of the Vulcan Fleet from the 2009 Movie. Perhaps if Eaglemoss made them in the same scale as the Discovery stuff - I think they got a positive response to the Klingon Warbird from the JJ-verse that is a nice ship. (doesn't look to out of place in regular canon either) I liked the models of the Franklin and the Kelvin, The Kobyashi maru is OK - but perhaps not the smartest of choices - but I get why they decided to pair it with the Warbird since it from the same scene.

    I would rather have some more 2009 ships than BOTBS Klingon ships that is for sure. They are certainly nicer than something kit bashed out of scraps like Mudd's mad looking vessel was. I'd like them to wade through the BOTBS Federation ships - perhaps they can make both kinds of T'plana Hath too - both the BOTBS ship and the First Contact one.

    I'm still keen to see a few things in the small scale too like an Apollo class, and a couple more Nebula Variations. I can anticipate the Picard show not having much to sell worth selling though - the most I'm gonna hope for is the Alien Hero ship isn't horrible and that they shoehorn in some Federation vessels in Orbit in the Pilot episode.

    Otherwise poor ol' Eaglemoss might want to look into getting the Babylon 5 license.

  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis Month ago

    This comment is from the point of view from someone who HATED Season 2 of Discovery- you sir are a complete fuckwit and I don't understand how you have gained any subscribers to you channel. Jesus Christ how the fuck do I block you from my 'Up Next' list

  • Grant and Tina Silcock

    When you prioritize looking pretty over quality get Star Trek Discovery and the JJ Trek films.

  • Simon Marino
    Simon Marino Month ago

    Gary, one of your best rants to date. Well said, sir.

  • Djoke Altena
    Djoke Altena Month ago

    It is simple they should have cheered the Axanar attempt of fans instead of shitting all over them. To save Star Trek they should allow the fans to basically help with the Picard series. It would be a nice show to the fans that they'll listen to them from now on instead of those greedy mofo's. And get good writers...a good storyteller needs a good writer.

  • Todd just Todd
    Todd just Todd Month ago

    Why isn't Discovery on Netflix?

  • Cody Arthur
    Cody Arthur Month ago

    Fact check.
    Netflix did not reject Picard. They were never offered a deal for picard. Your news source is fake.
    Discovery season 3 is confirmed for sure. Also, discovery was the number 1 rated streaming show world wide. Look it up. It's status as a complete success is secured.
    This fan rage bulshit need to STOP. Thank you.

  • Peter Podruchny
    Peter Podruchny Month ago

    The next person to run Trek should be a 756’r (seen every Trek production pre-2009).

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez Month ago

    Sounds good to me. Disco traveled 900 years in the future and was never heard from again. They were never able to return to the 2250s. The crew struggled to survive in a post-apocalyptic alpha quadrant, even going as far as abandoning Discovery in order to delay the inevitable, but Control ultimately found every single crew member. All died tragically within a few years of their arrival in the future. The end.

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths Month ago

    😂😂😂Kurtzman you fool. You and jar jar are the stupidest hacks😂😂😂

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths Month ago

    NO STD

  • Cassidy Alexis-Starchild

    Oh look here all the Russian butt boys pretending to be Star Trek fans that hate Discovery.

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee Month ago

    what's your proof for your fucktarded bullshit? you report rumor like it's a blazing fact because it fits your head three feet up your own ass delsuions. that gary shitbeard moron looks like he a walking cancer.

  • Obi One
    Obi One Month ago

    Discovery is freaking epic!!!

  • Joe T
    Joe T Month ago

    Orville is the new star trek

  • Sacré Bleu The Deadly Poke Of Zorro

    I busted out laughing at "COCK...tail parties". 👌

  • Aurora Overton
    Aurora Overton Month ago +1

    Here’s a thought why not make a mirror mirror version of Star Trek When they did the series on enterprise for the mirror mirror saga it was amazing special fax everything when he did it in Star Trek discovery it was bone chilling do a version of that I would almost bet it would be a phenomenal Star Trek series and people would get involved with that

