Why Nintendo is For Kids... and Everyone Else Too


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  • raelv_gaming
    raelv_gaming 5 hours ago

    Nintendo consoles and games are for everyone , even if you grew up with it. I’ve had Nintendo consoles in the past and they are great, but i rarely play Nintendo games now cauz I have changed in it

  • Toomnyusernae
    Toomnyusernae 18 hours ago

    There's nothing inherently wrong with having a preference for Nintendo games. It just gives the other impression. It's like saying "those" other games AREN'T for me so I'll play with Nintendo stuff. I guess.

  • Lennymur05
    Lennymur05 Day ago

    I Sold My Switch Cause Let’s Be Honest. What Other Reason Than Dickheads Saying “REEE YoUr A lItTlE bItCh PlAy FoRtNiTe”

  • GamePlayKing
    GamePlayKing Day ago

    you should make a video about the news about telltale shutting down

  • Joshua Peterson
    Joshua Peterson 2 days ago

    I think dissing anyone personally on their taste in games is an elitist and toxic thing to do. Just let people enjoy things.

  • Game Guy
    Game Guy 3 days ago

    One time some 15 year old looked at me playing my Switch and said
    “You play Nintendo? The only people who play that are man-children and toddlers!”
    Then I asked, “And what do you play?”
    “GTA V, Fortnite, Halo...” (He also said a couple others, but I forgot what they were)
    “Mhm.” And then I walked away.

  • BreadmanJohn
    BreadmanJohn 4 days ago

    Nintendo's ability to appeal to such a large audience is a part of why they're such a good company in my opinion. Kids can enjoy their games, teenagers can enjoy their games, and many adults who grew up with the NES and have nostalgia for Nintendo can enjoy playing the games with their children. My mom used to love Super Mario Bros. 3 back in the day, and nowadays she sometimes plays Mario Kart with me. My brother joins in too. Always lots of fun.

  • DodoMaxx 11
    DodoMaxx 11 5 days ago

    08:15 Sicckm8?

  • Jolt 101
    Jolt 101 6 days ago

    Everybody at my school just talks about fortnite lol

  • Lulu The Cat
    Lulu The Cat 6 days ago

    Me and My brother still play lego star wars for fun :3

  • Mr. Tranix
    Mr. Tranix 6 days ago

    Is there a chance to buy a haedox hoodie. I'm 100000000% down for it

  • Nintendofangeek
    Nintendofangeek 6 days ago

    You know what else kids play? Call of duty :0!


  • Carmel Nurit
    Carmel Nurit 7 days ago

    Nice video !

  • Oshawotters
    Oshawotters 7 days ago

    What do you think about A Hat in Time DLC, 2 player, and it coming to switch?

  • Samprein
    Samprein 7 days ago

    Why don’t you talk about valve?

  • Philip The 1UP Nova
    Philip The 1UP Nova 7 days ago

    2017: cool = good at playing video games
    2018: cool = edgy

  • Rob Fortune
    Rob Fortune 8 days ago

    The way I see it is that if YOU like the game and if YOU want to play it, then go ahead. Doesn't matter what it is. My older brother likes Zelda games so if he wants to play BotW then let him. My younger brother plays Fortnite so if he wants to play that then let him. If you like the least popular game in a series (let's say Sticker Star from the Paper Mario series) and you want to play it, then play it regardless of whether other people think it's good or not. To me it doesn't matter what the game is as long as the person playing it is enjoying it in one way or another

  • Tamas2020
    Tamas2020 10 days ago

    I’m shaking and crying haedox would never say frick omg

  • Vampirebite3124
    Vampirebite3124 11 days ago

    I’m glad some1 made this video but I find it really annoying I can’t talk to anyone about most games and find it really annoying when people go around school saying “all switch players are terrible” and “you can tell they’re a switch player “ even though they can’t actually be in the same server as well as the fact that what console is the best is your own opinion and you shouldn’t be going around making fun of people who don’t think the same

