PS5 vs Xbox 2 (2020) - The FULL Story!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Playstation 5 vs Xbox 2 - Everything We Know!
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Comments • 5 420

    ZONEofTECH  7 months ago +679

    Team Xbox or Team PlayStation? Also, plz subscribe and hit the bell :)) thank you!!

    • SuBZeRo18 Gaming
      SuBZeRo18 Gaming Month ago


    • Jeoffatron
      Jeoffatron 3 months ago


    • Angel Lopez
      Angel Lopez 3 months ago

      ZONEofTECH team PlayStation better

    • TheStyles4life
      TheStyles4life 3 months ago

      Dude Xbox one x does not do 4k 60fps on any Forza horizon games

    • Jets Set 5.0
      Jets Set 5.0 3 months ago

      I had both the scorpio and the pro. Ima have to go with ps. Cuz the controller is way easier to me and I got way more kills and better at 2k too.. .

  • Demonations
    Demonations 5 hours ago

    Can someone plz answer my question: is the Xbox series x the Xbox scarlet?

  • Chris stenton
    Chris stenton 5 days ago

    love Xbox.

  • Alexander Cummin
    Alexander Cummin 7 days ago +1

    4K enhanced graphics all the way!

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 18 days ago


  • Kazuki
    Kazuki 22 days ago

    Imagine playing fps shooters with the 3D audio and getting PTSD

  • Biagio Nunziata
    Biagio Nunziata 23 days ago

    Team Xbox 💚💚💚

  • Abrmaximo1
    Abrmaximo1 Month ago


  • Aqua
    Aqua Month ago

    Wondering what will happen if they collaborate together

  • White Tiger Visions

    I was a sony fan up until sony didn't do cross play with PS4.. this pissed me off to no extent.. all my friends had an XBOX and I had a Playstation.. Playstation is not as popular in Australia.. this was very frustrating at the time.. I ended up trading in 2 PS4 units an original and a Pro for an XBOX S and then soon an X.. I have had an amazing experience since.. PS4 has games.. but not ones that appeal to me. XBOX also has Xcloud and near fully backwards compatability and Gamepass on the PC... I see the xbox as better value overall and you get the better graphics and controller on the X... will definitely pick up the Series X when it launches... I may get a PS5 but highly doubt it at this point.. mostly probably won't have the tech specs or the online infastructure... it will be much better than the PS4 and light years on the switch.. I say at this point if you love the sony franchises pick Sony.. if you're on the MS franchises and have become accustomed to the environment stick with MS

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady Month ago

    They shoulda called it XBox 1080

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady Month ago

    One day, Apple is gonna come out with a gaming system

  • Chalton Aloe
    Chalton Aloe Month ago

    Hey console-gamers.. PC gamer here. You guys rock.

  • Keegan Foster
    Keegan Foster Month ago

    I’m so excited for the era of gaming we will see in 2020 cross play consoles that will be better than pcs because better hardware for price etc I’m truly so excited

  • Poogie Jefe
    Poogie Jefe Month ago +1

    ima get a Ps5 cuz all i hear is:
    "you should get xbox"
    "xbox is better"
    "all of our friends have it"
    "its the best"
    "do you have xbox"

  • Poogie Jefe
    Poogie Jefe Month ago

    Xbox (Dio):...
    Ps1 (Jonathan): Sunlight Yellow... Overdrive!
    Nintendo (speedwagon): He got him!

  • Hi guys Hagu
    Hi guys Hagu Month ago

    I will pick ps5 cause it’s more powerful Xbox equals Xbot that what my friends call it

  • fuzzybliss
    fuzzybliss Month ago +1

    All of this doesn't really matter if you only put out five good games in four years

  • Retro Wolf 13
    Retro Wolf 13 Month ago




  • ieatjets
    ieatjets Month ago

    imagine if it was the "X-box 370" lol or X-box 360 2

  • Khaled Alkhaled
    Khaled Alkhaled Month ago +1

    ps5 and💙💖😎😍👍✌👌😎😍💙💖👍✌👌💟💚💛💜💝💝💞💕💓💗😚😘😗😙💋👑👏👑💋😙😗😘😚💗💓💕💞💝💟💚💛💜💙💖😎😍👍✌👌👍👍👍

  • Trixa Kidd
    Trixa Kidd Month ago

    I think xbox will be the dominant console next gen. They get their consoles out faster and learned not to make them expensive. We'll just have to see. Though PS4 can record videos and stream wayyy better than xbox. Im an Xbox fan boy and I agree with that. That is the only reason I would get one. I want to make console gaming videos since i only make mobile. PS4 would be great. 👍

  • John Peisithanatos
    John Peisithanatos Month ago

    losers 1st world issues man, i play consoles since 1983 never xbox hate stop cryin man!!! i play my old arari, ps1 still too ps2 gamecube nes so on!...

