Nobody Uses Wood Like This, and I Don't Know Why


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  • Blacktail Studio
    Blacktail Studio  11 months ago +379

    Keeps didn’t get to me soon enough, but thanks to them for at least sponsoring this video! Go to for more info 👨‍🦲

    • Nitin Kumar
      Nitin Kumar 4 days ago

      Did you see a baboon? I saw a cute looking deer.

    • ScotTjays360 S.Johnson
      ScotTjays360 S.Johnson 5 days ago

      A Goat, months later and didn't read any conments before mine. Rolling the dice here in Portland, OR.

    • Benton Youtube
      Benton Youtube 6 days ago

      I see a Sloth

    • Michael Duncan
      Michael Duncan 10 days ago

      A Regal Hornless Ram....Could be a Star Wars

    • Ron
      Ron 12 days ago

      I thought you were going to tell us what you saw by the end of the video. That's why I watched the whole thing.

  • sssadrain333
    sssadrain333 7 months ago +702

    I really do like these “scrap” projects. For someone like me that doesn’t have a lot of money to practice, it helps because I practice with a lot of “throw away” pieces.

    • Ken Russell
      Ken Russell Month ago +1

      I used to go to the city dump about once a month and gather up as much wood as my pickup would hold. Once I got there to find a huge pile of 1/4" plywood, all in pretty good shape, and took two loads home before the guy working there showed up as I was loading the third load, and told me that it was spoken for. Oh well. I had an old frame house, and used the plywood as a sub floor to re-floor the the kitchen and living room. Very seldom did I use new wood for my projects.

    • Johnny James
      Johnny James Month ago

      @Valerie Smith I have a small table like that,, there's epoxy or plastic chunks embedded in the resin, its a good idea if your not a epoxy fountain of ever flowing resin aha

    • Liam Blackburn
      Liam Blackburn Month ago +1

      Scraps have made me alot of money, I get alot of scrap from my neighbour as he just uses it for his burner, made and saved me thousands

    • Brian Stover
      Brian Stover Month ago +2

      I made some of my most unique pieces out of scrap. Basically designing around the shape of what I have.

    • Valerie Smith
      Valerie Smith Month ago +2

      Your table is so beautiful. I have seen some wood workers put fake crystals, turquoise, or other jewels into the cracks with epoxy.

  • Samuel Sägesser
    Samuel Sägesser Month ago +47

    Small tip from a sheet metal fabricator: when you drill holes in those metal discs, run the drill much faster. For that drill at 17:32 you would want about 1000 rpm. Your cutting force and also the chips will be smaller, so less risk of the workpiece flying off, the drillbit breaking or overheating. You can easily find rpm charts online. Don't press too hard on the handle and lubricate. When you lubricate with something like acetone from a spray bottle, that will evaporate without stains by itself or with the help of compressed air.

  • oxitron server
    oxitron server 7 days ago +3

    Love your work and I know nothing about woodworking. I find it amazing all the steps and various equipment you use to create these wonderful projects. I have complete respect for your mechanical skills...I'm so bad it takes me an hour just to change a light bulb..!

  • Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov 27 days ago +9

    Amazing results of the table top, perfect symmetry. I love the design of the stand as well, it's very elegant and makes it look like it's holding the top effortlessly.

  • Cindy Hart
    Cindy Hart Month ago +36

    First I saw a deer, finished I saw a sloth.
    I love watching you work. I’ve picked up a lot of great tips from you, specially using Osmo. I make Maple and Walnut wood watch boxes, using resin with live edge and mirrored pieces. Thanks Cam

    • Agent X Gaming
      Agent X Gaming 3 days ago

      @S Deer aren't primates 😁

    • Sun Rise77
      Sun Rise77 12 days ago

      I saw a sloth in the end, too!

    • S
      S 16 days ago

      Deer are my favorite type of primate!

    • nesincg
      nesincg 16 days ago

      That's exactly the order for me

  • RobZan
    RobZan 6 months ago +310

    Looks like a Deer skull to me, actually probably my favorite table I have seen you build so far I love the finished product. Good job as always I feel like character pieces make for more entertaining videos as they sometimes stray from the “normal” process and thing get a little more interesting. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of these as well as more regular Table build projects on the channel.