  • Pli84 Yt
    Pli84 Yt 11 days ago

    This used to be me when I was 5-7

  • liz ッ
    liz ッ 11 days ago

    loll when i was a kid everyone looooovved nintendo?? me and my friends would always play nintendo games on thursday while my dad would make hamburgers. my nephews had a gamecube and playing games with them in the living room was the best thing ever. I looked up to them and begged my mother to get a wii a couple of years later and my mom bought a wii on her own birthday and the wii is one of my favorite childhood memories. this text is not interesting but yea i let myself go

  • J Lo
    J Lo 12 days ago

    Your videos are disordered. Should have intro, body and conclusion yet you echo chamber for 10 minutes.
    This is what happens when you don't pay attention in English.

    LMANTHEMAN 13 days ago

    I feel your pain pal, I fell your pain (I’m in 8th grade and I get bullied that I play Mario, super smash brothers, Zelda, and all those games.) They all like retarded fortnite and call of duty.

  • Drodeka
    Drodeka 14 days ago

    Haedox is my favorite TheXvid twink

  • Just Vinnie
    Just Vinnie 15 days ago


  • God Migikarp
    God Migikarp 18 days ago

    One kid at my school says ea is better than Nintendo stop it, get some help kid

  • Dr. Weavile
    Dr. Weavile 19 days ago

    *I only play real games like AC, Halo, and CoD*

  • Plushmation Studios
    Plushmation Studios 20 days ago +1

    I'm so sorry to hear that nintendo is cool and you shouldn't let them get you down I don't own an Xbox 360 or the new playstation and I think the nintendo systems are cool *hug you*

  • BaRRY H5Z7 D
    BaRRY H5Z7 D 20 days ago

    Those same retards who NINTENDO IS FOR KIDS probably went to playing the worst call of duty game(Black Ops 4) and WannabePUBG41: Shite Royale(Fortnite) and starting shouting death treats to people 5 time older than them on either
    Which is me saying that the people who say Nintendo is for kids are 7 year olds trying to be cool(cringy)

  • Victor Sosa/SuperSmashCrabRawl

    Not gonna lie I like spider(solitaire)

  • true vs you
    true vs you 21 day ago

    I dont know anyone in my school who likes Nintendo. No joke.

  • Justputsome Namehere
    Justputsome Namehere 22 days ago

    as a kid I loved playing bayonetta 2

  • Heisted
    Heisted 22 days ago

    Oh damn. I played COD but in all of middle school and some of high school I was bullied and teased for liking Nintendo. And cause I was Russian and German. So yeah stereotypes and Nintendo.

  • Extremewrecker2000 The willer.

    And then there's Atari.

  • 0Sharky
    0Sharky 24 days ago

    Do wizard 101 with the new graphic update!!!!!!

  • Axel Goldfarb
    Axel Goldfarb 24 days ago

    Sony and Microsoft be bashing all the kids games. Sony and Microsoft has kids games like Crash, Spyro and Banjo-Kazooie!

    • Sickle
      Sickle 24 days ago

      Axel Goldfarb The only Banjo Kazooie game from Microsoft is Nuts and Bolts.

  • Marazzmatika
    Marazzmatika 24 days ago

    I like Wii U. Maybe it's because I haven't got the switch. But games are pretty good at gameplay point and even graphically: Mario Kart 8 is the most beautiful game of the series (what is unsurprisingly),and gameplay got big upgrade too,Breath of the wild is one with big world,where you can do pretty much everything: cook helpful dishes,ride a horse,help people and other friendly creatures,also 720p is real 2017. But Switch is almost this,but in 900p. Switch is just like the GBA,but unlike it,got only better. And why self-proclaimed hardcore gamers playing GTA 5 if little kid (5-7 years) played this?

  • Kirby Stole My Hat
    Kirby Stole My Hat 24 days ago

    Yeah! We all know that family friendly game called Conker’s Bad Fur Day! Super kid friendly!

