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    Cr7 RONALDO 6 hours ago

    JEDs a beast!

  • Xigy X
    Xigy X 12 hours ago

    I think jed is man of the match

  • Mr Mbenza
    Mr Mbenza 12 hours ago


  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Day ago

    Jed was the motm

  • Luck You
    Luck You Day ago


  • Roy ochieng
    Roy ochieng Day ago

    How did this kid Jed get so good

  • Andrei Mihalcea
    Andrei Mihalcea Day ago

    13:35 it's uvuvevwenvwe

  • Dave Simmons
    Dave Simmons Day ago

    You ref was the linesman in Smiv's OTR at Fisher FC. Small World.

  • Erick Pavon
    Erick Pavon Day ago

    i want some under the radar uniform, i can't get one. Am from Honduras😪

  • S G.
    S G. Day ago

    whats Manny's last name ??

  • cetty sai
    cetty sai Day ago

    Jj is shit😂😂😂

  • ThePandaMan
    ThePandaMan Day ago

    Can always tell where Simon miniminter is cos of pink hair

  • deborah sarfo
    deborah sarfo Day ago


  • Neel Madhav Joshi

    Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda. Fuck Asad

  • milton lindberg
    milton lindberg Day ago

    So not evan 50% of the subscribers watched te video

  • GOAT
    GOAT 2 days ago

    manny out here doing messi type tings

  • Ben Pattison
    Ben Pattison 2 days ago

    I hope simons ass was clean

  • Brandon Shipman
    Brandon Shipman 2 days ago

    manny really claiming that 4:48 wasnt a penalty? i was shocked the ref didnt call it

  • Martin Huggins
    Martin Huggins 2 days ago

    Why does Simon look like a pro club. Character

  • aceeNa
    aceeNa 2 days ago

    Jed was my motm

  • nabz
    nabz 2 days ago

    only time they get views *KSI*

  • Hamish Kerr
    Hamish Kerr 2 days ago

    play rising ballers they will be a real challenge

  • M5 SnIpEz
    M5 SnIpEz 3 days ago

    koneki isnt pronounced like that but at least you watch anime :)

  • Magrion Lord
    Magrion Lord 3 days ago

    What is that hairrrrrrr

  • andersonHD10
    andersonHD10 3 days ago

    Defiantly need a new keeper😄

  • Callum Hajjar
    Callum Hajjar 3 days ago

    The UTR goalie is shocking,need to replace him

  • Louis Okeleke
    Louis Okeleke 3 days ago

    Jed was best

  • Krozmar
    Krozmar 3 days ago

    @Manny can you put the sound up on your videos, they are too quiet

  • Krozmar
    Krozmar 3 days ago +1

    2:46 my guy dropped the soap😂😂😂😂

  • Elijah Leigh
    Elijah Leigh 3 days ago

    Your commentary is annoying

  • Declan Gleeson
    Declan Gleeson 3 days ago

    Jed man of the match what a beast

  • Christopher Escobedo


  • Brendon Marsh
    Brendon Marsh 3 days ago

    I think jed deserves man of the match

  • Kingsley Coman
    Kingsley Coman 3 days ago

    i wish there was a champions league for youtubers

  • nigeldaman
    nigeldaman 3 days ago

    Simon playing like a young Berbatov

  • Arcader54 TD bank
    Arcader54 TD bank 3 days ago

    My first thought when i see mot "mothers of trucks"

  • Ralph1688
    Ralph1688 4 days ago

    9:53 if they were to of attacked it it would've most likely been offside. The camera angle just makes it look like the ball was in a perfect position. Trust me if they thought they could've gotten too it and got an easy goal I think they would've done it.

  • El chapo Sosa
    El chapo Sosa 4 days ago

    Football fun don’t take it too serious and act like professionals lol

  • Frothly
    Frothly 4 days ago

    Youneed a better bloke in net


    Number 9 mvp

  • Tommy MURRAY
    Tommy MURRAY 4 days ago

    Played on this pitch couple of times

  • Marwan W2S
    Marwan W2S 4 days ago +2

    ksi miniminter the viewers are back

  • Aaron Dufficey
    Aaron Dufficey 4 days ago

    Try Jj and Simon up front?

  • Alex Anghelides
    Alex Anghelides 4 days ago +1

    Under the radar vs SE Dons?

  • chad davis
    chad davis 4 days ago

    Good footballers will watch Sunday league and cringe

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Yall trash asf

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast 4 days ago


  • DodgerBoyy
    DodgerBoyy 4 days ago


  • g_15
    g_15 4 days ago

    Look at the state of your hair

  • thetruth469
    thetruth469 4 days ago

    Thomas was the best player on the pitch. He looks more like a midfielder than a striker. His hold up play was really good.

  • Nicolay Zdrenka
    Nicolay Zdrenka 4 days ago

    Who want’s a UTR Channel?

