Back To Prison: Life On Tag

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • Christian prepares for a return to prison, while an injury forces Sam to miss his curfew for the first time. Reece’s future hangs in the balance as he’s threatened with eviction.
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Comments • 835

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 3 hours ago

    Do ya bird n put ta head on ta pillow n shut up u div

  • daniel gear
    daniel gear 8 hours ago

    For SAM I really am happy for HIM
    He deserves it
    Now look at him job car blah blah blah
    Wish him all the best xxxxx

  • Michael Teeple
    Michael Teeple Day ago

    If your girl goes on TV and doesnt even think to run a brush through her hair remind her. Dam.

  • Tony Clack
    Tony Clack 3 days ago

    How about a thought for the innocent victims these people have caused trauma to and all you hear is excuses for why they have to wear a tag. If you dont want to do the time, dont do the crime.

  • Kimberly Booth
    Kimberly Booth 3 days ago

    Vlad needs lay off the drugs...

  • b James
    b James 4 days ago

    Sam's the only normal 1 with a head on his shoulders.

  • Eetswa Bra
    Eetswa Bra 5 days ago

    Omg Reece and his girlfriend look so baked out of their heads playing xbox lol

  • Cindy Betchy
    Cindy Betchy 7 days ago

    Why do these boys and girls have such terrible teeth? Is it a generational thing to not brush? I'm intrigued with the story but GD!!! Brush your darn teeth already.

  • Ronnie Brown
    Ronnie Brown 7 days ago

    those eyebrows...

  • Opiate
    Opiate 11 days ago +1

    I'm actually extremely disappointed to see that Christian was arrested 2 days after the end of filming, and is now serving an 8 year prison sentence. The end of this episode really gave me hope for him, but throughout you can just tell he's hanging by a thread. He was SO close, and I mean soo close.. Painful to see what could've been just washed away in what was most likely a 60 second snatch and grab.

  • FKalo
    FKalo 11 days ago

    I hope Mustapha keeps doing what he's doing, as well as the lady who is there for support. They are both doing God's work running that hostel.

  • Shallz
    Shallz 18 days ago

    When he pulled out his silverware 🍴😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Helen Wood
    Helen Wood 23 days ago

    Interesting show. Thx.

  • lost souls
    lost souls 24 days ago

    sams back made a swift recovery!,,,was that his excuse to leave the factory with a touch of dignity?

  • EchoJump
    EchoJump 25 days ago +4

    "we look like crackheads"
    **smoking a spliff**

  • Amber Cole
    Amber Cole 25 days ago

    I wish they would have said Sam's last name it would be nice to see how he is doing.

  • Mercy The beagle puppy

    Selling is tag...... ahahahhhahshshhshshshshshhsshahshshahahahahhahshshs

  • Mercy The beagle puppy

    Ginger the scum of the earth .

  • Ciaran D
    Ciaran D 27 days ago

    Ginger lad just missed getting bummed

  • CelticBommer
    CelticBommer Month ago

    15.30....WTF is going on with her eyebrows. It looks like she put them on with a fuckin mop in the dark

  • Dean Baxter
    Dean Baxter Month ago

    "I've been off Mamba for 2 days".....cock, 8 years ain't enough

  • Born Dying
    Born Dying Month ago

    Disgusting scumbags

  • Samad Work
    Samad Work Month ago

    Im gonna go and lay an egg.

  • David Tompkins
    David Tompkins Month ago

    I'd still go to work with a bad back. Bad back is for the cameras / viewers. Life will only change when they do

  • Ren
    Ren Month ago

    Well that Reece is a totall fuckin morron!

  • Fess Parker
    Fess Parker Month ago

    F/Moron, trying to sell his electronic tag on e- bay, says it all.
    Low intelligence, lack of education, stealing, self pity, drugs - FFS, get a life, grow up, the world doesn’t owe you anything.
    Catch you in my. Home I will kill you, no questions, I am surprised nobody has despatched you already.
    Unless you actually change, get a job your going to be worthless to society & yourself.
    Grow Up, Do something with your life, get a trade, get a job & start paying your own way, don’t just talk about changing - DO IT, because at the moment your a useless moron, a waste of space, a leach on society & we are sick & tired of you.

  • Canadianguy1985
    Canadianguy1985 Month ago

    Reece is a sociopath. He can’t take any responsibility for his actions. It’s always someone else’s fault for his troubles.

  • James Williams
    James Williams Month ago

    Dr spoc

  • Sean McGarrity
    Sean McGarrity Month ago

    Beginning of episode 3: Christian has been a diamond
    End of episode 2: off his tits on spice
    Aye sure he's a diamond. Knacka.

  • Shi Tcnts
    Shi Tcnts Month ago +1

    16:14 don’t do drugs kids 😂😂😂😂

  • Rich M
    Rich M Month ago

    What morons are Reece and Chris are deserve everything coming to them. Sam big respect turning his life around seems sound guy!