    • Samuel Howie
      Samuel Howie Month ago +1

      @Oline Wright When I was a kid we had one window in the kitchen that if you looked out it standing right in the middle of it you could see a buffalo head formed by an tree branch in an oak tree.

    • Oline Wright
      Oline Wright Month ago +3

      @Samuel Howie my first thought was a buffalo

    • Sboink The Leg Day
      Sboink The Leg Day Month ago

      I get でびでび でびる

    • Pl4yingNight
      Pl4yingNight Month ago +3

      It kinda reminds me of a Tree-Spirit from the game "Kena: Bridge of Spirits"

    • Evander
      Evander 2 months ago +2

      @Aimee M exactly

  • Michael Strom
    Michael Strom Month ago +8

    Antelope - the book matching is amazing. I totally want to do this myself. I just acquired a bunch of cedar that was planted by my great grandfather and harvested by my great uncle some 40 years ago. I never would have even thought about doing a kitchen in cedar, but I must admit that the grain is absolutely beautiful. Book matching might be a great way to do some of my door inserts.

  • susanrobson62
    susanrobson62 24 days ago +7

    I love watching your videos and I love how you take your time and explain what you're doing as you go along. For some reason, watching you cut, sand, and glaze your piece is very satisfying.
    For the image in the wood, I see a golden retriever myself. 😊

  • Phil McCrackin
    Phil McCrackin 17 days ago +3

    Baboon, also, love the table. I am a big fan of the 1/4” over the 3/4” round over. I am definitely going to give that a try on my next project.

  • Kathy P
    Kathy P 4 days ago

    This tabletop is stunning! I love how the imperfections make it a piece thy has character and a story. Reminds me of kintsugi where imperfections make it a better piece.

  • jangar enkhbaatar
    jangar enkhbaatar 17 days ago +2

    I love the natural looking stand though I can see it breaking pretty easily. But hey what can I say, I am no woodworker just love watching your videos ever since it came into my recommendation list. Keep it up! I saw owl by the way.

  • N H
    N H 3 days ago

    I love all these projects you do. They are so beautiful. Someday when I have a home, I’d like to have a piece from you :-))

  • MossyFrog
    MossyFrog 26 days ago +3

    I love the character of scrap pieces. The holes and ruts are awesome. You did an amazing job on that table.

  • Александра Лебедева

    I love watching your videos and I love how you take your time and explain what you're doing as you go along. For some reason, watching you cut, sand, and glaze your piece is very satisfying.
    For the image in the wood, I see a golden retriever myself. 😊

  • Supr2baboy
    Supr2baboy 8 months ago +63

    I really like your honesty and willingness to share your "lessons learned" with us. It shows us that you're not perfect, but you love learning and gaining experience. Thank you!

  • Cathy Baldry
    Cathy Baldry 6 days ago

    Love how the base looked like a tree. Very nicely done. I first thought of a lion, than a wolf.

  • Pam Mariarossi
    Pam Mariarossi 6 days ago +1

    I absolutely LOVE this piece! I just discovered your channel and am fascinated by all of the tools you use. I really like the table edge, too. by the way, I saw Chewbacca! Pam M.

  • Roland Cozzolino
    Roland Cozzolino 3 days ago

    looks like a bear to me when you spin your head upside down, or the painting "the scream" (sounds weird but I turned my head to the side). The bookmatch and bizare figuring is exactly the kind of thing done when we build guitars. Love your channel. As always, your work is outstanding and I love seeing the fine woodworking things you build. Such a pleasure.

  • Rick Shell
    Rick Shell 25 days ago

    I saw a gorilla in the beginning.
    I’m new to your channel, being drawn to it because my son is a woodworker. You are incredible!
    I very much like the fact that you use character material because of the story it tells. Almost anyone can make something beautiful out of a beautiful piece of wood. It takes an artisan to build beauty out of firewood .
    Keep up the great work!

