Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

  • Published on Nov 11, 2017
  • I found this online dollar store called ShopMissA that sells all their makeup products for $1 and decided I had to try it out! So I replaced my entire everyday makeup routine with $1 makeup products, including foundation, concealer, eye primer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, bronzer, contour, face powder, and lipstick. What do you think? Would you try this?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +9182

    HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i'm gonna go load up on lipsticks now.... what would you like to see next? xox, saf

    • So that's great
      So that's great 2 months ago

      woah this was a year ago
      cant believe time flies that quickly
      oh well, still love your content saf

    • not yoongi
      not yoongi 4 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard aaaa ilysm!! ;;;

    • Taylor Person
      Taylor Person 4 months ago

      this is a actually store!!! it’s close right by me

  • Kynadie_Paige
    Kynadie_Paige 13 hours ago

    miss a is also a store in the mall i go to and it’s really good for $1

  • Jenna Allen
    Jenna Allen 15 hours ago

    safiya: it has pretty good butthole coverage... and that’s priceless
    me: dying🤣

  • Luna Gonzalez
    Luna Gonzalez Day ago

    You forgot the hight tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BabyReaper
    BabyReaper Day ago +1

    Maybe we should should see how long your face lasts wearing the same makeup look for a week. No washing your face, and you have to do your makeup once and keep it on the whole week. Your allowed to do retouches but you can’t take off makeup. NO CONTROL Z

  • Marta Karadottir
    Marta Karadottir 2 days ago

    *bat noises*

  • A Random User of YouTube

    “What kind of bisque? Lobster?”
    “That’s what I was thinking”

  • Jolet Kpop?
    Jolet Kpop? 3 days ago

    Miss A AoA....only kpop stans😥🤡🤷‍♀️✊✊✊

  • Mike Byrne
    Mike Byrne 4 days ago

    Hey saf my partner just had a look at the website and they look to have setting powder now

  • kura-chan 13
    kura-chan 13 4 days ago

    Highlighter and blush? Really good video though

  • Mermaid Gal
    Mermaid Gal 5 days ago

    0:33 Safiya, don’t you mean your Safiya Tingle?

  • madi ng
    madi ng 6 days ago

    No eye shadow???? 🤔🤔🤔

  • fabfamingo 101
    fabfamingo 101 6 days ago

    Is it just me or did she forget eye shadow

  • elfenlied _girl123
    elfenlied _girl123 7 days ago

    80%. Talking about kpop bands Miss A and AOA
    20% talking about how great he makeup looks

  • Nadine Rodriguez
    Nadine Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Saf can go from "I'll hiss at you" to "You want me to kiss you" 😂

  • Amy Amoré
    Amy Amoré 7 days ago

    We have a Miss A in our hometown mall!

  • Sandra Perry
    Sandra Perry 8 days ago

    The far away shots look regular but the up.close all I could think about was me in the end of middle school when my parents let me go to the outlet mall with friends & we would secretly buy dollar makeup to try to learn how to do it when we weren't allowed yet & then buy a tshirt or something to hide the small bag of makeup in another bag with lol & then I saw l.a. color foundation & went yup that's the one lmao!

  • Mimi Shella
    Mimi Shella 8 days ago

    Great content. I use the cheap stuff, too. But I actually wouldn't recommend the Dollar Store stuff. It's imported, and probably contains all kinds of iffy ingredients.

  • cookie2081 !!!!!
    cookie2081 !!!!! 8 days ago

    Who is here in 2019 😋

  • Blabla toto
    Blabla toto 8 days ago

    AOA ? Miss A? Is the make up name after Kpop girl group?

  • Charlotte Storm
    Charlotte Storm 8 days ago

    Do a full face of primark makeup

  • Weird Street
    Weird Street 9 days ago +3

    Safiya: It's peeling my skin and it burns but it's a dollar!

  • Gabriella Mertz
    Gabriella Mertz 9 days ago +4

    omg she should get one of each color of the liquid lipstick on shop miss a and mix them together to get a franken miss a lipstick 💄

  • Loving The drama
    Loving The drama 9 days ago +6

    Claire’s make up is worse but it cost more🤦‍♀️

  • that.lonley.chicken.nugget Sanchez

    This is not hate it's to help you out saf your face looks Sooper shiny so try to

  • Ayleen Meriam
    Ayleen Meriam 12 days ago

    Saw L.A. Colors come into the mix and knew this was going to be....interesting

  • Gaby Kaiser
    Gaby Kaiser 12 days ago

    ‘shop miss AaAaAa’

  • shxlby
    shxlby 14 days ago +1

    AOA and Miss A....
    Am i the only one thinking about the kpop groups

  • Reese McGeese
    Reese McGeese 14 days ago

    miss a fuckin slaps, i almost always buy smth when i go in bc their products usu dont dissapoint.

  • Ash Ashum
    Ash Ashum 15 days ago

    Try this and give a review

  • Rebecca Elana Thompson

    I f*****g love your vids also sorry I'm a year late I'm scrolling and watching all your vids again but this time I'm pissed as hell heheh

  • Ziggy Angelo
    Ziggy Angelo 16 days ago

    It's kinda weird that the shop's called Miss A and the brand is AOA because both of those are K-Pop girl groups

  • VagrantDancer
    VagrantDancer 16 days ago

    Safiya's bold brow: Owns the room
    My bold brow: Has bolts in its neck

  • Rebecca Howerton
    Rebecca Howerton 17 days ago

    Girl Miss A is my crack!!! You should do a updated video because they have alot of stuff now. I have over 30 of the AOA liquid lip stick

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person 17 days ago +1

    The 40$ thing was probably just a mistake so that is how they changed it

  • Blurxedxslimes Iloveyou

    Saf: Tyler do the song
    Tyler: ShOp MiSsA- has got me dead💀😂

  • WeirdSide
    WeirdSide 18 days ago

    Why does she only have 8,010,546 subscribers and has orignle content

  • Milayne Garcia
    Milayne Garcia 18 days ago +4

    She didn’t buy any eye shadow blush nor highlighter so I was kind of bummed :(

    • Milayne Garcia
      Milayne Garcia 18 days ago +1

      Yeah don’t we all. she is always so positive and is 100 percent honest on her reviews.

