Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • The Bud Knight’s watch has ended. What will you do #ForTheThrone?
    Watch an extended version of the official Game of Thrones X Bud Light Super Bowl LIII ad.
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  • ShowsomeID
    ShowsomeID 2 days ago

    Bud knight fucking dies.

  • BaronvonPiano
    BaronvonPiano 5 days ago

    Best super bowl ad ever

  • Bog_Guy or dragonclae

    Fuck Joffrey. This video had nothing to do with Joffrey, but still. That kid was a little shit.

  • Timothy Weston
    Timothy Weston 5 days ago

    And did he call his steed peanut? Roflmao!

  • Big Baby Blue Eyes
    Big Baby Blue Eyes 5 days ago

    missed opportunity for the "Coors Knight"

  • Timothy Weston
    Timothy Weston 6 days ago

    The only enjoyable moment from the last super bowl.

    0FFICERPROBLEM 11 days ago

    Ah wtf is this lmao

  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon

    The Bud Knight lives!

  • Ageng Akustia
    Ageng Akustia 16 days ago

    🗻🗻🗻🗻vs 🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • MrArmystrong85
    MrArmystrong85 16 days ago

    As soon as I heard Rains of Castamere I knew shot was gonna go down

  • Infernape 79
    Infernape 79 17 days ago

    Rains of castamere so lit

  • Frankenstein
    Frankenstein 17 days ago

    Remember people never drink and joust.

  • SMDoktorPepper
    SMDoktorPepper 19 days ago

    Now why cant this REALLY happen to Bud Lite?

  • MinerBraden Gaming
    MinerBraden Gaming 19 days ago


  • Pete McKay - Games
    Pete McKay - Games 20 days ago

    Bud Knight is now croaking with the frogs. (Bud-WIse-Errrrrr)

  • JelloShots
    JelloShots 21 day ago

    0:59 my PTSD..

  • Wesley W
    Wesley W 21 day ago

    If bud light is the only "beer" the royalty of westeros have to drink, I can understand why the place is such a terrible mess.

  • Colton Wood
    Colton Wood 22 days ago

    Fuck Coors

  • Ricardo Sandoval
    Ricardo Sandoval 22 days ago

    ....This ending was pretty dark

  • lionessawaking42412
    lionessawaking42412 25 days ago

    Best. Commercial. Ever.... maybe; still like the old lady asking “Where’s the beef?”🤣🤣🤣

  • Lisa Mann
    Lisa Mann 25 days ago

    :29 hahahahahaa!! Reynes of Castamere!

  • Cynthia Foyles
    Cynthia Foyles 26 days ago

    I can’t believe that people didn’t get that Drogon fried The Mountain and Bud Knight’s head wasn’t crushed.

  • Fiki Firmansyah
    Fiki Firmansyah 27 days ago


  • Temperus Maximus
    Temperus Maximus 28 days ago

    Fools, thinking the Bud Knight can even die.

  • Cato Sicarius
    Cato Sicarius 28 days ago

    This was a weird beer commercial

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran 28 days ago

    I guess The Mountain prefers Coors.

  • Manoze Kaushal
    Manoze Kaushal Month ago

    The red witch priestess chick brings him back to life !!!!!!!!

  • Dean Howard
    Dean Howard Month ago +2

    For a minute there i thought the bud knight was the prince that was promised. Shows what i know.

  • Azhraeya
    Azhraeya Month ago +6

    The Mountain crushed Bud Light Knight's head like an empty can.

  • Lego Ultimate1
    Lego Ultimate1 Month ago

    Holy f__k, they killed off Bud Knight!? What kind of sick commercial is this!?

  • Crying Maguire
    Crying Maguire Month ago

    What nonsense shit

  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns Month ago

    Wtf? Did they just kill their own champion?!

  • Bradley Spurrier
    Bradley Spurrier Month ago +3

    I didn’t know Game of Thrones took place in the Bud Knight universe

  • Clarence Maggazz
    Clarence Maggazz Month ago

    Don't drink and knight

  • Honduras504 -
    Honduras504 - Month ago

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    Boo Boo Month ago

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  • Andrian Habibi
    Andrian Habibi Month ago

    Hahahha what haven??

  • angry wizard
    angry wizard Month ago +1

    you can't kill an already dead man, Gregor Clegane can't die, he literally is immortal and can't feel pain

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    I wonder if secretly the night king was riding that dragon and felt like killing people?

  • ALtown
    ALtown Month ago

    Oh God, You know you're fu%$ when even ads likes this get you excited jajajaja

  • Colonel Frontline
    Colonel Frontline Month ago +4

    *_"Winter had came for Bud Knight."_*

  • Edwin Theuri
    Edwin Theuri Month ago

    what happened to the other dragon?

  • Edwin Theuri
    Edwin Theuri Month ago

    RIP Bud Light

  • George Liapes
    George Liapes Month ago

    Who else thought beer would come out of that guy’s head?

  • echorz
    echorz Month ago

    clegane and superbowl? cleganebowl confirmed

  • AyerGuillén
    AyerGuillén Month ago


  • حسين محمد
    حسين محمد Month ago

    لو هيج من الموسم لأول يخلص

  • Zhang Lio
    Zhang Lio Month ago

    ...Stop Reminding me of Oberyn... ffs :/

  • Cynane
    Cynane Month ago

    So I hear season 7 was cut short because of a large portion of the budget being used for the cgi and effects, yet they can make this lol

  • Bill D -
    Bill D - Month ago

    Bud Light always tasted like water to me. Then again what can you expect when a malt beverage is brewed with Rice.

    I drink Miller Lite because it tastes great and is less filling. The only reason that anyone I know drinks Bud Light is because it's cheap.

