I drove through the worst parts of Detroit, Michigan. This is what I saw.

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Wow! Detroit has some really crazy areas! We begin our journey in Detroit on M102. No, that’s not a radio station. That’s 8 mile road.
    We drove down 8 mile road on our way into Detroit. 8 mile road is north of Detroit, about 8 miles north of downtown.
    Along the way, we saw many shuttered businesses, and other downtrodden sights.
    Of course, 8 mile was made famous by the movie 8 mile, starring Eminem.
    8 Mile Road has also always been the physical and cultural dividing line between the wealthier, predominantly white northern suburbs of Detroit and the poorer, predominantly black city.
    You can see on this map exactly what I’m referring to. As we drive, heading west, on our left is the black population, where people earn about $30k a year, and on our right is the white population where people earn about $75k a year
    Then, we left 8 mile road and hopped onto 75 South to head into Detroit proper..
    We got off the 75 South at Grand Avenue and headed west. We read online that an area near Rosa Parks Blvd was particularly bad, so we went there first. As it turned out, this wasn’t even the worst area we would see.
    At this point, we were 4 miles from downtown. For perspective you can see on this map where we were. The homes here were in pretty bad shape, but like what we had seen in Flint about two hours earlier, in many of these downtrodded neighborhoods, people were not outside. The streets were just eerily empty.
    Did you know Detroit has lost ⅔ of its population?
    I’ve been to east Cleveland once. That was really bad.
    But in East Cleveland, at least they had houses, not just open spaces.
    Detroit has lost 1.2 million people in the last 70 years. Of course, that’s because of the auto industry decline, mostly. That’s pretty common knowledge.
    In the neighborhood we were in, rent was about $450 a month for the entire house. You can see why.
    Now, we’re going to let this go for a minute or two and then take you to the worst area we saw that morning.
    So we left that neighborhood and took Linwood, one of the really bad thoroughfares in Detroit. We wanted to go to the Northwest Goldberg neighborhood, which we read was one of the worst in the city.
    Of course, Detroit has issues with crime and poverty. One in three people in Detroit lives in poverty. In 1950, 82% of Detroit was white. Now, it’s 82% black. And, of the top 12 employers in Detroit, all but 2 are government jobs. Meaning there’s not a lot of private enterprise here.
    Of course, people talk of a Detroit resurgence. While the downtown area itself is improving and adding jobs, the outlying areas like this haven’t even been touched. And apparently, there are businesses who want to grow in Detroit, but they can’t find people who are either motivated or skilled to take those jobs. So the city is actively trying to recruit skilled people to the city, offering tax breaks and cheap housing.
    But progress is progress, and there’s an air of hope and optimism among some Detroit folks. Mostly in areas not close to this.
    For perspective here’s a map that shows where we are from downtown. We’re even closer to downtown and it’s really abandoned as we’ll see.
    Now this neighborhood wasn’t really dangerous - at least we didn’t see any people lingering and never felt threatened. So whoever actually lives in this neighborhood was either hiding inside, sleeping or not home. Sometimes, you’d see a guy on a bike or a few people on their porch, but that was it.
    But it was really interesting to see block after block where you would see large areas where homes were razed, and the city was essentially turning parts of the city back to nature. It’s an...urban prairie. The homes left are mostly gutted or have some sort of fire damage. Some of the alleys looked like hiking trails.
    But it isn't scary. That’s because it’s early in the day, we can see, and we’re driving in a car that looks like an undercover cop car. So people are giving us a wide berth.
    Now, we’re going to let this video just roll. We have about 15 minutes more of just footage, where we looked at different areas of Detroit - all on the city’s northwest end. For the most part, these areas were run down, but occasionally, as you’ll see there are small areas that aren’t too bad.
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  • Aye_E Detroit IG I.e._EC
    Aye_E Detroit IG I.e._EC 3 months ago +369

    Let’s be real, Detroit looks the way it does because the “GOVERNMENT” closed down MAJORITY of the factory jobs during the 70’s & 80’s and replaced them with (DRUGS). Now if you ride through areas like Sterling Heights, Livonia, etc you’ll see all of the subsidiary factories for those same big 3 factories that were laying off turned around and opened up in those cities. Which increased the property values...hence WHITE FLIGHT and suburban Detroit (remember at one point of time DETROIT WAS 90% white)! Coleman Young didn’t make it any better (only for the dealers 💉 [he’s partially responsible]). So as a native Detroiter PLEASE stop slandering our city and neighborhoods like it’s SOLELY our fault. The riots we’re triggered by the police that attacked a young black man. Also the “GOVERNMENT” built the FIRST freeway (like in Atlanta) straight through the heart of the black community (Black Bottom) #Research. Tearing up neighborhoods and businesses. Know the history of My City before making us out to be some run down black city. This is the product of taking away jobs, bringing drugs into the community, gentrification, and corrupt politicians. -From Detroit #LetsArgue

    • Allen Atkins
      Allen Atkins 6 hours ago

      I'm a Lions fan, so I know there is always hope.