  • Aurora Overton
    Aurora Overton Month ago +1

    First I must say I love the Q doll you have in your background with that say why is everybody hating on Star Trek discovery season two was phenomenal coming from a serious Star Trek fan watched it since I was three So why is everybody hating on discovery even Gene Roddenberry failed on his first attempt with the original Star Trek series when Desi Lu productions was in charge of the series they wanted a new captain but they wanted to keep Mr. Spock and honestly I really did not find Star Trek the next generation all that great of a show of course a great guest stars before their deaths Defrost Kelly, James Doohan, Mark Leonard and of course the man himself Leonard Nimoy so why hate on something you have to give a chance to they’re not doing lots of episodes are doing 12 episodes per season and cancel and Star Trek enterprise was a mistake on CBS so blame CBS for all the conflict that’s going on, Just a thought like a midget use the mouthwash who would know.

  • Jesse Green
    Jesse Green Month ago

    Sir I can remember buying Star Trek Toys for my cousin who is 8 years younger than I am. This was in the late 70's.

  • Dana Pearson
    Dana Pearson Month ago

    You are sick a disguising little white fascist nazi wannabe. Sad hater...this entire site is full of little nazi haters... You all would make Gene puke...

  • sem boersen
    sem boersen Month ago

    I like both Star Treks, slighty leaning towards the TNG/DS9/VOY a little bit more, but in this more modern time ST does need to make a more modern look. Only, they didn't really hold on to basic values they have in my opinion. So I just hope it will come around. Also, they might try to change the future aswell somehow, but wouldn't be sure how they would pull that off...

  • Becky Lee
    Becky Lee Month ago

    You'd look so much more handsome without the beard ;)

  • Doodlebugdude
    Doodlebugdude Month ago

    Good grief you are hating on a show you haven't even seen based purely on someone else's sketchy speculation.
    Oh and just because you have mixed race offspring doesn't mean you can't be a racist prick.
    It depends on which race you believe you are superior to or hate.
    Rupert Murdoch married an Asian woman but his Fox News outlet has hoats that regularly promote the idea that black people are violent and live on a Democrat voting plantation.
    He's still a racist prick.
    You have absolutely no idea how much money Amazon is putting into the show.
    Amazon could be pumping more money into Picard because he's a big draw you utter moron.
    Look at Marvel and DC.
    They have shows on other networks too.
    DC has shows on its own platform as well as Netflix and other services so you really are talking out of your arse.
    Nobody cares about the toys outside of kids and man babies like you.
    I'd love to see the toy line for Grey's Anatomy and other shows.

  • Benjamin Maynard
    Benjamin Maynard Month ago

    meh . discovery is a great show . point a camera at yourself and complain for an eternity all you like .

  • Ty-real TBK
    Ty-real TBK Month ago

    I'll get so many downvotes for this, but: i think discovery had such a great potenzial. Production value, good actors, some good ideas. I would have been great, if not every season (Fuller S1, the awfull Berg/Harberts S2) would have been fired. I guess firing Harberts/Berg, Goldsman was a blessing. Lets face it: Every Star Trek series since TNG was barely watchable in the first 2 seasons. It only god better after Season 3. I still hope that is the Case with DSC. Nevertheless i'am happy that we have new Star Trek shows. I think DSC is at least trying something new and more entertaining than Enterprise was in the first 2 seasons...Althougth i find i higlhy risky to set the show now another 930 years in the future. I hope with Picard we get a more consistent show and a starting Point for the next Show....

  • James Snaith
    James Snaith Month ago

    So much fake news... DSC season 3 is already in production. Amazon outbid Netflix for Picard.
    I love watching the nerd rage in these videos. I love how you guys twist the facts to fit your fiction.