    • Earth Angel
      Earth Angel 18 days ago +1

      same but I still love her

  • Lexi Parish
    Lexi Parish 18 days ago +3

    Is anybody watching this after she got engaged?!💍💑👫

  • Lexi Parish
    Lexi Parish 18 days ago

    Why didn’t you use eyeshadow??? Also love you Saf!!!😻

    • Osoro Shidesu
      Osoro Shidesu 11 days ago

      Cuz eyeshadow isn’t a day to day makeup thing that everyone wears everyday

  • I’m petrified of Nipple chafing

    Who missed that joke
    I’m reaching some grease levels, I’m Sandra D.
    Quality joke 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Matti Mac
    Matti Mac 18 days ago +1

    No tea no shade no pink lemonade, but I use a lot of stuff from that site all the time and it works great for me and I’ve never had any skin problems from it...However I do tend to stick to certain brands within that site...

  • Ella Dupree
    Ella Dupree 20 days ago +3

    Yo want an eyebrow sword, shield, and jousting stick 🤣

  • Natalie Schroeder
    Natalie Schroeder 21 day ago

    did she just completely forget about eyeshadow?

    • Osoro Shidesu
      Osoro Shidesu 11 days ago

      Kylee Day exactly

    • Kylee Day
      Kylee Day 19 days ago

      She was only buying the stuff she wears in her normal everyday makeup looks. She doesn't really wear eyeshadow everyday.

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 21 day ago

    Please try tjmaxx makeup I don’t understand why are they selling brands that are sold at sephora are they any good

    • Osoro Shidesu
      Osoro Shidesu 11 days ago

      Tjmaxx sell everything at a cheaper price than you would buy normally so it’s the exact same things but cheaper

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 21 day ago

    Butthole kills me every time

  • nightshade animations

    Danelle is sponsored

  • Amelia DILLON
    Amelia DILLON 22 days ago

    You were really orange omg

  • Mariah Shievdayal
    Mariah Shievdayal 23 days ago

    8 months ago I asked Jeffree star to do this still haven’t seen that video I have makeup from shop miss A it is not the best but it works and they do have setting spray everything but the makeup is good I really do like this site

  • Gacha -OwO- Maxx
    Gacha -OwO- Maxx 24 days ago

    eyeshadow aint existent i guess

    • Kylee Day
      Kylee Day 19 days ago +1

      She doesn't wear eyeshadow everyday, and she was only buying the stuff she uses in her normal everyday makeup.

  • Devin Erbaugh
    Devin Erbaugh 24 days ago +1

    Oh, how many pimples she must have now..........

  • Adrianna Ibrahim xo
    Adrianna Ibrahim xo 24 days ago

    I love how funny you are but the fact that your raising your mirror with the cards Against Humanity game is iconic

  • Rahel Woldeyes
    Rahel Woldeyes 24 days ago

    You look like superraedizzle

  • RaraMachine 2
    RaraMachine 2 24 days ago


  • Cameron Johnston
    Cameron Johnston 25 days ago

    You should do mixing all miss a lipsticks together

  • Mika Austin
    Mika Austin 25 days ago

    those 2.8k dislikes are from people who work at mac ,elf,sephora,ulta beuaty ect

  • Ah ramy is scheiße
    Ah ramy is scheiße 26 days ago

    I never buy foundation and concealer online because there is a big chance that I would get the wrong shade

  • Frank iero Plz love me

    Did u
    Just use
    Before the

  • Mr.Duck with a top hat
    Mr.Duck with a top hat 27 days ago +1

    I think i may wanna buy some of their liquid lipsticks. 😊

  • Mute Kid
    Mute Kid 28 days ago

    La colors is great most of my dailies are la colors

  • Kenslie Knors
    Kenslie Knors 28 days ago

    Did she forget eye shadow

    • Kylee Day
      Kylee Day 19 days ago +1

      No. She was only buying the stuff she normally wears everyday, and she doesn't wear eyeshadow everyday.

  • AirSoftMaverick3232
    AirSoftMaverick3232 28 days ago +10

    AOA Brand disclaimer: may not actually make you look like Seolhyun or Choa

  • Elli Johnson
    Elli Johnson 28 days ago

    Love the Cards Against Humanity mirror stand!

  • Maddy More
    Maddy More 28 days ago

    One of their brushes are my absolutely holy grail foundation brush.. that I’ve found.

  • Aida Mega seje videoer

    SaVE The TUrtLEs

  • QueenOf TheFoxes7
    QueenOf TheFoxes7 28 days ago

    Safiya, it would be WICKED if you did (i can’t remember if you’ve already done it or now) a full face of your franken - makeup!

  • Leah Miller
    Leah Miller 28 days ago +1

    when they get up close the shades look different so I have to wait a sec to see the shades. but overall i enjoyed the video so much. lots of love 💕

  • Carsen Prentice
    Carsen Prentice 29 days ago +1

    Can we just acknowledge that she was using a Cards Against Humanity box to hold up her mirror :))))

  • moonlight dancer
    moonlight dancer Month ago +9

    MISS A AOA KPOP??? yes ik that it has nothing to do with it but those are my 2 fav kpop bands

  • rowan saige
    rowan saige Month ago

    I wish you would’ve got brushes