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Month ago

    I was about to say. If gta became a ps exclusive Microsoft would be finished.

  • مصطفى الكعبي

    Xbox 2😍😍😍😍

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha Month ago +1

    I really don’t know if Microsoft will make it to another console after this next console.

  • Gilroy MotorSports & Life

    I don’t think it really matters, I’ve been with PlayStation since the beginning and last year just for kicks I also bought an Xbox one X & several games just to try it I ended up selling it two months later i didn’t like it, also didn’t like the way it does updates and the way to turn it off and the user interface is crap, so it doesn’t matter PS people are going to stay with PS & Xbox people are going to stay with Xbox, I would like to find out what percentage is actually willing to change over

  • Lil Ambivert
    Lil Ambivert Month ago

    Ps5 next exclusive game: the flash

  • ZiK
    ZiK 2 months ago

    PC Master race. These consoles didn't even come out yet and the parts are old already.

  • t blacc
    t blacc 2 months ago

    X box army

  • Jay Carver
    Jay Carver 2 months ago


  • ryan bloomfield
    ryan bloomfield 2 months ago

    Ps 5 not good my ps 4 blue 500 million limited edition ps 4 blue the ps 5 will not bit my ps 4 2tb to good ps 4

  • Carlo Galopo
    Carlo Galopo 2 months ago

    Why do you talk that way?

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal 2 months ago

    Why the hell Nvidia and Intel combination is not considered in consoles?

  • Warren Kazakiewich
    Warren Kazakiewich 2 months ago

    No 8K TV so I'm happy with 4K lol.

  • Dennis
    Dennis 2 months ago

    You're talking for ever about similarities between both and then you explain, that the PS5 has to be stronger because VR??? Xbox one X supports no VR and is still the most powerful Console on the market at the moment! PS has better exclusives, marketing and history. Many gamers started with PS1 or 2 and they stick with Sony for that reason. From my perspective, Xbox is more innovative, though(play anywhere, cloud gaming...) .

  • Omar Valderama
    Omar Valderama 2 months ago

    We don’t have a 8k tv yet so will this system b able to play on a 4K tv

  • random_ user
    random_ user 2 months ago

    I want 1440p 140fps

  • joseph lach
    joseph lach 2 months ago +1

    Xbox Scarlet: **Introducing cross compatibility**
    Me: "Alright I'm sold"
    Xbox Scarlet: **Introducing cross compatibility for Xbox One games , Xbox 360 games, and Xbox One controllers**
    Me: **Tears of Joy**

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer 2 months ago

    Sony said that the ssd flash will be fast, even faster then a ssd on a pc... So idk why you say it won't be as fast? If you look at load times they gave as an example for Spiderman, which on a normal PS4 Pro is about 20 seconds, it only took 0.8 seconds on the new flash drive from Sony. I'm really curious to see how it all holds up when the PS5 will come out. I heard too many different things already. XBOX Scarlett will be more powerful, PS5 will be more powerful. And actually, i don't give a damn cause it's the games that matters to me. Do you think i care that the XBOX 1 X is more powerful when i got Uncharted and Last Of Us 2 to play? When i have Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War? Spiderman and Bloodborne. Etc etc... I want Microsoft to bring exclusives to the Scarlett, and only that platform, not for the pc, then i will be impressed!

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer 2 months ago

    If i remember correctly, Sony was the first to announce the fast SSD etc... So don't be so surprised, both XBOX and PS5 will be similar to each other!

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer 2 months ago

    I said it before and i'll say it again: Power doesn't mean anything if you don't have the games to play on it. And what i mean by that is Simple, look at the x1x and then look at the PS4. Or better yet, compare it with the cheaper and even less powerful console: The Nintendo Switch.

    Why is the Switch selling better? Simple, it has a LOT of great exclusives. While the Xbox, has some, exclusives, and even those, you can play on the pc now. So i hope the Scarlett will be more powerful then the PS5, so i can prove my point. But with all the acquisitions that Microsoft did, i really hope they can make up for that!

