Neat old Technics Turntable meets rubbish new speakers

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • Testing new speakers with a built in phono preamp & taking a good look at a classic Technics SL6 turntable.
    Linear Technics Turntables on ebay

    ***I returned the Auna speakers and got a refund***
    Better Phono Speakers Review - Red Roth VA4 (other colours are available)
    The Roth VA4 speakers are Available from
    eBay UK - refurbished for around £92 (just under £100 off)
    AMAZON in the UK
    In the USA - KANTO sell speakers with the same features
    The vinyl demo record was - Show Me by YrLad:
    My suggested budget compact separates system
    Yamaha A-S201 Amp:
    Mordaunt Short M10 Speakers:
    Add a Technics Turntable
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  • Leckrer
    Leckrer 14 hours ago

    The moment I read auna I already knew where this was going. Company is known for their shitty products here in Germany.

  • Bosman Ragga
    Bosman Ragga 17 hours ago

    Hahahaha "we ll just put it back and pretend we haven't seen that"

  • Bosman Ragga
    Bosman Ragga 18 hours ago

    "Shaped like a duck" oh God!

  • Robert Zeurunkl
    Robert Zeurunkl Day ago

    Is this an issue only for the "turntable straight to speakers" scenario?

  • Gunzee
    Gunzee Day ago

    LOOL of my gash! Those speakers in the icon!
    I bought something that looked very similar around 95 when I was 14 for £1. I think they were made by Grundig. They had a single 6 watt 6x3 mid speaker unit.
    Obv not even close to the ones here but the resemblance is crazy.
    They were fully plastic, with no grill. It was actually a nice design as the front had a very complex design. Remember this was plain plastic. No padding inside or no port so they added a tinny dirty reverb.
    I don't joke but together they weighed

  • anna ruyer
    anna ruyer Day ago

    the new speakers are bad

  • TheMamaluigi300
    TheMamaluigi300 2 days ago

    Rubbish speakers, but are they really as bad/worse than tv speakers? Someone in charity might use them to get started on a home theater

  • Muskateering
    Muskateering 4 days ago

    Those Bluetooth speakers were the definition of ugly.

  • jakobole
    jakobole 7 days ago

    You should team up with Colin Furze - he could come up with a great way to blow them up

  • thomas k
    thomas k 10 days ago

    We'll just put it back and pretend we didn't see it .....
    I had a Technics linear but I remember it being bigger and I see, thanks to your including photos of other models, that it was probably the SL-L1.

  • Turk
    Turk 13 days ago

    bought a pair of B&W 601's in mint condition for £100 - i wonder which I'd prefer ??? hmmmm

  • Le Harj
    Le Harj 21 day ago

    Excellent video as always, always plenty of information for therapy session.
    It's a shame about the copyright music qualms, absolutely ridiculous.
    Also, why do people complain about cassettes, it's anyones choice what they want to use.
    After my multifunction car CD/bluetooth packed in, I took the choice to replace it with a 90's Pioneer cassette deck. It's a top end model of the era, with dolby b/c auto cassettee/skip plus a great looking display with spectrum analyser, the whole setup looks so cool.
    Listening to my tapes, commercial and mixes, slows the process down so much allowing me to appreciate music a little more. Whereas before, I'd have a few thousand tracks on-tap, but sometimes felt overwhelmed what to listen too (too much choice).
    Slip in a cassette and just listen, 6 tracks or so at the most. As the Pioneer P models had a aux option, I've connected up a 3.5mm adapter, so still gives me a choice to listen to my moderen collections on my phone. Perfect.

  • Paul Truswell
    Paul Truswell 21 day ago

    hahahaha - I'm at 6' 35" and have already concluded that these are really crap. :D :D

  • 999,999 SUBSCRIBERS
    999,999 SUBSCRIBERS 29 days ago


  • Brian Bair
    Brian Bair Month ago

    I have found that I get incredible sound with just my record player and computer speakers. I just run my RCA from my record player out to an aux adapter, which I then plug the computer speakers into. It's an old Logitech 2.1 system with an 8" woofer. The bass is dynamic, and the satellites are very small and crisp. Tons of volume! In fact, when I unplug my computer speakers from my laptop docking station, and plug in the record player, I have to turn the volume on the speakers down quite a bit (because of the gain from the record player). This is a relatively cheap way of getting great sound from just a "record player + speakers only" option.

