Bonang Matheba invites Top Billing into her new home | FULL FEATURE

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • You’ve seen glimpses of Bonang’s new pad and this week on Top Billing she gives us a grand personal tour her seductive, black meets white masterpiece of designer living!
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  • virginia matlala
    virginia matlala Day ago +1

    Simple and beautiful

  • Xoli Phakathi
    Xoli Phakathi 2 days ago +1

    I am inspired....

  • Sizzy Kizzy
    Sizzy Kizzy 2 days ago +1

    I am going to be writing..

  • Chantal Naidoo
    Chantal Naidoo 9 days ago +1

    But the hous next to her house looks the same🙈

  • Jane D.
    Jane D. 14 days ago

    Why is the kitchen so small

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich 23 days ago +1

    Wow nice life !

  • Pheladi Noleen Mathabatha

    Beautiful indeed

  • Selvie Parkasam
    Selvie Parkasam Month ago +1

    She's beautiful intelligent n very smart for young children.....

  • Jule Thibaude
    Jule Thibaude Month ago +1

    I guess there’s gonna another visit bro

  • Rev Dr: Bento Efrem Teenage

    Inspired.Bonang Matheba.Job well done,Congrets!!!!!

  • Arlene Davis
    Arlene Davis Month ago

    What is this called? the flirt show? lol

  • Nadia Munemo
    Nadia Munemo Month ago +3

    I like this very much, well done and reach for the stars

  • Kagiso
    Kagiso Month ago +3

    It's like she is the one presenting the show 💕 She is good

  • Aisea Konrote
    Aisea Konrote Month ago +1

    Bonang -.You Deserve all these great things n Happiness. ..because you work hard...very focused n extremely Humble. .
    I Love you n wish you the Best with Blessings.

    On another note -:Jonathan. .you're HOT top. ..very handsome ..

  • King Yobho
    King Yobho 2 months ago +1

    I got confused round about here 11:49 🤔

  • Refiloe Prudence
    Refiloe Prudence 2 months ago

    I like her! so motivating

  • Sellinah Ntuli
    Sellinah Ntuli 2 months ago +5

    Love Bonang! she's a powerhouse

  • Nomthandazo Mahlangu
    Nomthandazo Mahlangu 2 months ago +1

    My role model👑🌼
    Soooo loving Queen B,i wanna be like her and I know I will💛🌼💕🙌👑

  • Moses Makhubele
    Moses Makhubele 2 months ago

    slay queen sangempela

  • Refilwe Tshegare
    Refilwe Tshegare 2 months ago

    They should date

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago +1

    Its not on top billing level tbh

  • Tel paviv
    Tel paviv 3 months ago

    Her house is not really disappointed.....expected morr

  • Kogie Reddy
    Kogie Reddy 3 months ago

    Fake accent

  • dudu makgakga
    dudu makgakga 3 months ago

    wow she is indeed working hard .... its does really pays she is living her dreams big up gal looking up to u .. 😍

  • Maria Mapholo
    Maria Mapholo 3 months ago +2

    Bonang can u give us the numbers of the people who designed your house.we also want a house like yours.

  • Gillian Ncethelo
    Gillian Ncethelo 3 months ago

    She is my everyday inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Naledi Nkwe
    Naledi Nkwe 3 months ago +1

    Write down your dreams 😀 #Patience

  • maria abraham
    maria abraham 4 months ago +1

    Not everyone will have the type of job to own so much at that age. But she is a true inspiration of what hard work and pursuing your passion can do. Don't forget plenty prayer. Never compare yourself to others, set your own standards, be happy for others and go for your dreams.

  • Adidas Love
    Adidas Love 4 months ago

    Wow! It's absolutely beautiful!

  • lungile gwebu
    lungile gwebu 4 months ago

    12;37 just saw Yvonne (scandal) in Bobang s eyes lol anyone who saw tt?

