• Published on Mar 1, 2018
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  • danielle snowdon

    I can't get the highlighter in the UK 😭 is there an alternative you'd recommend Lisa? Love this video x

  • Elizabeth Burgess
    Elizabeth Burgess 2 days ago

    Wonderful makeup !!! Love it 💕

  • Kitty
    Kitty 2 days ago

    Lisa, you are a true artist.

  • Amy Hundley
    Amy Hundley 3 days ago

    Love this♥️

  • erica michelle
    erica michelle 3 days ago

    I feel like I just found the holy grail of makeup videos.

  • Lydia Krow
    Lydia Krow 3 days ago

    I haven't watched one of your tutorials in ages because I've gotten away from a lot of YT makeup videos now that they are so heavy and crazy, and they don't pop up on my feed too often, but this one did today and after all this time your content is still so appealing to me. It was a real pleasure to watch this and see something I could relate to, and you do it so well. Thank you.

  • Claudia Elmoor
    Claudia Elmoor 3 days ago

    You are the best

  • Tanya Baldwin
    Tanya Baldwin 3 days ago

    Watching you is a treat! You are so proper and lady like. #goals Very great technique. I will definitely be trying this look soon! 💕

  • Jessica Perry
    Jessica Perry 4 days ago

    I love ur rings that I see u wearing in ur videos. R they all from the same company? What is the name?? I just love all of ur knowledge that u share with us!! Thank u!!! Xo

  • odile
    odile 4 days ago

    lisa lookin like the baddest bitch with almost nothing

  • Monica Alvarado
    Monica Alvarado 4 days ago

    I could listen to you all day. Love your videos and your voice is so soothing.

  • Nadia Ishaq
    Nadia Ishaq 4 days ago

    It’s amazing how little amount of product that you use and result is still amazing. All American you tubers are teaching us to pack on layers and layers and I always wonder how their face look like in real life with all that makeup.

  • D N
    D N 4 days ago

    I have difficulties finding a good make up tone and I also have unsymetric hodded eyes. Do you have a tip or can make a tutorial for older woman please from 40. thank you

  • Veenamra P
    Veenamra P 4 days ago

    I have been following you Lisa for the exact same reason.. you show true make up applications unlike zillions of instagram ones. But I just realized that while I learn a lot from your techniques you have never done any video for tinted skin or person of color or ghostly under eye circles. All your models or yourself have kind of flawless skin

  • Cherry Blossom Girl
    Cherry Blossom Girl 5 days ago

    Love your channel... The way make up is suppose to be!!!

  • Gail Granberry
    Gail Granberry 5 days ago

    The "before" in the before and after reminded me of a mugshot for some reason lol I think it's the expression on her face

  • Gail Granberry
    Gail Granberry 5 days ago

    This is the kind of makeup I LOVE. Can I also just say how much I appreciate that she does not use background music? 💖

  • Beau Jade Crawley
    Beau Jade Crawley 5 days ago

    Whenever I do looks like this I just look like I haven't made any effort or I look how I look at the end of the day when my make up has worn off.... I can't think where I'm going wrong xxx
    Ps when you do your make up I am sitting here like? Sorcery!

  • Minxy101
    Minxy101 5 days ago

    Beautiful as always Lisa, you do 'no makeup/makeup' like no other! So talented xx

  • Loren123ful
    Loren123ful 5 days ago

    Amazing!!! I'm going to watch it many many times to remember every single detail. Thank you so much. This is the best "no make up" make up I've seen.

  • Birdy Tiger
    Birdy Tiger 6 days ago

    Lisa this is my all time favourite video of yours 😍 also just to add, you're an incredible beauty, love watching you work. Beautiful outside..and more importantly in...thank you ☺️

  • Glenda Steel
    Glenda Steel 6 days ago

    Superb tips thanks Lisa!!!!

  • April Mary
    April Mary 6 days ago

    I use this when i go to the doctor, work meeting with the boss..

  • Organic Love
    Organic Love 6 days ago

    Lisa, your voice and hand movements are so soothing. Seriously therapeutic. ♥️

  • S S
    S S 6 days ago

    Such a beautiful and natural look! You are so talented Lisa.

  • Ale Castle
    Ale Castle 6 days ago

    Can you please do a makeup tutorial with someone who has alopecia universalis?

  • Jenette Stevens
    Jenette Stevens 6 days ago

    Lisa, please share where you purchased your gemstone rings, they're delicate, so lovely!