  • 03 Metal Works
    03 Metal Works 2 months ago +72

    As far as type of projects...more of this please. I'm all about stuff with character. Rustic, unique and flowing lines. Beautiful work, man.

  • Lynn Harmon
    Lynn Harmon 20 days ago

    This is beautiful. Love the offset pedestal. It is more than just fine woodworking it is art. ( after finishing the camel's eyes are almost gone.)

  • Colm Duggan
    Colm Duggan Month ago +1

    A little late to the party with my answer and to your You Tube thread but It looks like a lemur. Nice finish and good use of difficult wood. Should be more of these produced. Great conversational piece. Keep up your great channel.

  • Terry Noles
    Terry Noles 5 days ago

    I know I am watching this nearly a year late, and for that, I do apologize. I just found your channel...and so far, I love it! I love the table, and am also a HUGE fan of using materials that others would burn up. For the creature, At first, I saw a semblance of a deer, but after completion, I see either the Salt Vampire from the original Star Trek series (First season), or a Tusken Raider from Star Wars. Just my take. In any case, I look forward to seeing more of your artistic creations!

  • Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher

    That's pretty awesome, I couldn't see what you were going for to begin with, but I dig the retro feel to the base. Could you have made the top bigger and it still work with that base? Just curious, not an issue at all, just thinking out loud.

  • Hatter
    Hatter Month ago +42

    As much as I love the massive tables I really do like seeing these smaller projects where it seems you get to show more creativity in them, especially the power carving stuff.

  • Brian Brownworth
    Brian Brownworth Month ago

    Great piece! I really liked the raw edge look, but the round goes perfectly with the stand. Once you put the finish on I couldn’t not see a basset hound.

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant Month ago

    Absolutely love these little videos. The variety of tooling and what works for each task really does give me a bunch of ideas for my next toys to buy!! The original mirrored slab reminds me of the mandrill monkeys I saw in San Diego zoo :D:D:D. Super long nose and the eyes in the corners.

  • World Of Zip
    World Of Zip 21 day ago

    You know the base came out perfect but when you were first grinding it down, it looked really good rough and thicker. Either way works, great work as always

  • Jennifer Massey
    Jennifer Massey Month ago

    This is my first time watching you. I work with resin and am trying to start adding some wood projects. I enjoyed watching this video and you do lovely work. Thank you!

  • dustin gabriel
    dustin gabriel 7 months ago +67

    Turned one way I see an elk, the other way I see a sloth. I love how the table part turned out and love your videos and you sharing your knowledge and how your not afraid to show mistakes as well. Keep it up!!

  • V Virginia
    V Virginia Month ago

    Love this! I first saw a deer. Really enjoy the bookmatch and figuring as well as the base!

  • Jacob LeWelseam
    Jacob LeWelseam Month ago

    I deeply adore the rationality aswell as the overall explanatory nature of these videos. Bloody brilliant

  • Nancy Davis
    Nancy Davis Month ago +1

    I love watching your videos and I have been able to get my fiancé and his brother to watch them. I personally LOVE the look of natural wood and I’ve had a hard time accepting that ppl like IKEA over elbow grease. Keep up the great work!

  • WisconsinCRHunter
    WisconsinCRHunter 14 days ago +1

    Gorgeous table top, it's like art. Great work, love your vids!

  • Joseph Cicirello
    Joseph Cicirello 3 days ago

    I have to say, for a scrap piece of wood, this project turned out extremely beautiful. You have a talent that most do not and you seemed to have enjoyed the project.

  • Erik Lindgren
    Erik Lindgren Month ago

    It's inspiring to see what can be done with "junk" wood. A nice reminder that tools and material only get you so far. Creativity and craftsmanship are paramount.
    I originally saw a lion in the wood but the moment you put the finish on a saw a dog with it's eyes closed, long facial hair like a sheltie, and a Mohawk lol. I saw it 180° from the way you first showed the book matching.