  • khathutshelo ngoepe
    khathutshelo ngoepe 4 months ago

    This house is very compact

  • roxanneworld11
    roxanneworld11 4 months ago +1

    omgosh! she's *fabulous!!* ima new fan!...& Jonathan?/Johnathan? he's adorable! a handsome young chap..and they seem to be very fond of each other, plus they're having way too much fun! 😁😁😁😁. though, i can't help but ask: does Jonathan?have a wee crush on the lady?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 hahahaha!! 🤣😄🙃😆
    waving hello! 🙋🏾
    from the West Coast, USA

    Betty CHAKAHWATA 4 months ago


  • baloyi blessing
    baloyi blessing 4 months ago +1

    Bonang is being a presenter for a own episode. How dope is that, it's as if the guy and the designer are not even there🤣🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Nicol Mnyandu
    Nicol Mnyandu 4 months ago

    The inside is not that nice though.

  • Vhusani Nedawaila
    Vhusani Nedawaila 5 months ago

    Rental property at R 39 000.00 per month, she didn't buy this house.

    NOBUHLE MQADI 5 months ago

    Wow mo ghel🙆

  • Happy Phahlane
    Happy Phahlane 5 months ago

    i dont know her personally but she seems to be the kindest person ever. I like her.

  • Thana Ndlovu
    Thana Ndlovu 5 months ago +1

    I'm starting to love Bonang

  • Tshireletso Mokgatla
    Tshireletso Mokgatla 5 months ago +4

    I am inspired, a whole lebonza😭😭😭👑👑👑

  • jeany sebata
    jeany sebata 5 months ago +4

    Bonang made it in life, she’s not boasting but encouraging young ladies to do good in life... Can I please meet Bonang before turning 30 years

  • Tina Sithole
    Tina Sithole 5 months ago +2

    God bless your hustle. This is truly inspiring.

  • Queen _Gospel Mandy
    Queen _Gospel Mandy 5 months ago +12

    I'm so inlove with Bonang🔥😍😭💯she's a great inspiration to me ,may God keep on blessing her because she's a blessing.

  • Tamar case dixon
    Tamar case dixon 5 months ago +1

    Those pics at the staircase ?????🧐

  • Lebo Lenepa
    Lebo Lenepa 5 months ago +2

    12:46 onwards. Theres something going on.

  • Lebo Lenepa
    Lebo Lenepa 5 months ago +1

    Should turn the glam room into a closet.

  • margs Thobs
    margs Thobs 5 months ago +3

    Bonang is so,so beautiful, you are so beautiful queen B,your beauty comes with your smile

  • Dineo Molapo
    Dineo Molapo 5 months ago +2

    She is in her early 30's??? I didnt think so,wow!! So young and successfull,i love this girl.

  • A concerned African
    A concerned African 6 months ago

    Maybe Bonang invited them for drinks after the shoot and chased the cameraman home!!!

  • A concerned African
    A concerned African 6 months ago

    Well Jonathan, you must be gay not to give her shots? Sexy ass lady!!

  • A concerned African
    A concerned African 6 months ago

    A perfect example of a black person who benefitted from colonialism and Europeans!! Well done Bonang!!!

  • Thando Dlamini
    Thando Dlamini 6 months ago

    South Africa!!!

  • N Van Niekerk
    N Van Niekerk 6 months ago +6

    I'm proud about a black girl...working for her money..really beautiful...honest&friendly.Enjoy your lovely house.I will make a milk tart or 'koeksisters'...for a visit with coffee😍

  • TT Kgomo
    TT Kgomo 6 months ago


  • Patronella Madzima
    Patronella Madzima 6 months ago +2

    You on point Bonang

  • wesley keet
    wesley keet 6 months ago

    She couldn't find a black architect or designer?

  • lenlu007
    lenlu007 6 months ago +3

    I like the house... I love contemporary styles.... BUT... I’m very surprised she had a ”professional” interior designer...
    The interiors looks as if the home owner could’ve done that WITHOUT paying a designer... ? 👎🏽
    It’s really NOT a designer I’d recommend... but I like the choices she has in her home...
    P.S. She needs more “framed” magazine covers of herself around the house... I don’t think she has enuf... 😳
    (Oooh da’ shade 😎)

  • Makhosazana Mthembu
    Makhosazana Mthembu 6 months ago +2

    I'm so inspired. Love Bonang

  • Madelein Van Schalkwyk
    Madelein Van Schalkwyk 6 months ago +2

    Love you my queen👸👸👸

  • there fore
    there fore 7 months ago +5

    a very masculine home