  • T Swears
    T Swears 6 days ago

    Hi Lisa, can you do what's in my bag video? Just to see your essentials.

  • Teresa Betancourt
    Teresa Betancourt 6 days ago


  • Lisa Shields
    Lisa Shields 6 days ago

    Just mesmerizing! I need to slow down my make up application and blend blend and blend some more! Thanks for the video!

  • Carol sant'anna
    Carol sant'anna 6 days ago

    This is the most amazing no make up tutorial I've ever seen! Thank you, a lot!

  • Madamnesia
    Madamnesia 7 days ago

    The trick is there but you can not see it. Great

  • Thu za
    Thu za 7 days ago

    I love this so much! Thank you Lisa. Xx

  • Evelyn Heffermehl
    Evelyn Heffermehl 7 days ago

    You are so graceful in your movement, and work really delicately. Beautiful make-up, I have to try it!

  • Molly Slade
    Molly Slade 7 days ago

    any suggestions for discolored teeth ?

  • BG Smith
    BG Smith 7 days ago

    Nice, thx!

  • bellabana
    bellabana 7 days ago +1

    Young girls should watch this in order to see how to achieve a ‘natural’ look as they wear far too many layers of foundation & concealer that just looks so heavy handed & thick, like it’s been applied with a trowel!

    • Maria B
      Maria B 5 days ago

      You are so right! sadly most of them look like clowns. 🤡

  • Sophia Kendall
    Sophia Kendall 8 days ago

    This look is so beautiful, you are such a gorgeous person inside and out Lisa 💕 thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, and for always explaining what you are doing and why. I've just become a Lancôme beauty advisor and I'm so happy you represent us. Have a beautiful day! 🌼❤

  • Amy Hildebrandt
    Amy Hildebrandt 8 days ago

    This is stunning!! Can you recommend a good foundation for me I’m very pale most foundations are too dark but also I always look cakey No matter what I do , i have combination skin and tried so many different formulas and even try using less and nothing works 😞 primers don’t help , what am I doing wrong , can anyone give advice???? Xx

  • gorhamcj1
    gorhamcj1 8 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful. I am so glad I found your channel. Very classy. I love this look. You are a gem and more ladies need to take tips from you.

  • Hong Le
    Hong Le 8 days ago

    Can you please do a makeup tutorial for Malasma and hyper-pigmentation? Any product recommendations, eg primers, color correctors, foundation? Being in my mid-40s, my results always look cakey and dry. Thank you!

  • kristi.s
    kristi.s 8 days ago

    Just so beautiful, with good techniques. It's so fresh to see your videos every time. This type of gentleness towards make up is everything.

  • Sonia Lauro
    Sonia Lauro 8 days ago


  • Diana S
    Diana S 9 days ago

    Your voice and they way to speak are very soothing

  • Tina Miller
    Tina Miller 9 days ago

    Thank you for showing us such a lovely look. I've been doing a sort of version of this for a long time but now have some more tricks thanks to you to take it to the next level. Thank you xx

  • Michaela Ravenclaw
    Michaela Ravenclaw 9 days ago

    Lisa do you think the HD ultra formula from mufe is as good as the old formula;;I used to use it everyday but not since they changed it because I wasn't sure!

  • Giorgia Bertaccini
    Giorgia Bertaccini 9 days ago

    So beautiful and talented!! :*

  • Christian Eldridge
    Christian Eldridge 9 days ago

    I was caught by the last name. long distant cousin??

  • Ana Rovira Serra
    Ana Rovira Serra 9 days ago

    Eres increíble, pareces una pintora y tu cara un lienzo por la delicadeza con que te maquillas. Me encanta😍

  • DrEnglander1999
    DrEnglander1999 9 days ago

    Is it possible to make this look last all day or will it fade by lunchtime?

  • CWS Chen
    CWS Chen 9 days ago

    Hi Lisa, may I know what is the brand of the rings your are wearing? They r really elegant and nice.

  • Amanda Prokulewicz
    Amanda Prokulewicz 10 days ago +1

    Can you please do video about make up in some old movies, like you did about Breakfast at Tiffany's? I really enjoy that one and I found it very interesting. Love your channel btw 🤓

  • Rio Janeiro
    Rio Janeiro 10 days ago

    Love it!

