PS5 NOW VS Google Stadia

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Everything YOU need to know about Sony's new Playstation PS5 NOW online streaming platform VS Google's new console AKA the Stadia
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    If you thought the console wars were bad -- well welcome to the streaming wars. The streaming wars goes beyond the world of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo -- because Google is now in the mix with the streaming platform known as Stadia.
    What exactly is Google Stadia and how will it compete with Playstation Now? Well, we’ll let you in with all of the details! Learn about how the streaming platform works, what the new exclusive controller looks like, and what types of games are available with the service. Also, see the changes the Playstation Now service plans to make in the next year as they introduce the PS5 and how the PS Now will fit into those plans. It’s also good to know there are free options for both the Sony and Google streaming platforms.
    The streaming world will change gaming forever, so let’s all get onboard and learn everything we can about the PS Now and Google Stadia!

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  • TheGamer
    TheGamer  Month ago +157


    • Francisco Franco
      Francisco Franco 24 days ago +1


    • Francisco Franco
      Francisco Franco 24 days ago +1


    • K0ntrOL Fleek
      K0ntrOL Fleek 26 days ago


    • Jutk 26
      Jutk 26 29 days ago

      I had a Ps2 Ps3 and Ps4 why switch now I'm getting Ps5

  • ZeldaLord
    ZeldaLord 13 days ago

    The “stadia” in the thumbnail is just a xbox one s/x on its side with a google logo

  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga 24 days ago


  • Francisco Franco
    Francisco Franco 24 days ago


  • Francisco Franco
    Francisco Franco 24 days ago


  • Francisco Franco
    Francisco Franco 24 days ago


  • Francisco Franco
    Francisco Franco 24 days ago


  • Wrexon
    Wrexon 24 days ago

    Stadia is fail

  • Sarvesh Raja
    Sarvesh Raja 24 days ago +1

    Xbox 2 s and 2x for life

    • Sarvesh Raja
      Sarvesh Raja 23 days ago

      Thank u so much

    • TheGamer
      TheGamer  24 days ago

      they'll definintely have some of these! :)

  • soulless_memester
    soulless_memester 24 days ago +1

    PS5 Now...... you mean PS Now

    • TheGamer
      TheGamer  24 days ago

      yes that's right!

  • C R A Z Y
    C R A Z Y 25 days ago

    Has no one here even tried playing PSNOW? It’s pretty slick, I wouldn’t mind paying for it again expect I’m poor..... 😕

  • Allen Lykins
    Allen Lykins 27 days ago

    psnow only streams at 720p and stadia streams at 4k60.

  • T Mac
    T Mac Month ago

    Harvest my data google!

  • Solar Cj
    Solar Cj Month ago

    Can you play fortnite in the google stadia

  • Ryu E
    Ryu E Month ago

    Ps now is a nice service to complement the console, it’s good for older games I like to play like lost planet and infamous

  • ponsaran brandon
    ponsaran brandon Month ago

    i wanna buy that ps5

  • Smokey.
    Smokey. Month ago

    Change that thumbnail. Google stadia isn't a console. It's just dumb to make it look like a console

  • Freefy Music
    Freefy Music Month ago

    How about Netflix in gaming! for a fixed monthly price you'll get the full library access !

  • amego 2423 b
    amego 2423 b Month ago

    How much would the PS5 cost in Australia

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Stadia is going to cost a lot in terms of the Internet bill

  • Elephantrunk
    Elephantrunk Month ago

    I've had the ps3, xbox360, ps4, xbox one and the Wii, I can safely say that the Wii was the best GAMING experience

  • Scouts Wehatejesus
    Scouts Wehatejesus Month ago

    "Android console"

  • thaReelz 13
    thaReelz 13 Month ago

    2028 google and iphone gon team up and sony and Microsoft gon make a game system together

    Just a theory chill out

  • Brando De awesome
    Brando De awesome Month ago

    Project scarlet: cool
    Ps5: cool
    Google stadia:retarded

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James Month ago

    Stadia. I like linux and I know stadia will let me play AAA games on linux now. Same goes for mac users. Im tired of others bad connections ruining my game time. Ill know that anyone im playing with or against has good enough internet, if not then they will suffer with bad quality image and not the multiplayer aspect of the game.( like games today ) The servers handle the connection between two players during the game not poor internet speeds. Poor internet speeds affect the image quality first.

  • Tiger Paint
    Tiger Paint Month ago

    There something satisfying about going to a store and picking up a hard copy

  • earlofdenby
    earlofdenby Month ago

    Google can do one!

  • FrostBite
    FrostBite Month ago +1

    Imagine one day when all the consoles will unite and there’s no more console war, just a thought

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy Month ago

    Stadia I already preordered founders edition 17 days boi

  • Lego fun with Dominic

    And Marvels spider man

  • HK - 06SL - Maple Wood PS (1554)

    2019: Google Stadia
    2050: Google car

    3000: Google Earth, The literal earth.

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres Month ago

    All Of these Retards Making fun of the Stadia..Google Has Come A Long Way With the Phones. I Had the iPhone X but traded it For The Google Pixel 3XL. Pixels Are Waaay Superior Than Apple in Everything. I Now Have The Note 10+ And Will Be Trading It For the Pixel 4 As Soon As I Can Get my Hands ON it!..Might Take Time But The Stadia Will Be A Great Console If Its as Good As Its Phones!

