How to Ruin an Action Scene | Blue Flame Special Episode 2

  • Published on Nov 27, 2017
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  • Patrick (H) Willems
    Patrick (H) Willems  Year ago +625

    Before commenting to correct me on the model of car, please consider this: I don't care. At all.

    • Wild Card Bitches Yeehaw
      Wild Card Bitches Yeehaw 2 months ago

      if it roves on land it's a land rover

    • Philip C
      Philip C 5 months ago

      But the person that doesn’t know the difference between a G wagon and a Range Rover definitely won’t know the difference between an Alfa 159 and an Aston Martin DBS.

    • MXM194
      MXM194 7 months ago

      namefinder and your inability to understand that it is disinterest in a SINGULAR detail that doesn’t affect his point or the scene is sad.

    • Lego In A Suit
      Lego In A Suit Year ago

      yeah you do

    • Argyris Panousopoulos
      Argyris Panousopoulos Year ago +2

      Well Patrick, it's actually a Mercedes Benz G class not a land rover 😂😂!!

  • TotalProductions123
    TotalProductions123 5 hours ago

    Solice is such a bad movie

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan 23 days ago

    After that video, I kind of want to see Patrick doing a video on Bullitt.

  • seen921
    seen921 2 months ago

    Another great essay. And love the shout out to BULLITT at the end.

  • Howtostudies
    Howtostudies 2 months ago +1

    Yoo mary low key hella cute

  • Gnarwhal
    Gnarwhal 2 months ago

    I think a big fix for this particular scene would have been to position the camera from the side for the majority of the action. In action movies, the most effective way to shoot a fight scene is to frame the conflict in a way where every blow, every block, every dodge, every weapon used is visible from a third person perspective. This is the reason why Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies have aged so well, because we can actually see the result of every action onscreen. Now compare the previous examples to movies like Taken 3, Battlefield Earth, and the Bourne series and it's not nearly as coherent. I think the same logic can definitely be applied here

  • Nathan Simpson
    Nathan Simpson 2 months ago

    I really wish someone would do a breakdown of one of my favourite action scenes which has really great geography: the fight from Old Boy. Probably the best fight scene in Korean cinema, and definitely world class.

  • Cole Hartel
    Cole Hartel 2 months ago

    Many people would be quite shocked that you can't see a distinct difference between an Aston Martin and an Alfa Romeo.

  • The WahMaster
    The WahMaster 4 months ago

    Whats the song in the intro. I hear it all time. But dont know what it is

  • Guy Martin
    Guy Martin 4 months ago +2

    Great Video! Just wanted to note that car chases in both Quantum of Solace and Bourne Supremacy were designed and shot by legendary 2nd Unit Director Dan Bradley. Just shows how important the editing is (or as William Goldman wrote, "we [the director and department heads on a film] are all at each other's mercy").

  • Sahil Manoj
    Sahil Manoj 4 months ago

    What's the movie at 6:51?

  • hvitekristesdod
    hvitekristesdod 4 months ago

    I don’t hate QOS. I find it an exciting diversion from time to time

  • Alim ZazaZ
    Alim ZazaZ 4 months ago

    Intro song?

  • John Barrile
    John Barrile 5 months ago

    Where is that clip of Spielberg and Munich from, I've been looking for that for a while.

  • L W
    L W 6 months ago +1

    I thought it wasn't just bad geography, action is all about motivation. We don't know why Bond is being chased or who by or what's at stake. In contrast all the mission impossible films have a fun action piece before the opening credits where were told what they're after.

  • Gamer DadTV
    Gamer DadTV 6 months ago

    Loving the VIDS, the reference to But, therefore ..etc.. is this a style for standard in scripts ,and if so, do you have or know of samples. Re Writing a Sci Fi Action .

