Back To Prison: Life On Tag

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • Christian prepares for a return to prison, while an injury forces Sam to miss his curfew for the first time. Reece’s future hangs in the balance as he’s threatened with eviction.
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Comments • 759

  • David Lafferty
    David Lafferty 14 days ago

    they need the tag..... but they didn't take the tag 😂 😂 😂

  • Leah Porter-Samuels
    Leah Porter-Samuels 14 days ago

    Christian looks good with glasses and yays to good result :)

  • Astuteous Maximus
    Astuteous Maximus 18 days ago +1

    Reece seems like a fairly intelligent guy but his problem is his entire attitude. He sees the world as a hostile place. To be fair to him, it is although you can't openly react to it like that if you want to get along in society. He needs to cut the rude boy act and stop talking like Ali G for starters. No employer wants to hear that as it immediately gives you a certain impression of someone i.e. this guys a rude boy. That weird dialect which is a mix of Cockney and Jamaican is putting young British kids at a serious disadvantage over foreigners who speak the Queens English

  • Callmedeeds
    Callmedeeds 21 day ago

    Reece predicted Chris' future sentence lmao

  • Noble Bright
    Noble Bright 25 days ago

    Christian really needs help. He's identified that he has a problem he doesn't understand with his brain and how he reasons. If he ever reads this we'll help him turn his life around, through God: Christ Faith Tabernacle Church Woolwich Powis Street.

  • sonny d
    sonny d 27 days ago

    Is there drug use you using synthetic cannabis what the f*** are you talkin about really you're having difficulties in your life because of synthetic cannabinoids that's f****** ridiculous are you that weak-minded

  • Shaun Mills
    Shaun Mills 27 days ago

    The lady working in the hostel is a black carbon copy of Jade Goody.

  • Neo Hermitess
    Neo Hermitess 28 days ago

    Sam should act or model tbh. Wowza.

  • Neo Hermitess
    Neo Hermitess 28 days ago

    Christian needs a hug. He articulates his needs well, I feel bad for him. Probably had horrible parents, but doesn't seem like a bad egg.

  • Andy REID
    Andy REID 28 days ago

    the lad that got a job full respect the others should be banged up

  • J M
    J M 29 days ago


  • andy vdw
    andy vdw 29 days ago

    8:10 move to london would be the dumbest thing to do if you dont wanna get caught, what a dummy. face recognition cams on every corner. growing a beard wouldnt help shit :p

  • Trinity Cross
    Trinity Cross Month ago

    Good Luck Lads x

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    Christian gets clean from mamba he does a robbery, seems like they almost helped him keep sedated and out of prison 🙄 Either way, terrible.

  • paul clark
    paul clark Month ago

    If he hurt his back as bad as he makes out he wouldnt be lying on that bed with his leg up and leaning forward to play with his tag. The ginger guy seems like a very emotional guy and who ever he dates will forever be afraid to upset or break up with him due to his retaliation or response at being dumped.

  • Hi i am Pikachu
    Hi i am Pikachu Month ago

    Shoot them all.

  • mrjules2008
    mrjules2008 Month ago

    Funny how our minds work. I’ve always thought to avoid police I’d go to a quiet seaside town where no people or police are, Sam thinks hiding in London is better with 12m other people?

  • Dodgy Dogz
    Dodgy Dogz Month ago +2

    if you read this mr pork pie...all the best to you....and hope you like ya new name

  • PLayAshEFF72
    PLayAshEFF72 Month ago

    Reece is an immature little tramp who needs to relax himself

  • funny boi gaming and more

    I feel so bad for Christian it’s getting to the point where he’s losing so many chances

  • The Chicken Nugget of Fate

    Sam was definitely the most self-aware and down to earth. He should write a book about it!

  • Dghjjjggh Fufitugu
    Dghjjjggh Fufitugu Month ago

    Free Christian

  • RepentUK LondonWatchman137

    Thank You Sir, Mr Mustafa And Your Team.
    It is written, "Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That He Should Lay Down His Life For His Friend".

  • teoddoorr
    teoddoorr Month ago

    16:15 just look at their faces and tell me they don't belong to jail LMFAO

    • Astuteous Maximus
      Astuteous Maximus 19 days ago

      Reece should be given life just for the way he talks alone.

  • DNF Danninetyf
    DNF Danninetyf Month ago

    Gary Windass has really gone downhill.

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1

    Free Christian he needs people to are about him

  • Teb Pixels
    Teb Pixels Month ago

    One of these have a shot, other two they can lock up and throw away the key. And what's the point of this Mustapha speaking on their behalf, when the endgame is obvious?!