  • Cavelly 6
    Cavelly 6 Month ago

    That egg comment Jesus

  • Shane Statham
    Shane Statham Month ago

    How Sam eats though pretty grim.

  • logsar brown
    logsar brown Month ago

    White folk talking like back folk in London, how sad is that .

  • j dinh
    j dinh Month ago

    It normally takes more then 3 weeks for ppl to find work tbh

  • Ashley Malone
    Ashley Malone Month ago +1

    Seems England is short of dentists

  • Faith
    Faith Month ago

    Shows how bad the system fails them with jobs they wont get one then think whats the point the re offend

  • Faith
    Faith Month ago +21

    Blame everyone but themselves, sam is the only one trying to change.

    • Lexicon Devil
      Lexicon Devil Month ago

      Yeah ... her appearance when she does a runner ..

  • Zainab ali
    Zainab ali Month ago

    Yeah Reece was right when he said to Christian wait till he gets sentenced at the end of the day they did all that they could to help them and Sam was the only top lad who accepted his tag and the rules also Sam showed that he wanted to turn his life around by getting jobs and doing things to keep his mind and self out of trouble. He also did a thing to move to and stay in Nottingham because he knows it will keep him out of trouble defiantly a top lad out of everyone is Sam

  • UMP Gaming
    UMP Gaming Month ago +1

    Honestly id probably get on with sam he seems pretty sound

  • Tore Rønning
    Tore Rønning Month ago

    The only good thing about criminals is the fact that they are quite dumb. Wish the girlfriends had a bit more dignity. Remember: Vagina + penis = child. Theese guys might not be the best parents,

  • Andy O
    Andy O Month ago

    Respect to the support workers you have to do what you have to do.them ears man proper self style lol

  • kurluk04
    kurluk04 Month ago +1

    Sam looks like a half decwnt bloke, just a bit egotistical, he could really do well in life with a bit of guidance

  • Jerome K
    Jerome K Month ago

    Christian actually seems like a nice lad, his addiction has just driven him to serious crime, and now he's paying for it unfortunately. Reece is just a full blown moron.

  • ربطة نعناع

    Mustapha ya Mustapha... 🎶
    A beautiful soul with beautiful name to go with it.

  • ربطة نعناع

    Mustapha ya Mustapha... 🎶
    A beautiful soul with beautiful name to go with it.

  • Terence Jones
    Terence Jones Month ago

    reece is a utter waste man..

  • Leo Le Taro
    Leo Le Taro Month ago

    12M people in London right but also more police and cameras, dya think your beard will fool anyone lol

  • TheGithiomi
    TheGithiomi Month ago

    It is a class thing. Sam family support mattered. While the two crackhead are just street bred and raised.

  • MCFC Manchester
    MCFC Manchester 2 months ago

    That guy needs to wash he's trainers or buy some new ones n sell his silly game

    JOHNO M. OAKES 2 months ago

    Ginger,His girlfriend is a TRAMP

  • Motokingx
    Motokingx 2 months ago

    This crackface is a robbing scumbag throw him him in the cells please

  • Alex Kinsey
    Alex Kinsey 2 months ago

    Guy who owns that hostel place is an absolute legend 👍

  • Psy Mong
    Psy Mong 2 months ago

    The only normal one was same who worked at the pork pie factory he was the only human out the lot of them good on him for turning his life around. As for the others overdose and die cos all they are doing is spending our hard worked for tax money on drugs the scum

  • Arvind Mishra
    Arvind Mishra 2 months ago

    Whoever Christian was he was entertaining as hell 😂😂

  • Heidi Porter
    Heidi Porter 2 months ago

    Sam just happened to get into a fight which most lads do and end up inside for it, he’s a good lad i like him. Reese needs genuine love he has potential... Christian, he needs genuine love not that girl and rehab! Prison isn’t working for him clearly.

  • r 29
    r 29 2 months ago

    Mustafa.. what a legend

  • bud 1
    bud 1 2 months ago

    "I don't need to be put in a cage" amen to that, prison is a mess and don't work

  • Danny Pitcher Enterprises

    Sam seems like an absolute lad. The man is turning his life around a doing better. I wish him the best.

  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago

    you know those people will all go back to jail, another taxpayer expense, they say its rubbish prison, but there should the Royal Military Police guarding inmates, with the use of Tasers, batten round shotguns and as last resort, live ammo, they should find a reef, in international waters, and when container ships are at their end of lives, they should be converted with crates into prisons, and with it being in international waters, you don't have to provide the same basic human rights a UK citizen gets. So extremely basic food, no leisurely activities, no craftmaking, no tv, radio, nothing, but cheapest materials possible. Policed by an enlarged and trained extra part of the armed forces. Plus CCTV in every area including toilets and showers, Make prison so tough and hated that someone would rather be in syria fighting without a weapon.