Drops of Water Climbing Stairs

  • Published on Dec 14, 2021
  • I show you how to use the Leidenfrost effect to make water climb uphill
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  • Brisingr Fanghur
    Brisingr Fanghur 5 months ago +2823

    Whenever I see cool science experiment like this I always like to think about how would people from the medieval period react to this. Water going uphill? Black magic.

  • Diaphat
    Diaphat 5 months ago +1794

    It's almost like the water is panicking: "HOT HOT HOT!"

  • Coding with Max
    Coding with Max 5 months ago +1138

    That one small water droplet:
    *jumps off*

    • Kevin K.
      Kevin K. 4 months ago

      @Martin can 7h

    • Faheem Muhammad
      Faheem Muhammad 5 months ago

      @Martin yo sameee

    • Martin
      Martin 5 months ago +19

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that, and also found it funny. Thanks bro.

    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago +2

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  • EdecioTheGhost
    EdecioTheGhost 5 months ago +9

    This makes me want to come up with an excuse to use this in engineering, and I’m trying to come up with a legitimate use for this, but the problem (in theory, haven’t tested or researched just brainstorming) is that it only works on drops and not on large amounts of water because the effect happens because the gas is keeping the drop from touching the metal and continuing to flash boil instantly, and if you had a large amount of water trying to do this is would just cool the hot metal instantly because the heat would disperse too quickly… right? any ideas?

    • EdecioTheGhost
      EdecioTheGhost 5 months ago

      @Silas I’m thinking more like a practical application for making water flow uphill using this method.. either as part of a larger design or even just as modern art

    • Silas
      Silas 5 months ago +2

      Used where heat is a byproduct, and it has to be cooled? Plus a tesla valve or something, maybe

  • This Exists
    This Exists 5 months ago +134

    Makes me curious how this could be utilized in technology

    • 482k7
      482k7 5 months ago +2

      @mr focigaz love the derp. hehe

    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago

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    • Dalton Barnett
      Dalton Barnett 5 months ago

      Me too, maybe canals?

    • mr focigaz
      mr focigaz 5 months ago +16

      inefficient. derrrrrrrrrrrp

    • AquaPlay'er🤽‍♂️
      AquaPlay'er🤽‍♂️ 5 months ago +12

      Well, you can pump water from a stream uphill?🤔🤷😂😂😂

  • Sasha's Corpse
    Sasha's Corpse 5 months ago +359

    “Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!”
    ~ Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko No Basket)
    The drop took it way too seriously

    • Sasha's Corpse
      Sasha's Corpse 4 months ago

      @Aditya Jha yes yes.. I knew you were checking me, it would be pretty embarrassing if you didn't know Haha

    • Aditya Jha
      Aditya Jha 4 months ago

      @Sasha's Corpse it is right i knew it ofc haha just checking you

    • Sasha's Corpse
      Sasha's Corpse 4 months ago

      @Aditya Jha it's literally coming today

    • Aditya Jha
      Aditya Jha 4 months ago

      aot coming in few days oh yeah baby

    • Tom Cruise
      Tom Cruise 4 months ago

      I am kuroko’s master

  • Civilized Monkey
    Civilized Monkey 5 months ago +70

    I was waiting for him to end the video with "so cool!", but the magic words were never spoken. I feel empty

    • Martin
      Martin 5 months ago +1

      As was I.

  • spelling
    spelling 5 months ago +65

    i watched this video on repeat for 1h and it literally helped me finish my essay. thanks!

    • sponsored by walmart
      sponsored by walmart 5 months ago

      @Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenious dont question the power of action lab shorts

    • Minfires Man Yeah _ That Was Mingenious
    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 baby-girls.id/angelinajoey 🥰🌹
      >>>>> Ⓖⓔⓣ 乇メ₵ɨイєԀ 💋🥰

    • Miscl
      Miscl 5 months ago +2

      how interesting-

  • Jess
    Jess 5 months ago +3

    I’m never disappointed with his videos or shorts.

  • CanadaBud23
    CanadaBud23 5 months ago +7

    That's pretty cool. I wonder if my old crappy files have enough left to keep this effect.

  • Amadou Cisse
    Amadou Cisse 5 months ago +1

    I honestly thought there was some kind of blowing device outside screen which couldn't blow away the metal balls but could blow the whlater, but this is way cooler.

