Will We Destroy Our Own Jurassic Park? | Jurassic World: Evolution


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  • BestInSlot
    BestInSlot  8 months ago +37

    Since I assume this is where the comments will come - just got slapped by a big copyright on my JPOG video. Looking into it.

    • Fdinick
      Fdinick 8 months ago +1

      BestInSlot update to version 1.5.5, you no gonna have problems with Copyrights Anymore, "tornado" (night músic) changed to one from vanila JPOG. Thanks for Attention

    • The Playstation Gamer
      The Playstation Gamer 8 months ago +1

      I think that it would be cool that when you destroy one of your parks and come back you could see how it all is decaying and I know there won't be dinosaur breeding but to have like an ecosystem would be awesome instead of like jpog where the trex would just kill all of the herbivores

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 8 months ago +4

      Because they don't like having their products reviewed in a positive light to 492,022 potential customers. I haven't counted my self since I pretty much can't accomplish anything that requires money.

    • Ryaquaza 1
      Ryaquaza 1 8 months ago +4

      Wait why?, it’s never been an issue before

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 8 months ago +2

      Alex Grimm Because of the soundtrack probably

  • jimmy russells
    jimmy russells 7 months ago

    If only we could destroy the vehicles in the park

  • Twan Rosa
    Twan Rosa 7 months ago

    Can't wait for this game

  • Alfie Eldridge
    Alfie Eldridge 7 months ago

    I want a sandbox mode to make the island like in Operation Genesis!

  • mjmabile22
    mjmabile22 7 months ago

    I kinda want to prove Malcolm wrong.

  • Recluse Reginald
    Recluse Reginald 8 months ago

    I hope you can have multiple saves at once so you can play to win on one and just go crazy on another.

  • FearTheBeans
    FearTheBeans 8 months ago

    I just hope there will be a mode where we can make successful parks like jpog

  • Leicester Lad
    Leicester Lad 8 months ago +1

    Did anybody else think it was ridiculous that the security guy makes you release a dinosaur to test how well you re-capture it? That's just insane. 'Oh well 4 visitors died, resulting in a $8 billion dollar lawsuit and the park being shut down for an external investigation, but on the plus side the chopper and sleep darts work'. George, mate, you're retarded.
    Personally I am not interested in creating hybrids like the I-Rex.. only pure species that actually existed in my park :)

  • Deltaswap! Sans
    Deltaswap! Sans 8 months ago

    give the raptors guns =D

  • DZ
    DZ 8 months ago +1

    OY mate's! look at Connor being all proffesional! i'm kinda proud of him.
    (but to be honest i'm surprised that he still under 500K subs)

    BLAINE HALLEY 8 months ago

    I would like that if you do the entertainment line and get more carnivores the security line would have you buff up security or let one off them loose

  • BNOBLE981
    BNOBLE981 8 months ago

    So long as there is a sandbox mode I will be happy.

  • Hunter Hunts
    Hunter Hunts 8 months ago

    So if I finish the main story will I unlock a island generator like one in jpog

  • Erik Schiller
    Erik Schiller 8 months ago

    I don’t want to wait!

  • Srijan Somashekhar
    Srijan Somashekhar 8 months ago

    It would be amazing if on Isla Nublar, you have to save the dinosaurs form the volcano like in Fallen Kingdom, and relocate them to Isla Sorna.

  • Sparrow Whu
    Sparrow Whu 8 months ago

    Hmmm... Security, Entertainment, or Science? Which tree should I chose?
    *Security:* Letting the dinosaurs lose for "testing purposes" while
    around unarmed, defenceless visitors who control your money. What could possibly go wrong?
    Malcolm: So at this point I'd like to take back everything I just said about this guy.
    Me: Stop stealing my words!
    *Entertainment:* Gladiator fights.
    Me: And I thought human idiocy could not sink lower.
    *Science:* Encouraging natural behaviour through warping the genomes and DNA of our majestic dinosaurs.
    Me: Very natural, I know.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 8 months ago

    "Hodgkins" x)

  • Ben Weston
    Ben Weston 8 months ago

    Why you zoom in on Goldbloom’s nipples boi

  • cooper green
    cooper green 8 months ago

    I hope not

  • KingFluffs
    KingFluffs 8 months ago

    It'd be good if they did self sabotage.