  • NeoVlog
    NeoVlog 4 days ago

    Dont worry u were the better Team and played some good football in some moments. U won thats the main thing. Now focus and try to get ur best game on every pitch

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen 4 days ago

    Simon looking like some next level pro clubs character 😂

  • Ladajzo Brinton
    Ladajzo Brinton 5 days ago

    Miniminter isn't black.

  • Logical_Origins
    Logical_Origins 5 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that thinks JJ looks like he doesn’t really know what he’s doing

  • Steven Garnham
    Steven Garnham 5 days ago

    Is the gameplay speeded up a little?

  • oovoo vv
    oovoo vv 5 days ago +1

    I'm just bulky - JJ lol

  • Ashaz Khan Year 9
    Ashaz Khan Year 9 5 days ago

    Jj needs to get involved with the play a bit more most of the match he was standing around

  • Ian Reilly
    Ian Reilly 5 days ago

    Jed was man of the match

  • Alvin Shimehka
    Alvin Shimehka 5 days ago

    first time watching this and found it really interesting, great content.

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo 5 days ago

    JJ’s positioning is woeful. Like 3.8 in pro clubs bad.

  • Lucy Brook
    Lucy Brook 5 days ago

    17:12. Moment of appreciation for Tobis run?

  • AHBAR ahmad
    AHBAR ahmad 5 days ago

    tolu or jed as motm honestly

  • CosmoPlay
    CosmoPlay 5 days ago

    Anime sqaud in the building

  • Shrish
    Shrish 5 days ago

    The pitch seems so small , innit?

  • Vishvwarya Chohan
    Vishvwarya Chohan 5 days ago

    The guy with the pink hair has terrible positioning.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 5 days ago

    What a shit name.

  • Hamed Khossravinia
    Hamed Khossravinia 5 days ago

    this performance of the guys was really bad 3/10 and
    the man of the match is Tobi or Tolu

  • Hamed Khossravinia
    Hamed Khossravinia 5 days ago

    the utr team need to play more into the middle and not just the sides then the striker need to connect with the midfielders more #utrgang

  • Lemony Fresh
    Lemony Fresh 5 days ago

    no one passes to jj cos they know he is gash

  • Joe Czajkowski
    Joe Czajkowski 5 days ago

    simon out here looking like a pro clubs player

  • ItsProductiveHD
    ItsProductiveHD 5 days ago

    That run reminds me of fifa bullshit @4:22

  • eViX-Rey
    eViX-Rey 5 days ago

    I ever everyone was laughing at Simon’s hair. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
    And JJ still wears his bandana. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Waled Gaming
    Waled Gaming 5 days ago


  • derek watson :0
    derek watson :0 5 days ago

    that first goal , he cut him off so badly he lost balance oh my

  • Josh towser
    Josh towser 5 days ago

    Finally gonna watch this as it won't get the fuck out of my recommeded

  • Joey Boey
    Joey Boey 5 days ago

    Damn you can see JJ's forehead through the bandana.

  • Kelian Kengne
    Kelian Kengne 6 days ago

    Simon look weak

  • Mitchell Bonham
    Mitchell Bonham 6 days ago


  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis 6 days ago

    Where can I watch UTR live?

  • Skiturbo
    Skiturbo 6 days ago

    U look like saint maximan on the pitch

    UNKWN BEATZ 6 days ago

    Manny i think you need a new goal keeper

  • jowj
    jowj 6 days ago

    On trending gees!

  • FaZe Gort
    FaZe Gort 6 days ago

    🖤Tokyo Ghoul my man

  • Shamal King
    Shamal King 6 days ago

    Am sorry but that guy out of goal

    HOLD THE DOOR 6 days ago

    The manager needs to be changed. How can u have ppl who arent confident in talking and leading try to affect the team (no offence). I suggest getting an older person

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell 6 days ago

    This is my first game I’m watching and I don’t know about any other games but Simon is so selfish

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird 6 days ago

    6:12 😭

  • VersatilityGB
    VersatilityGB 6 days ago

    your keeper is awful xD

  • Conor Mac Murdy
    Conor Mac Murdy 6 days ago

    Is this field small or is it just me?

  • jack keith
    jack keith 6 days ago


  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 6 days ago

    🌸 dam they have some serious skills, I wish more mainstream players had such talent 💕💗💖✨

  • Abbass Gul Mohammadi

    Who else wanted jj and Simon to score?

  • Rascal Brad
    Rascal Brad 6 days ago

    Ksi is the biggest tool going

  • K Bizzle
    K Bizzle 6 days ago

    I’d score 30+ goals in this league

  • JUJUFirth21
    JUJUFirth21 6 days ago

    get charlie morley as goalkeeper

  • Nick Crossland
    Nick Crossland 6 days ago

    I see ksi I klick on the vid

  • Archie Grenney
    Archie Grenney 6 days ago +1

    Dat forehead doooooo!!

  • ij11k
    ij11k 6 days ago

    Manny should have more subs