  • Inhyuk Lim
    Inhyuk Lim 6 months ago +1

    In my opinion the frantic nature of QoS action scenes is intended rather than the lack of talents, showing James Bond’s blind rage towards the ones killed Vesper. The similar, but more radical approach is that of the Opera scene. In this scene, the director Marc Forster decided to giving the aural priority to the Opera score rather than the actual fight sound effects. That worked slightly better than the infamous opening, but the problem is the same; most audiences just don’t get the idea why.
    There are two key problems that caused this mess. The first one is that Marc Forster didn’t understand the nature of the action genre. Prior to the Bond film his whole career was based on drama-oriented indie films. Stay, the box office bomb that I strangely craved, was the most effect and stunt driven film that he’s ever done, but it is a completely different beast from the Bond movie: a claustrophobic, mind-bending character study. Forster seemed to deal with QoS, a story about the revenge with a brooding, blind-folded rage and the redemption en route. The approach may have worked in a much smaller indie film, but as a part of the larger-than-life, escapism-based Bond franchise it’s a baffling choice.
    The second problem is that Hollywood in the 2000s expects its audience to have watched the previous franchise releases. The second Pirates of the Caribbean, for example, skips the character introductions and starts with the highly stylized introduction of the new villain. The newcomer to the series must’ve been confused at least, there’s no freaking clue who these characters are. QoS took the same path: skipping introductory moments and cutting to the chase, in a literal sense. That just didn’t work. Except avid followers of Casino Royale the opening of QoS was just a confusing set of car chase and crash montages. Please be gentle to the new audience, Hollywood.

  • Zack Morris
    Zack Morris 7 months ago

    Patrick how many Acton scenes have you directed ?

  • Christian St Martin
    Christian St Martin 7 months ago

    its like taken, the trailer shoot out....very confusing

  • Keith Deegan
    Keith Deegan 7 months ago

    Cars that are impossible to tell apart?? Cmon its an Aston Martin!! It kind of stands out from every other car on the planet!!

  • Edwin Jackson
    Edwin Jackson 7 months ago

    Speaking of "How to Ruin an Action Scene"
    The final car chase from Death Proof. So annoying.

  • Luke M
    Luke M 7 months ago +1

    The action scenes in Quantum of Solace were the WORST I had seen in a long time. And then, I saw Venom. There's a new champion

  • David
    David 7 months ago +1

    Nice. I read where, when making "Duel", Steven Spielberg said he didn't care what kind of car they used, as long as it was Red so they audience will always know when the protagonist's car was on screen. Brilliant.

  • Rodrigo Farias
    Rodrigo Farias 7 months ago


  • Larry Lopez
    Larry Lopez 7 months ago

    This mostly explains why I hated Quantum of Solace.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 7 months ago

    Man, I liked that opening scene, too. Now I'm going to be thinking about the poor geography of the scene. You live and learn, I guess.

  • Enzo Rocha
    Enzo Rocha 7 months ago

    This reminded me of Jim Emerson of Press Play and his critique of Christopher Nolan's chase scene in The Dark Knight (coincidentally, also happening in a tunnel...also with trucks! :) ). His video essay, In The Cut ( does a detailed breakdown similar to yours. Cheers to you guys for teaching us film grammar with examples.

  • greyztone
    greyztone 7 months ago

    3:12 18 frames is 3/4 of a second, not 2/3. Geography is definitely important, but so is math :D

  • CubeBizz
    CubeBizz 8 months ago +1

    5:53 that's clearly a mercedes, dumbass

  • Floyd Looney
    Floyd Looney 8 months ago

    3:30 is that truck wheel full of dirt?

  • zidaryn
    zidaryn 8 months ago

    OMG!! Yes. Now it makes sence!
    From when it came out I didn't really like Quantum of Solace or the Daniel Craig James Bond movies. Part of it was I liked Connery amd Brosman as Bond a lot more, but it always felt like there was a bigger reason. When you examined the car scene here I got it. THIS was why I didn't like it as much. For me Bond had been a fun action flick and at times I could smile and turn off my brain. But now I was being forced to concentrate way too much on what was actually happening, bot letting me just ENJOY the scene.
    Again TY and great explanation. I especially like how at the end you compared the Borne car chase with the Bond one. Really hits the point home.

  • Shukterhouse Jive
    Shukterhouse Jive 8 months ago +2

    Wasn't the QoS opening cut that way because one of the cars crashed partway through and they had to cut around it? It doesn't make it good but at least they weren't deliberately trying to bamboozle everyone.

