UFC 230 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • On Episode 1 of UFC 230 Embedded, two-division champion Daniel Cormier readies himself for a uniquely fearless opponent; heavyweight title challenger Derrick Lewis trains for another knockout win. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman zeroes in on BJJ under his longtime coach, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra. Middleweight foe Jacare Souza anticipates a champion versus champion caliber matchup. Lewis feels the spotlight at a local Rockets game, and Cormier decorates pumpkins with his family. UFC 230 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the heavyweight title fight taking place Saturday, November 3 on Pay-Per-View.

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Comments • 1 611

  • Tim Martinez
    Tim Martinez 16 days ago

    Thought that was jessica simpson for a sec

  • BubbleTeaFob
    BubbleTeaFob 17 days ago

    DC gonna wrestle the fuck out of Black Beast

  • W1ll P0w3R
    W1ll P0w3R 18 days ago

    Jacare saying weidman has “great Jiu-Jitsu “ think that compliment coming from who’s coming from is enough to retire in peace like..jacare said my Bjj is great, I’m out.

  • Pamela Byrne
    Pamela Byrne 18 days ago

    any1 else think derrick lewis might knock D C out

  • Kaspar K
    Kaspar K 18 days ago

    Weidman looking like a lean Bellew

  • James Cody
    James Cody 18 days ago

    Anyone else impressed with how good jacares hands look

  • Westmax Gary
    Westmax Gary 18 days ago +1

    6:09 scared the sh#t out of security. Lol!

  • kevin lam
    kevin lam 19 days ago

    DL will absolutely explode in HTown if he manages to get this upset of the decade.

  • swamislocal1
    swamislocal1 19 days ago

    Anyone else think it's a travesty having Lewis get the title shot over Stipe? I mean cmon, his performance with Francis had me asleep. And his last performance was the absolute luckiest win in the history of ufc. Bring back Stipe!!

  • Justin
    Justin 19 days ago

    So everyone's just going to ignore the fact that Weidman trains with Herb Dean?!

  • Jack Sherbourne
    Jack Sherbourne 19 days ago

    Daniel ( high kick ) cormier ,had no idea he was that flexible

  • Bukester B
    Bukester B 19 days ago

    Go to 9:00 and u can see Daniels kid do the McGregor walk

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 19 days ago

    Derrick is great. Classy guy.

  • jorge martinez
    jorge martinez 19 days ago

    Houston representing strong!

  • MaruanoPL
    MaruanoPL 19 days ago

    Wondering if his balls were on fire 😂😊

  • agaeles eles
    agaeles eles 19 days ago

    Dc have more figths in Hw division, and...never loss...Lewis is a amateur for hem...

  • Zachary Hlavinka
    Zachary Hlavinka 19 days ago

    Lewis looks exhausted even in practice. Reminds me of Rampage.
    I hope Weidman wins, but he looks past his prime. I think Jacare wins.

  • Danny G
    Danny G 19 days ago

    Usually Brazilians speak English with a horrible accent. Like rds or Amanda Nunes. But jacare actually has a cleaner accent sounds way better.

  • Bert McDerp
    Bert McDerp 19 days ago

    Derrick low key looking like a beefed up black Magmar

  • Nathan Ledesma
    Nathan Ledesma 19 days ago

    3:44 that’s what he said

  • soyourboi27
    soyourboi27 19 days ago

    YO. Is Ian McCall training Derrick Lewis?

  • Yash Vardhan Singh
    Yash Vardhan Singh 19 days ago

    I hope Derrick doesn't retire after he loses

  • Random User
    Random User 19 days ago


  • Alizah Jones
    Alizah Jones 19 days ago

    Damn he sound like GSP

  • Enderson
    Enderson 19 days ago

    DCs family could have a reality show they so use to having embedded over

  • rhoiby23
    rhoiby23 19 days ago

    if DC comes in striking with Lewis like that sparring session, then DC going night night

  • yerrrrbwoy
    yerrrrbwoy 19 days ago

    Anyone know the song name at 5:01?

  • Tony j wood
    Tony j wood 19 days ago

    He's still my BOY!!! FUCK OFF

  • Konstantin Bubnov
    Konstantin Bubnov 19 days ago

    Derrick Lewis cool guy i guess

  • k.to.the.izzle mma
    k.to.the.izzle mma 19 days ago

    Was just waiting on conor to run up behind derrick and throw a dolly through the hoop

  • John Gasso
    John Gasso 19 days ago

    Weidman one of the most overrated fighters.