  • Cody Coumes
    Cody Coumes Month ago

    Bc The Mountain drinks Coors...Cold as the Rockies

  • Martinez Palafox
    Martinez Palafox Month ago

    I love Game of Thrones.

  • Craig Kubina
    Craig Kubina Month ago


  • TonyStark 57
    TonyStark 57 Month ago +2

    He’s my favorite Knight (and Meta Knight) I want him to come back so bad😭😭😭

  • not herbivore
    not herbivore Month ago

    aw snap he burned the beer too

  • Comment King
    Comment King Month ago +1

    I never knew this was game of thrones

  • Kae saysstfu
    Kae saysstfu Month ago +1

    Best commercial ever!!!!!

  • jerry jjs
    jerry jjs Month ago +2

    Bud light knight looks like shovel knight without horns

  • Nikunj Bajoria
    Nikunj Bajoria Month ago

    What was this?

  • dtester
    dtester Month ago

    Bud Light knight should have gotten up at the end, "I'm alright!"

  • burak yıldız
    burak yıldız Month ago

    Its almost april but no damn trailer yet. Im sick of waiting lets talk about it

    • James Sinclair
      James Sinclair Month ago

      Well your prayers were received cuz the trailer is out😂

  • Teresa Anderson
    Teresa Anderson Month ago +1

    This commercial was only awesome to GoT fans!!!!! And I loved it!!! :-)

  • Gustaf Sjögren
    Gustaf Sjögren Month ago

    That escalated quickly.

  • Minster
    Minster Month ago

    Fuck that piss beer...the mountain has a better beer flavor.

  • tauntonlake
    tauntonlake Month ago

    I'd rather drink Tears of Lys, than Bud LIght..

  • TonyStark 57
    TonyStark 57 Month ago +1

    Bud Knight’s gonna come back right guys?



    • TonyStark 57
      TonyStark 57 8 days ago

      That was me 1 month ago


    • Aku603
      Aku603 8 days ago

      Contract was up, wanted more money.

  • Cliffle
    Cliffle Month ago

    This commercial had a higher budget than the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones.

  • muadhnate
    muadhnate Month ago

    Miller Lite uses corn syrup. 😂

  • Alexis Gunther
    Alexis Gunther Month ago

    OH god damnit, I genuinely thought I would see the mountain BURN!!!

  • Mason Bazan
    Mason Bazan Month ago

    Pewdiepie vs t gay Origins

  • MadVulcan
    MadVulcan Month ago

    Take out te draon with Hawkeye Gough and kill the mountain with Dévoreur intellectuel.

  • Drunk Squirrel
    Drunk Squirrel Month ago

    Did anyone else seriously get goosebumps at 1:15?

  • Angelinabug
    Angelinabug Month ago


  • ExileOnDaytonStreet
    ExileOnDaytonStreet Month ago +45

    You know its a shitty beer when it gets Daenerys and Cersei on the same side to fight you.

  • Maxine Jame
    Maxine Jame Month ago


  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    Dead or alive I win🤡

  • Dankee
    Dankee Month ago

    Not sure why people are mad about this commercial? Who cares if it wasn't a trailer for the final season, you should already be hyped up for the final season anyway. Seeing a trailer shouldn't change that for better or worse. This was one of the few good ones.

  • Ishaan
    Ishaan Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who for a second thought that Sir Gregor Clegaine was going to drink a beer with the lad instead of crushing his skull?

  • Schwachsinnn
    Schwachsinnn Month ago

    The mountain only likes to smack butt heavy

  • Racher Wichardson
    Racher Wichardson Month ago

    So... What is your favorite beer advertisement?

  • InvictusByzantium
    InvictusByzantium Month ago

    Straight up busted a gut laughing at the idea, and specifically the contrast between the costume quality.
    Watching it felt like watching The Mountain/Ser Strong show up at a damn ren faire.

  • The Random
    The Random Month ago

  • Louie Mercado
    Louie Mercado Month ago

    Good ol' Drogon!

  • 1980Raffael
    1980Raffael Month ago

    European Beer meets bud lite 💥

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Month ago

    The Mountain: I'm non-alcoholic.

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago

    have I just lost my mind? is all the minus moments been adde? OMG

  • Adam Olvera
    Adam Olvera Month ago

    I’m a sucker for #GameofThrones with an nice cold 🥶 bud light.

  • Maav101
    Maav101 Month ago

    0:59 I thought they gonna kiss for a second?

  • Ahtesham Ansari
    Ahtesham Ansari Month ago +1

    Jaimie bhenchod hai

  • Michael Pupanek
    Michael Pupanek Month ago

    Seems to me a lot of folks need to learn to lighten up. As a GoT fan and anti-Bud anything beer drinker, I enjoyed the ad.

  • Raeghar Targaryen
    Raeghar Targaryen Month ago

    Clegane bowl ?😕

  • Slurpwis
    Slurpwis Month ago

    anyone else wanna fuck the bud light knight

  • Javier Arrative
    Javier Arrative Month ago

    So... drogon kill the mountain

  • Gtm Nayan
    Gtm Nayan Month ago +2

    Don't you get it? Kings Landing will be burned by Drogon.


  • Sr Blimpitron
    Sr Blimpitron Month ago +3

    who is here because of pewdiepie

  • Jon the Misunderstood

    Those costumes are lit especially bud knight

  • Baraka Hagatanga
    Baraka Hagatanga Month ago

    pussy beer

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown Month ago

    they completely missed the chance to call him the "Bud Knight"

  • JokeRGBlazE
    JokeRGBlazE Month ago

    The white knight was played by matt damon