    • Chuck Hitter
      Chuck Hitter Day ago

      Govt closed factory jobs ?

    • Chi Nice
      Chi Nice Day ago

      I KNOW THATS RIGHT!! Didn’t show any of the beautiful parts of Detroit on purpose. I’m guessing they missed they didn’t know Kwame is still in jail for the things he did while in office. It’s not the people at the bottom that do the damage, it’s the people in power at the top. Get it right dude that made this video. Stop talking nonsense.

    • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster
      MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster 3 days ago

      LAFOLLETTER #redteam #Trumplandslide2020

    • MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster
      MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster 3 days ago

      Navy SEALS lied they never buried Bin Laden at sea #govermentinsidethegoverment

  • Joseph Michael Goncalves

    One thing for sure. Finding a parking spot is no problema dude.

  • mikeysix3
    mikeysix3 22 hours ago

    Lol ... The hood sleeps during the day and is up all night

  • Eric Criteser
    Eric Criteser Day ago

    4:35. "Of the top twelve employers, all but two are government jobs"? How do you figure? It's your chart. DMC, private; Quicken Loans, private; Henry Ford Health System, private; Chrysler, private; Blue Cross Blue Shield, private; General Motors, private; DTE Energy, private. That's seven out of your list.

  • Chi Nice
    Chi Nice Day ago

    Turkeys and roosters. That’s a stretch man. So not true.

  • Baker In the House

    The old houses are so beautiful. Detroit is going through a rebirth, thankfully.

  • Steven Malchiodi

    Detroit reminds me of North Korea all creepy empty and other worldly for me I'm just grateful I don't live their but these videos provide free entertainment thank you..

  • 2 Tell
    2 Tell Day ago +1

    When the locusts move in
    They take everything leave nothing!

  • Trucking4dollars
    Trucking4dollars 2 days ago

    Wow. It really does look like crap. Even the nicest parts you drove by were still shitty at best.

  • Gary Sturgeon
    Gary Sturgeon 2 days ago +1

    You drove right by Lee Plaza and didn't even show it.

    • Gary Sturgeon
      Gary Sturgeon Hour ago

      @Nick Johnson It's looming on the horizon at thexvid.com/video/8oYIpjtHdp0/video.html . Abandoned apartment/hotel complex. It would've been to your left. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Plaza_(Detroit)

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson  Day ago +1

      What's that?

  • jane hyden
    jane hyden 2 days ago


  • voxer99
    voxer99 3 days ago +1

    This does not look like an urban slum at all. Yes, the houses are broken-down but there's lots of open space and trees. Was all that open space once occupied by houses? Just fix up the houses and this would be a very nice area.

  • Darr
    Darr 3 days ago

    11:00 AM on a Sunday?! All the bro's are still sleeping off Saturday nights drunk/high! BTW where does Walt live? It would be the house with an American flag, because only an old White man would display one in that neighborhood, apparently.

  • Águila701
    Águila701 4 days ago

    100 years ago people used to travel abroad into Asia or Africa to go to exotic and dangerous locations, nowadays they go to Detroit.

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 4 days ago +1

    No one will move there because of the ghosts. Spooks to be exact.

  • granto ,
    granto , 4 days ago +2

    Worst parts of Detroit:

    *Shows all of Detroit

  • natenick2
    natenick2 5 days ago

    Try going to Baltimore if you wanna see true blight

  • 5,000 subs with no videos

    So you drove through all of Detroit?