  • el Buckethead
    el Buckethead 8 months ago

    1:45 😏👅👌💦😩

  • MaziReich Mapper
    MaziReich Mapper 8 months ago


  • TheWolfGamer
    TheWolfGamer 8 months ago +1

    Common BS do some gameplay!!!

  • Alonso Aravena
    Alonso Aravena 8 months ago

    One thing that actually troubles me is if there's going to be a generic mode without the storyline, where you don't have to deal with a campaign but just build a park. It sounds really simple, but I haven't heard anything about that yet.

  • GimpedLoco
    GimpedLoco 8 months ago

    The only reason I stopped killing guests on JPOG was because the noise was so haunting, that damn noise pierced a hole inside my soul XD

  • StriX46
    StriX46 8 months ago

    Could this also be possible you know that maybe when we're doing another island the previous island gets hit with a storm and the dinosaurs breakout?

  • KFire
    KFire 8 months ago

    Why were you zooming in on Ian Malcolm's nipple?

  • LCpl Kilbey117
    LCpl Kilbey117 8 months ago +4

    "climax" *proceeds to zoom in on nipple*

  • CWdude
    CWdude 8 months ago

    Yes I can release my dinosaurs on them evil humans

  • Dorian Winston
    Dorian Winston 8 months ago +1

    Just as long as we have the option to make a successful park on Nublar, I'm happy.

  • Special Moon channel
    Special Moon channel 8 months ago +2

    Who wanna recreate fallen world Jurassic world map and watch and let dinos roam free and see what happens or make there own dinosaur forest/land

  • Sans The Human
    Sans The Human 8 months ago

    1:44 that zoom in on ian's nimple tho
    10/10 goldblums xD

  • NatureGuy18
    NatureGuy18 8 months ago +1

    Dude, the John Hammond from the book was a complete asshole. This dude didn't even care about his own grandchildren at one point and was pissed that he had ever brought them to the island.The only reason he did so was so he could use them to make himself and his park look good....that's his own words to lol Dude was a prick and deserved everything that happened to him.

    • NatureGuy18
      NatureGuy18 8 months ago

      Prethoryn Scourge I am calm lol. I'm just stating fact that the John Hammond in the book is quite frankly an asshole. He's the total opposite of the John Hammond in the movies lol

    • Prethoryn Scourge
      Prethoryn Scourge 8 months ago

      NatureGuy18 Calm down lmao

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 8 months ago +1

    Your first playthrough should be of the science branch because we haven't seen that one yet and I think the hybrids should be the grand finale.

  • Thibault Drake
    Thibault Drake 8 months ago

    Why you zoom in on Malcom’s nipple at 1:43

  • Sean Conwell
    Sean Conwell 8 months ago

    Just as suggestion for future vid, if you haven't considered already, maybe compare the dinosaurs that were in JPOG that we've yet to see announced to the ones already announced for JWE and if you think we'll see any of them make it into the final game. :)

  • Cody Bliss
    Cody Bliss 8 months ago

    All I'll say is I'm praying for a sandbox mode. I'm excited for the storyline, but eventually a story based idea will get old when you can't do what you want

  • Jhereg CG-60
    Jhereg CG-60 8 months ago

    Why the nipple zoom.....perv LOL.

  • Shayun Dhokia
    Shayun Dhokia 8 months ago

    Do you think there will be a site B?

  • Jacob Macomber
    Jacob Macomber 8 months ago +17

    Nice zoom in there BIS

    • Poupée Gothique
      Poupée Gothique 2 months ago

      And some men.

    • DZ
      DZ 8 months ago +2

      a bit of fanservice for the women i see?

  • Taylor Reagan
    Taylor Reagan 8 months ago +2

    What happens when you finish the campaign and have all stars?

    • Casualgames23
      Casualgames23 8 months ago +1

      Hopefully they follow JPOG's formula all the way and make a sandbox/site B mode. Except this time let players create their own islands from scratch and populate it with dinosaurs to roam freely or make it an amusement park for visitors. Probably won't happen like this, but it would be cool.

