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Sons of the Forest - Exclusive Official Release Date Trailer

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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  • Purposeless Rabbitholes
    Purposeless Rabbitholes Month ago +11281

    Looks cool! Really curious how they’re going to alter and enhance the ai of the cannibals. One of the best parts of the original was how dynamic, unpredictable and strange their movements/behaviors were imo

    • Majora's Mask
      Majora's Mask 6 days ago

      @Aldia, Scholar of the first sin What.

    • Aldia, Scholar of the first sin
      Aldia, Scholar of the first sin 6 days ago

      @Majora's Mask
      Not everyone is as dumb as you mate.

    • Sunman 208
      Sunman 208 16 days ago

      by the looks of it they are the ones who are going to be sneaky now so thats gonna be terrifying

    • useless acc
      useless acc 21 day ago


    • Fantasea ϟ
      Fantasea ϟ Month ago

      True they always attacked me but the females were always scared unless they had backup

  • Marko Marić
    Marko Marić Month ago +1344

    I'll never forget my first time playing this game. The terror and panic... Fear of unknown.

    • Silver
      Silver 28 days ago +2

      into the unknown - elsa 2019

    • Dakisha 01
      Dakisha 01 Month ago


    • kew_zi
      kew_zi Month ago +4

      First time? It's always terrifying

    • Soft-And -Wet
      Soft-And -Wet Month ago +8

      and Bugs and glitches hoooo

    • carl J
      carl J Month ago +10

      All my friends spamming YT for videos and im just running around dying 🤣

  • Steve O
    Steve O Month ago +836

    Now this is a sequel. Not just the original with new features. Looks absolutely incredible

    • Rispy
      Rispy 10 days ago

      @Saptarnab Show exactly lol

    • Saptarnab Show
      Saptarnab Show 11 days ago

      @Yuro it is... Look at the cannibals agonizing, placing heads on sticks and also those baby-looking mutants... These are from the original The Forest.
      Yes they've ramped it up a lot but this does look like the original game, provided you've played the original one in high graphics settings

    • Yuro
      Yuro 11 days ago

      @Rispy If you were to take out the cannibals in this trailer and tell me this was a new game called “Survival of the island” I’d 100% believe it.

    • Yuro
      Yuro 11 days ago

      @Rispy If you think this looks anything like the original then you haven’t played the forest. Everything looks much more alive like a whole new immersive game.

    • spidermonkey
      spidermonkey 14 days ago

      @WalrusInAnus Wdym it is on playstation and pc

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed Month ago +1058

    This looks pretty dope. Look at how much care was put into the animations--there are so many. Looks very pretty too.

    • dylan does
      dylan does 17 days ago

      @DeathMetalMilitia305 you’ve obviously never played the first game

    • Kasra Ghaffari
      Kasra Ghaffari Month ago +1

      @Jackie A one of the interviews done by Farket with Endknight they say that none of the trailers are pre-rendered, it's all gameplay footage.

    • Aaron Bowley
      Aaron Bowley Month ago

      @Jackie A maybe open your eyeballs lmfao

    • Justin Breva
      Justin Breva Month ago +5

      @DeathMetalMilitia305 plus the glitches make the game funnier when u play with the homies

    • ketruB
      ketruB Month ago +6

      @DeathMetalMilitia305 being a buggy mess is the expectation with a game like the forest, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of care put into the game
      there's a lot of systems at play in a game like this

  • Awen star
    Awen star Month ago +1792

    Can't wait to see mark, bob, and wade play this.

  • UnrealEntGaming
    UnrealEntGaming Month ago +5387

    Can't wait to play this with friends. Endnight seriously stepped it up BIG TIME! I'm hyped

    • La Beast
      La Beast 25 days ago

      who knows when it will be available?