    The thing is, i never looked at an XBOX because it mostly is first person shooter, besides a couple games that has storylines. And i want those! Give me something a la super lucky's tale, but a bit more then one game. Give me a great Uncharted, The Last Of Us, God Of War, Mario, Zelda, etc etc, you know what i mean. And i will buy the Scarlett in a heart beat!
    I'm still very interested in the X1X because of a couple of games, super lucky's tale is an example, but also forza 7, Killer Instinct (which is a beautiful fight game btw)! And then there is Gears Of War, i can't play Halo sadly enough because i have motion sickness, hence the hope i have that Microsoft will focus more on a good third person story line game. Or just a good platformer 😀 I know Microsoft can do this. But they have to prove themselves of course. Here's hoping that, next generation i will have all three consoles. For now, i'm staying with my PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch!

  • Phanta smic
    Phanta smic 2 months ago +1

    As long as there's no cheating. I know I'm a charactr . And even on the Xbox one if can. It is like I lag , but I shoot at them oh and they teleport that was on call of duty

    EYE GREEN 2 months ago

    if you can make gta loading times fast then thats an upgrade

  • Chris Franco
    Chris Franco 2 months ago

    Team Xbox

  • ChemyGuy72
    ChemyGuy72 2 months ago

    To me it all boils down to preference both consoles will be powerful in my opinion I'm an Xbox fan and have a lot of purchased games so dont want to loose all that and my son will have the next gen so we can share the experiences. I'm just bummed out that I jumped on the Project Scorpio Edition (don't stand out from the original X really)and Scarlet will be 4x better.

  • Jorel Boston
    Jorel Boston 2 months ago

    234 teraflops...1245 ghz..8k tv...5tb drive....STILL PLAYIN DOUBLE DRAGON & DOUBLE DRIBBLE !!!😂😂😂😂

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 2 months ago

    Probably would pick PS5 because of God of War & Ratchet and Clank.
    + Its the more powerful Console because it has a more powerful GPU Vega 64 performance and as well as being able to play Vr.
    Xbox has 3 features going for it.
    Xbox GPU dose not have Vega 64 performance.
    Better SSD, more exclusives, and being able to play xbox games on PC.
    Personally most likely wouldn't by any of the two because my PC is a beast, with a GTX 1080 ti. On top of that waiting to upgrade my CPU to Ryzen 5nm and then I'll upgrade to a 2080 ti or something similar ,by then the 2080 ti would be cut in price by half to 600$, which means upgrade for me unless AMD makes something even more impressive soon. But the CPU will definitely be my first thing I'll upgrade + a new motherboard my GTX 1080 ti will last me 2 more years at least. Not going to upgrade my CPU till Ryzen 5nm comes out currently have a I7-7700k OC to 5GHZ its Doing me extremely well in gaming.

  • Chyna Mane
    Chyna Mane 2 months ago

    proprietary storage thats a yikes

  • Michael J. Mates
    Michael J. Mates 2 months ago

    very informative.
    soo much covered here.

  • Victor Valenzuela
    Victor Valenzuela 2 months ago

    I grew up with PlayStation. My first PlayStation was the PlayStation 1 white small... it was my favorite console ever!! Then I got a GameCube, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2 as gifts once the Xbox 360 was barely out. Then I bought my first Xbox 360 and for me it was the best console ever!! I wanted to stay with them until they screw it up with the ugly and over priced Xbox one. I went back to my roots with the PlayStation 4 🤟🏼. However I might go back with Xbox for the next consoles

    HORROR_PUNK_GAMER 2 months ago


    HORROR_PUNK_GAMER 2 months ago

    I own PS4, GEARS is only game I miss, most games are on both PS4/XBOX, id rathr hav SWITCH as 2nd console, grew up on MARIO/ZELDA, 1st gen couldnt afford ALL consoles

  • precious payne
    precious payne 2 months ago

    I'm getting me a ps4 when its black Friday

  • Ahyan Manha
    Ahyan Manha 2 months ago

    Ii might get a ps5 because I have a Nintendo switch and a xboxones

  • Percy Gaines
    Percy Gaines 2 months ago

    PS5 I been with ps for long time never going to change for nothing

  • Charlie Woolshire
    Charlie Woolshire 2 months ago +1

    PlayStation will always be better

  • VietDragon
    VietDragon 2 months ago

    all this hardware coming frome pc so why buy console LOL