    • Andrew Payne
      Andrew Payne 8 months ago +2

      Probably change parks around if you get bored of them. Or start a new game

  • AardvarkLord
    AardvarkLord 8 months ago

    The funny thing is that I feel like each of the project leads need each other, but their goals are opposing each other. I particularly like the dynamic between Malcolm and the player, because even the most cautious, best-controlled player is still fundamentally against what Malcolm wants. Yet, the player needs him on their shoulder, reminding them of what can go wrong. It's obvious that there are ways to end where he's horrified by what you've done or trying to push you in a direction, but I wonder if there's a way to make him respect you too. Not necessarily agree, but if you get to the end without any deaths have him say something like, "Suppose if someone had to do this, at least it was you." Doubt he'd be so complimentary and it would be far more eloquent, but I'm curious if that's a thing.

  • A Lone Stegosaurus
    A Lone Stegosaurus 8 months ago

    Well I know for a fact my parks will end in fire,screaming, and "escaped" dinosaurs

  • The Joker
    The Joker 8 months ago

    Says "Climax" while staring at Jeff Goldblum's gorgeous nipple. XD 1:40 Also excessive? I don't think there's enough! So hyped! Been waiting for a JPOG2 for 11 years!

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno 8 months ago +2

    I hope that after the campaing is over, you can put ilimited dinos and do whatever you want like a sandbox mode

  • Papa Wuise
    Papa Wuise 8 months ago

    Is the story going to be canon set during the events of one of the movies, or is it going to be a remake of the films?

    • Philipp Böhnlein
      Philipp Böhnlein 8 months ago

      ... no it wasn't. And the Poster was probably some reminder for the workers there, what their Destination will look like. It clearly shows the visitor-centre on Isla Nublar.

    • Papa Wuise
      Papa Wuise 8 months ago

      Philipp Böhnlein what about the jurassic park building on isla sorna discovered by nick van owen in lost world? It was obviously an attraction.

    • Philipp Böhnlein
      Philipp Böhnlein 8 months ago

      I think you understand the Story wrong. Isla Sorna was used to breed dinosaurs, maybe studying them and later bring them to Nublar. Hammond explained that to Malcolm in The Lost World.
      They also had some Research facilities there like the one in JP3, where for example they created new species, like the Spinosaurus in secret. Then a Hurricane came and they released all dinosaurs so they could flee in the inner Island, before they evacuated all personal.
      Site B was never meant to be a Location for a Park.
      Althought I'm curious if they make use of the movies Story in Evolution. I would like it, if after you first arrived at Sorna, there are some Dinosaurs roaming free, and you have to catch or kill them, before you can open a Park there.

    • Papa Wuise
      Papa Wuise 8 months ago

      Philipp Böhnlein i think they did try to build a park on isla sorna. Remember in the lost world, nick van owen calls in a chopper from that place that looked like a jurassic park visitor center with the jurassic park sign on the wall? And remember they found a hatchery in jurassic park 3. If it was canon, maybe its about you building the park before the events of the lost world. Idk. I dont know how you can make a story out of a park building game.

    • Philipp Böhnlein
      Philipp Böhnlein 8 months ago

      Papa Wuise nah i don't think so. In the game you will have access to Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Sorna in movies canon is restricted and technically there was never build a Park. And i very highly doubt, that they gonna force you, to build the Park at Nublar exactly like in the Jurassic World movie.
      So no it probably won't be canonical. But who Cares? Operation Genesis wasn't too, but it was good. I'll play it for the experience, not for story. 🙂

  • The Light and The Dark
    The Light and The Dark 8 months ago +2

    Do you get to keep your parks forever or must you reset at one point

  • Logan Cole
    Logan Cole 8 months ago +3

    The Indominus is a culmination of all 3 branches. Entertainment for it having "more teeth", science to show a mastery of genetics, and security because of how effective of a killer it is.