  • Adam WaZzA
    Adam WaZzA 5 months ago

    Dude your a genius. I wish i had a science teacher like you. Maybe id have made something of my life lolz

  • Michael Savides
    Michael Savides 5 months ago

    I find this fascinating. But I wonder if it would have the opposite effect on a different hemisphere of the Earth. Like the Coriolis effect. Any thoughts?

  • Steven Brodie
    Steven Brodie 5 months ago

    I'm a glass blower and I experiemce this effect many times per day. I use tubes of glass and heat them with a torch. The heat of the torch amd colder temp pf the glass causes any humidity (a lot here) to condense on the inner walls of the tubing, and when the angle of the tubing to the ground changes and water dropplets fall down towards where the tubing is being heated all of a sudden at one point the dropplets of water will shoot upwards. In my case sometimes the water will flash boil from dropping straight down onto a part of glasd that is 2,500 degrees and create a minor steam explosion. Luckily with the small amount of water it usually dosent cause anything more than a small fright and if im blowing into the glass a mouth full of steam

  • rlb
    rlb 5 months ago

    I’ve watched so many of your videos and you truly are a genius!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 5 months ago

    Could this work in an aqueduct type system? Nice video btw

  • Remixthis
    Remixthis 4 months ago

    Correction on the laden front effect. It happens when two objects are at extremes. Liquid gasses(like oxygen or nitrogen) not freezing the human body, being able to stick your hand in molten aluminum for a breif second.

  • Abhyuday Krishna
    Abhyuday Krishna 5 months ago +1

    for stuff like this it would be smart to explain the super basic mechanics behind it, like the mass energy conservation etc

    • Sans.
      Sans. 5 months ago

      It already has the energy to move. You know...heat...converted to kinetic energy

  • G g
    G g 5 months ago

    This would mark the first time i knew something before he explained it. I never heard of that effect before, but i experimented with hot water on a stove more times than i can count back when i was younger.

    SPACE PIRATES 5 months ago

    I love this guy who thinks of all this stuff is able to do it while breaking everything you believe in

  • Roger Chern
    Roger Chern 5 months ago +19

    Next video: Drops of water bench pressing 100 kg...

    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago

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  • MazeDG
    MazeDG 5 months ago +1

    Even though I don't understand the explanation I still enjoy watching the water droplets defy gravity.

  • Christian Deo Villajuan
    Christian Deo Villajuan 5 months ago +1

    I love how the zigzag pattern making water propel is similar to terraria hoik mechanisms

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz 5 months ago +20

    That's so cool reminds me of when it rains an the water is running off the roof an it'll go backwards on the over hang.

    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 baby-girls.id/angelinajoey 🥰🌹
      >>>>> Ⓖⓔⓣ 乇メ₵ɨイєԀ 💋🥰

    • at7able
      at7able 5 months ago +2

      What do you mean?

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 5 months ago

    Could that ever be a way to transport water to places that need it or does it only work on small amounts?

  • James TDG
    James TDG 5 months ago

    I wonder if this can make plumbing even more efficient

  • Elias Richter
    Elias Richter 5 months ago

    Would this work with a hydrophobic surface as well?

  • A Mexican Gorilla
    A Mexican Gorilla 5 months ago +2

    I work in welding and I can confirm I spilled my water bottle on something that I was working on and it went up.

  • Christine Crowley
    Christine Crowley 5 months ago

    I always wondered how raindrops got back in the cloud for the next storm...

  • Da Watcher
    Da Watcher 5 months ago

    This is the first one of these that I actually knew before he said it.
    If you flick water on an electric stove top, the water droplets race across it.

  • Joseph Cotton
    Joseph Cotton 5 months ago +1

    I love the noise water makes in slow motion

  • thedesk
    thedesk 5 months ago +15

    Use large row of magnefying glass and metal tube with metal stairs inside to transport salt water from coast of a desert to a place deep in dessert.

    • Sans.
      Sans. 5 months ago

      @just some guy tired of lifesteam pipes

    • Evellyn________🔞👇
      Evellyn________🔞👇 5 months ago

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 baby-girls.id/angelinajoey 🥰🌹
      >>>>> Ⓖⓔⓣ 乇メ₵ɨイєԀ 💋🥰

  • Engineerated
    Engineerated 5 months ago

    I believe the gas which is preventing it in the first place is causing the drop to move up the incline due to convection.

  • Vyoor Wangoo
    Vyoor Wangoo 5 months ago +2

    I always watch these shorts twice, once for the experiment second time for the shirt...

