Random/Unscripted Q&A #2

  • Published on Jan 7, 2018
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    This Q&A #2 video is completely random and unscripted. I will go through 19 questions from Patreon, 6 from Facebook and 6 from Twitter.
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  • Mustang
    Mustang 4 months ago

    FI Schutzschalter - In English we call it an RCD

  • Kingshuk Roy
    Kingshuk Roy 4 months ago

    55 mins.... 😁

  • CNC Scottie
    CNC Scottie 5 months ago

    Thank you Scottie

  • Kent Hambrock
    Kent Hambrock 7 months ago

    You should make a patreon tier that involves receiving your hand drawn diagrams from recent projects. That way you can make more money (potentially), all that hard work doesn't go to waste, and everyone who wants to, gets a little memorabilia from you channel.

  • murugasen ram
    murugasen ram 8 months ago

    Is that possible to make speedmeter in audrino lcd

  • Shaun Ewing
    Shaun Ewing Year ago

    so are an electronic engineer ? or hobbyist ? technician ? your very good, im studying robotics engineering and computer science . love your vids

  • Shaun Ewing
    Shaun Ewing Year ago

    WOW. FINALLY SEE YOU IN PERSON LOL nice to meet you, talked the other day on facbook, love your vids man , great person with this

  • inferno 601
    inferno 601 Year ago

    you finished the mist maker

  • Ranjita Gawade
    Ranjita Gawade Year ago

    My favourite channel I know lot about electronics thank you very much 😀😀😀😀

  • Meena Gawade
    Meena Gawade Year ago

    You look like Tony stark

  • Andrew Theodore
    Andrew Theodore Year ago

    i can see why you would want to make a cocktail maker

  • jongmans38
    jongmans38 Year ago

    Great show.

  • Corey Selman
    Corey Selman Year ago

    Please keep making videos i love these its so hard to find someone that puts this out in a way that has a top down understanding with some bottom up theory i can dive deeper in when time between classes permits

  • HDP Wedzz
    HDP Wedzz Year ago

    RANDOM, UNSCIPTED qna? 🤔 No way he is german

  • minu sharma
    minu sharma Year ago +1

    when you will a cocacola vending machine

  • Energie Z
    Energie Z Year ago +1

    Q&A : the backside of your function generator

  • Elias Mayer
    Elias Mayer Year ago

    What about this type of Question is this ok
    Was ist mit dem type fragen ist das ok

  • Gun Fighter
    Gun Fighter Year ago

    So this is the face behind all those legendary videos we all love to watch on great scott channel. Thank you for the channel.

  • SpatialGuy
    SpatialGuy Year ago

    Gday great Scott. I’m wondering if I can request a video, if you take requests that is. Can you do a very basic CNC components video please. Simply: you need a motor, best type is ... The motor plugs into a driver ... all the way through to the cad/cam software so we can see an overview diagram of the components needed for a CNC project and how those components connect and their purpose. Very general to provide a solid overview of the whole system. I’m sure you get the idea. Thanks for listening GS, cheers Michael

  • Amne Sie
    Amne Sie Year ago

    Du bist so dermaßen sympathisch! Mach bitte weiter so!

  • Mozahidur Rahman
    Mozahidur Rahman Year ago

    You are good at each and every way, best wishes from Bangladesh :)

  • R O H
    R O H Year ago

    Which audio editing software are you using. Your audio quality is superb

  • Aroma
    Aroma Year ago

    i see u

  • Kubi 0040
    Kubi 0040 Year ago +1

    A reallly small question:
    Do you use your "workbench " projects like the diy soldering station or your diy lab bench power suplies?

  • Bal krishan Sharma

    Do a vid of max loughan

  • Joseph Milcent
    Joseph Milcent Year ago

    Hi GS do you have a "kinetic rain" like in the Singapour airport project on your to do list ?

  • AliReza Sadeghi
    AliReza Sadeghi Year ago

    Awesome ,just awesome
    It looks you're made to do electronics perfect and teach it better(making videos, speaking English , being patient and etc)
    God bless you

  • Mega Watt!!
    Mega Watt!! Year ago

    auuuuu raaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Scott Lahteine
    Scott Lahteine Year ago

    I love your videos, especially your production value, concision, and clarity. I must admit, from your accent I had been imagining that you were… well… middle-aged… and Japanese! That's not a criticism or ridicule, but it makes me curious about which region of Germany you are from. And, if you do ever want to do voice-over work, know that you can totally do a Japanese accent to the American ear without even trying.