  • Derp Sqertle
    Derp Sqertle 24 days ago +1

    I’m going into middle school this year, and I have been hiding that I like Nintendo a lot in elementary. I don’t have anyone to play with so I’m just gonna show it a bit more to see if anyone else agrees. To be honest, I don’t care if the dumb teenagers and bullies want to bully me. I can shrug it off.

    • Derp Sqertle
      Derp Sqertle 24 days ago

      If any of you are going through the same thing, just tell them to find another way to be popular. Like perhaps standing up for others. E is for everyone. Not kids

  • Sonic The Zora
    Sonic The Zora 25 days ago

    I like Nintendo :3

  • Bup Boi
    Bup Boi 25 days ago

    You should've talked about the gba mucro commercial

  • Cap'n Octo
    Cap'n Octo 25 days ago

    (And then Bayonetta came)

  • DamienGamer727
    DamienGamer727 26 days ago

    I wish I have a Nintendo Switch. The only Nintendo system I got is a 2DS.

  • Poncemanuelo Gamer
    Poncemanuelo Gamer 26 days ago

    #nitendo for erebody

  • _LH8020 _
    _LH8020 _ 26 days ago

    People call me a 4 year old cuz I play minecraft at the age of 10..... 😭

  • Dcard Dcardian
    Dcard Dcardian 26 days ago

    I have been a pc user sense the start, to see the lesser system fight is entertaining for me. There is things that everyone shall be werry about that is casualisation of gaming and to be locked in to a system or a corporation. That all console users are. Free yourselfs get a pc.

  • Brenden Byrne
    Brenden Byrne 27 days ago

    3:17 I'm done. He had the fucking temple of time theme playing in the church. 😂😂😂

  • Mergie S
    Mergie S 27 days ago

    To be honest, I play nearly everything. I will play anything as long as it's good but I'm a Nintendo fan mainly. I had a Wii U at launch and still own it.

  • Tattle Gaming
    Tattle Gaming 27 days ago

    👏 👏 👏

  • SoloArtCrafter Productions

    Everyone loves mascot/cartoon characters
    (Mario,Sonic,Crash,Syrio,Donkey kong,Banjo Kazooie and many more)
    Edgy Shooting Games for teens and adults
    Only babies play cartoon games
    Mid - Late 2010
    Adults Now: Playing Cartoony "Babies" games
    Kids Now: Playing Real Baby games yes that means every shooting game

  • The Mystic Silverfish
    The Mystic Silverfish 28 days ago

    the wii u didn’t suck

  • i bims1 patrik c:
    i bims1 patrik c: 28 days ago

    Im 16 and in 10th class still the ps4 hardcore player think Nintendo (recently My Switch) is for Kids :( botw is Not baddd
    The best fact ‚they‘ have are that the Switch dont have good Games.
    1. they dont know Even 2 Games just Mario Kart
    2. and if i Play mk8 with someone they ask every Time if they Can too.
    This makes me depressiv this topic AAAA
    A Girl sitting next to me is like : ‚very bitchy Voice like veryyy‘ uhhh u also got that Thing My Brother Haus it he is 8 omg...‘
    And where the Problem ? I Said and for the Rest of the day she just ignored me.
    Okay i am very sorry for some Basic english typos My german autocorrect litterly coreect every word into some shitty german....

  • Shark Androx
    Shark Androx 28 days ago

    i got bullied in school for liking super mario bros so I did need to hide the fact that I liked pokemon

  • GRIPR Cz
    GRIPR Cz 28 days ago

    someone from nintendo:hmm our systems are too kid friendly what shall we do?someone from nintendo2 :hmm what abount to ask bethesda if we can add doom and skyrim on switch?