  • donedidit321
    donedidit321 19 days ago

    Bullshit i wanted to see nate bs poriea

  • jon smith
    jon smith 19 days ago

    I like DC and by all means make that $ but this fight is a joke..does anyone actually wanna watch derrick lewis trying not to have a heart attack while he chases DC around for 5 rounds throwing that overhand rigvht?

  • Joseph Arjona
    Joseph Arjona 19 days ago

    Where Ronda Rousey's Fine ass at??!?!

  • Blackwell
    Blackwell 19 days ago

    I don't know why i can't stand DC-I just can't...it's irrational-I know.

  • Kyle Keeney
    Kyle Keeney 19 days ago

    What the hell is Christ Weedman talking about?

  • Donald Ramsey
    Donald Ramsey 19 days ago

    Lets go Lewis...

  • joe
    joe 20 days ago

    Lewis looks slow to me, easy fight for DC if he sticks to the gameplan

  • Osi MMG
    Osi MMG 20 days ago

    Lol he say he is in shape lmao

  • Andualem Wondafrash
    Andualem Wondafrash 20 days ago

    lol Daniel is killing me with this fake motivations. Brah, if you lose to Derrick, Retire. Simple as that.

  • Jordan Love
    Jordan Love 20 days ago


  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 20 days ago

    2:55 unless you're chickenshit like Colby Covington

  • Olivier S.
    Olivier S. 20 days ago

    Good to see Lewis gets the fans' respect that he deserves

  • Roberto La Greca
    Roberto La Greca 20 days ago

    Weidman the most overrated fighter in UFC History

  • Galag
    Galag 20 days ago

    DC fat ass is gunna wrestle the whole fight and it will be boring as fuck to watch

    DANIEL HO 20 days ago

    dc's a hard cunt-i admire him!

  • LuKe10559
    LuKe10559 20 days ago

    Ali Abdelaziz: Dana needs to find 50 million $ for Khabib to fight...

  • Tchong Lee
    Tchong Lee 20 days ago

    UFC 230 is UFC Uncle Toms ! that one is gonna make good PPV in the US !

  • Mike Saraft
    Mike Saraft 20 days ago

    ❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤ *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.*
    *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

  • arri dude
    arri dude 20 days ago

    Cormier is the worst match up ever for BB. Miocic 2 was the fight to make

  • Karl Tracey
    Karl Tracey 20 days ago

    No Chris your the luckiest fighter in the world 2 flukes against Anderson

  • ashley davis
    ashley davis 20 days ago

    7:40 so cute

  • Newrological
    Newrological 20 days ago

    Lewis is a fun character but I'd be gutted if DC loses this; I think he's too disciplined for that, though. This won't be Derrick's Matt Serra moment.

  • brookhaven86
    brookhaven86 20 days ago

    When did Tom Hardy start coaching mma? Lmao

  • Soju Oppa
    Soju Oppa 20 days ago

    Lewis is gonna bring to belt to Texas! Let’s go!

  • Jarret Rabon
    Jarret Rabon 20 days ago

    Yo Weidman’s beard/haircut lookin’ clean 👌🏻

  • honkyxadonis
    honkyxadonis 20 days ago

    Daniel painting that pumpkin.... first thing i notice is his back is like an oak board, dude must be crazy strong

  • VK VK
    VK VK 20 days ago

    DC: "I'm the pound for pound best fighter in the world." Ok.

  • artnos
    artnos 20 days ago

    I dont why dc is sparring like this thats how you get injured, derrick doesnt box like that he is a slow power puncher

  • BoogieDownProduction
    BoogieDownProduction 20 days ago

    Am I the only one impressed with Souza's speed 5:09

  • samo posteno
    samo posteno 20 days ago

    Derrick wins

  • quazzie1
    quazzie1 20 days ago

    I like DC. But he's had his. I wanna see Lewis get some next-level fame and money. I think he deserves it.

  • Rob K
    Rob K 20 days ago

    Lol, DC is so funny, I love him... but my money's on the Black Beast. I'm a major fan of both. Sorry DC!