  • Assassinof Bloodandhonor

    indominus rex vs indoraptor,just...waiting...for....it

  • Jedi
    Jedi 8 months ago

    I can't help but think if they didn't invest all that time n money into the story mode how much could they have improved the game in other areas. Not saying it's a bad idea it's just that this is a park building game and if they focused to much on story it might mean the downgrade of the park building aspect and what kind've sacrifices might they have made because of a story n all that but who knows.

  • Tylersaurus Akro
    Tylersaurus Akro 8 months ago +3

    The Nipplesaurus

  • Mr. Jurassic
    Mr. Jurassic 8 months ago +3


  • Lewdawg31
    Lewdawg31 8 months ago +1

    Can never get enough of evolution content!!!

  • Gaming Lion
    Gaming Lion 8 months ago +1

    Why did it zoom in on his Malcolm's nipple?!

  • Darjaboo
    Darjaboo 8 months ago

    Can you change the characters for the 3 branches, I want like Robert Muldoon as Security division.

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 8 months ago

    I just want to make a park with ruthless dinosaurs and no story

  • Unai Ayestaran
    Unai Ayestaran 8 months ago

    Give me a J! Give me a U! Give me a R! Give me an A! Give me a... Give me JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION NOW!!

  • Der Finder
    Der Finder 8 months ago +4

    In an interview somebody said he cant talk about the Fallen Kingdom... I hope this wont effect the final (1993 JP ❤)

  • God No Rlly
    God No Rlly 8 months ago +1

    To destroy your park, or not to destroy it that is the question.

    DEVIRES X 8 months ago +3

    1:44 hmmm nipple

  • liverpool
    liverpool 8 months ago +5

    I wonder if malcom will flip his shit if lets say you try and make the indominus rex, animals like that were never meant to be contained, clearly.

    • liverpool
      liverpool 8 months ago +1

      I will lose my shit so hard if something like this happens

    • Philipp Böhnlein
      Philipp Böhnlein 8 months ago +2

      liverpool I'am almost certain, there will be an unique monolouge from Malcolm, after you've created your first hybrid. I Imagine hin Just going frightened and almost speechless.
      What you think of that for example:
      "I ... I don't even know what to say. Sure almost everything you've done till this point was unnatural. But this ... This creature that wasn't even meant to exist in the first place, unaware of it's souroundings and with no clue what life is meant to be like ... It never should've come this far. I just hope it was worth it for you, cause if I'm not totally wrong, you may soon realize, that you've done a great mistake. Perhaps the greatest mistake of your life."

  • TyranntX
    TyranntX 8 months ago +5

    Why are we focusing on his nipple?

  • Hello, It’s me
    Hello, It’s me 8 months ago +1

    Now imagine edmontosaur carrying 120mm cannon on its back...

  • Punkster Viking
    Punkster Viking 8 months ago +2

    1:31 if you're interested in an awkward Jeff goldblum/ Ian Malcom nipple zoom in shot...

  • Nick Marfoe
    Nick Marfoe 8 months ago +3

    Praying for a sandbox mode.

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim
    Velociraptors of Skyrim 8 months ago +1

    Nooo.... Malcolm Senpai!

  • Noah G
    Noah G 8 months ago +3

    I just want my indominus and indoraptor to get along.

  • SkiddyGaming
    SkiddyGaming 8 months ago

    I hope we don't have to exclusively choose one of the three paths, but that we can balance them. Don't get me wrong I don't me just maintain some perfect balance between all three, they are rivals and that would be impossible... however I think you could manage to satisfy two at once as interests sometimes overlap. My main outlook on the situation, for example, is highly Security minded (I've seen the movie, anyone who has should care about security) and I support the idea of improving our control over the dinosaurs to prevent incidents. However, at its core I intend my park to be an Entertainment zone for the masses and a gargantuan cash cow. I firmly belive we can enhance our security protocols and technology to better contain and control the dinos, while also entertaining a general audience (both interest after all, ultimately require "more teeth" as a core demand). I suppose you could say I want to take a route similar to that of the on screen park, and basically take on the role of Claire at the start of the movie... only with a bit more paranoia about potential escapes😂.
    Regardless, I think it's cool that an endgame like that exists where you may have to choose between your park or a more natural existence, a lot of people will certainly be conflicted by that (I probably won't TBH... not going to lie if anything Hoskins said was agreeable it was the line "extinct animals have no rights"... I created you, I own you, now make me some money, lol😆.) My endgame is to build the ultimate Jurassic World and fulfil the original vision of Hammond in establishing a world class and fully thriving prehistoric theme park.🙂
    As a final note, one of the coolest things I've seen about the game so far is the community reaction to this sort of thing... everyone has a different outlook and approach to it and has very different ideas of how such a park should be handled if at all. It's interest to hear people discuss that🙂.