  • Ronald Moskovitz
    Ronald Moskovitz 6 days ago

    Whats the big deal if one group makes more than another

  • Pat Shelton
    Pat Shelton 6 days ago

    Agenda 21 at its best

  • Steverino Arch
    Steverino Arch 6 days ago

    I am not anti-union, but the auto workers did themselves in with ridiculous work rules and bloated pay packages that gave them the equivalent of 2+ times the average worker pay in the U.S., and their work could barely be called skilled in a large portion of the factories. Is someone skilled whose job can be taught to them in an hour? Nope.

  • Vince Moreschi
    Vince Moreschi 6 days ago

    Thank you liberal democrat policies.

  • United States
    United States 6 days ago

    Ghost Town. Abonded city.

  • argopunk
    argopunk 6 days ago +1

    A big abandoned city. Nature is reclaiming it bit by bit. I know the downtown is rejuvenating but with that population drop, it's inevitable much of it will remain empty.

    • argopunk
      argopunk 3 days ago

      @Nick Johnson I have been thinking of buying a property there. I'm Canadian so I can't work in the US; they don't want educated immigrants with money. And after we re-elected that moron, Trudeau, I don't blame the US for not wanting us.

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson  6 days ago +1

      I know it'll be hard to envision progress. Would you ever live there?

  • Drew Rowley
    Drew Rowley 6 days ago

    That is not the worst part at all he needed to go to John R and 7Mile

  • Carol Brazil
    Carol Brazil 7 days ago

    I have driven through worst....Oakland, Richmond, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Stockton CA

  • Carol Brazil
    Carol Brazil 7 days ago +1

    To me what is so sad is you can see at one time this was a beautiful and proud neighborhood with beautiful homes. WTH happen? Each one of those empty lots has a human story behind it..😢😢😢

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 7 days ago

    Democrats took control of the Government and it has been down hill ever since. This is what you get after 40 yrs of Democrats running the city. Go research it for yourself almost every Democratic run city in America is almost bankrupt and run down. Some people want to blame it on whites and the police. Nope Nope Nope, Pat yourself on the back, the people that done this did this, did it to themselves, The truth is you kept voting Democrat and Democrat year after year, You got what you wanted. You wanted to be run by a democratic system, Well here is the result of being run 40 years under Democratic rule. It has nothing to do with White people or the police, Stop believing the lies that are being fed to you, that is it is always someone else fault, The people that voted the Democrats in are responsible.

  • Jason Eddleston
    Jason Eddleston 7 days ago

    I wonder what the problem is

  • Khemore
    Khemore 8 days ago

    The American dream.. Land of opportunity...

  • Heidi Pastore
    Heidi Pastore 8 days ago

    Looks like Detroit needs some gentrification.

  • Eddie Oxedine
    Eddie Oxedine 9 days ago

    For anyone's information people leave a town white black brown because of the drama the crime and finances. Quit blaming the white man quit blaming the government quit being a crybaby. Get you some bulldozers and start over. If you're going to blame anybody blame you're corrupt Democratic party.

  • Eddie Oxedine
    Eddie Oxedine 9 days ago +1

    Looks like they need to put a wall around Detroit.

  • Joe frazier
    Joe frazier 9 days ago

    Feel like I just drove through Detroit I got to stop smoking

  • SMC trout
    SMC trout 9 days ago

    Why not show the best parts of Detroit? That should take all of a few seconds.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 9 days ago


  • Gaylynn Schloss
    Gaylynn Schloss 9 days ago

    Are those houses or apartments they are huge compared from where I live in Washington state

    • Gaylynn Schloss
      Gaylynn Schloss 5 days ago

      The house I live in was built in 1929 it’s a ranch house but it’s not even close to the size of those houses I really like the style of them at least from the outside but I cant imagine what it look like inside someday maybe I’ll go there just to look at them in person

    • jaddy540
      jaddy540 5 days ago

      Big homes were built when labor and material was also cheap, Those are late Victorian homes. I lived in a couple of them in Rochester, NY, which is reputed to have more 100 year-old homes than any city. All 2 1/2 story, full attics and basements. My first home there was 55 years old. Cost $9,500. had extra kitchen and bath on 2nd floor, and 2 semi-finished rooms in attic,full basement. Al I had to do was add one door to make it a duplex. The rent on the lower paid for the mortgage. Sold it 5 years later for $12,500. Those same homes, over 100 years old now, list for $35-40K!

