Colin reacts to Brees & Roethlisberger injuries, what they mean for the rest of the NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show and reacts to injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees. Hear what Colin thinks the outlook is now like for the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin reacts to Brees & Roethlisberger injuries, what they mean for the rest of the NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Comments • 724

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    What are your thoughts on Brees and Roethlisberger’s injuries?

    • hyperadhdkid2431
      hyperadhdkid2431 Month ago

      Audie Waldron facts this clown just trying to create a negative narrative about my man brees a true goat.

    • John Nickum
      John Nickum Month ago

      What was wrong with Big Ben the first two weeks???
      He had no body to bail him out. That's how good of a football player A. Brown is

    • Sean Grande
      Sean Grande Month ago

      I’m hurt dawg. Don’t ask me if I’m alright

    • BBC Outdoors
      BBC Outdoors Month ago

      So that game cost us the chance on the super bowl it doesn't matter if we went to over time if the reffs would do there job and call right then that would have been a first down and we could have milked the clock so you just sit here and talk the saints will show you who's wrong

    • Eric Helzer
      Eric Helzer Month ago

      Missing Ben isn't that bad . what really hurts is the receivers dropping everything. Moncreif has like 10 drops already

  • Oliver Young
    Oliver Young 13 days ago +1

    The saints are always the name one taem in the NFL

  • Austin Reynaud
    Austin Reynaud 16 days ago

    This aged well ⚜️

  • sahhhbrahhh
    sahhhbrahhh 25 days ago

    Not really sure what he means about the saints offense not moving the ball. They looked great against Houston (370 throwing yards and 510 total) and looked fine right up until Jared Cook dropped the ball and it was intercepted against the rams.

  • saintslfc13
    saintslfc13 28 days ago

    Seattle got punched in the mouth.Get bent

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris Month ago

    Dink, Dink, Dink all the way to the NFC Championship, and one bad call away from the Superbowl

  • basher basher
    basher basher Month ago

    2 QB installation is an opportunity to add more to the playbook

  • Soggy Sports
    Soggy Sports Month ago

    And we were actually moving the ball before brees got hurt buddy

  • Soggy Sports
    Soggy Sports Month ago +1

    The interception was wide open just a big hit and bad drop from cook but good try

  • keith B
    keith B Month ago +1

    You just sucked off big bens completion percentage but Drew had better every damn year!

  • Rodrigo Pagés
    Rodrigo Pagés Month ago

    Plot twist AB has no team now 🤣

  • Ivan Vargas
    Ivan Vargas Month ago

    Your thoughts are dumb!! You can’t judge Brees on 3 plays!

  • Buddy Romero
    Buddy Romero Month ago

    Saints put 500 yards on Houston in week 1!

  • ablackprep
    ablackprep Month ago

    I wish Big Ben the best but the ball 🏈 don’t lie 🙊 all the things that happened and what’s he’s done ✅ on and off the field is catching 🎣 up to him

  • Gaming Now
    Gaming Now Month ago +1

    The Steelers quarterback injury and situation reminds me of when the colts lost manning due to injury for a year and we're horrible.

  • Nick Slachta
    Nick Slachta Month ago

    Chargers and Ravens are legit. AFC is not quite decided yet.

    • Alan Hill
      Alan Hill Month ago

      Nah. It's Chiefs or Pats unless their qb gets hurt. No one else is even close.

  • Court Love
    Court Love Month ago

    Just hand the 🏆 to the pats thank me later lol lol

  • Michael Tait
    Michael Tait Month ago

    Colin is a Capricorn sun sign so give him a pass Capricorns do whatever to stay on top so give this man some credit he has bills to pay lol

  • Doc Holladay007
    Doc Holladay007 Month ago

    I think it means retirement

  • Luchace Fox
    Luchace Fox Month ago +1

    Tebow time.

  • Mark Sims
    Mark Sims Month ago

    Did he just say Leveon Bell never got hurt in Pittsburgh? Huh?

  • Josh Ankesheiln
    Josh Ankesheiln Month ago

    I like how he only picked since WEEK 13 of last year. I wonder how those standings change when you use a larger sample size?

  • Reggie Hill
    Reggie Hill Month ago

    I agree with the Steelers deal... but he trippin on the saints lol

  • Nick Smallwood
    Nick Smallwood Month ago

    Dude where 2 games in calm down

  • Eric Sinopoli
    Eric Sinopoli Month ago

    I’m a Saints fan and I agree with most of your points. Hopefully we can turn it around

  • Pat Hutchison
    Pat Hutchison Month ago

    Lev’eon Bell got hurt nearly EVERY year he wain Pittsburgh. I don’t know what you’ve been watching but it’s not football.