  • Abbie Roberts
    Abbie Roberts 10 days ago

    Your voice is so calming ☺️

  • kayt rawat
    kayt rawat 10 days ago

    can you do makeup look on someone who doesnt have perfect skin and who's not a supermodel? i mean, there are a lot makeup tutorials for covering acnes, pigmentation and all but they all cake on way too much. i really trust your expertise. do one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Eldridge
      Lisa Eldridge  9 days ago

      kayt rawat I did a tutorial for covering acne a few years ago you can find it on my channel x

  • etohprn
    etohprn 10 days ago +1

    The hooded eye struggle is real... Could you consider doing a video on looks/tips etc for hooded eyes??

  • Dordaneh Dee
    Dordaneh Dee 10 days ago +2

    The only professional I’d watch & actually learn ❤️

  • Dordaneh Dee
    Dordaneh Dee 10 days ago

    The only professional I’d watch & actually learn ❤️

  • binboda
    binboda 10 days ago

    Lisa, what can be used as an alternative to No-eyeshadow Eyeshadow?

  • binboda
    binboda 10 days ago

    I’m gonna do this makeup for the couple of dates I got lined up. Another way to set myself aside from other girls...

  • Maria B
    Maria B 10 days ago

    Hi Lisa, I wonder if you can help me with this frustrating problem. No matter which mascara I use, I always end up with dark shadows under my eyes by the end of the day. I’ve tried waterproof mascara but the same thing happens. I’ve stopped wearing it now because it looks awful. Do you have a a tip that can prevent this from happening?

    • Maria B
      Maria B 9 days ago

      Thank you, Lisa. That mascara sure does sound strange and I will have to check it out. X

    • Lisa Eldridge
      Lisa Eldridge  10 days ago +3

      Maria B you could try a Japanese smudge proof mascara like DHC - they use a tube technology so it sets in tubes on the lashes - sounds weird I know but they are good! Also make sure you are not using greasy creams under your eyes x

  • Sarita Bush
    Sarita Bush 10 days ago

    Stunning as always ❤️💕

  • 11JadeStone11
    11JadeStone11 10 days ago

    I love your colorful rings!! What brand are they? ❤️

  • Daniela espinosa
    Daniela espinosa 10 days ago

    This is a real beautiful make up ! You are an inspiration . Luv you lissa💜

  • Maiasatara
    Maiasatara 11 days ago

    I was with you until the very end. You changed the white balance (or used a filter) on your last shot to make the colors more vibrant. The background color, your hair, your shirt - all different colors/brightness. And so then is the makeup. So anyone who tries this WILL NOT get your result unless they walk around with a camera crew or only let people see them through a filtered selfie. Just ONCE…someone…do a non-drag queen look without cheating.

  • Liyana Hassanel
    Liyana Hassanel 11 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us, Lisa. You're simply the best 💖

    URSTANDINGONMYTOES 11 days ago +1

    A really beautiful look! The older I get the more I find "less is more". Thank you :)

  • AG
    AG 11 days ago

    I just love you Lisa! Love your vibe and calm nature and your relaxing...

  • Bella Foster
    Bella Foster 11 days ago

    Love this look Lisa! I love that someone with such education, experience and most of all, talent is making TheXvid videos and sharing secrets with us! (Ps. I would absolutely love to see a Taylor hill makeup tutorial) xoxo

  • Sunita Mahtani
    Sunita Mahtani 11 days ago

    OMG I wish I could train under you. I hope I can some day. It would be a dream come true

  • So Beauty Stuff
    So Beauty Stuff 11 days ago

    This is such an amazing look, I loved the before and after, so subtle, yet so effective!

  • Emma Golightly
    Emma Golightly 11 days ago

    How could I clean my eyebrow brush that you used from dior? I can't afford a new one and I would love to clean it

  • Erana Breitmeyer
    Erana Breitmeyer 12 days ago

    WOW incredible Lisa! Thanks so much xxx

  • Sophie Henderson
    Sophie Henderson 12 days ago

    Respect to Lisa, however I’m so sorry we live in a misogynistic world where women have to even give their physical appearance a second thought. To imagine any but a very strange man giving his appearance such attention would be unthinkable. I’m not even approaching this as a feminist, simply as a disappointed woman who worries that in a way the more attention given by us to our appearance, the stronger the argument is for us to be commodified, rated and dismissed. This is more of a debate. I want to see women physicist and mathematicians vlogging more than I want to see a web awash with you tube make up tutorials.