    • Yimykimini
      Yimykimini Month ago +1

      Who cares

    • Xflixzzy
      Xflixzzy Month ago

      Those caves and a spider thing cannibal… this is creepier than the original plus the SHARKS IN CAVES

    • achtsoo
      achtsoo Month ago +2

      imagine having friends

    • ZarrarTheLegendary
      ZarrarTheLegendary Month ago +1


  • Brandy
    Brandy Month ago +253

    Damn, this looks ten times more scary than the first one. Hell yeah, can't wait to play!

  • anon
    anon Month ago +131

    Currently still playing the Forest, absolutely brilliant game. Cannot wait to play the next one🙌🏻

  • Dr. Philth
    Dr. Philth Month ago +34

    Looks truly amazing, never seen a sequel this upgraded from the original

  • T Dub
    T Dub Month ago +37

    I'm SO HYPED for this game! The first one's already a cult classic among indie horror games. And this is looking to really take things to the next level!

  • matfog BR
    matfog BR Month ago +5

    Sem dúvida uma das melhores franquias

  • sashacoe25
    sashacoe25 Month ago +5

    Really hope this is also in VR! The Forest is a great game and in VR it's on another level.

  • Hussein Azmy
    Hussein Azmy Month ago +50

    This is gonna be insane in VR. The forest VR is one of my favourite games!

  • Pikoschin
    Pikoschin Month ago +1

    looks amazing. can't wait to play this wonderful game

  • Bubbly Jubbly
    Bubbly Jubbly Month ago +4354

    I’ve never played a survival horror game as genuinely terrifying as The Forest. I’m looking forward to this.

  • Ayush Jha
    Ayush Jha Month ago +2

    Man this looks amazing, can't wait to play it.

  • x Becky x
    x Becky x 18 days ago +1

    I've played through The Forest several times and have spent so many hours on it. I'm super hyped for this game.

  • ññññññññ
    ññññññññ Month ago +19

    This will definitely be 2022 game of the year

  • Şevki Furkan Kel
    Şevki Furkan Kel Month ago +1

    this game looks amazing. especially new mutants and new mechanics.

  • FazGulp
    FazGulp 26 days ago +2

    Absolutely awesome! many new theories will come to people who know all things about the first game, can't wait to play it

  • commiside
    commiside Month ago +2

    Now this is an actual forest, definetly one of the best looking games graphic/visual wise IMO.

  • GoldenAstroFox
    GoldenAstroFox Month ago

    Super excited to play this with my friends, we cant wait for it! looks amazing!

  • Skiro
    Skiro 4 days ago +1

    Top demais! Vou jogar quando lançar

  • Darbs R Us
    Darbs R Us Month ago +1544

    Can't wait for this game to come out! The first game was quite a gem and this certainly looks like an improvement so far.

    • AverageEnjoyer
      AverageEnjoyer Month ago +1

      @RUNE You can literally claim that for every single sequel ever. If you don’t like the game even though it hasn’t come out yet. That’s your problem and you should avoid content about it.

    • DodOtter AJ
      DodOtter AJ Month ago +2

      @Lolp821 isnt a sequel just : the same but better and more

    • WorldMaker •
      WorldMaker • Month ago +1

      @RUNE because it is a second game for the series

    • RUNE
      RUNE Month ago +2

      @WorldMaker • he's not really 😂 it really does look more or less the same gameplay loop or seems it will

    • WorldMaker •
      WorldMaker • Month ago +3

      @Lolp821 u r so wrong

    PINKISH Month ago +18

    OMG Finally, The forest was so incredible can't wait for this one

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago +1

    Really hope this comes to ps4 (or at the very least ps5) at some point! Millions of console players out there like me who are so hyped for this game!

  • Gta Boi
    Gta Boi Month ago +1

    Loved the forest 1. Can't wait to play with friends!

  • Tiber 415
    Tiber 415 Month ago +1

    Absolute cannot wait. Just played through The Forest again this week and need this in my life.

  • Laika
    Laika Month ago +1842

    the crafting and building in this game looks insane, haven't seen anything like it before

    • payback super
      payback super 3 days ago

      @CuReD_bacon open world survival game with first person prespective. here you go the complete description.