  • Alan Augusto
    Alan Augusto Year ago

    Parabéns pelo canal, aqui é BRAZIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Yuki Akahaka
    Yuki Akahaka Year ago

    cant u make a video tutorial about to use old samsung tab lcd to something usable!!!! thankyou

  • Ronald Ch
    Ronald Ch Year ago

    You cute... 😊

  • iMeMySelf
    iMeMySelf Year ago

    Nice to finally see your face, GreatScott :) I am Danish myself, dont worry about your English, it is very good. Actually I like to think our dialects only adds to diversity. You are very easy to identify from other narrators. Thank you for all the great videos!

  • ryan regivan
    ryan regivan Year ago

    hy scott, may you to make a video education about advantages and disadvantages on shunt and series regulator, soon after you already finished your thesis.
    and hope your thesis will done perfectly. ok, thank you very much.

  • Jael Rosado
    Jael Rosado Year ago

    Shave pls

  • Zman Gamer
    Zman Gamer Year ago


  • Ted Timmons
    Ted Timmons Year ago

    "what books" -- the problem is that they are pretty much always outdated for this type of stuff. I mean, good luck buying a book on ESP32 or CircuitPython.

  • Ilan Messing
    Ilan Messing Year ago

    get together with Marco Reps! like if you agree!

  • Other Guy
    Other Guy Year ago

    40:09 What books You Study?

  • Other Guy
    Other Guy Year ago +1

    33:40 Best Answer To Know

  • Harshit Yashwardhan

    Hey wich mic do u use

  • Harshit Yashwardhan

    You look awesome. Plss make a new cola dispenser machine

  • White Bird
    White Bird Year ago

    You are wonderful person all my respect for you.. .and Your Chanel is very good.. Congratulations.. Continue I wish you more success..2018 ..

  • SouthJerseySound
    SouthJerseySound Year ago

    what was the second sport he mentioned?it sounded like udel?

  • Joe B
    Joe B Year ago

    Your great at electronics dude, but your woodworking is not that great. Cant be good at everything i guess.

  • Jojo Kuh
    Jojo Kuh Year ago

    Wäre manchmal ganz gut wenn du einen deutschen untertitel hättest wenn du schon keine videos auf deutsch machst

  • joe harris
    joe harris Year ago

    DIY or build- laser cutter????

  • Nicholas Briozzo
    Nicholas Briozzo Year ago

    Love the work you are doing,
    For future videos could you do PIC microcontrollers or shift registers and pt3 of the bldc vid
    Great work keep it up :D:D:D

  • cris crafter
    cris crafter Year ago

    this video is on my birthday comming out. XDDDDDD

  • Juan Antigua
    Juan Antigua Year ago

    I have an interesting question and I think you're the best to answer and maybe do a video test what happen if you change the capacity on a battery pack let say from 10k MAH to 20k MAH? Is this possible or is the chip program to charge the batteries to 10k only? I got this awesome power bank Tqka Myraid 10,000 MAH and I would like to do a but of a overhaul.

  • kemoo motivation
    kemoo motivation Year ago

    Hi great scott please could you make an automatic solar night light with a phone

  • Vyom Sharma
    Vyom Sharma Year ago

    Really like your new look!

  • Mytendo
    Mytendo Year ago

    Can you make an Arduino Fingerprint Door Lock?

  • Samanth Pattar
    Samanth Pattar Year ago +1

    Looking smart great scott

  • Aditya Saha
    Aditya Saha Year ago

    Can you make an arduino oscilloscope?

  • Dwarf Trollin
    Dwarf Trollin Year ago

    ...your first video that is quite boring 😴

  • Miguel Garduno
    Miguel Garduno Year ago

    Hey greatscott what kind of school or education did you have for electric?

  • Хайзенберг Варщик

    Are you gay?

  • Blackious Ilay
    Blackious Ilay Year ago

    Hi scott. Can You make a night vision camera out of smartphone and ir diodes? That will be pretty cool...

  • jeb _
    jeb _ Year ago

    Diy cnc arduino draw