We PLAY Flip Cup With Little Hands

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Handimonium, the tiny hands game where size matters! Thank you to our sponsor Mattel who helped us create this video. Get it today
    In today's episode of Challenge Chalice, we play big games with small hands!
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    Adults PLAY Flip Cup With Little Hands
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    REACT  Month ago +60

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    • Mickel Hall
      Mickel Hall 24 days ago

      Shout out 😂😂😎😎

    • Shani Sulentic
      Shani Sulentic Month ago

      Can you guys do elders react 2 cardi b

    • delfina leong
      delfina leong Month ago

      The Umbrella Academy (netflix) Casts react to My Chemical Romance, and Gerard Way

    • Kiin
      Kiin Month ago

      REACT to Superwog

    • Mike Jose
      Mike Jose Month ago

      the punishment turns out to be the eat it or wear it challenge

  • Mickel Hall
    Mickel Hall 24 days ago

    Ur guys are funny😂😂

  • Richard May
    Richard May 25 days ago +2

    Do a 3 cheese stinky cheese grilled cheese challenge and the punishment for losers is eat Durian fruit

  • JustAvibE
    JustAvibE 27 days ago

    Mikaela is so fine

  • Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 28 days ago +2

    It’s prompts not promps.

  • jman415
    jman415 28 days ago +2

    I LOVE Mikaela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paige Akaiti
    Paige Akaiti 29 days ago +4

    When ever I get top comment it gets lost.

  • Mar Yual
    Mar Yual 29 days ago +3

    Can you do tinny hands and eat food

  • Karen Ballantyne
    Karen Ballantyne Month ago +2

    Do TheXvid's reaction to kids sing

  • Queen Juca
    Queen Juca Month ago +2

    React to brazilian music! The biggest hits xD

  • im very wierd
    im very wierd Month ago +2

    Teens react to utaites

  • Mega FNAF365
    Mega FNAF365 Month ago +4

    2:21 Me when everybody go to chorus and band and there too little people and we play on the computer for a whole hour

  • raymondb62
    raymondb62 Month ago +4

    You should do a tickle challenge... see who can hold out the longest without laughing. hahah

  • Alex Sav
    Alex Sav Month ago +8

    7:45 - THIS IS JUST EPIC

  • Alex Sav
    Alex Sav Month ago +4

    Like this new format

  • Jayjay2961
    Jayjay2961 Month ago +2


  • Sleepover Jesus
    Sleepover Jesus Month ago +2

    PROMPS to ya, mama!

  • Im a lazy cat
    Im a lazy cat Month ago +5

    2:21 XDXD

  • Ragna Xi
    Ragna Xi Month ago +9

    The punishment is really meh.

  • Know the Truth The truth shall set you free

    This reminds me of scary movies 2 😂

  • Nigtmaredemon
    Nigtmaredemon Month ago +6

    would have just put mayo on their faces

  • SuicideBunny6
    SuicideBunny6 Month ago +7

    I guess Alex took it seriously when Tom told Alex to "get out of here" with every challenge chalice :D

  • Kiki loves Gacha Studio Flamingo

    put pizza on there shoes!

  • Lelan sanders
    Lelan sanders Month ago +3

    Do russian roulette with coniments such as chilli sauce, ketchup, mayo etc.

  • Herraldry!
    Herraldry! Month ago +3

    Do a condiments russian roulette

  • Kristina Navelsaker
    Kristina Navelsaker Month ago +8

    New set and no Alex? Whats going on?

  • laim858
    laim858 Month ago +2

    Flip Flip Flipadelphia

  • gaming king
    gaming king Month ago +4

    Mikela is very pretty who else agrees

  • rosedarkling
    rosedarkling Month ago +2

    Quite fun to watch. Loving the transitions of the versus style to see the players dancing and such. :)

  • beautiful love
    beautiful love Month ago +4

    You should do a video of how long people can last watching the dvd logo hit the corner

  • Ria Mhatre
    Ria Mhatre Month ago +2

    Fancy new set, up in here

  • Reef K
    Reef K Month ago +2

    that was so funny!