  • Archie Cunningham
    Archie Cunningham 9 days ago

    Open spaces used to be homes and buildings. They burned or were torn down. Newark n j Has lots of. Open spaces

  • lewis Franco
    lewis Franco 10 days ago

    Drive night time

    CHEE- RIOS 10 days ago

    This just looks like texas

    • CHEE- RIOS
      CHEE- RIOS 10 days ago

      @Nick Johnson Houston, Galveston, some parts of Austin.

    RED WING 10 days ago

    Where does Tony Hawk live?

  • Marisol Rosas
    Marisol Rosas 10 days ago +1

    All the homes look like they were so beautiful!

  • greg mcgee
    greg mcgee 10 days ago

    I disagree with the more money you make is necessarily the reason for nicer streets. What the problem is, is the people-and we know who they are, that won't keep their property upkeep, yards mowed, new paint, etc. And it's not just that the homowners, or probably renters let their house go to hell in a handbasket. A lot of the people that live in these homes tear them up on purpose. Since they probably don't own these houses they have no pride in them. So it's more the quality of the people living there and their motivation to keep the property up.

  • Trialmx
    Trialmx 10 days ago

    Someone owned a boat in the area you called the worst.

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 11 days ago


  • Howard Ratcliffe
    Howard Ratcliffe 11 days ago

    Glad I live in Australia.

    • Howard Ratcliffe
      Howard Ratcliffe 11 days ago

      @Nick Johnson Visited the U S 3 times as a tourist and enjoyed it. But would never live in the U S. Australia has free healthcare and gun control, the two things the U S is still struggling with.

  • Atelier.si
    Atelier.si 11 days ago +1

    Detroit was revenge of Warburgs and marxist bankers of the world for Henry Ford. They wanted to transform and crush America and they did. You are now a melting pot that never existed as people. Like if they would say English people don't exist, they are just 'British Germans', anglo saxons... They teach us in school you dont exist, marxist do. You've let them inside. Im sorry for you, but you also helped to crush Europe for them. Now it's happening to you.

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 11 days ago

    hey, did you mount the camera on the spotlight?

  • Jamis Ins
    Jamis Ins 12 days ago

    Compared to Britain these neighborhoods are lovely. A little run down but fixable. Our housing estates (projects) are horrible. I’d swap where I live for here.

  • Bernd Hansen
    Bernd Hansen 12 days ago +1

    Hi , I `m from germany. I kinda love Detroit. Years ago I heard the song "motorcity madhouse...ted nugent..."
    Now I-ve seen these wonderful houses in Detroit becoming abandoned.
    There is few buildings in germany coming close to the beauty of this houses ! If you are not rich, you live in social apartments.
    I heard the Deutsche Bank owned some of this houses and threw out the families, terrible...
    I dream about to buy a house in Detroit myself , rebuilt it and make Detroit great again....

  • Donald Kenne
    Donald Kenne 12 days ago

    If they would fix the crime, Detroit would easily come back with minimal effort. Investors don't like crime and with shootings and other violence rampant in that area, no one wants to be there.

  • P2055516
    P2055516 12 days ago +1

    All the factory jobs are gone, skilled workers are unavailable. I bet I could make millions opening a prison.

  • David Wangbichler
    David Wangbichler 12 days ago

    In the late 60's we could ride our bikes around and nobody bothered us skinny white boys. People were friendly. Black or white. I don't think it will ever come back. Too many nice places to live in the US and we don't need all the labor for manufacturing. My 2 cents.

  • Buddy Love
    Buddy Love 13 days ago

    You can tell by the glee in his voice this was the highlight of his week. Like going on an urban adventure. Little does he know, a lot of these neighborhoods have been repopulated by the ones who abandoned it. Came back to pick over the scraps, rebuilding, and jacking the values back up which makes them now unaffordable.

  • Denise Moss
    Denise Moss 13 days ago

    I go past every place you went every sunday

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 13 days ago


  • Justin Kredable
    Justin Kredable 13 days ago

    Lol u went during the day...have to go at night to get the true appreciation for the area lol

  • jan williams
    jan williams 13 days ago

    Dare to talk with some of your fellow humans don't just oogle as if you were in a zoo.

  • Scott Kasaboski
    Scott Kasaboski 13 days ago

    Place is nice compared to over half of Canada's small towns

    • Scott Kasaboski
      Scott Kasaboski 13 days ago

      @Nick Johnson depends..do you want to be murdered..homeless or starve to death ..or gangland environment

  • Alex Xander
    Alex Xander 13 days ago

    After a while, I lost track of how many red lights and stop signs you blew through.