  • E Salvador
    E Salvador 11 hours ago

    As the daughter of a great carpenter, I appreciate and love the most unique types of wood with lots of character which makes it priceless! In this video what I see is an Afghan Hound dog with the long flowing hair and it’s heart shape nose, just beautiful! Thank you for your videos! E. 💖

  • Zack Woodworking
    Zack Woodworking 6 days ago

    The wood is beautiful. The combination of the two colors of wood is beautiful as well. Absolutely beautiful woodwork!! One of the best designs I've ever seen.

  • int
    int 4 months ago +48

    to answer your last question: yes! though somewhat repressive, youtube at its core is a creative platform. watching people like you break the molds of their industry norms is what i come here for- so keep experimenting! i personally love watching :)

  • Tara Sawyer
    Tara Sawyer 26 days ago

    Beautiful work! Thought I saw hints of a bear at first, then about 3:15 and was convinced even more throughout that it was a Red Setter dog. Maybe just because of the tone of the wood but no matter what you see, I'll always see the Red Setter. Thanks for the video!

  • Karynne Williams
    Karynne Williams Month ago

    At first I saw a cat, then I saw Predator. It's a beautiful table, I love things that are very obviously handmade. No one is going to try and mass produce a table with an offset leg, bookmatched and with the thoughtful mounting disc. Keep up the good content.

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett 14 days ago

    Love your work mate,
    It is absolutely stunning and fantastic. You should also look at doing old school medieval wooden doors.

  • Nikita Nopants
    Nikita Nopants 18 days ago

    I hadn't seen any of your videos before, but I love this one. It made me subscribe to your channel. The table came out beautifully too. More projects like this.

  • David James
    David James 4 months ago +60

    What you need to remember with projects like this is that it isn't just about the finished result. For less experienced makers like me, this type of thing is a banquet of tiny lessons that can be reused for other things. It's never ever dull or of no interest.
    Thank you for taking the time to film, edit and share.

    • David James
      David James 3 months ago +1

      @Robert Oliver Good for you! 👍
      It has all clearly enriched your life and the lives of others. I agree, I can't stress enough how beneficial and rewarding it is to make things; anything. I find similar rewards in repairing things.
      It's great that you weren't swayed from your path by someone unsupportive. I had the same experience. Now I'm with someone who is also creative and it's great.
      Good luck and good health. 👍

    • Robert Oliver
      Robert Oliver 3 months ago +1

      @David James I tye dye pretty much everything from shirts to table cloths ,suits,bed spreads, even coffee filters and cheese cloth spread out on a window where lots of light comes t through can be amazing. I take advantage of everything from acrylic and oil paints ,and spray paint and pens markers and even fruit to dye things and i make walking sticks and canes from wood i find at the lake and have made coat racks from old water logged trees and my daughter's old BF in middle school his parents moved to a new house and in the basement was 14 bins of Halloween decorations and masks and little extras. They in turn brought it all to me.They wasnt big on Halloween and i love it. 14 big totes was alot so i gave over half to the elementary school across from my house that my daughter had attended for there fall festival and such.I started playing around with masks and this is about the time the Walking Dead aired for the first time and it was like it was meant to be i stared making the masks I had into walkers and had some that resembled the cast then i also had a longtime girlfriend well best friend who later became more but she was a real artist. She had even won a contest that sent 2 people to study for a year in Italy. She yas a masters in art but as of now works part-time in a convenience store. Sadly drinking ended her passion for me and painting. It used to bother me that when she seen what i had been doing as anything bust art or even creative which i later realized was her problem. She could copy something and it looked great but to actually come up with ideas of what to paint and to be passionate about it had been lost to her. Im no serious artist but many love the stuff i come up with and whats most important is I do and ive ruined all kinds of stuff from not leaving it alone my daughter has become my go to as to when to stop. I just want anyone that has a passion and they see what others dont to know thats what i call a artist. They are creative and i almost let her shame me into giving it all up and Im happy i didnt and hope anyone ever in a similar situation doesnt get discouraged by craftsmen..Oh and I am writing a book as well and this will probably be a sorry like i said im passionate about things and i have major ADHD...HAHHAHA

    • Harold L Potts
      Harold L Potts 3 months ago +1

      @David James Another good point. I think every artist should have a trusted person present to snatch the work away to prevent it being spoiled by excessive tweaking.
      I'm given to understand that Leonardo never considered his ' Mona Lisa ' to be finished - a possible manifestation of the view that to ' finish ' a work is the same as killing it.