  • Nonje4560 2
    Nonje4560 2 29 days ago


  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter 29 days ago

    Nintendo has personality and style on their side, and their games can get dark when it's necessary, that's what I like about them, even though I'm 28 now. They just have a certain kind of "magic" that very few companies or games can match.
    Charming and inspiring for kids, deep and interesting for the grown-ups, fun for both.

  • ItsThsBest Help
    ItsThsBest Help 29 days ago

    Fact nintendo its the first guys who created the first console

    • Sickle
      Sickle 24 days ago

      ItsThsBest Help Are you being serious?

  • Ben Dadashov
    Ben Dadashov 29 days ago

    lol when I was in middle school people were jealous over my nintendo, probably because they didnt like first pesron shooters and games like that and didnt give a fuck about how will the friends will think about them, because we are nerds, and even my best friend who touched a wii controller once played with us smash 4 (but spammed ganon netural B over and over but it was still a good time).

  • *insert non-original name here*

    So a kid at my school saw another kid playing splatoon 2 and said “that looks like a nerdy version of Fortnite”. And now I wait for the replies.
    Edit: and it’s not that I’m mad about this I just wanna hear what people will say like the Fortnite “fans” saying “well it’s true” or the people that genuinely hate the game saying “ok then” or “BEAT THEM UP NOW!”

  • Руслан Кучеренко

    We need videos about Metro Games (Like 2033 and Last Light (original or Redux) with a new coming Exodus) and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and get your review on those .

  • Improvisable
    Improvisable 29 days ago


  • Improvisable
    Improvisable 29 days ago

    Im going to be honest with you I think BotW is not a kids game because it's way too complex for most kids who aren't at least around 11 there is a 7/8 yrold in my neighborhood who got it and has had it for so long but hasnt even gotten all 4 divine beasts

  • Vadim Gaming
    Vadim Gaming 29 days ago

    *plays Majora's Mask,Majora's Final form appears*
    Nintendo is for kids,r-right?

  • zero
    zero Month ago

    This is not real
    Nintendo in the 2000s made a game with blood

  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom Month ago

    HA nerd. I totally wasn't treated the same... Also Kirby is best boi

  • I Quit
    I Quit Month ago

    So I’m a bring my Nintendo 3ds to school cause it doesn’t matter 👏

  • Hector Bravo
    Hector Bravo Month ago

    I play Mario and I not a kid

  • Hector Bravo
    Hector Bravo Month ago

    I 17

  • Hector Bravo
    Hector Bravo Month ago

    I 17

  • Hector Bravo
    Hector Bravo Month ago

    I am a teen

  • BuckeyeWolfy Allie
    BuckeyeWolfy Allie Month ago +1

    I remember 4 years ago I got my first video game console(Wii U)And my brother and I freaked out.Im 12 now and everyone plays Fortnite and makes fun of me for playing Sonic

  • Llama Craft
    Llama Craft Month ago

    nintendo worked hard and people sometimes bully people who likes nintendo games thats just sad D:

  • Some awkward Weirdo
    Some awkward Weirdo Month ago +1

    Fun fact I never cared about what people thought about me

  • Sonic The Zora
    Sonic The Zora Month ago

    I "Really" Liked Mario

  • Scoob Gaming
    Scoob Gaming Month ago

    I dont get it, people at school always said it was stupid to play Nintendo games, but how is a fat plumber jumping around worse for a 12 year old than shooting people for fun

  • Conor Maher
    Conor Maher Month ago

    When you see a thumbnail of Scott The Woz briefly and get amped.

  • Kenneth Romero
    Kenneth Romero Month ago

    dont worry i was a fan to known for my childhood

  • Shade
    Shade Month ago

    Let's be honest, the people who say Nintendo games are just for kids are mostly those edgy tweens anyway. Who cares about them if they're just going to disrespect your opinion right?

  • Nine Tailed Fury
    Nine Tailed Fury Month ago

    It is but it's still fun as fuck.

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker Month ago

    Nintendo's lame. Xbox is miles ahead of everything else. Check out the specifications.