  • Lynx22330
    Lynx22330 5 months ago

    Backward long jumps have a lot more science than I thought…

  • Atharv Mishra
    Atharv Mishra 5 months ago +4

    Your experiments are getting cooler and cooler

    • Joshua Mills
      Joshua Mills 5 months ago

      Technically this one was possible because the experiment was really really hot

  • Iknowthatsrite!
    Iknowthatsrite! 5 months ago

    You people are so cool. Because of your genious, you share and help those of us understand thibgs beyond our solo comprehension. Thank You.

  • Weston Ding
    Weston Ding 5 months ago

    Amazing effect!

  • Arup Mishra
    Arup Mishra 5 months ago +1

    I love you shorts....so fascinating!

  • Zachary Doucet
    Zachary Doucet 4 months ago

    What took more my attention than the water was the metal oxidizing. In the second clip you can actually see it when he puts the water on the metal a spot of oxidation starts to appear after a couple of seconds

  • hsd287
    hsd287 5 months ago

    Imagine water that could fly or float due to this effect 😂😂😂

  • goose
    goose Month ago +1

    when even water has better physical ability than you:

  • Feedbackking13
    Feedbackking13 5 months ago

    Does this work on a larger scale? Could we use it to say push a turbine?

  • Adrian Padalhin
    Adrian Padalhin 3 months ago

    What would be cool is if you can video steel balls rolling down at the same time as water droplets roll up.

  • AligatorKid
    AligatorKid 4 months ago +1

    I am so confused how he finds this shit out love you mane keep up the good work

  • Miguel Borromeo
    Miguel Borromeo 5 months ago +10

    I can't wait for the anime that makes this effect a critical plot point.

  • hisu kim
    hisu kim 5 months ago

    now how did some tiny waterdrops make such a loud sound?

  • Cat Xray
    Cat Xray 3 months ago

    How fast could you make a droplet go using this technique?

  • TIme Up
    TIme Up 5 months ago

    This guy is the perfect man who should be on TheXvid!!! Unlike other worthless channels!!

  • pickitup dope
    pickitup dope 5 months ago

    Feels like those little droplets have life

  • pilot reg
    pilot reg 5 months ago +1

    rip that one small drop that fell 😔

  • Kalijah Anderson
    Kalijah Anderson 5 months ago

    You could actually use this to make a real infinite waterfall.

  • MrHocotateFreight
    MrHocotateFreight 5 months ago

    Woah, and since it's passing over heated surfaces, it'll boil and disinfect. I see a weird survival game mechanic

    AMRA ANSARI 5 months ago +2

    Probably most of us: doesn't understand but just loves the content

  • Edward Tomasz Napierała

    So, if the file could float, would it propel itself?

  • Yulio Andreas
    Yulio Andreas 5 months ago +1

    this is so cool!

  • ٴ
    ٴ 4 months ago +1

    this idea could become a form of transportation like hyperloop

  • Prathamesh Wagh
    Prathamesh Wagh 5 months ago

    Technology and science are the other definition of magic
    - Prathamesh Wagh

  • DanMartinParanormal
    DanMartinParanormal 5 months ago

    So instead of a mag-lev train, a hydroplaning boat climbing its own water supply up a heated metal ramp-way, allowing for container ships to cross over continents to get to the ocean on the other side?

  • KaceeGreer
    KaceeGreer 5 months ago

    You fascinate me nearly every time

  • Learn-er
    Learn-er 5 months ago

    Hello sir can you make a video on what happened if we heat water phobic coated surface and then add water to see the effact?

  • dadey Aki
    dadey Aki 5 months ago

    My heart broke when I saw the little water droplet fall down, it was like a child

  • doritos
    doritos 4 months ago

    i can just imagine the pain
    "I NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE! *jumps off* "

  • Dude McPunchy
    Dude McPunchy 5 months ago

    My favorite are the tiny ones that have to hop to get over the ridges

  • Dave Marley Music
    Dave Marley Music 5 months ago

    It starts falling off the edge because the water is slowly cooling the surface. (Heat is transferring to each water droplet)

  • Marquis de Hoto
    Marquis de Hoto 5 months ago

    The effect literally translates to suffer and cold xD I find it very funny xD

  • monty turner
    monty turner 5 months ago

    Pure magic.

  • RanDomZ ™️
    RanDomZ ™️ 5 months ago

    Kids now a days are lucky, they got all these info in their pockets! These videos I think teach more than even what schools teach kids.