    • David James
      David James 3 months ago +1

      @Harold L Potts As an artist myself (watercolour mostly) my only "yes but" to that is the tendency of artists to keep tweaking and tinkering. It's actually a skill (and discipline) to be able to say "Enough!" and walk away.
      But basically your differentiation is correct. 😊

    • Harold L Potts
      Harold L Potts 3 months ago +2

      David James - you make a perfectly valid and important point ! I would make the additional observation that there is a big difference between a craftsman's approach to building which is completely different from an artist's approach. I think we could make a general comment that craftsmen generally concern themselves with fine detail in their quest for perfection which can be seen as obsessive. Artists on the other hand are unconcerned with detail and perfection and strive only to create something expressive and individual, and are perfectly content to leave a whole slew af what the craftsman would call imperfections. In other words craftsman try to remove " character " while artists try to preserve it. I have found that craftsmen in general view artists as being sloppy and slipshod workers, and take it as an insult if they themselves are ever called artists.

  • Raymond Figlewski
    Raymond Figlewski 3 days ago

    Gorilla? Awesome piece! Would love to see more like it. Adds another level not knowing what it will look like cut in half.

  • Rimantė Čaplinskaitė

    Love this content, all of your content actually! Never stop, be yourself and just do what you enjoy 😊

  • Rich Headd
    Rich Headd Month ago

    Me personally will always live finished stained natural wood but theres some beautiful painted pieces out there too. I just redone my hutch from just regular old school wood finish to a red with black smoke finish almost like a rustic patina look with red and black. My uncle is just blown away it definitely needed to be sanded and refinished again and he just seen it and is amazed

  • Bertrand du Plessis
    Bertrand du Plessis 20 days ago

    I just love watching a craftsman like you at work. It inspires me to do the same because I want to for a very long time. I have recently bought some woodworking tools and due to a change in work I will have time to start in a month or two.
    As for the image in the table, I caught a glimpse of a Super Sayan 😁.
    Thank you for your amazing content and inspiration.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • H B
    H B 4 months ago +48

    Love that table. Wasn’t sure the base would hold at first, but it looks amazing!
    I know it’s been 6 months, but I saw a deer or elk at first. Then after you stained I saw Chewbacca! Great job!

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M Month ago

    Fantastic … I prefer using/seeing theses characters pieces. There’s a uniqueness that can’t be duplicated, this makes it that much more treasured and sometimes hard to let go. First saw a lion and then a baboon in the end.

  • Henry Clasing
    Henry Clasing 3 days ago

    I am an amateur worker on refinishing old tables, but I enjoy the care you take to produce your fine results.

  • Eduardo Soto
    Eduardo Soto Month ago

    Just found your channel and i just wanted to say i had no idea woodcraft could be turned into pieces of art this beautiful. Thank you for introducing me into this worl i didnt know existed

  • Lars Sveen
    Lars Sveen Month ago

    I love wood with character like that. It's awesome to not only make use of it, but make it a feature and really highlight the beauty of the imperfections.

  • Kayla Leiby
    Kayla Leiby 4 months ago +15

    I absolutely LOVE this table. It’s gorgeous and you did a phenomenal job!

  • Donna Molski-Morales

    I think you saw a lemur
    I see a wolf thank you for sharing your art! I love watching and would absolutely love to see more scrap projects

  • The Knght Of Ni
    The Knght Of Ni 4 days ago

    "All the places I've lived, my neighbors have jobs. It's fantastic! They leave in the morning, come back at night, and I work all day so they never even know what I'm doing" you're absolutely hilarious my man and love the videos. Also my guess is way late but it looks like a baboon

  • Daskard
    Daskard 6 days ago

    Projects like this seem to be a good chance to show different techniques for things like the table top's edge profile throughout various projects.
    Not a huge fan of tables, which have curved edges on the top, btw. Things WILL tip off the table ^^

  • wilson rawlin
    wilson rawlin 11 days ago

    On a serious note. Awesome design and this was a great build video. The table is amazing and beautiful. A nice one off piece of functional art. IMO I would've left the leg support a little bit thicker through the middle.