  • Marek Kowalski
    Marek Kowalski Month ago +3

    Mikaela... ♥

  • Sergio Roa
    Sergio Roa Month ago +2

    My name is Sergio

  • Kevin Huynh
    Kevin Huynh Month ago +4

    #challengechalice can you do a 100 spicy pickles challenge

  • OriginalSpectorius
    OriginalSpectorius Month ago +2

    Is this a new set for Challenge Chalice? It looks great :0

  • Martin Awad
    Martin Awad Month ago +1

    When was the application to get part of the FBE cast 🤔

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming Month ago +4

    I love the way how Tom gets scared

  • Vinci DeLaunc
    Vinci DeLaunc Month ago +22

    Sergio is papi AF

  • Ophelie P
    Ophelie P Month ago

    i got spoiled by the miniature 😭

  • Justin Fenix
    Justin Fenix Month ago +2

    who edited the video? the colors looked flushed out

  • imsehuntrash
    imsehuntrash Month ago

    React to exo love shot!!!

  • 4Tom4lepus4
    4Tom4lepus4 Month ago +6

    "You've never played flipCup with tiny hands before?"
    Nobody has... excep Donald Trump

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Month ago +1

    React to little mix’s new music and videos

  • Cik Puan Zulaikha
    Cik Puan Zulaikha Month ago +11

    I miss alex so much :')

  • jpguitaristcomposer
    jpguitaristcomposer Month ago +2

    Random idea wouldn’t it be funny if FBE got Marshmello to do the goalie challenge?

  • Makayla Joseph
    Makayla Joseph Month ago

    love this video💖❤😂

  • Fira Syam
    Fira Syam Month ago +2


  • Willow Wisteria
    Willow Wisteria Month ago


  • AinzOowlGown
    AinzOowlGown Month ago +2

    that yato face though 1:12 lol

  • True Blue Sonic Hero
    True Blue Sonic Hero Month ago +5

    Yes! The Chalice is back! Good for us viewers, not so much for the reactors.

  • Zac Pritcher
    Zac Pritcher Month ago +1

    Hey, Mikaela!
    I’m single.

  • Makayla Wendl
    Makayla Wendl Month ago +1

    You should do a punishment were you have to record an embarrassing song that you made up about the other team and while you singing the song you have to do an embarrassing dance and you have to post it on all of your social media accounts

  • Susy Guevara
    Susy Guevara Month ago +2

    LOVE SERGIO!!!!! Those tiny hands are awesome hahahaha

  • Guy Grasso
    Guy Grasso Month ago +2

    Kids react to Oliver & Co. and Aristocats :D

  • Leo Ronin
    Leo Ronin Month ago +1

    React to sock puppet parody

  • Isaiah Moseley
    Isaiah Moseley Month ago +5

    "With what? you guessed it..giant Hands.."
    "Tiny hands" lol😂

  • albert cornejo
    albert cornejo Month ago +2

    The most epic scene in anime @7:40 😂

  • Smooches Love
    Smooches Love Month ago +1

    I love you Tom ever so much just thought you should know 😍❤😙

  • Alex Anthony
    Alex Anthony Month ago +22

    "You've never played flipCup with tiny hands before?"
    Said no one in the history of mankind until now

  • Thank you for reading my name

    React to xxxtentacion’s newest album Skins

  • WeAreOne EXOxEXO-L
    WeAreOne EXOxEXO-L Month ago +2

    Please react to Love Shot by EXO !!

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago +32

    This show finally got a budget

    • joseph reis
      joseph reis Month ago

      Tyler only this episode though I assume bc of the sponsee

  • Josephine Thanks
    Josephine Thanks Month ago +2

    Try not to eat challenge😀

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar Month ago +4

    Plizz react to Nicki Minaj greatest hits....by teen and elders

  • Axela Ynes
    Axela Ynes Month ago +1

    Delicious punishment 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Prichard
    Aaron Prichard Month ago +1

    Beer pong/water pong tournament? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Micha!
    Micha! Month ago +1

