Broken Penis | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • "Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. There's a finance guy with a broken dong? Uh, methinks some "Wolf of Wall Street" style shenana-googles have taken place this day"
    Season 6, Episode 8 'He said, she said' - Jake and Amy investigate a difficult "he said, she said" case; Holt becomes suspicious after learning his lifelong arch nemesis died in a prison transport accident.
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Comments • 153

  • Dead Toads
    Dead Toads Month ago

    W h a t? Is this season 6??? W h a t ????

  • KripticEyeGaming
    KripticEyeGaming Month ago

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Not a single human:
    Not a single animal:
    Not a single species:
    TheXvid recommendation:
    “Broken Penis”

  • Minty Gacha
    Minty Gacha Month ago

    When is season 6 going on Netflix? Need it nowwwww

  • borow
    borow Month ago


  • Oisín Coen
    Oisín Coen Month ago

    I’m sorry about this and it’s a very unpopular opinion but season 6 was kinda trash tbh

  • Ford Fantastic
    Ford Fantastic Month ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about that?

  • Josef Sunnseitensepp

    Could you make a compilation of "whats this now?" (jake with mr santiago while interrogating the sons), "say what know" (terry with rosa and her ballet teacher) and so on?
    Also whoever runs this account thank you for your work
    You are doing as great as the actors and the writers

  • Varagonax
    Varagonax Month ago

    I've "broken" Mah dick before, gotta say it is not pleasant.

  • Francis Hey
    Francis Hey Month ago +1

    Spoiler for season 6

    Hitchcock gets a heart attack but survives

  • CloverParsley 2917
    CloverParsley 2917 Month ago

    I love the pause before he says on the wang 😂

  • Terrance Jeffords
    Terrance Jeffords Month ago +3

    Damn it Peralta

  • Lee 19
    Lee 19 Month ago


  • IsiahTomas
    IsiahTomas Month ago

    1:17, Title of my sex tape.

  • Gamer Jannick
    Gamer Jannick Month ago

    I love Brooklyn 99

  • Medisiana S
    Medisiana S Month ago +8

    Because i’m the best in sex?

  • Zelda Diamondsister

    i has watched all of brooklyn nine nine 5 times :D its a GREAT!! show!

  • Bazzer Bazzington
    Bazzer Bazzington Month ago +41

    “BROKEN PENIS” Honestly the best thing Skully has ever said

  • scotty
    scotty Month ago +3

    Whoa whoa, there's a finance guy with a broken *dong* *Methinks* some wolf of Wall Street style *shenanigoogles* have taken place this day and would care to wager against as to how this happened-


  • Mace Dueñas
    Mace Dueñas Month ago +49

    I love how Scully looks sad and shocked when Captain Holt asked Hitchcock to take a few days off

  • chris_white._
    chris_white._ Month ago +1

    This show isnt that funny anymore, the characters are so over exaggerated now, they used to be more down to earth in season 1 and 2. And they KEEP shoving political points and references down our throat, im tired of tv and movies now days feeling obliged to put their political commentaries in them. What happened to this show :(

    • Nikunj Dixit
      Nikunj Dixit Month ago

      Well, then you don’t remember much from seasons 1 and 2. Because they had episodes about issues then as well. The show is the same as it always was.

  • tumisang kyng
    tumisang kyng Month ago

    Was Hitchcock and scully wrong thou?

  • Lo Jones
    Lo Jones Month ago +1

    absolute terrible episode

  • Lo Jones
    Lo Jones Month ago

    absolute terrible episode

  • Danilo Del Rosario
    Danilo Del Rosario Month ago +1

    Why is it sped up?

  • Olivia Kristina
    Olivia Kristina Month ago

    We need season 6 on Netflix Indonesia !!!

  • Nightranger
    Nightranger Month ago


  • huskytzu
    huskytzu Month ago +1

    I thought the clip was fast

  • Dimitris Vasileias
    Dimitris Vasileias Month ago


  • aisha ä
    aisha ä Month ago

    i loved this episode. i felt so empowered!! love this show so much i could cry

    • En Kay
      En Kay Month ago

      whicch episode is it

  • Dot
    Dot Month ago +2

    Why is it high pitch?

  • Jess LU
    Jess LU Month ago +4

    I haven’t really watched BB9 s6 yet but why does everything seems so speed up? Am I crazy? I don’t really like when they speaks so fast...