  • Soap Box
    Soap Box Month ago

    It's crazy those two star franchise quarterbacks got hurt and one while playing Seattle and the other getting ready to play Seattle

  • William and Patricia Wells

    I wanna burn this guy in acid

  • John porter
    John porter Month ago

    Only week 3, relax

  • Alexander Thompson
    Alexander Thompson Month ago

    lol @Colin quoting Bill Polian who’s an outdated old racist who said “Lamar Jackson should play WR”

  • Freckley
    Freckley Month ago

    when you compare dak to brees lmao who are you?

  • Rice Waster Aleks
    Rice Waster Aleks Month ago

    The chargers cant beat the patriots but they can beat the chiefs

  • alex042687
    alex042687 Month ago

    The Steelers can still win 5-6 games with Rudolph

  • Chronic Hooper
    Chronic Hooper Month ago

    Liv belongs to the streets

  • CW CW
    CW CW Month ago +1

    he is talking like the Colts are a bad team the Colts are a very solid team and Titans had a bad game big deal Patriots had 3 early on last season so give it time

  • cajenner10
    cajenner10 Month ago

    New trend? Al Davis was beating guys over the top back in the 60's and 70's. Having a deep threat is not new at all. LOL. Come on Colin, every team wants a legit deep threat, and it's not a new trend.

  • Keven Woods
    Keven Woods Month ago

    If they put on thigh pads ,knee pads ,but pads on they won't keep getting hurt, look at all the stuff Jack Lambert had on pads everywhere,

  • Luis Herrera
    Luis Herrera Month ago +2

    Finally someone admitted it. There's a reason they put Taysom Hill in so much.

  • Ryan Rye
    Ryan Rye Month ago

    They all saw how happy Luck is.

  • Patrick O
    Patrick O Month ago

    Big ben is a classic coach killer on a team where they refuse to fire the coach. Something had to give, this injury breaks the stalemate and allows Pittsburgh to start making a better team.

  • VW DT
    VW DT Month ago

    Aww man. Why didn't Colin's TheXvid channel didn't post his Dak segment.. he analogize Dak to an automobile, and how we as consumers, are sold by these car companies on "defining traits" about these particular automobiles. I.e. luxury, power, torque, speed, towing capacity etc.. then this joker (Colin) proceeded to go on and say.. "If Dak was an automobile.. he'd be highly rated, by J.D. Power & Associates.. Do we even know what that is..? He'd get a 5 star rating for safety." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bruh I haven't laughed so hard at sports commentary, since the ole' skool "Number Never Lies/His & Hers" days.

  • Brice Bagley
    Brice Bagley Month ago

    why does Colin have so much saliva in his mouth? please take a second to swallow

  • Steven Richards
    Steven Richards Month ago

    The saints would have beat the rams if brees would have played the hole game.. you can’t go off two possessions a int and three and out.. wtf that Offense always seems to find a way to win with brees under Center.. this dude is a joke

  • FBI Stat Major
    FBI Stat Major Month ago

    Colin you're wrong about the Saints. Did you not see Brees shred the Texans? The Saints schedule finished against a slew of difficult defenses. You're cherrypicking here

  • N P
    N P Month ago

    Acting like Pittsburgh didn't lose by 30 to the Pats...
    It's been a two horse race in the AFC since day 1

  • MGBillionaire
    MGBillionaire Month ago

  • BubbaJo
    BubbaJo Month ago

    I say maybe draft Jacob Eason big ol arm and smart player

  • Noah L
    Noah L Month ago

    If Brees is truly only out for 6 weeks then the saints can make the playoffs. If he’s out the whole season then it’ll be a dogfight

  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa Month ago

    Ravens are learning to work without CJ Mosley and Jimmy Smith. Doing great at that. Hollywood Brown is a WR1 that isn't at full speed yet. We beat the Chiefs 27-24.

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds Month ago

    drew cant throw it deep anymore

  • Toby Schneider
    Toby Schneider Month ago

    Steelers don't need Lev Bell or AB..... oh wait they are winless.

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Month ago

    Mason Rudolph is gonna surprise you Colin

  • Proxy Agony
    Proxy Agony Month ago

    Saints should go out and get Jeudy next year and its over with

  • Wes B
    Wes B Month ago

    Collin, you were just praising Drew Brees when he beat the Texans in week one and now in week two you’re like “his brand isn’t what it used to be.”

  • Chad M
    Chad M Month ago

    Damn Super Bowl really is shaping up to be Pats and Rams again this year

  • MilkyFN ?
    MilkyFN ? Month ago

    This man always brings up russ and cam

  • Black mixed with Black

    Uh new Orleans put up 510 on the Texans defense!!

  • brevin hall
    brevin hall Month ago +1

    He mentions the Drew Brees INT but doesn’t mention that it happens because Cook can’t catch this year😭😭😭😂

  • J.
    J. Month ago

    Tbh the Chargers should be 0-2 right now had Adam V for the Colts not missed 2 field goals and an extra point try they win that game. That was legit 7 points not on the board for them 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Zach Savini
    Zach Savini Month ago

    Players have Google and can google big Ben's history