    Go Michelle go

  • Fatmaa Magdyy
    Fatmaa Magdyy Month ago +3

    Make a teens react to exo love shot PLEASE *including seth and jordan cause i love them*

  • keyzoro 95
    keyzoro 95 Month ago

    Want something new from other culture Here is some interesting group band thexvid.com/video/v4xZUr0BEfE/video.html

  • Lily Twice
    Lily Twice Month ago +1


  • directioner zquad
    directioner zquad Month ago +1

    React to zayn good years please❤️❤️

  • Cassandra Aberdale
    Cassandra Aberdale Month ago +3

    please react to exos love shot and tempo

  • Pamela Warren
    Pamela Warren Month ago +28

    Am I the only one who thought how wasteful it was for them to use those giant vats of sauces? A couple of small bowls would have sufficed. Surely no one is going to use those condiments now 🤮

    • pedro6720
      pedro6720 Month ago +2

      Pamela Warren or at least have big spoons instead of the Tiny hands

  • lila 03
    lila 03 Month ago +4

    React to exo love shot 💎💎

  • ImanT
    ImanT Month ago

    Did mekhelas boBS get smaller??

  • LInk02
    LInk02 Month ago +1

    Can Elders play it?

  • Christina Andension
    Christina Andension Month ago +2

    Can you do another anime reaction challenge 👏

  • George Burge
    George Burge Month ago +8

    Idea for a punishment, drink a milkshake out of a dirty sock

  • XxThatJack .comxX
    XxThatJack .comxX Month ago +5

    please react to Love Shot by EXO please!!!

  • Story of Mo
    Story of Mo Month ago +2

    Adults Beer pong tournament

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 Month ago +3

    And I was hoping the girls won't become burgers.

  • nyeha
    nyeha Month ago +8


  • Ms. Singh
    Ms. Singh Month ago

    React to LM5 by Little Mix

  • Ms. Singh
    Ms. Singh Month ago

    React to Little Mix

  • Kevpai
    Kevpai Month ago +1

    React to Mark Ronson FT Miley Cyrus Nothing breaks like a heart

  • kaustubh kashyap
    kaustubh kashyap Month ago +4

    Tom ia so sorry but man you can't take place of Alex because your not Alex. Alex laughes like a funny villain he is so alex

  • Abraham Esparza
    Abraham Esparza Month ago +1

    React to Pearl Jam

  • LittleMissJ ToysFunTime

    Please can you guys react to satisfying slime videos

  • Diksha Raina
    Diksha Raina Month ago

    Tom looks like lucas from one tree hill

  • Jona Martinez
    Jona Martinez Month ago

    Eso te ganas por mamona Mikaela

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago +3

    Mikaela and Michelle 👌😃

  • Luca Brasi
    Luca Brasi Month ago

    Please please let a mix generation react to this watch?v=oBDABJJ6Ze8 Michael Jackson REBORN?

  • s e e s a w
    s e e s a w Month ago

    Please do react to World Edition Songs! Blessing, Smiling, DATI, etc.!

  • Mia Taylor
    Mia Taylor Month ago +3

    Since when did they go to adult react?

    • Mia Taylor
      Mia Taylor Month ago

      +Pamela Warren I haven't been on youtube in a while

    • Marissa Hallinan
      Marissa Hallinan Month ago

      Once a reactor turns 20 they graduate to adults and or college react depending if they are also enrolled in school.

    • Pamela Warren
      Pamela Warren Month ago

      I don't quite understand your question??
      Adults react has had 100 episodes. A couple years,...

  • Ricky Vuong
    Ricky Vuong Month ago

    Ketchup is good for your skin

  • Chicken Butt
    Chicken Butt Month ago

    So tiny

  • Aaron Hardy
    Aaron Hardy Month ago +4

    Yay Sergio, that's my boy!

  • Seal Logic
    Seal Logic Month ago

    at 7:44 when they zoom to Michelle you can see the ball falling down in the bottom left of the screen

    • Seal Logic
      Seal Logic Month ago

      might wanna slow it down as it is pretty quick

  • David Barcellona
    David Barcellona Month ago +1

    They should advertise the little hands as "Trump" Hands lol