  • EH Rashkae
    EH Rashkae 18 days ago

    I just stumbled across this video and content;
    I love the table, I did not see a primate in the wood at first, but after you put the finish on it I could see it come out. Brilliant job! I am interested in the disk cutting tools you used to carve the base of the table, and would love the opportunity to speak with you, at length about an idea I had some time back about a large-scale woodworking/steel/iron project I had once considered undertaking. You seem to truly love and have a passion for what you do. I don’t believe anyone can do anything well without passion…!

  • joris255
    joris255 13 days ago

    Cool stuff! One question, how does the top age without an apron or any kind of support? does it bow with time?

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. 23 days ago +1

    It may be upside down for my point of view but what I see is a Bigfoot. Of course wearing a size 15 I see big feet everywhere I go but that's neither here nor there. And I love your table and I think making the undercut bigger than the top cut balances it out and should be done with all tables. It gives the top surface more meat more balance. Speaking of more meat you know what they say about guys that have big feet. (We got to buy big shoes).LOL...³

  • Joint Venture with God and me.

    Beautiful work. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing this. Thank you 😊

  • Cathy Looper
    Cathy Looper 22 days ago

    I saw a sloth but torn with Down syndrome squirrel… but I tend to squirrel quite often so I’ll go with a very slow… squirrel. Dang did it again…
    Love your work. Bring things back to life like scrap wood is the best form of art and creativity!

  • Andy Clark
    Andy Clark 21 day ago

    Gibbon, wonderful video, you are very talented. I prefer more of a symmetrical project but the book match was an excellent idea and I like the jigs that you develop for your shop.

  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson 17 hours ago

    love, Love, LOVE ❤ this project! Thanks for sharing your gift with us! I'm a first timer and newly subscribed today!

  • S2ART
    S2ART Month ago

    Beautiful work, you are an artist for sure.

  • Rhonir
    Rhonir 3 months ago +21

    I really liked this project. The standing foot is gorgeous and highly aesthetic as it follows clear coherent lines/curves. The mirroring of wood has always been one of my favorite tricks for creating unique surfaces, well done here with this beautiful piece of wood. Would have been such a shame to throw it away! I also always love to listen to your commentary. I always learn something and you're a pretty interesting guy.
    All the best from Hamburg, if you ever visit germany, hit me up! :-D

  • Northwest Sawyer
    Northwest Sawyer 8 days ago

    Goby bought some walnut logs from a construction project a friend was working on. Yesterday I milled some of what they left behind and it's probably the most amazing book matched stuff i've done. Your videos are a great help to those of us getting started. I took your advice and bought my first Festool. The 125 sander and dust extractor. Thanks for these videos! Making quality videos can triple the time it takes build the project. Keep it up!

  • Ymana Johnson
    Ymana Johnson 11 hours ago

    The image I saw on that piece of wood is the Grinch. Even with your hints, I cannot guess what you saw in that lovely piece of wood table top. I love seeing really unique projects like this one. Thank you.

  • P J Rupe
    P J Rupe 4 days ago

    Looked like a Drill, (Mandrillus leucophaeus) to me. It has been close to a year since you posted this video. I love it. At first I thought it resembled a sheep/ram, but then you mentioned primate and the weight. It fits the Drill. I am playing catch-up here, as I have more time on my hands now.

  • Zee
    Zee 2 days ago

    This is very unique and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kenneth Callahan
    Kenneth Callahan 11 months ago +12

    I love the power carving projects, and this is probably the most gorgeous one you've done so far in my opinion.

  • Rick Aquino
    Rick Aquino Day ago

    Awesome table and excellent craftsmanship as with all your projects I've seen. I see a hippos face but you said you saw a primate so I'm gonna say you saw a chimpanzee. I subscribed because you do high quality work and you not afraid to show us you mistakes.