    • morro 4458
      morro 4458 Month ago

      For some reason this channel speeds up the audio in their clips

    • Danilo Del Rosario
      Danilo Del Rosario Month ago

      Watched s6 and somehow they're uploads are speed up

  • Ray Der
    Ray Der Month ago +1

    Yup, happens all the time..

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 Month ago

    Help me out here, unlike the popular belief the human penis is not a bone and it can't actually be "broken". If at all, it can be referred to as a muscle which suggested you can have a rupture or a strain or swelling or contusion.. All horrific to imagine, but it cannot break! So what exactly happened to the guy's wiener? Any urologists here? I can't be the only one who's interested?🤔

  • AGAH Gaming Hi-Definition

    1 2 3

  • Galactical Bear
    Galactical Bear Month ago +6

    Have fun workin CUCKS

  • Calum Wilson
    Calum Wilson Month ago +1

    I can relate too this right now 😂😂

  • GLR
    GLR Month ago +4


  • sarahbm9
    sarahbm9 Month ago

    actually i learned at school that a penis has to be erected to get broken

  • Ростислав Федотов

    Бля заебали моменты выкладывать, делайте сезон 7 быстрей

  • alex t
    alex t Month ago

    B R O K E N P E N I S

  • Janik von Düllen
    Janik von Düllen Month ago +3


  • Rafay Cheema
    Rafay Cheema Month ago

    Who else screamed broken penis

  • Aaron-justin Anderson
    Aaron-justin Anderson Month ago +44

    I love how he just send Hitchcock home

    • Sh D
      Sh D 19 days ago

      No surprise here, everybody knows he’s the best at sex. He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, such a busy man

    • WhiskyPapa
      WhiskyPapa Month ago +2

      Given the theme of the episode and the character of Hitchcock, it makes sense that he isnt there. The character is kinda the opposite of what the episode is trying to convey.

  • krazykaine
    krazykaine Month ago +8

    Why is it slightly high pitched?

  • Melany Yoon YH
    Melany Yoon YH Month ago


  • SaLoNi
    SaLoNi Month ago +60

    1:15 im surprised boyle didnt say anything

    • sarahbm9
      sarahbm9 Month ago +2

      or something like i had a cousin once ...

    • SaLoNi
      SaLoNi Month ago

      Andre Gordon lol probz ye

    • Andre Gordon
      Andre Gordon Month ago +10

      Post being sterilized by a perp with a bat he likely is sensitive lol

  • kerensa woodward
    kerensa woodward Month ago

    broken dong
    always classy peralta

  • Brooklyn 100
    Brooklyn 100 Month ago

    This gets me all the time

  • Shaunna S.
    Shaunna S. Month ago +44

    "I'm not responsible for that"

  • King Savage
    King Savage Month ago

    I really hope no one is here because they searched broken penis🤣

  • Hunter Gair
    Hunter Gair Month ago

    "Have fun working cucks"

  • Iqah Sham
    Iqah Sham Month ago +113

    scully should be given a few days off like hitchcock since they're a package hahahaha

    • Matta Bish
      Matta Bish 18 days ago +2

      He looks so betrayed when Hitchcock calls them all cucks

    • Massedo
      Massedo Month ago +2

      Everyone knows that

  • Seth Rotherforth
    Seth Rotherforth Month ago +761

    You know what we need? Season 6 on Netflix US and UK.

    • Marius Holk-Hansen
      Marius Holk-Hansen 29 days ago

      @Dennis Müller or Denmark😭😭

      SMARTOE Month ago

      Canada have season 6

    • Sacred_Evistix YT
      Sacred_Evistix YT Month ago

      Season 6 is on this app, called media box HD. You get it from tweak box and you can watch season 6 on it.

    • Seth Rotherforth
      Seth Rotherforth Month ago

      @huskytzu the UK got season 5 in March, and Germany hasn't even gotten it yet.

    • Aditya Samal
      Aditya Samal Month ago

      @angel _ isbored noooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Redacted
    Redacted Month ago +8

    “He probably sat on it”.

  • tnightwolf
    tnightwolf Month ago

    Sweet! Have fun working cucks!

    MR KAGE Month ago +63

    "Probably sat on it"

    ...Wait a minute!

  • Iqah Sham
    Iqah Sham Month ago +5

    hitchcock and scully's guess though lmaooo

  • Cheska Rojas
    Cheska Rojas Month ago +61

    thank god i understand nine nine’s inner workings.

  • stypayhorlikson 3000
    stypayhorlikson 3000 Month ago +511

    If my mother had glanced at my phone and seen this title in the notification bar...!

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies Month ago +15

    Season 7 hurry 😂