    • CuReD_bacon
      CuReD_bacon 3 days ago

      @payback super its not an fps, dumbshit

    • Shane Smith
      Shane Smith 24 days ago

      @DaPoopDealer It is depending on the mode you play. It seems no one played the harder mode where you have to count calories.

    • Ye
      Ye Month ago

      @carl J carl get the f outta here. What you mean empty maps? Give the game a shot

    • carl J
      carl J Month ago

      @Ye who wants an empty map with a bunch of similar POI's! Rust players do!

  • Meckz _08
    Meckz _08 28 days ago

    Espero que siga siendo supervivencia que de eso se basa el juego y que nos cueste encontrar las armas y toda la tecnología y no nos las den al empezar el juego tan facil

  • 0Sizor0
    0Sizor0 Month ago +18

    "Get Down Son" was the best part of the trailer 100%. Best voice line and animation

    • Average_Guy
      Average_Guy 10 days ago +1

      is no one talking about how that might be Eric coming back to SoTF

  • daniel boyd
    daniel boyd Month ago +2

    The new features look so cool!

  • The Tio Proyec
    The Tio Proyec Month ago

    Joder tantos años de espera valieron la pena❤️🔥😩

  • Alex SomethingClever
    Alex SomethingClever Month ago +1

    The little cameo of the original character you play as! I’m so hyped for this game.

  • ???what???
    ???what??? Month ago

    Looks absolutely amazing :D

  • Ahmet Efe Horasan
    Ahmet Efe Horasan Month ago

    Definitely something very high quality and perfect awaits us. It also looks like it will make a sound in the next year.

  • Rendrat van Donkereschrijver

    the final creepy mutant reminds me of the giant mass of flesh seen in the Sahara Labs in the first game

  • I_TheJester_I
    I_TheJester_I Month ago +1

    Looks awesome. Lets wait and see if the game looks great aswell.

  • Hilmer Chavez huisa

    El mejor juego de supervivencia por siempre

  • kingEllis 666
    kingEllis 666 Month ago

    Massively underrated game!!! Cannot wait for this

  • varuthapadatha tg, lol sangam

    I m a real hard core forest game fan waiting for this game 🤩🤩🤩

  • Yung Bob Ross
    Yung Bob Ross Month ago +1513

    seriously the best survival game ever made, happy to see the next generation of it!!!

    • Sebastian Huertas Chau
      Sebastian Huertas Chau Month ago

      Calla sonso

    • Vincent F
      Vincent F Month ago +1

      you guys forgetting the long dark wich is probably just by the ingame mechanics the best singelplayer survival ever made

    • mawseeker
      mawseeker Month ago +1

      @gabreq hows your icarus doing now LOL

    • VividlyChillin
      VividlyChillin Month ago +1

      @X-RayMND This guy gets it

    • X-RayMND
      X-RayMND Month ago +3

      I’d say when it comes to actually surviving, DayZ is by far the most immersive game

  • Martin Sama
    Martin Sama Month ago +1

    Que salga ya porfavor amo este juegooo

  • Pablo Farias
    Pablo Farias Month ago +5

    Never been a fan of games liken this, this trailer made me hyped for this work of art to arrive!!!!

  • BitzThe8Bit
    BitzThe8Bit Month ago

    Still hope this'll have multiplayer, loved getting scared shitless and constantly saying "What is that" every second with the boys

  • ziljin
    ziljin Month ago +1

    Excited for all the let's plays

  • Clariio
    Clariio Month ago +1039

    The forest is one of my all time favorite games. This looks exciting!

  • Aaron Bowley
    Aaron Bowley Month ago

    PLEASE let this be playable in VR. the forest was a fantastic game, everything so far in the new one looks great!!!

  • Davin Lyseyko
    Davin Lyseyko Month ago +1

    Most anticipated game of the century!