  • Kevin Ball
    Kevin Ball Month ago

    How would it cope with Heaven 17's Penthouse to Pavement album we're going to live for a very long time track

  • hartsf33
    hartsf33 Month ago

    i would take them for parts techmoan

  • sir sarius
    sir sarius Month ago +1

    All Auna product are rubbish!
    It's just like skytec!
    The Pa stuff they produce is the worse one I've ever seen!
    Claims it has over 1000 Watt but actually has little over 50 Watt

  • spyware1100
    spyware1100 Month ago

    Auna is kinda' hoax company. Repair tech's complain about their amplifiers that those amps are cr_p useless junks put together awfully with poor soldering, weak components and such. And as we se in this video, their speakers are also bad. Avoid Auna.

  • The Equaliser
    The Equaliser Month ago

    Great review

  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce Month ago

    What are some more turntables with the same track select?

  • Kevin Beckenham
    Kevin Beckenham Month ago

    Thank you for another great documentary.My father as one of these Technics Tuntables, which he brought back in 1980, with a moving coil cartridge and a built in phono preamplifier ; he payed around £ 1k from Sevenoaks Hifi in Tunbridge wells. It only broken down once, and its still working.

  • 45s guy
    45s guy Month ago

    Yr Lad sound like The Rutles!

  • Anthony Challis
    Anthony Challis Month ago

    Thanks for another great video. If you are hanging on to those “finger nail” speakers you could try lining the inside of the boxes with 50mm thick foam, the sort that is used in flight cases, usually available at the local market. I tried this with poor quality plastic box speakers and it made a big improvement to the sound. No guarantees though.

  • Gavin Davies
    Gavin Davies Month ago

    I would recommend the Pioneer DM40 monitor speakers. Nice little set of active speakers with rca and 3.5mm jack input. No Bluetooth to cause issues (from what I saw most were complaining about the associated power-saving features). Built in power supply. separate speaker wire connectors. Lovely rich deep sound. Seem to be around £120. Not sure if they have a built in pre-amp, and my little turn table (lenco l-85) has one built in.

  • Slyfrie M
    Slyfrie M Month ago

    I kinda like the black part on the turntable

  • Morgue Original Music

    Subscribed. Pornhub's got nothing on this.

  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson Month ago

    Very nice video and made for a very nice Sunday morning. I believe I will dust off my KLH model 20 and have some fun.

  • Gregory Kowalkowski

    @Techmoan #Techmoan have You seen turntable plate mats that contain patterns that animate while turntable is spinning - similar to mechanical television - You could maybe do a vid about them cause they do look preety cool - here's a link to vid from MIXMAG :

  • Firsteerr Lastmwwew

    back in the eighties my mate was technics mad but he went off them after he paid over a grand for a system (turn table cassette radio and CD player as well as amp and speakers plus a nice cabinet with a smokie glass doors ) and when we got it back to his after picking it up and unbowed it it turned out to have this silly telephone RJ45 plug system not phonos like my NAD and QED deck Cambridge CD (never bothered with a radio ) so i asked what happens if you want a better CD down the line ?? you can only buy a compatible Technics IF they still do that in the future he went mental and took it all back only for the sales manager to refuse to take it back (you didnt get any consumer protection back then ) saying he would "buy" it off him for £400 ..after the gun came out he got a full refund ...oh the days when we could legally own guns and the lack of CCTV meant you could threaten jumped up shop assistant with them "!"" ha ha ha

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson Month ago

    Loads of bands release a cassette these days, they sell out in days. Very cool.

  • Jami Stevens
    Jami Stevens Month ago

    I have one of these record players. And recently while moving it I dropped it on its head. I quickly plugged it up to the rest of the system and it seemed to work fine and then problems drug it keeps going to the middle of the record and playing funny like the speed is slowing down and speeding up what can I do to fix this

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago

    you can put track names in little boxes on screen mtv style

  • Jack Scott
    Jack Scott Month ago

    I have a question. I wasn't sure where to ask it, but I thought the type of people who would know an answer would be here.
    I am currently putting together my first proper hifi and I am wondering: If I have a turntable and it is wired into the phono socket on my amp, if I was to introduce a phono preamp into the setup, would that work and potentially increase clarity? Or would the external preamp and the built in phono preamp clash together somehow and not work to either of their potentials?
    Sorry for the waffle, I'm not great at making comments. Thank you