    • James Snaith
      James Snaith Month ago

      @German Engineer - what's the issue? Netflix not following the party line that Nerdrotic wants you to believe by stating it's disappointing that Amazon outbid them? Nerdrotic talks about "facts" but tells you all what "his inside source" has told him?
      Well here are the facts: Discovery season 3 went into pre-production the week season 2 finished. Money is NOT a problem, nor is the show in difficulties. CBS have released statement after statement regarding that, regarding how happy they are with the show. But the "inside source" IS MORE credible? Discovery has been a massive money making success for CBS. Yes, that contradicts the nameless, faceless, "inside source" that's quoted. Yes, the two original show runners were fired. They were fired for abusive behaviour to the writing staff and actors, for wasting money. Not because the show was in crises.
      Here's another fact never touched on: Alex Kurtzman did NOT create the Discovery characters or universe. He is NOT responsible for the look of the show, the names of the characters or the setting, the spore drive etc. He had nothing to do with the ship designs ethos, or the change to the Klingons. All of that was down to Bryan Fuller. That's how stupid videos like this are. They ignore the actual facts and spout an "inside source" to support the fiction they want to spread. Kurtzman's done this, Kurtzman done that... FFS, Kurtzman took over when Fuller left and didn't change that much. John Eaves continued the design brief given by Fuller.
      So here's my challenge to Nerdrotic: put up, or shut up. Prove your facts. Stop leaping on the rumour mill, and fact check your info. If you can't prove your facts, if you can't back them up - make sure you state they're your opinion.

    • German Engineer
      German Engineer Month ago


  • Rick Johnston
    Rick Johnston Month ago

    Excellent analysis !!!!!!

  • PJPF
    PJPF Month ago +2

    Dear Star Trek fans, this is what you get for having hated Enterprise, which became really good from season 3.
    Choke on it.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      Lol so you're saying the fans are to blame for bashing Nemesis too?
      That's like saying Lucas blamed fans for hating the prequels so he sold it all.

  • Frag Zilla
    Frag Zilla Month ago

    i hope its not, and i want it on netflix.... PLEASE

  • tony ceci
    tony ceci Month ago

    couldn't agree more with everything. all the "alternate license" trek is crap and no resemblance to actual trek. except him saying the 2009 movie was good cause it sucked and had more holes in the plot than swiss cheese. good cast but crap story. first contact 20x the movie for 1/20 the price. someone dig up rick berman!

  • Nighthawk 9
    Nighthawk 9 Month ago

    Is this a Star Trek Discovery crash and Burnham?

  • Leonardo SA
    Leonardo SA Month ago +1

    I would trade STD for more of STG in a blink of an eye, i don't even care much about the special effects, i just want a lot of cool episodes with neat stories and very imaginative scenarios

  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

    I I took discovery for what it was a prequel series it had its moments some of the episodes directed by Jonathan frakes developed the crew and added humour, It was a good effort two seasons with the ending im happy with that the ending fixed everything and set the timeline to rights if that's it i m cool with that always was looking forward to the Picard show more ever since Patrick Stewart announced his return. It was good as a sci fi show it was ok entertaining as a star trek show. But yes has nothing on TNG era

  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

    This is strange in the sense Netflix themselves stated a few years back that the 4 star trek series TNG Deep space 9, Voyager and enterprise did absolute fantastic viewerships on Netflix and this is the whole reason they blew a massive amount of money for discovery it's entire production budget to be exact for worldwide rights to show as Anything star trek related drew great viewership on Netflix. Strange then that Picard would be passed on when that series has the star trek name and a massive star to its name unless AMAZON blew an even bigger amount of money as they realised Picard was going to be even bigger than discovery ever could be being a prequel series with new actors.

  • Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master Month ago

    Corporate greed should not outweigh the needs of the many fans...😢
    I think all of this started with CBS suing Axanar. Mostly because Star Trek Axanar excited and reunited the fanbase again. And of course, GreedBS could not have that.
    They thought giving everybody STDs was a much better plan. And they could not have been more wrong.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Let the series be cancelled for a number of reasons.
    1. I am a big Star Trek fan but this is more political correctness dressed up like Star Trek than actual Star Trek
    2. They changed what is and isn't canon and what is and isn't the main timeline just to try to boost how official Discovery is and lowered how official the original, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise are.
    3.Trying to make Discovery more official seems to be part of political correctness
    4.Political Correctness seems to be more of an issue in discovery than actual Star Trek is. In other words it's political correctness dressed up like Star Trek but not actual Star Trek

  • Ahriman S
    Ahriman S Month ago

    Love Discovery. Hate Orville. I also hate star wars and all Tolkien movies

  • Doodlebugdude
    Doodlebugdude Month ago +1

    You are an utter moron.

