Chocolate Marshmallows Holiday Treat

  • Published on Mar 20, 2016
  • These Chocolate Marshmallows are not too difficult and make a nice Holiday surprise. These would be a very nice addition to you Holiday Candy tray. I mix them into my coffee with a little milk, adding just that perfect amount of sweetness.
    Give these a try. There are also a few other candy Link idea in this have some fun.
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  • Chris Hollobaugh
    Chris Hollobaugh Month ago

    Hi, Margie. Thanks for the video! I just started making marshmallows at my restaurant and this was very helpful!

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  Month ago +1

      Yes BUT this is not my best recipe for marshmallows. Check out the regular marshmallow recipe video I have. Did I just say that out load? Thanks so much for watching. Margie

  • Donna Tierney
    Donna Tierney 5 months ago

    I'd rather just buy the big jumbo marshmallows at Walmart and double broil some chocolate and dip it faster....

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  5 months ago

      Yes I get this. But I believe that everyone should try Just one time to make them. Same way everyone should own a stick shift car at least 1 time in their life. I get it. Thanks for you cute comment.

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 9 months ago

    Could you please put the instructions and amounts in the video description?

  • Julián Passardi
    Julián Passardi 10 months ago

    Question, if i dont have syrup, How The recype will go With just sugar and water?

  • Blueeyedjenn14
    Blueeyedjenn14 Year ago

    I’ve been binge watching your videos, you’re amazing! Everything is truly a labor of love :) you remind me so much of my aunt and grandmother who were truly the salt of the earth... it’s comforting in a way watching you’re amazing and I’m certain your family treasures you and feels your love, warmth and kindness!

  • Jeneric Stewart
    Jeneric Stewart Year ago

    this is my first time trying to make marshmallows! so easy to follow thank you!!!

    • Jeneric Stewart
      Jeneric Stewart Year ago

      they were wonderful!!! too good!

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  Year ago +1

      I am so happy you are trying this. I also have a recipe for regular marshmallows!Let us know how you liked them. Thank you for the nice comment.Margie

  • You Cuber
    You Cuber Year ago

    I love you

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan 2 years ago

    Hi mam but way my chocolate not set on frez

  • theallnaturalme
    theallnaturalme 3 years ago

    They look great! How long do you think they keep in a sealed bag/container? :)

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 3 years ago

    Oh wow ! How wonderful. This is a whole different way of making marshmallows I love this. Thank you

  • Zac MacDougall
    Zac MacDougall 3 years ago

    Hope you have a happy Easter, thanks for the great video and the marshmallows look delicious 😋

  • Austin Burnett
    Austin Burnett 3 years ago

    They look so delicious. Might have to make this for Easter!

  • War Monger
    War Monger 3 years ago

    Glad to see a new video from you.

  • Lila & Scruffy
    Lila & Scruffy 3 years ago

    Hi Margie. Nice to see you and a new video. Those Marshmallow treats would be great for an Easter basket or party/gathering. I bet they were delicious. You are a fantastic candy maker. Wishing you a Happy Easter with your Family. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Seth Williams
    Seth Williams 3 years ago

    Yum! Can't wait to try this!

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  3 years ago

      Let us know what you think.These would be soooo good in Hot Cocoa, it is snowing here in Pittsburgh today. April 30thBye for now,Margie

  • MsBieberBeadles
    MsBieberBeadles 3 years ago

    this looks so good! :) love your channel. You are the cutest

  • ac genie
    ac genie 3 years ago +1

    I have the exact same orange measuring cups!!

    • ac genie
      ac genie 3 years ago

      +Marjorie Vangenewitt They are the only ones I like to use when baking! Also, thanks for the new video!!!

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  3 years ago +1

      OMG... those are so old don't even know where I got them. They are Tupperware. There is a 2/3 rds cup and a 3/4 cup measure. That is different!Thanks for watching.Margie

  • Caden's Autism journey
    Caden's Autism journey 3 years ago +4

    you are adorable keep up the good work :)