  • Eddie Mitză
    Eddie Mitză Month ago +1

    Wow... This looks amazing.

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Month ago +1

    But will it REALLY look this pretty and run well when it comes out?

  • Yahel Pessi
    Yahel Pessi Month ago +1629

    Endnight seriously upped their game, this looks incredible.. can't wait

    • MalwareGhost
      MalwareGhost Month ago +10

      @Gattaii early access doesnt count ive played it since it came out on it

    • Gattaii
      Gattaii Month ago +4

      @MalwareGhost well u clearly didnt play on release game took 2 years of non stop updates to be playable

    • MalwareGhost
      MalwareGhost Month ago +1

      @Gattaii nothing changed on release

    • Gattaii
      Gattaii Month ago +1

      yall are clueless go watch original forest initial trailer

    • Nokon
      Nokon Month ago +2

      yeah. Your right

  • Nelzyr
    Nelzyr Month ago +1

    Nostalgic playing the forest beta with friends lol

  • Bunnny
    Bunnny Month ago +5

    I’m f**in hyped for this to come out bro you have no idea

  • ALEXANDRU Varvara
    ALEXANDRU Varvara Month ago

    It looks dope. I'm still rocking with the first part

  • Nile Force 2214
    Nile Force 2214 11 days ago +4

    this is the only game series where brutally jamming a decapitated head onto a stick fits in the calmer section of the song

  • Littlest Shotgun
    Littlest Shotgun Month ago +701

    the Forest was the first time an early access game actually delivered a finished product for me. im so happy to see the Title continue.

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer Month ago

      @Brad "A big game that was dropped and given early access to people so that the devs finds out bugs and get feedback has lots of bugs and performance issues" paraphrased you

    • Ye
      Ye Month ago +1


    • Paladin Rose
      Paladin Rose Month ago +5

      @Brad Do you not know what Early Access means?

    • Brad
      Brad Month ago

      it was full of bugs and performance terribly though, let's home they can do it better this time

    • The Unknown John Doe
      The Unknown John Doe Month ago +9

      @Axiarus he said it was the first one *for him*

  • Sjores87
    Sjores87 9 days ago

    Looks awesome! Only thing im scared of is that the game will feature too many modern weapons and items (shotgun, pistol, taser, etc.). The best thing about the original was crafting and improvising instead of bringing the entire COD arsenal with you to the island.

    • PIXΣYΣ
      PIXΣYΣ 9 days ago

      according to the devs the guns will have very limited ammo and will not be primary weapons

  • Edik191
    Edik191 Month ago +1

    Игра выглядит красиво. Будет круто если на релизе сразу будет кооператив. По трейлеру понятно что скорее всего НПС будут добавлены.
    И теперь вопрос 1:27 это нпс стреляет, или игрок который стал мутантом?
    Короче я в ожидании Sons of the Forest

  • Chazz Hill-Hayr
    Chazz Hill-Hayr Month ago

    Looks amazing!

  • Agustine Nino
    Agustine Nino Month ago

    I'm really looking forward to this game

  • Luca_ Magna77
    Luca_ Magna77 Month ago +516

    This is gonna be one of the best games of 2022 for sure. Looks like they are evolving the story as well as the survival aspects which is awesome

    • Shrekos
      Shrekos Month ago +1

      along with dl2, this is gonna be my favorite release

    • SCharlesDennicon
      SCharlesDennicon Month ago

      We don't know. Maybe the gameplay is awful.

    • VoidArch
      VoidArch Month ago +3

      it looks kinda the same as the original im just happy for more story and new gameplay

    • Mark
      Mark Month ago


    • Mr Man
      Mr Man Month ago


  • Jitterz DK
    Jitterz DK Month ago


  • T OH
    T OH Month ago

    This NEEDS a VR port like the first. It would be epic.

  • Huszon • 24 years ago

    The creatures in the cave is far more terrified as we can see. Superb hyped!