  • Sam Holder
    Sam Holder 20 days ago

    I love both DC and Derrick. I want the Beast KO and the DC ragdoll ground and pound. WHY CAN'T I HAVE BOTH

  • jessy vincent
    jessy vincent 20 days ago

    Team Black Beast

  • 4d chess Moves
    4d chess Moves 20 days ago

    Lul derick Lewis coach looks like an old timey boxer

  • Milkyzx
    Milkyzx 20 days ago

    Lewis out here shooting nothing but nets and bowing strikes. He’s definitely gunna KO DC on saturday

  • zadegets faded
    zadegets faded 20 days ago

    #ANDNEW i’m calling it before all yall hop on the bandwagon

  • Malacate X
    Malacate X 20 days ago

    Sorry but Derrick is over rated just like Francis Ngannou, UFC just want to push these guys up too fast so the champions stay champions

  • jen zydyk
    jen zydyk 20 days ago

    Good bye Weidman

  • TimeToMakeStool
    TimeToMakeStool 20 days ago

    LOL this fight is a joke. Lewis doesn't have the cardio the keep up with DC. I got DC in the 2nd rd via submission

  • Ted Sullivan
    Ted Sullivan 20 days ago

    I'm sorry, but as a martial arts student, instructor, and fan DC vs Lewis doesn't interest me. They could have put together a better main event.

    BAGofTALENT 20 days ago

    Lewis will be at 50% after 2 mins and will be running on empty after first round . This will be a shit show that DC will easily win .

  • William Ferguson
    William Ferguson 20 days ago

    Texas aggies baby #collegestation

  • Carly Northcutt
    Carly Northcutt 20 days ago

    Black beast better than Shaq at free throws

  • Undertaker3156
    Undertaker3156 20 days ago

    I have DC by eye poke.

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers 20 days ago

    Why do they uncensor embedded but censor post fight interviews and UFC promos?

  • socomredbull
    socomredbull 20 days ago

    LOL the crowd is like whos Derrick Lewis ????

  • socomredbull
    socomredbull 20 days ago

    LOL if it goes to the ground Derrick is screwed LOL

  • Pablo Salvatore
    Pablo Salvatore 20 days ago

    07:44 .... I’m sensing some cuckolding is on the way!!!😅

    Maybe an unwilling cuckolding, but still.
    What can the Husband do about it....
    ......yeah!, he’ll do fookin nottin!!

    That’s why them balls was hot lately.

  • Seven Eleven
    Seven Eleven 20 days ago

    Hey DC 's wife is thick dam DC congrats heavyweight booty champ of the world.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt 21 day ago

    bro carbs is not fat is just to store energy

  • German k
    German k 21 day ago

    Let go DC (super cain)!!!

  • metcalfestarfish
    metcalfestarfish 21 day ago

    Serra only knows 2 ways of communicating... Yelling or not talking.
    And he hardly ever uses the 2nd one.

  • Conor Its only business McTapper

    Derrick is going to get humped and then choked.

  • Kenzo Kooren
    Kenzo Kooren 21 day ago

    Because Lewis hit the 3-pointer and the strike inside MSG means he is gonna win the fight in spectaculair fashion! #MarkMyWords

  • Can do Life
    Can do Life 21 day ago

    Do I smell a upset coming :) ...

  • Sean Beads
    Sean Beads 21 day ago

    09:01 DC's son's strudding like that guy Khabib just fought?

  • DailyFortniteStreamer

    Mrs. cormier thick af

  • Offthe Lip
    Offthe Lip 21 day ago

    Derrick is so damn fast twitch with his hands.

  • syndicateprox
    syndicateprox 21 day ago +1

    DC is gonna get slept.

  • Matt Meier
    Matt Meier 21 day ago

    Derrick Lewis is looking BIG, like bigger than usual. He's really putting a lot of muscle on it looks like from more than 30 minutes of workouts a day. What a great fighter, no matter the outcome of the fight he's also just a funny dude, it's great he's getting a title shot

  • Jeremi Kenagy
    Jeremi Kenagy 21 day ago

    Danielle is not number 1 pound for pound, silly fat fuck

  • Kev P
    Kev P 21 day ago

    Would love to see Weidman sub Jacare. I know there's a better chance of the Bills winning the Super Bowl, but it's still fun to think about.

  • Luis
    Luis 21 day ago

    That was entertaining! like them both !

  • Michael Kilpatrick
    Michael Kilpatrick 21 day ago

    did jacare go bald again?

  • Thea Aben
    Thea Aben 21 day ago

    its gonna be a knockout in this fight ...

  • Wajid Mahmood
    Wajid Mahmood 21 day ago


  • Oussama Azzouz
    Oussama Azzouz 21 day ago

    bad fighter even tho he won so boring dont care if he hits hard i watch for ientertainment not to watch a balloon fight

    FSM BOY 21 day ago

    Khabib schools all those BJJ fighters.. nobody on this planet can grapple/wrestle like khabib.. the guy wrestles bears for gods sake!