  • The Dishonored Coward
    The Dishonored Coward 8 months ago +1

    You know something I just thought of, perhaps if Bestinslot plans to do any more oceanic/aquatic/water type game play such as I love the best time to do so will be during summer. From what I have studied of humans they tend to favor going into the water when it is hot. Perhaps this psychological effect will make people more in the mood for it.

  • Time Brain
    Time Brain 8 months ago +4

    Really, I want there to at least be the OPTION of making a park that succeeds and doesn't self-destruct like the previous incarnations. Is it too much to ask to have the park just succeed and be a joy for all involved for once?!

    • Billy F
      Billy F 8 months ago

      Time Brain It undermines the overall message of the franchise, but... _come on,_ who _wouldn’t_ love a truly successful park? I want to have six islands where everything goes as well as it possibly can.
      And then save my game and cause chaos xD

    SGT KILL 8 months ago

    Being in the security industry I will focusing mostly on Security. Which where ingen went wrong in the movies.

    • SGT KILL
      SGT KILL 8 months ago

      I was thinking more of Jurassic Park 2 & 3. Probably focus first on Security and then science.

    • Devin Espinoza
      Devin Espinoza 8 months ago

      And maybe more helicopters for dealing with em so we don't loose another Misrani

    • Devin Espinoza
      Devin Espinoza 8 months ago

      SGT KILL very true Jurassic world would've been successful though if they didn't make a hybrid they barely new anything about.

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin 8 months ago +4

    Hey Bis, can you make a Gallimimus-like Dino, preferably black with red eyes, skins depending of course. And give it 100% PURE EVIL DNA!!!

    • GimpedLoco
      GimpedLoco 8 months ago +3

      If I can, i'm going to make the most murderous, death hungry Gallimimus ever concieved

  • Amie Capper
    Amie Capper 8 months ago

    Why was it zooming in on his nipples lol 😂

  • LK _LudiKruc
    LK _LudiKruc 8 months ago

    +3 Science
    +4 Entertainment
    -5 Security
    I think these are quiet correct.

  • Love Violence
    Love Violence 8 months ago

    Jurassic world evolution will suck

    • Timtett
      Timtett 8 months ago

      Shin Gojira for you maybe

    KS STYLES 8 months ago +2

    Just need the game to be realistically!

    • G0diear 16
      G0diear 16 8 months ago

      But That's not the point of this franchise

  • Nuke2099
    Nuke2099 8 months ago +5

    Science is also about making the dinosaurs as realistic as possible, making them healthier etc. Probably the kindest path for the dinosaurs at least at face value.

  • Ja sam Loren
    Ja sam Loren 8 months ago +1

    Hi I think that dinoichus in back graund is brown colored

  • Ditidos
    Ditidos 8 months ago +3

    If we are allowed to do a dinosaur reserve it would be extremely great.

  • Timber Wolfe
    Timber Wolfe 8 months ago +10

    If at all possible I'd prefer to be movie Hammond.
    So looking forward to seeing what the game will be like!