  • Trijit Roy
    Trijit Roy 5 months ago

    Gravity exists
    Water droplets: together we can stop this

  • Upgrade 101
    Upgrade 101 5 months ago

    I love this dude, he’s like a fruity little bill Nye

  • the spiritus
    the spiritus 5 months ago

    Could you use this to accelerate hydropower?

    • lolWT nick
      lolWT nick 5 months ago

      yeah totally. just burn coal underneath the metal ramp and the water goes up

  • Mel Meller
    Mel Meller 4 months ago

    Ok but why does it push uphill? If it flash boils...and the air pocket helps to repell it...why is the direction not random?

  • yamspaine
    yamspaine 5 months ago +1

    you keep finding super interesting demonstrations and tricks... I've been expecting you to run out...

  • Weave
    Weave 5 months ago

    is it possible to do the same thing but using a waterproof spray on the surface instead of heating it up

  • blackheart
    blackheart 5 months ago +1

    I'm always enjoying these videos

  • An_Interesting_Bidder
    An_Interesting_Bidder 5 months ago +1

    Alright, but who in their right mind would think to take a hot, jagged piece of medal, and put a single droplet on it to discover this?

  • Jason
    Jason 5 months ago

    Does this video not really explain why this happens? Am I missing it?

  • Fire Doggo
    Fire Doggo 5 months ago

    Now my question is can you make a railgun with this concept with water

  • Macho Man
    Macho Man 5 months ago

    What happens when you make the same surface hydrophobic and eliminate the additional source of heat energy

    • Number One Mr. Squeaks Fan
      Number One Mr. Squeaks Fan 5 months ago

      The Leidenfrost Effect doesn't apply to hydrophobic surfaces, only on really hot ones. The effect is also really only observed on the small scale, i.e. droplets, so it doesn't scale up well.
      If you were to recreate this experiment but with hydrophobic surfaces, the water would flow downward as expected. The thermal energy of the hot surface is what propels the water upwards.

  • Otzkar
    Otzkar 5 months ago

    I think the visual representation really sucks in this video but the effect is still really cool

  • Cadde
    Cadde 5 months ago

    Now make a drop go in endless circles.

  • andrew cobb
    andrew cobb 5 months ago

    Big drops needed. I want a hot file for Xmas :)

  • yandi wicaksana
    yandi wicaksana 5 months ago

    can we use it to make unlimited energy?

  • Neil
    Neil 5 months ago

    One of the best action lab shorts

  • Leodhas W-S
    Leodhas W-S 5 months ago

    Can you please do a full video on this

  • Mohammed Farooq
    Mohammed Farooq 5 months ago

    I like all of your videos. Could please do a video on Prince Rupert's drop 💧

  • mattsmith1318
    mattsmith1318 5 months ago

    Perspective 1: how to demonstrate the leidenfrost effect.
    Perspective 2: how to structurally compromise a perfectly good file.

  • furious panda
    furious panda 4 months ago +2

    This reminds me of hoiks in terraria with slanted stairs

  • カズト桐ケ谷
    カズト桐ケ谷 5 months ago

    The tiny droplet that get lost be like: oh man they left, where should i go up or down? Nah man i'll just jump out of here

  • Nathan Owen
    Nathan Owen 4 months ago

    It doesn't break law of conservation of energy because the increase in gravitational energy is countered by the loss in heat energy from the hot plate

  • Bhante
    Bhante 5 months ago

    I swear to dog this channel has increased my IQ by 0.03 points this year alone.

  • kristopher ardis
    kristopher ardis 5 months ago

    Some one somewhere is gonna try to make this into a form of transportation

  • Silas
    Silas 5 months ago

    I wonder if you could use this plus a tesla valve to increase efficiency in commercial or industrial processes...

  • Cyber Mark
    Cyber Mark 5 months ago

    Man, this physics engine exploits are getting out of hand!

  • TFB
    TFB 5 months ago

    Newton has been real quiet since this dropped

  • Propopopa
    Propopopa 5 months ago

    I knew it was the laden frost effect the second I saw it was on top of the stove

  • MR. parrot
    MR. parrot 5 months ago

    Me when I spill water on the stove

  • Chad Harris
    Chad Harris 5 months ago +1

    can we make energy from that?

  • Aharon Moyal
    Aharon Moyal 5 months ago

    my first thought is that this could be used for transportation

  • Piete Koo
    Piete Koo 5 months ago

    The droplet is enveloped in gas. Gas will go upwards and thus take the droplet, which it envelops, with.