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  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • Monique Meuschke, Noeska N. Smit, Nils Lichtenberg, Bernhard Preim, and Kai Lawonn
    Automatic Generation of Web-Based User Studies to Evaluate Depth Perception in Vascular Surface Visualizations.
    In: Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, 2018
    User studies are often required in biomedical visualization application papers in order to provide evidence for the utility of the presented approach. An important aspect is how well depth information can be perceived, as depth encoding is important to enable an understandable representation of complex data. Unfortunately, in practice there is often little time available to perform such studies, and setting up and conducting user studies may be labor-intensive. In addition, it can be challenging to reach enough participants to support the contribution claims of the paper. In this paper, we propose a system that allows biomedical visualization researchers to quickly generate perceptual task-based user studies for novel surface visualizations, and to perform the resulting experiment via a web interface. This approach helps to reduce effort in the setup of user studies themselves, and at the same time leverages a web-based approach that can help researchers attract more participants to their study. We demonstrate our system using the specific application of depth judgment tasks to evaluate vascular surface visualizations, since there is a lot of recent interest in this area. However, the system is also generally applicable for conducting other task-based user studies in biomedical visualization.
    Code: github.com/mmeuschke/EvalWizard
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