  • sattyre
    sattyre 20 days ago

    as a carpenter myself, I have always liked and appreciated the character wood. Beautiful job on the table, though the base isn't a style I enjoy. I saw a pig and a wolf at different times. Neither is a primate.

  • Jerry Frugoli
    Jerry Frugoli Month ago

    I just learned about your videos today. I really like the table you built amazing work, beautiful choice of material. I especially liked that it was a throwaway original material. I saw a gibbon, primate monkey like creature… I love that you put this little game in it to determine what you saw what I saw etc. sounds great I love it you got a great sense of humor. Thanks for making a Videos and thanks for sharing.

  • Gekko Powerclean Air Duct Cleaning

    Just watched you for the first time and love your sense of humor dude. (and oh yeah your woodworking techniques and projects. Will be watching more...

  • Keith Klassen
    Keith Klassen 4 months ago +21

    My thoughts about the roundover on the edges: I usually like seeing a heavy roundover on top, which makes it more comfortable to rest your arms on it. Old-school woodworking tabletops usually have a heavy profile on the top edge, whether roundover or otherwise, and growing up this really helped me as a tiny small person to reach onto the table without having a sharp edge against my arms. Maybe this table won't have much exposure to children, but it might have exposure to a short adult, and in any case, any person of any size might rest their arms on it and therefore desire a lack of sharpness to that edge.
    I'm sure old-school woodworking people put that profile on top for visibility purposes, but it still was helpful.
    As for the image, I suspect you saw a tarsier, but I saw the main character of the video game "Hollow Knight".

    • Tink Bell
      Tink Bell 4 months ago +1

      I had to Google tarsier but I bet he's right lol

  • Jared Rypka-Hauer
    Jared Rypka-Hauer 7 days ago

    I saw a cat, of the Japanese Neko variety. And man… I love your offcut/character pieces. I loved the bigger table you made for your dining room too! At least I think that’s where it ended up. It was a huge slab of walnut, IIRC…

  • Elaine Kobek
    Elaine Kobek 20 days ago

    It’s a bonobo! I love watching every thing you create. I think maybe even the more inventive and creative the better.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 19 days ago

    I really like the tabletop, love the different colors and designs.

  • Rin Williams
    Rin Williams 21 day ago

    i saw a little fire imp at the beginning, loved the finished project! still kinda looked like a fire imp i would have loved to see the holes filled with an orange or red resin instead

  • skellyngton
    skellyngton 3 months ago +46

    I see a Sloth! Really love little projects like this and I found the mount/base particularly nice - a work of art! I have only been a subscriber for a couple of weeks, but I am really enjoying your videos - you are a real craftsman.

    • Marion Chase-Kleeves
      Marion Chase-Kleeves Month ago +2

      My youngest son was born in Silverton. LOVED Oregon. Moved to Paradise, CA in 98 and now in MI.
      WOULD like to see more live edge work. So much character is lost in the cuts and use of epoxy.
      But the market has its own demands...

    • Marion Chase-Kleeves
      Marion Chase-Kleeves Month ago

      I lived in Vancouver WA in '93 and Salem until '98

    • Lori Bardy
      Lori Bardy Month ago +1

      that is exactly what i saw

  • Freedom1man
    Freedom1man 3 days ago

    I see a Fire-Wolf or a Japanese Fox spirit
    I like your videos as you're almost local and use epoxies for a finish while I like rubbed oil finishes. For counter tops I would go with a gym floor finish and before it cures add 3 or 4 coats of interior finish

  • Steven Mcdonald
    Steven Mcdonald Month ago

    I really like the top. It's small so I don't think the lamp looking bottom or height is right. I think that would make a great top for a small night stand or side table. Looks like a Japanese depiction of a fox to me. It's really cool. Keep up the amazing work!