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Javier really we the retards. When the best internet connection can only be found in some areas and that will probably cost you upwards of 80 dollars a month or more that is going to cost nearly 1200 dollars if you get the 10 dollar fee. Phone are totally different then console. This will probably crash and burn

  • Felipe A.
    Felipe A. Month ago


  • Blue IcicleYT
    Blue IcicleYT Month ago

    In the thumbnail there shouldn't be a console because there is none

  • SpYderMonkey206
    SpYderMonkey206 Month ago

    Lol, idiots. Gonna do worst than the breakfast. What is google thinking.

  • Truth Bond
    Truth Bond Month ago +1

    hmmm, google riding off the backs of others, that's new? Gobbling up ISP bandwidth, for their self appointed technologies.

  • Paul Brooks
    Paul Brooks Month ago

    I just don’t see what tangible edge the Stadia will offer. At least for now. Maybe in the future with google being such a large company and have purchased so many companies they will dominate with VR based multiplayer games.

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      They won’t because it’s always online and it will cost upwards of 1000 dollars to get the best exp and in certain places you can’t get good internet

  • marty8370
    marty8370 Month ago


  • Soldier Btw
    Soldier Btw Month ago +1

    It’s Xbox against stadia because of streaming games ps5 doesn’t do that as good

  • K R y P T e X S
    K R y P T e X S Month ago

    In my country the ps5 is out it price $1000 lol

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Well the stadia in a year will cost well over 1000 dollars or more

  • Spud doe
    Spud doe Month ago

    Google games aka browsers based flash player games like MafiaWars or FarmVille coming to you in 2020.

  • Spiritual Jones
    Spiritual Jones Month ago +1

    Google made a system oh my god

  • LOS3R
    LOS3R Month ago

    I Hope Sony And Microsoft Teams Up Against Google

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      They don’t need to this won’t work the Internet For most of the country can’t steam games not to mention most people will have to have to upgrade their internet to close to 80 to 100 dollars a month to get good enough to play this whereas you can get ok internet for 40 dollars to play games on PlayStation google might be cheaper in the short term but by the end of the year this console will cost upwards of 450 dollars to get best internet and to the sub fee this is going to fail

  • Lightning Dragon
    Lightning Dragon Month ago

    Destiny 2 is going to be free

  • Fernando Enriquez
    Fernando Enriquez Month ago

    Can i play from the moon

  • William Leonard
    William Leonard Month ago

    Will admit Stadia’s technology is impressive...

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      It’s not you can do that on ps now right and you don’t need a ps4 you play those games on a Windows pc

  • Adrien Alberto
    Adrien Alberto Month ago

    I geting the xbox

  • Captain Ranky
    Captain Ranky Month ago

    I’m getting the ps5

  • Coco Jambo
    Coco Jambo Month ago +1

    Only ps5 ever💪❤👍

  • S3 STE
    S3 STE Month ago

    Google stadia lmfao wtf flash back to the jaguar days hahaha flop.

  • Steve Peters
    Steve Peters Month ago +1

    XBox Gamepass is not a streaming service

  • fr0g
    fr0g Month ago +1

    eww gOogl consle nassy watdefok

  • Dragon Elias
    Dragon Elias Month ago

    Wait Google making is their own console?

  • goldsrt4
    goldsrt4 Month ago +1

    If they can cut the price of games by streaming I’ll see a major incline towards streaming big time.

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      They won’t and you need the best internet which will cost you upwards of 80 to 100 dollars a month so it going to cost you probably 1000 or more just to have a playable experience for this game

  • Mechina Unofficial
    Mechina Unofficial Month ago +1

    8:30 no its actually megabits not megabytes

  • Lars Rye Jeppesen
    Lars Rye Jeppesen Month ago

    Stadia works on ANY Chrome Browser... So Linux, Mac, PC, Chromebook

  • Aiman Wafj
    Aiman Wafj Month ago

    Is google stadia real??

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Then don’t go near stadia

    • Aiman Wafj
      Aiman Wafj Month ago

      @Cullen Diethron i've tried it before hahaha and the gameplay is very lag

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Yes you can get normal internet and play ok on ps4 whereas you are going the very best internet for the stadia. Here is a tip do the seven day trial version of PlayStation now if you can’t really play game well without lag then you can’t play the stadia

    • Aiman Wafj
      Aiman Wafj Month ago

      @Cullen Diethron wow okay now i understand what you trying to its better to buy ps5 or xbox than stadia because we have to pay for our internet and for the fee that stadia have monthly so it will cost a lot of i right??

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Month ago

      Ok here how it’s going to work you are going to need the best and very best internet now I am from pittsburgh and that would cost me around 80 to 100 dollars per month. I have good internet right and can play on my ps4 with a Internet bill of around 40 dollars a month. I would probably need to paid double to be able to get good experience on this system. You need to use the Internet to play this anything. There is a monthly sub fee for the best features and that will cost you 10 dollars a month so if you buy a game a month it’s going to cost you 900 dollars whereas playstation games will only cost you 65 with tax for full price game

  • smith tag
    smith tag Month ago +4

    Kids: Nintendo Switch
    Men: PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia
    Legends: Soulja Boy Game Console

  • ice age
    ice age Month ago

    SKIN: PS5 PlayStation 5 PSV - Concept Design Trailer V3 ,--- ps5 reballing solution : ps3 type mainboard(laptop mainboard) - nand ---- bios chip - am4 socket (cpu ryzen 3700,3800,3900,3950x ) - AMD rx 5700,5700xt GPU chip 8GB vram ----system memory 16-24-32GB(ddr4 dimm socket) --power supply plug 580-600W ,extra cooling,close playstation OS on nvme ssd

  • DragonDub
    DragonDub Month ago

    X-cloud is going to eat both alive

  • TheCloneWarsDiehard

    I would prefer owing a physical copy of the game. If that’s not a option of things to come I don’t think I’ll be buying a new console.