  • 7 Daysの子
    7 Daysの子 Month ago

    I’ve waited for years for this!!! I’m so exciting

  • Jacob Moreno
    Jacob Moreno Month ago +555

    This looks epic! The graphics and AI look vastly improved from the first game. Can't wait to finally play this game!

    • Shrekos
      Shrekos Month ago +1

      @Duddybuds 60fps is def enough, unless you have a 2080ti+ and a 144hz monitor

    • Duddybuds
      Duddybuds Month ago

      @אהרן bro 60 fps is not enougj

    • אהרן
      אהרן Month ago +3

      @StudiedTurtle 41 honestly I’m sure it’ll be around the same specs as the first one. The first one didn’t have high recommended specs and it still looked amazing. I’m sure most people will be able to hit 60 fps on this game.

    • Matt6sic6
      Matt6sic6 Month ago +9

      @StudiedTurtle 41 nowhere to go but up, dude.

    • StudiedTurtle 41
      StudiedTurtle 41 Month ago +10

      yes and with those graphics makes it harder to run but luckily this Christmas I'm getting a new pc

  • jedi501fc
    jedi501fc Month ago

    Man played the first one that was intense in many levels of survival but this is a whole new level. 👌

  • HenryWenn
    HenryWenn Month ago +2

    To everyone wondering about the console release: PC is the only confirmed platform so far, meaning that we don't know anything about console releases. But considering that they ported the first game to PS4, the success of it and that this game is a much more ambitious project, it should happen at some point. Just not at the same time as PC (May 20th)

    • Jimbo Craft
      Jimbo Craft Month ago +2

      The only thing us console players can do is to pray that they Confirm that they will release it on Ps4/Ps5 until may 20th :/

  • stancyyyyy
    stancyyyyy Month ago

    This looks amazing

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +1

    Those new game mechanics are looking promising

  • Kevin Trudell
    Kevin Trudell Month ago +1412

    Im praying they make a Vr version. The Forest VR was such a blast, even though it was a bit clunky and unpolished. It was still so fun!

    • Zero Todona
      Zero Todona Month ago

      I’m just hoping for a PS4 version in general

    • Shane Bolger
      Shane Bolger Month ago

      @EVOLICIOUS Not real VR... What 😂😂😂😂

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @J-Owl-Eagles VR is only on PC (and quest standalone). Consoles are not capable of real VR experiences, yet (PSVR is not real VR).

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @Small World Big Things yes, it is. It's literally GOTY and remains the best VR game by light years. HLA is the most polished and advanced VR game, lol.

    • Allarian
      Allarian Month ago +1

      ​@Small World Big Things Have you never touched another VR game other than Half life Alyx? You would place The Forest VR ahead of games like Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Resident Evil Biohazard/4, Boneworks, and Lone Echo? Madness.

  • S_H_A_R_K_O
    S_H_A_R_K_O Month ago

    5-Star to me already...I still love the first one and that is some what limited so this....HOLY HELL CAVE SHARKS 🦈 😳

  • NITRO_4000
    NITRO_4000 Month ago

    Can't wait to play it with my friends !

    DURAO Month ago

    i'd love to see a little less rigidity in some of the movements, but even looking past that, the attention to detail in this game is insane.

    • CODRIN C
      CODRIN C Month ago +1

      They got time to fix it all. Time is key. They probably wanted to focus first on the story, ai and systems, then their prob gonna fix all the glitches and etc.

  • Space Chicken007
    Space Chicken007 Month ago

    The graphics look insane!

  • Michael Flannigan
    Michael Flannigan Month ago +458

    Curious to see how the female companion type character will work. We seen her in the trailer helping defend the camp, and we’ve seen her in previous trailers with extra limbs. Wondering if she’s some sort of failed Virginia experiment?