  • Yasso Apples
    Yasso Apples Month ago


  • Alish
    Alish Month ago

    Why are Nintendo fans the only one's that try to prove something that is for kids is actually for adults? If you tell someone kids shows are for kids, they'll agree. Seems like Nintendo fans over 14 are very insecure, I would rather Nintendo fans own their kiddy games instead of trying to say kids games are for adults.
    *video game crash only affected the US market, it's so irritating when people try to say nintendo saved gaming

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay Month ago

    Nittindo helps the indresteny. They saved videogames as an whole. Yet people think they kick the one who saved thier company. Im not say you cant dislike nittindo. Im saying *dont be a jerk about it*

  • Nicole Dunithan
    Nicole Dunithan Month ago +1

    I have friends who think that all Nintendo games and pokemon games (because they think all Pokemon games are the same) are terrible and think COD and Fortnite are the best games ever

    I need new friends

  • deep citrus
    deep citrus Month ago

    do people think smash is for kids? huh. always got the vibe people thought smash was the exception. like the game people play that grew up playing nintendo games. more mature ish.

  • Matt H
    Matt H Month ago

    You sound like a total pussy

  • df88dabomb
    df88dabomb Month ago

    I don’t care about the haters. Kirby Star Allies is still my favorite video game ever! If you disagree, you can have your opinion. I am just giving my own opinion.

  • Shiny Pikachu482
    Shiny Pikachu482 Month ago

    Your 100% right everyone says that Pikachu is stupid and they say that go to hell just because I like Pikachu!!??

  • Quajutsu
    Quajutsu Month ago

    Are you German?

  • Zesanactor Over-5
    Zesanactor Over-5 Month ago

    Nintendo isn’t for kids

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa

    In my opinion a person who plays Nintendo games is a smarter and cooler person than a guy who plays cod and gta,simply bcz these are the mainstream games and when you play something like Mario it's because it's good and you like it and not bcz everyone plays it

  • Austin Rowlison
    Austin Rowlison Month ago +1

    i know Nintendo is for kids, but it's also for everyone too LOL!!

  • Galaxy Yoshis
    Galaxy Yoshis Month ago

    Yay . A youtuber who acually liked the wii u! No joke I like the wii u too. I understand it wasn't the best console but it dosnt deserve all the hate it gets.

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones Month ago

    nInTeNdO iS fOr kIds Luigi gets his soul harvested and bayonetta has naked girls :(

  • nerdy proffesor7
    nerdy proffesor7 Month ago

    I dnt realy give a fuck i watch anime at the age of 15 and my dad thinks it cartoon but i still watch it not bothering to differentiate and i play mario kart 8 and other nintendo games despite my age group and sex tell me its lame to play those game and i should play call of duty and fifa or NFl but i DONT CARE .....im not going to spend 59 buck to play a game i dont like because my parents aint spending shit on video games and yes, my friends can question me about my choices and even influence me but if they ignore in public because im not so called COOL , ThEY NOT MY FRIENDS.

  • Murpeet
    Murpeet Month ago

    It’s funny because generally nintendo games are way more challenging than those « mature » games. I mean look at Zelda for example. This is definitely not a kind of game that a kid could easily beat.
    The point is that video games are for every one. Considering nintendo games as « kids’ games » just because of their graphical aspect is stupid. If you like video games, you’ll like every kind of games, not just the more violent ones.

  • Unstoppable Nacho
    Unstoppable Nacho Month ago

    I feel so bad for him as a kid, as a 12 year old Nintendo fan, I get bullied. I will be on the side of Nintendo for life

  • Olaf Lesniak
    Olaf Lesniak Month ago

    wow. You are super genuine. Love it and keep up your work!

  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake Month ago

    Nintendo is E for Everyone! Unlike Dabing

  • pro giratina
    pro giratina Month ago

    I remember when I used to get bullied for playing sonic, lol but it didn't really last long as most of my friends didn't actually care