  • Yashi Gupta
    Yashi Gupta 12 days ago

    She's beautiful naturally. ❤❤ This look is so helpful. Thankyou 💞💞

  • HeyImValarie18
    HeyImValarie18 12 days ago

    My daughter just turned 4 months old... I don't even have time for this anymore! I miss it! Though, my parents watch her Friday nights so I can have a date night with husband, it's my only chance to wear anything so I usually go for a more "night out" look haha.

  • Carolina A.
    Carolina A. 12 days ago

    Oh wow , you look a lot like Daniela Vega ❤️

  • Alexandra Ramirez
    Alexandra Ramirez 12 days ago

    Beautiful Lisa. Thank you for sharing all your secrets.
    Can you please share more tips on celeb makeup? Thank you 🙏

  • R Broderick
    R Broderick 12 days ago

    Love! I followed along... but I can never get the large pores on the side of my nose to look good or even cover so-so for more than an hour... I have a basket of pore filler primers and age defying primers.. powers, liquids, full, medium, light... but so far no dice. I am very fair and my nose is red with little red blood vessels. I am 45. Struggling... The light touch works every where but my nose. I love your makeup on aging skin videos, I find them very helpful. thank you for all the videos, I'm a huge fan.

    • Dani D
      Dani D 11 days ago

      You're welcome! I hope it works for you. Personally, I used The Ordinary Retinoid 2% (+ their niacinamide) but still had to phase it in to minimise the flakies :-)

    • kaidabroderick
      kaidabroderick 12 days ago

      Thank you! In T.O. grabbing them tomorrow!

    • Dani D
      Dani D 12 days ago

      I had the same problem. Tried all the tricks over the years and nothing worked for longer than a couple of hours. Then in my early 50's, I started a combination of retinoid 2% and niacinamide (both were inexpensive versions from The Ordinary). My pores shrunk dramatically within 2 weeks - I couldn't believe it! I never have to use a pore filler anymore.

  • Santi Shares
    Santi Shares 12 days ago

    Can my channel get to 2k subscribers for International Womens days? 🌟 X
    p.s Love this Lisa!

  • dresden
    dresden 12 days ago

    Love it ♡

  • thiriketty
    thiriketty 12 days ago

    Love it👍🏼😍

  • Classionista
    Classionista 12 days ago

    So classic, thank you for another wonderful tutorial. I will try the mascara as liner trick!

  • m7994
    m7994 12 days ago

    I love a full beat but I also love this kind of makeup for days where I want to look beautiful "without makeup" ;)

  • Amy Lickey
    Amy Lickey 13 days ago


  • Miss Nikki Lou
    Miss Nikki Lou 13 days ago

    hi lisa! as always..i love your make up look.i love that you always preach always apply thin layers rather than cake up the foundation.however,i find that whenever use that technique my make up doesnt last that you have any tips to make it last longer?

  • aasigraa
    aasigraa 13 days ago

    This is my makeup ! With less products and fancy techniques off course 😅 .

  • Asma Sharafi
    Asma Sharafi 13 days ago

    Will this work for extremely dry texture-y skin? I find it extremely difficult to apply any kind of day make up without it looking so horrible and obvious :(

  • Dominiquetd
    Dominiquetd 13 days ago

    Stunning Lisa! X

  • afic10
    afic10 13 days ago

    The best look ever!!

  • Sergueï Chatel Beauty Channel

    in love with Lisa

  • Mn Bz
    Mn Bz 13 days ago

    This is ASMR gold

  • Listy
    Listy 13 days ago

    Love it!

  • Lennie Billy
    Lennie Billy 13 days ago

    Loooove it!!!!

  • any marquez
    any marquez 13 days ago

    This makeup look is beautiful!!! Do you have a makeup artist that you will suggest in LA? I'm getting married soon and I would love my makeup to look good for once

  • Judy Villareal
    Judy Villareal 13 days ago

    Great video! Such a clean and natural look!

  • BGrateful
    BGrateful 13 days ago

    Wow - that is so beautiful and your approach and application is so calming. Love it. Can't wait to try it out.

  • Cristina S
    Cristina S 13 days ago

    It's called youth and natural beauty. Not secret make up.

  • Maria B
    Maria B 13 days ago

    Lisa, something about you makes me think of Keira Knightley, and you look very much like Yasmin Le Bon (both gorgeous women).

  • Jules Nguyen
    Jules Nguyen 13 days ago

    I live in the united states. I can't get the Pro Art - Masterstroke Filbert. Is there another brush that's similar that you can recommend? Thanks for the tutorial.