    • G0diear 16
      G0diear 16 8 months ago +2

      Jurassic world didn't have a book and this game is about Jurassic world so... I think we are going to get the film one

  • Ryaquaza 1
    Ryaquaza 1 8 months ago +55

    If you mean saving the game then releasing a horde of dinosaurs into the crowds, they yes, yes I’ll do this, again and again, with different dinosaurs each time, sometimes even with multiples. Turning my vacation spot into a death zone over and over,.. teach them to complain,.
    What? Don’t blame me!?, it’s ‘enrichment’

    • This Guy
      This Guy 7 months ago +1

      If you can't figure out what to do after you've finished the game, what about keeping your park safe and sound? Watching the dinosaurs be dinosaurs some more

    • NatureGuy18
      NatureGuy18 8 months ago +1


    • xX_Neptune_Xx
      xX_Neptune_Xx 8 months ago +4

      you can justify it in different ways for every tree. that way your conscience isn't stained with the dripping blood of innocent parkgoers.
      science: "encouraging natural behaviors in our specimens"
      entertainment: roman gladiator fights. need i say more?
      security: well in the TUTORIAL they tell you to let a dino out to "test security" so i can see them doing it again.

    • Philipp Böhnlein
      Philipp Böhnlein 8 months ago +2

      Come on. Everyone did that back in Operation Genesis after he archieved five stars. XD
      I mean, whats else am i supposed to do, after i've bred all dinosaurs, researched and build everything and have the highest rating, except of starting a new game of course?

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +2

      Ryaquaza 1 *Malcolm will remember that*

  • Terry Zillasaurus
    Terry Zillasaurus 8 months ago

    Talk about a learning experience

  • jemDarpole
    jemDarpole 8 months ago +3

    why did you zoom in on Dr. Malcolm nipples. why was that necessary.

  • Slinda Moon
    Slinda Moon 8 months ago +5

    Science is not Hammond. It's more like Wu. Hammond is better than that

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  8 months ago +3

      Eh not really. Hammond was definitely arrogant and unwilling to accept his loss of control until pretty much the end of the film.

    • Disappointed Turtle
      Disappointed Turtle 8 months ago +1

      Slinda Moon Hammond doesn't really fit into any division. He wants the dinosaurs to be as real and close to the originals as possible, while also wanting to make the Park as entertaining and as safe as possible. He's basically what would happen if you maxed out all three divisions.

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago

      Slinda Moon seems fair

    • Slinda Moon
      Slinda Moon 8 months ago

      Its_Me_Romano _ no cause all Hammond cared about was making everyone safe and happy. He didn't have as many downsides as any of the trees. So that's why I say he's none

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +3

      Slinda Moon Hammond is entertainment

  • Rufu
    Rufu 8 months ago +7

    No ty no story needed all it has to be is a good park builder 👍

    • G0diear 16
      G0diear 16 8 months ago

      Probably not, the Indominus may escape but you would have to stop him, maybe it will be the last misión for every branch: science by creating indie, enteteirment by making a enclosure so people can see it and the last misión capture the Indominus after it's escapes(it will autosave the moment before it's escapes) then a message "you complete campaign'' and "sandbox mode unlock" then you can keep going with your park, so the only way to get Indominus is to do all the branches at the same time, like the devs said "if you complete all of them at once something interesting will happen" maybe it works like spore certain combinations between (carnivore, herbivore or omnivore)give you different results in the space mode
      Well just my theory.

    • Rufu
      Rufu 8 months ago

      G0diear 16 ye I mean like the things that you can find a way to counter is what I'm talking about, dino break outs, tornados etc. Those are the good chaos that can bring the downfall of your park, I just hope that your park doesn't go down because story

    • G0diear 16
      G0diear 16 8 months ago

      Rufu is going to get out of your control, life uh... Finds a way. Little actions can be amplify, you never now when chaos arrives to your door.

    • Rufu
      Rufu 8 months ago

      Its_Me_Romano _ ye it is unique but i don't want a story to get in the way of the player building their own jurassic park, and like the downfall of my park shouldn't be out of my control

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +3

      Rufu i think it's a unique concept to do this and I love it

  • Slinda Moon
    Slinda Moon 8 months ago +1

    Dude, I recently pre-order ed the deluxe edition.

  • Simulated Fish
    Simulated Fish 8 months ago +1

    Why the slow zoom.... WHY?! I mean it made me spit out my coffee in laughter but still, WHY!

  • pinwheel gamer333
    pinwheel gamer333 8 months ago +12

    If there is no sandbox mode In this game I'm not buying it

    • QlickLearn
      QlickLearn 8 months ago

      So true. A storyline is fine for the ppl who want that. But I really hope the devs understand that a lot of us just want an open park sandbox to build in.