  • One Guy Online
    One Guy Online 2 days ago

    Hi, just stopping by. Beautiful wood. I would have tried to use it somehow too. To answer your question about what I saw in the wood, at first I saw a seal pup laying on its back with the eyes closed. When you finished it looked more like the salt vampire from Star Trek Original series, The Man Cage. lol. Okay, now you can't "un" see that every time you look at it. And you're welcome! lol

  • matthew gardiner
    matthew gardiner 15 days ago

    Think your valved base thing is truly inspiring g I live in an emmaus charity in England and we've just been given a grant to go bigger with our woodwork currently doing chopping boards about to go into tables and you have been giving me and my workmate loads off great tips in your videos I have an uncle Wilson lockhead in kircubright who does similar to you but he uses a lot of driftwood bogwood and 1 day I hope to be as good as him keep up the great work

  • Jerry Quintyne
    Jerry Quintyne Month ago +13

    I discovered your videos about a week ago (my wife was watching them!) and I'm really enjoying them. What you do and how you show is is fantastic. Your running commentary is not only welcome, but I think necessary for those of us that are not really experienced in your craft. Thank You! Big pieces, scraps, whatever; love them all. As for the hair loss... I'm told that high levels of testosterone cause hairless in younger men, so embrace it! Get a t-shirt that says, "Solar powered sex machine!" Ha ha!! At first, I thought the image in the wood was a buck, but then you said primate, and I thought of Planet of the Apes. Oh well, I'm 10 months late anyway. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.

  • MonkeyPorcupine
    MonkeyPorcupine 20 days ago

    quick question, have you have had one of the stands for your tables break because it was thin?

  • Andrew Tabner
    Andrew Tabner 20 days ago

    Great video.
    So, wood warps if you use it when it’s too wet and it later dries out.
    If you take wood from a ‘drier than expected’ point, work it, finish it, and then leave it in a humid environment, do you also risk it warping?

  • Nanette Rosario-Sanchez

    I saw a collie dog and I loved the entire project and the great table at the end. You are amazing 🤩

  • Chris
    Chris 10 days ago

    Truthfully, I went from stag to wolf to Jackelope on this one. Knowing that you saw a primate though, I'd guess a mandril or some other type of baboon. I think the character pieces are incredibly cool and understanding the thought process behind what you do is great too. Please, keep doing these and keep up the excellent work. This was the video where you earned my sub (probably the fourth video of yours I've watched).

  • J Blanchard
    J Blanchard 4 months ago +13

    I love the wood with character. My daughter made me a sofa table in high school and her shop teacher tried to keep her from using the wood with knots and “character”. I’m so glad she held her ground. The table she made is beautiful, as is yours.

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    Hey Cam, I am watching this vid for the first time today. I saw the grinch in that table. Fun way to interact with all of us on the other side of the screen. Great content and commentary!

  • Nathan Brackeen
    Nathan Brackeen Month ago

    bloodhound (Duke from Beverly Hillbillies). I did enjoy the character table build and I liked the edging you chose. I heard you say that you saw a primate image, but I first saw a cat then as you finished the table, the bloodhound was more prominent to me. I appreciate your talent and enjoy your commentary.

  • Booboo Snafu
    Booboo Snafu Month ago

    I ADORE projects like this.
    Being an artist, I've found mistakes and imperfections draw us to be me more creative than we would normally be.
    Imperfection is a beauty.
    I love watching the dedication to drawing out the beauty you see, for everyone else to see.
    And when watching woodworking videos....I wait for that moment the oil, or estapol goes on - its so satisfying.
    And I saw a fox till the finish went on. Not a primate, but I read the comments and loved tjat everyone saw something different.
    And THAT, is a beauty within itself🤗

  • The Do It Yourself World
    The Do It Yourself World 14 days ago +9

    I saw a lion till you cut off the eyes. As you were coating the table top I saw a long haired dog. I love the character in an odd piece of wood that nobody else wants.

  • Robert Vaillancourt
    Robert Vaillancourt Month ago +22

    What a great job ! Everything from the spoken text to the table making process including the finish. Filming is well done. The image in the table definitely looks like an animal. Some type of Cat to be precise.

  • Fretless
    Fretless 2 days ago

    When I was in high school, I didn't have a good enough clamping pressure on a metal box lid. The screw hook hook on the corner took a chunk of my thumb off. Recovery was good at least.

  • Paul Garside
    Paul Garside 25 days ago

    Keep it up. A big help with my projects.