    • kirbo thirty
      kirbo thirty Month ago

      @Joshua-Ejay Portic yes

    • Pingu
      Pingu Month ago +1

      @Greg Dalton dont call him out, they did nothing to you

    • Mortada Ali
      Mortada Ali Month ago

      @Very Shook maybe

    • Dancing Panda
      Dancing Panda Month ago +1

      she might just be a coop teammate as maybe there is a more advanced character select for coop.

    • Burnt Steak
      Burnt Steak Month ago


  • Shifu_mester
    Shifu_mester Month ago +2

    100% gonna buy this

  • goldeneyefleming
    goldeneyefleming Month ago +1

    my dream come with this game..hope to play it on console this is the best…i can t wait!!

  • GreekAssass1n
    GreekAssass1n 19 days ago

    we need a version on new gen consoles, please!

  • Rey Mar
    Rey Mar 5 days ago +1

    sooooooooo hyped for this installment

  • E Lee
    E Lee Month ago +263

    Really like the visuals, they’re photorealistic with a soft almost surreal lighting and texture work to it that’s perfect for the enemy design.

  • Jackson Samuel
    Jackson Samuel Month ago +1

    Cant wait this is great!

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    can’t wait for it to come out and everyone say it’s unfinished like every other video game rn

  • RoyalBeach
    RoyalBeach Month ago

    Excited for this!

  • Minister J Lupine

    Can't wait!!! I'm very excited!

  • Dalton The Awesome
    Dalton The Awesome 13 hours ago

    We all know the 80's were the best years.

  • Millsxn
    Millsxn Month ago +1

    Legit my jaw dropped seeing the title, can't wait to watch it now

  • will hennessey
    will hennessey Month ago

    Best game made in the last 5 years bet on it.

  • Jeison Javier Gutierrez Jimenez

    Dios se ve tan increible, ojala me corraaaaaa

  • BaddyGoons
    BaddyGoons Month ago +2234

    “Get down son!”

    2022 is going to be an awesome year!

    • Canada Dry can
      Canada Dry can Month ago

      @Carly Crays it is actually

    • Storm Infection
      Storm Infection Month ago

      @Downtowngriffinbrown We also said that about 2021

    • Kids Snyder
      Kids Snyder Month ago +1

      @Jorge Miguel Tavares 😂

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @PlateLive lol, it's been here for weeks already, you must be dumb.

    • Giovanni Fitzgerald
      Giovanni Fitzgerald Month ago

      Fingers crossed 🤞.........It looks like we are in for a wild ride 😅

  • LxT_Basic
    LxT_Basic Month ago

    Can’t wait for the midnight games with the boys playing this in the original it was so funny when one of us would get jump scared 🤣

  • Donteros Terrowyn
    Donteros Terrowyn 4 days ago

    People always concidered this game a horror game.

    But what few realize is that this is a horror game for the cannibals, and we are the psycho axeman. Remember even in the first game they were more afraid of us than we were of them.

  • Connor Hershey
    Connor Hershey Month ago

    About time I’ve been waiting for this one 😏

  • Gamma Beam
    Gamma Beam Month ago

    supervivencia y zombis , es la hostia!!

  • RamblinManTV
    RamblinManTV Month ago +213

    It looks like a huge improvement over the first game. I'm excited to see it!

    • Death Star
      Death Star Month ago +2

      Bro this game looks like a Fan Made game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • TheItalianMafia 1940s
      TheItalianMafia 1940s Month ago

      @Marcy ignore the sped. He’s a attention seeker or a troll

    • Marcy
      Marcy Month ago +6

      @Ice man bro what

    • Ice man
      Ice man Month ago +1

      tf up

  • Para Traxx
    Para Traxx Month ago +1

    I've been waiting for literally years now!

  • Rudo 277piloto
    Rudo 277piloto Month ago +1

    Ive been waiting for ever go play the game im hyped

  • X-Abyte
    X-Abyte Month ago +1

    In that end scene I’m 99 percent certain that the guy with the shotgun is the last games main character and the “son” is the same son from the last game.

  • Giorgia Longato
    Giorgia Longato 19 days ago

    Really excited for this