    Everything you've predicted has been wrong.

    Your logic is flawed.

    If Netflix is not picking up Picard, that does not mean it's not continuing with Discovery, because it's been a ratings success you utter fucking imbecile.

    You may not like it, but real Star Trek fans and people outside of the fandom like it too.

  • Danel Fielder
    Danel Fielder Month ago

    I love STD....

  • edwin morales
    edwin morales Month ago

    You hit the nail on the head.
    I’m with you all the way on your comments. Every point made.

  • Andrew Vorhees
    Andrew Vorhees Month ago

    I bet they ruin Picard too.

  • Holger Fiallo
    Holger Fiallo Month ago

    I agree. I do not consider the so call star trek movies that came out in 2000 star trek and discover not. I do not even read the star trek discovery. The new star trek series that is coming out, I am not planning to watch. I am star trek fun and love the books and star trek original, TNG, voyager, DS9 and even like enterprise.

  • Helder Oliveira
    Helder Oliveira Month ago

    Well, Sweet Sorrow was a satisfying series finale so i dont mind not having a third season

  • Joseph Parrotta
    Joseph Parrotta Month ago

    That would suck. The show is good enough to be passable. We need more sci fi right now, not less.

  • Luke Busby
    Luke Busby Month ago

    lol, your channel always makes me laugh. All your episodes make you seem like you have no clue at all on what is going on! If you watch one of your episodes a year later, you look sooo out of touch. Soo weird how you can live a life of looking for problems where there are none.

  • Diamondplate
    Diamondplate Month ago

    Star Trek Discovery, false advertisement in the the title. This is the Michael Burnham show. Can’t we just say it and call it what it is? The magic of the original series AND TNG wasn’t the effects or the sets, it was the character development and the story arch’s, WRITING! Heck they’ve made an entire movie filmed in a phone booth. DS9 had a bunch of “static” sets. Hire story tellers. Hire writers, and buy a few cans of paint. Also worth mentioning is the writers and story tellers......its fantasy/sci-fi, no need to advance a political agenda or make good on wrong doings that took place hundreds of years ago. And to new writers and people with ideas, your time is now! The market is primed and ready for something new, that something that you have in your mind! I’m done with Star Wars, Star Trek. Not another penny. Peace to you all and may you find that storyteller you’ve been looking for.

  • kanati kanati
    kanati kanati Month ago

    First off... I am fully in the STD sucks camp. But I can't count the number of these "insider" bad news for Discovery videos I've watched spelling doom and gloom for the series... that have been incorrect. So forgive me for not giving a thumbs up here but I'm not buying it.

  • Ricky Davies
    Ricky Davies Month ago

    I would love to watch a video where you're not bitchin and moaning like a little fucking girl 🖖

  • Patrick Stewart
    Patrick Stewart Month ago

    The sad part: After Kurtzman is done wrecking Trek some studio will trample the rest to hire him.

  • paulsenior33
    paulsenior33 Month ago +2

    He didn’t just remake New Hope he remade Wrath of Khan poorly I might add.

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis Month ago +1

    AH. The days in the 90's when the toy isle was filled with Star Trek. I miss that so much! Can we as fans just perform some kind of a hostile takeover of CBS and get us back the Star Trek we want?

  • Mario Silva
    Mario Silva Month ago

    More conspiracy theories, that's why I don't watch your hate youtube videos, if you don't like it don't watch it. Just stop all the videos saying it's not getting renewed, it's not getting another season, it's in trouble. This without any proof! Netflix is not crazy because they need these shows on Netflix, it was the 5th more streamed shows on Netflix in April, deal with it. Even if Netflix would not order it I'm sure Amazon would say thanks and take it from their hands. And all the other Trek shows it's just a question of time they will loose acess to them. Here Netflix had Titans, but Doom Patrol is now on's the law of the market, with the streaming rights and services popping up this will happen more times.

  • DD P
    DD P Month ago

    Lol here we go again, man all your stuff is negative change the record.