  • Perktube1
    Perktube1 Month ago

    Crosby(Crosley?) Is selling new suitcase record players in the US.
    Also 5:44 - Techmoan ASMR 🤭🙂

  • AndrewsChannel
    AndrewsChannel Month ago

    Technics was the very lowest end of the market sadly

    MSTR-RPTR Month ago

    Auna is comparable to "white van speakers". I mean they are the cheapest stuff available but marketed with hyperboles like "Pure Performance, powerful performance, perfectly designed". My favorite from the Auna pamphlet is "The two *sound miracles* can be connected to a turntable, PC, TV or other external equipment via the phono or AUX input"

  • Ubersnuber
    Ubersnuber Month ago

    I don’t really care about record players, but this one looks like Technics looked into every user case they could, and came up with a streamlined solution for it

  • Shiroi Hane
    Shiroi Hane Month ago

    You’ve reminded me of the SL-6 I bought from a local shop decades ago for something silly like a fiver but never tested out since I didn’t have a pre-amp etc.
    I’ve managed to dig it out, along with a Pro-ject Phono Box II I found by chance for £15 in cash generator. My needle was exactly the same shape but, lacking an immediate replacement I’ve found it works well enough. I’m playing the copy of Hitch-hikers Guide I found for a few quid in a little shop in an arcade that I’d never seen before and vanished soon after (they also had a bunch of old BBC records including SFX libraries I wish I’d had the change for) which has been hanging around a corner of my room ever since.
    It all works surprisingly well (listening through my Sony Soundbase)

  • Felenov-official
    Felenov-official Month ago +1

    Fuck those copyright claimers. Just mute out the sections and stop them from taking your ad money

  • Felenov-official
    Felenov-official Month ago

    Ah, that chinglish manual.

  • Mo Tee
    Mo Tee Month ago

    Don't forget the topping and SMSL fully featured micro amps and the Micca bookshelves that get great reviews. Would love to see you check these out. Cheers for the great content over the years :)

  • Isaac Dominguez
    Isaac Dominguez Month ago +1

    Please review the Sony ps hx500 turntable

  • jmcinvale
    jmcinvale Month ago

    Sounded to me like there was too m,uch treble with those speakers.

    Either that's something with the amp or the tweeters are not properly balanced with the woofers.

    I once had a linear tracking turntable that used an optical sensor to detect the record size. It would not work at all with transparent records for obvious reasons.

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu Month ago

    To the audiophiles: listen to a live performance for the ultimate tier sound experience, nothing is lost to the recording process because there is none...

    • jquest43
      jquest43 Month ago

      1973Washu the mixing can be bad as well as the acoustics of the you are very wrong

  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce Month ago

    What is the ultimate turntable? Im trying to upgrade and want the best turntable possible. Preferably under $500.

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade Month ago

    Re: copyright claims. You could always use freeware/open source music , at least when it's a digital format or if you buy some in vinyl form. You could buy a few to use regularly.
    Also, I'm told that a lot of claims are from bogus groups that seek to appear real to essentially steal royalty fees, so keep an eye on the claimant.

  • hazy33
    hazy33 Month ago

    Fon-oh? I always thought it was foe-know

  • Erwin Halmans
    Erwin Halmans Month ago

    Hello Techmoan I found another one . Erwin

  • John Kristian Aasen

    Auna (the brand of the speakers) is notoriously known for making EXTREMELY bad car audio components. I mean REALLY EXTREMELY bad. As bad as it can ever get. So I am not suprised.

  • DaliGuy
    DaliGuy Month ago

    Went on eBay and bought myself one of those SL-6's. Blown away by how neat they are space-wise and technically. Sound is also very good.

  • david hall
    david hall Month ago

    What this matter of copyright-strikes on 3 seconds of video shows is there's rampant corruption in high places, and that the elected officials aren't doing what's best for the people, they're simply listening to what the big corporations tell them, and taking that as some sort of gospel truth. It is about elected officials forgetting that first and foremost, they're the servants of the general population of citizens who elected them, and they're violating that trust by tilting so hard towards the big corporations. Times are changing, though, and more and more people are getting fed up with the corruption both of the elected officials (many of whom got there by cheating, that is, the election was rigged by other powerful people) and of the big corporations (many, many of whom are long, LONG overdue for trust-busting), and both of these powerful-but-corrupt forces are going to face their day of reckoning.
    My GUT feeling is these sorts of insane copyright-strikes (3 seconds? are you freaking KIDDING ME?!?) are going to go the way of the dodo bird, because once the revolution comes, the laws will probably change very much more in favor of what's best for the individual citizen... because after all the corrupt ones are forced out of power en masse, the ones who are elected to replace them are either going to consist of those who got fed up with the garbage policies like this one, or are going to consist of those who are terrified of going against what the common people want, because they just SAW what happened to the corrupt ones who got removed from power.