    • Prethoryn Scourge
      Prethoryn Scourge 8 months ago

      And where's Site B?

    • pinwheel gamer333
      pinwheel gamer333 8 months ago


    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +5

      pinwheel gamer333 oké good for you

      THEINVISIBLEWAFFLE 8 months ago +7

      I hope that's what the endgame is once you finish the campaign. Maybe that's what's on Isla Nublar? And maybe unlocking Isla Nublar is how you complete the campaign?

  • Sajmon Beseda
    Sajmon Beseda 8 months ago

    Tats a nother video today, WOW you is so fast Bro!!

  • Fantasysaurus
    Fantasysaurus 8 months ago +14

    I don’t know what to think. I used to think science was the best fit for me (to make the dinosaurs as accurate as possible), but now I’m not so sure.
    I will say this: I have no intention of creating the Indominus Rex

    • F.TI. Bug
      F.TI. Bug 8 months ago +1

      We don't use the "I" word.

    • Fantasysaurus
      Fantasysaurus 8 months ago +1

      Christopher Sochor I agree. I don’t want to make the dinosaurs in monsters/biological weapons, and I don’t see dinosaurs as cash cows.

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago

      @Fantasysaurus Nope i managed to spot a little thing saying u need science tree almost full and 3 stars on Isla Muerta so

    • Gaming Lion
      Gaming Lion 8 months ago +1

      Fantasysaurus I agree I was hoping it would focus more on seeing what dinos will do

    CRAIGS CRAIG 8 months ago

    I commented this idea in your video long ago

  • Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall

    I was wondering could we do the security tree first when you run your play through

  • The Dishonored Coward
    The Dishonored Coward 8 months ago

    Incompetence. When it does not matter how hard you have tried, when the reality is you failed.

  • Mappy Flappy
    Mappy Flappy 8 months ago +5

    Will we be getting a SANBOX mode?

    • F.TI. Bug
      F.TI. Bug 8 months ago +2

      I'm fully sure they will put that in their, if not we should contact somehow them and ask.

    • Pottedplantofdeath
      Pottedplantofdeath 8 months ago +2

      Hopefully that isn't all, I would like sandbox choices we got in JPOG: run your own park, and site b.

    • The Lobster
      The Lobster 8 months ago +6

      Probably. My best bet would be a site B of some sort.

  • Marjoe Kirby
    Marjoe Kirby 8 months ago +40

    *nipple intensifies*

  • goblin gamer
    goblin gamer 8 months ago

    love jwe !!!

  • Its_Me_Romano _
    Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +23

    If you want hybrids you need to almost have full science bar and have 3 stars at island muerta I actually managed to spot that in someone's video (hope this helps)

    • J S
      J S 8 months ago +3

      Pretty sure it's entertainment

    • LogXX BeCX
      LogXX BeCX 8 months ago +2

      Its_Me_Romano _ it’s actually pena

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 8 months ago +1

      Its_Me_Romano _ Who's vid?

  • Heart Blazer
    Heart Blazer 8 months ago


  • Lime
    Lime 8 months ago +7

    Have you pre-ordered the game yet? Or is it worth waiting?

    • Jerry Gomes
      Jerry Gomes 8 months ago

      Lime personally, I'm waiting for a few playthroughs by BiS and seeing to pick it up on a sale.

    • Billy F
      Billy F 8 months ago +5

      I pre-ordered it simply because I don’t wanna wait for a physical release, on top of getting the bonus content.

    • Giuseppe DeRosa
      Giuseppe DeRosa 8 months ago +1

      Pre order it

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ 8 months ago +14

      U only get 2 skins for the vehicles if u pre order and if u want the exclusive dinosaurs u can still wait after release dont give faulty information please

    • Heart Blazer
      Heart Blazer 8 months ago +1

      Pre order PLZ DO IT
      Because there are five exclusive Dino’s if you wait you won’t get them that is if you get the deluxe bundle
      With the game the dlc and the new Dino’s and vehicles