iPhone 11 Pro vs Sony A7iii

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • How capable is the iPhone 11 Pro camera? Can it take on the Sony A7III? We shot photos and videos comparing the two for you to be the judge.

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Comments • 29

  • PadPoet
    PadPoet 16 days ago

    Weird. My video footage even from my A6000 trashes my iPhone 11 Pro 1080p video. And my A6500 4K video trashes the 4K video from my iPhone 11 Pro. I'm not even going to discuss photos. There is simply no comparison. They might look the same on a small screen but once you download them to your computer the difference is night and day.

  • Tarocalypse
    Tarocalypse Month ago

    From a hybrid/vLogging perspective it's very clear from this video that with basic / auto settings the iPhone will win hands down because it was designed, thanks to incredible software, to work on auto. The Sony A7III can't compete if left on auto/elementary setup. My take is the Sony will surpass the iPhone provided you are prepared to step up and make it do the work it was designed to do. You have to get your hands a little dirty. If you are lazy or time limited in post or inexperienced with "manual" cameras then you shouldn't purchase the Sony, just use the iPhone for your vLogging needs. The big exception if you do a lot of NIGHT vLogging and you want to upload 4K video. Get the A7III in that regard.

    For me the problem is my phone is broken. I also need a new phone. But I want to shoot NIGHT city walk abouts. I am well and truly stuck. Wish I could afford both!

  • jason mccarrick
    jason mccarrick Month ago +1

    I shoot with my phone but it never compares to a mirrorless camera ...

  • Luke Underwood
    Luke Underwood Month ago +2

    I hate to say it but this has to be the worse marketing video ever!!! Your goal I’m assuming is to sell lenses!!!! Correct? I have some myself and they are great!!!! So why would you first off put up a video shoot out with the iPhone and a far superior camera when it comes to video!!!! Photo we can argue the point but video on the phones aren’t quite there yet!!! Also he doesn’t even talk about the lenses at all so you have no clue about anything other than a match up between the two devices and the icing on top of the cake is the creator even chooses the Sony and not the phone inadvertently telling someone who is watching this video that if they want good video or photo they should choose the camera over the phone which would not make anyone want to go buy the phone or the lenses!!! I have your lenses and they are amazing but seriously you should make an awesome video about how amazing the lenses are and what it ads to your content from the phone!!! As a professional photographer I can definitely say I can crush the a7lll in photos but video is not there yet!!! Sorry for the ramble!!!!

      SANDMARC  Month ago

      Hi Luke,

      Our goal is to provide you with content that is unbiased and adds different mix of devices to help you capture next level content. Not all vlog videos are about selling but providing a variety of content. New videos regarding what you mentioned are in our channel and more to come as well. Cheers!

  • Kaser Alkaser
    Kaser Alkaser Month ago +2

    Sony's problem is always and never is the balance of light, in terms of colors, they are better.

  • Rob Jaudon
    Rob Jaudon Month ago

    I would like to understand what was used in post-processing. I agree with both sides, everyday people will ultimately go with the iPhone and the more serious shooter is going with the DSLR in manual mode with good glass.

    • Rob Jaudon
      Rob Jaudon Month ago

      @Justin J Morris Thank you sir. Job well done with the video. I appreciate the post.

    • Justin J Morris
      Justin J Morris Month ago +1

      Rob Jaudon No clips were color corrected and no images were retouched or edited in any way if that’s what you mean. I agree 100% with your comment!

  • Ken Cheng
    Ken Cheng Month ago +2

    at about 2:15 into the video, you showed a still shot from each device with the sunset back-lit situation... was the DRO on the a7III turned on or off?

  • Marco Alejandro Alvarez

    iPhone 11 Pro definitely

  • Michael Cahn
    Michael Cahn Month ago +8

    Sorry my friend. Seriously? The whole reason you buy a professional grade camera is to use it in manual mode. It is literally the very first thing that they will teach you in your first photography class. It’s like comparing a Toyota Prius against a Ferrari but the Ferrari has to drive backwards. It’s just a ridiculous comparison. The only thing this video is good for is making people feel good about dropping $1200 on a new cell phone that isn’t really much different from the last cell phone.

    • Justin J Morris
      Justin J Morris Month ago +2

      SJFTV I’ll make sure to point out next time the clear advantage the Sony would have if shot in manual! Thanks for watching!

    • SJFTV
      SJFTV Month ago +4

      I agree, it seems like a very unfair and bias comparison.

  • Raul J. Gomez
    Raul J. Gomez Month ago +6

    Man idk. That 11 pro looks good! Portraits on the IPhone 11 dope though!

  • Thornwall Studios
    Thornwall Studios Month ago +7

    Terrible video. Nobody shoots with an A7iii handheld. Nobody drops 3 grand on an A7iii and a decent lens to shoot on auto either. Not to mention we don’t even know what lens you are using. iPhone footage looks unnaturally crisp and you will never get any cinematic depth of field from it.

    • Justin J Morris
      Justin J Morris Month ago

      Thornwall Studios 100%. I noticed that first off too. Noted for the next video!

    • Thornwall Studios
      Thornwall Studios Month ago

      Justin J Morris yeah, but they don’t shoot handheld like the very first shakey terrible walking shot. And if they shoot handheld, it’s with a Sony lens usually that has stabilization. It just seemed gimmicky that THAT was the very first footage they showed.

    • Justin J Morris
      Justin J Morris Month ago

      Thornwall Studios While I know plenty of people that shoot all kinds of cameras including RED handheld, I see where you’re coming from. I almost always have the A7iii on a gimbal and would never use an iPhone for paid work like I say at the end. The lens used is the Tamron 17-28 for those concerned.

    • Thornwall Studios
      Thornwall Studios Month ago +1

      Now throw my Zeiss 55 on there and see if it looks anywhere close to this iPhone garbage.

    • Nathan Mullet
      Nathan Mullet Month ago

      Tru, he was shooting on the Tamron 28-75 2.8

  • Lynda Mcmullen
    Lynda Mcmullen Month ago +2

    The iPhone 11pro is my choice. Thank you

    SANDMARC  Month ago +1

    Which is your camera of choice?

    • Kwill Edições
      Kwill Edições Month ago +1

      @Bazza I agree with you. The camera is better for photographers and those who want to earn money with photography. My choice also would be the iphone

    • Bazza
      Bazza Month ago +1

      @Kwill Edições Not everyone will want to take a picture and then have to edit it. Two different cameras and applications but for the sake of not having to carry a heavy and bulky camera it would be the iPhone for me.

    • Kwill Edições
      Kwill Edições Month ago +3

      Auto HDR of iPhone is awsome, but after editing probably the Sony Camera will get better results