  • may vo
    may vo Month ago

    Sam was in the freaking HOSPITAL with a paralyzed leg and yet they THREATENED him? I think i'm going to reconsider going to American right now

    • Dghjjjggh Fufitugu
      Dghjjjggh Fufitugu Month ago

      may vo I think u want to come here same shit goes on here worse it’s crazy

  • Colin Toft
    Colin Toft Month ago

    The old crutch for the benefits classic bang out the kids and stay on the dole I wonder who's paying for all these dolites.

  • Scotty P
    Scotty P Month ago

    Reece deserves prison, the geezer needs to grow up and take responsibility!

  • Scotty P
    Scotty P Month ago +2

    Ginger lad deserves jail’ best place for him!
    Fair play to Sam for turning his life around

  • Bobby Benaziza
    Bobby Benaziza Month ago

    reese...what a spastic

  • Luka Gresko
    Luka Gresko 2 months ago +1

    Sam cracks me up 😂

  • Danz J
    Danz J 2 months ago

    Why does Sam look like lazerbeam

  • mizzpipedream
    mizzpipedream 2 months ago +2

    The ending was so sad.. :-(( poor christian

  • Legend1518
    Legend1518 2 months ago +3

    "I wish that geezer gave me more tramadol" classic.

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy 2 months ago +1

    They all say they dont wanna go back but they continue to do things that get themselves locked up...genius move

  • knightdriven 420
    knightdriven 420 2 months ago +1

    16:16 literally the face of an uneducated trying to read

  • Harvey Dale
    Harvey Dale 2 months ago

    What a horrible accent

  • Luckylovebae
    Luckylovebae 2 months ago +1

    Sam sexy AF 😍 I’m glad he turned his life around it was clear from the start that he would be the one to make it out of them all ❤️ Sam if you’re reading this call me 📞 😝

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko 2 months ago

    See ya lay-aaahhh

  • K Chess
    K Chess 2 months ago

    Why does he go to hospital if hes in tag.

  • Phatzoot
    Phatzoot 2 months ago +2

    I love that, "in prison backi goes for £200 quid an oz"
    Oh wow does it really and so what can u buy with the £200 quid u just made??? Oh an oz of backi!!!???

  • aaron charles
    aaron charles 2 months ago

    Waste men

  • andrea barns
    andrea barns 2 months ago +1

    Without a serious intervention Christian will be stuck in the same destructive cycle of despair. The services aren't there especially when it comes to deep routed MH issues. I hope one day someone helps him to break the cycle or he will simple rinse and repeat...

  • Beverley Jouannet
    Beverley Jouannet 2 months ago

    Sore back my arse he walking just fine....

  • Joel North
    Joel North 2 months ago

    'tryna say i was smoking in my room' and we see him last episode skinning up lol. dude aint too bright is he.

  • twink d
    twink d 2 months ago

    Sit up we look like cracheads..... Has that girl got a mirror the crackhead can suck brass of a doorknob

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 months ago

    Takes a real man to open up like that . Fair play to ya fella

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago

    "I wouldn't be committing crime if I was loved". Yeah it's a no from me, dawg. He had the same chavy girlfriend AND they had a child together who was taken away by CPS. He sure as heck was committing crimes then. Nobody on this program is particularly smart. I had some hopes for Sam because he seems miles more responsible than the other two, but he isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box for admitting on a camera he would do a runner if convicted again.

    • sponish0
      sponish0 Month ago

      J C and acting as of all he’d have to do is grow a beard to easily avoid being caught lol if it were that easy everyone would be doing runners

  • chrissio McKenzo
    chrissio McKenzo 2 months ago

    Done my back in gtfoh you dosser you just dont wanna be a pork pie packer what a cop out😲 ...... Reese the wigga grow up kid pair of crackheads tryna sell the tag

  • Hudz Beefting
    Hudz Beefting 2 months ago

    That reece is just a dickhead deserves jail tbh

  • Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson 2 months ago

    Sam was the only one with any brains .got respect for you buddy he wants more out of life than a prison cell a man that will go far I really think he's got what it takes hard work all the best Sam

  • Anisha Begum
    Anisha Begum 2 months ago +1

    Reece is an idiot 4 weeks until he was a free man and he does something stupid

  • Даниэль Робберце

    How do they not get in trouble for smoking weed while on tag?

  • Fiona-Jayne
    Fiona-Jayne 3 months ago

    I hate to say it but Sam is really attractive

  • Immanuel Kothe-Evans
    Immanuel Kothe-Evans 3 months ago +3

    wow that was a depressing ending

  • Nicholas Scanlon
    Nicholas Scanlon 3 months ago

    Noooooo christian whyyyyyyy

  • jajlertil
    jajlertil 3 months ago

    Yeah Mustapha a stand up dude

  • leon wheeldon
    leon wheeldon 3 months ago

    Where’s episode 4 at