  • Suzuki Halwende
    Suzuki Halwende Month ago

    My Lp60 has a loose spindle and when I put the platter on it hits things so I can't play music. I haven't been able to find out how to fix this, and return is not an option.

  • hippydjkit
    hippydjkit Month ago

    Fabulous turntable......... I want one......... As for the speakers they didn't look good from the beginning........ Hope they'll have them back........ All the best.....

  • tremorist
    tremorist Month ago

    You could have burned the speakers.

  • Joe Scaramanga
    Joe Scaramanga Month ago

    Loving the deck. I've got the SL-j3 from a charity shop for £20 a few years back, which I think is a slightly older model. It has all the same functions and looks almost identical ( though mines dark grey). I've never managed to get the trick play functions to work properly and now the cueing button doesn't always work. It's a lovely thing to have though.

  • Neil pye
    Neil pye Month ago

    I have a technics sl1-l1 sitting in my shed

  •  Month ago

    As always, an excellent video. I always look forward to new Techmoan content!

  • Gernot Schrader
    Gernot Schrader Month ago

    They sound exactly as hollow as they sounded when you knocked on them.

  • GrayWolfPaw
    GrayWolfPaw Month ago

    Never ever buy audio stuff from auna. It's all crap.

  • Ciel Udbjørg
    Ciel Udbjørg Month ago

    Damn. Something happened after I bought my SL-DL5 in the middle 80’s… This must obviously be a later model (SL-6…). I loved my SL-DL5 for exactly the features you demonstrate here: Toss in the record, close the lid, and hit "play". At the end, the pick-up returns to start & the record stops spinning. If you open the lid, the tone arm just returns to start. I hated the regular record players where you had to carefully position the needle above the record and pray you hit the record and not outside or in the middle of track 1…

    NNITRED Month ago

    Those speakers powered in that they have an amp built-in but hey are not active. Active refers to how frequencies are divided be it passively or electronically (active). The divided frequencies in an active system is driven by seperate amps/section. As a rule if it isn't (at least) biamped it isn't active.

  • Tim Howard
    Tim Howard Month ago

    my Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor - Black (Pair) work very well

  • Paul C
    Paul C Month ago

    I really enjoyed your video it's funny how you talk about people who sue for using there song. I was in a band for many years and we would improvise new sounds to Old/ Odd films. The Films had to be in in Public Domain so we can up load our music w/ the video to TheXvid. I had some music we did a video & it got Band from TheXvid and cuz it had the name Francis Ford Coppola in the Intro part of the video I used so I had to edit it out. Even a coffee house I used to do an open mic in had a sign on the back wall & it said "please refrain from doing cover tunes do original Tunes only" the owner told me it cost more to get a license to let people play cover tunes then I make in a year running this place.. So I need to know how do you compare a linear track turntable to let's say my Dual 506 Do you think the Linear is better Just wondering. I did like the Red speakers better. I think smaller is better I have 2 small JBL book shelf speakers & 2 Big Altec Lansing series 9 speakers they sound OK but they take up room.. back in the day my friends would say you got these huge gigantic speakers they must sound great then when I heard these little ones would say these are better.. & one other thing what if your 12" record is at a 45 speed will that play it at 45 or 33 I mad that mistake quite a few time with stuff inmy collection so now I wright 45 speed on the inside jacket sleeve so I know.

  • weerobot
    weerobot Month ago


  • Jon Aiken
    Jon Aiken Month ago

    I have a similar Technics turntable, model SL- B2, that I bought in the early 80's. It still works beautifully, and I still use it.

  • Oleg knows best
    Oleg knows best Month ago

    What about MiniDisc? Picked a great sony for 30 bucks...

  • radornkeldam
    radornkeldam Month ago

    Copyright enforcement just keeps getting more insane every day. Will it ever end, or, at least, stop getting worse?

  • Vinyl for Miles
    Vinyl for Miles Month ago

    Love the TT! Speaker in theory are nice but application is so so

  • Loren Mars
    Loren Mars 2 months ago

    I got the "Free" joke. "All Right Now."