  • Adamast
    Adamast 8 months ago

    Where is the chased car at 3:20, me not being an expensive car specialist and missing an overly clear color clue? The one speeding on the wrong side of the road (geography). The road being a stretch of hillside road = one road with a upside and a downside
    The LOR 8:20 is clearly a most confusing parody of a fortification, any geographical confusion would have been an improvement.

  • Larry Davison
    Larry Davison 9 months ago

    A more complex comparison: Van Helsing vs League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Both movies have multi-front battle sequences that combine for the climactic battle. But Van Helsing is clear, where LEG is choppy and hard to follow.

  • sgtpepper54321
    sgtpepper54321 9 months ago

    I think most of the examples used are plain out of context for this specific scene. You arnt supposed to know the georgraphy of the scene. The close cuts are clearly to create tension and tell the viewers to be confused but hype them up. My reasoning?:
    The end of the scene before the title sequence lets you know the movie is picking up minutes after the first. All confusion and some slight miss direction to then allow you to realise you already know the story. The whole scene doesn’t actually finish at the end of the car chase. It finished when he opens the trunk. At the begging of the scene you see a beautiful lake side and bond looking concentrated then bam! You are stuck in the action confused. “What’s going on?” “where are we?” If you are annoyed that it’s not clear it’s obvious the scene worked. Because that’s what it’s supposed to do. This quick shots are there to make the viewer not figure out what’s going on until the end of the scene.
    The equivalent of what you are saying is that why is Joel Schumachers Batman & Robin a bad drama/thriller. The examples you used are for parts of a movie that has had some sort of exposition or is setting up stressful moment for the characters involved. This scene clearly wasn’t meant for that purpose. I’m sure if you asked the director he would say the same and if I’m wrong then fuck what a shitty scene

  • Novastar (SaberCombat)
    Novastar (SaberCombat) 9 months ago +1

    GREAT critiques. I could not possibly agree more.
    I can't even tell anyone how angry it makes me to watch what COULD BE AN AMAZING FILM with emotionally rich, interesting characters... in clearly wonderful costumes... with gorgeous music and riveting sound... beautifully arranged over magnificent sets/locations/CGI-ifications...
    ...only to see it all ~FCUKED~ UP IN THE EDITING ROOM because Jumpy McFranticpants wants to slice apart the shots into what could only be called "throwing the footage into 'The Cuisinart Mincer 2000' and in the aftermath... sort it out".
    Did I mention it makes me angry? Yes, I did. But really... IT MAKES ME ANGRY.

  • winkledorf17
    winkledorf17 9 months ago

    Miyazaki is a master of Geometry too. Hell I could waltz into the bath house in Spirited Away and know whats up, that's impressive

  • The "K"
    The "K" 9 months ago

    It all Jason Bourne fault

  • Kenny Byerly
    Kenny Byerly 10 months ago

    I can identify the cars at a glance and I'm able to follow everything that happens in the Quantum chase, but it takes a lot more mental energy than if it were shot and edited clearly. It takes so much attention to piece together the cause and effect of the action that I'm not able to actually enjoy it.

  • Uncompetative
    Uncompetative 10 months ago

    'Nobody Does It Better' LOL. Nope...

  • FilmGamer
    FilmGamer 10 months ago

    I did a really crappy version of this video months ago on Fast & Furious 6 unfortunately, I have a bad mic. I for the record like QoS early action scenes.

  • Tobias Kuhn
    Tobias Kuhn 10 months ago

    I think Greengrass should be the only director to use shaky cam in film, the others don't get it

    • randomguy6679
      randomguy6679 9 months ago +1

      Tobias Kuhn what about the director of the raid?

  • Nicholas Taylor
    Nicholas Taylor 10 months ago

    Like this, but the opposite.

  • Ocelot006
    Ocelot006 10 months ago

    You could only criticize the first thirty seconds of the chase which was literally about shoving someone straight into an already ongoing action scene?

  • Ocelot006
    Ocelot006 10 months ago

    You wanna talk about bad geography? Talk about Nolan

  • ShadowCat
    ShadowCat 10 months ago +1

    Quantum of Solace is a great example of action done wrong. It's particularly frustrating for me, because I actually like most everything about the film that's not an action scene. It's one of those spectacularly bad action movies that's at its worst when an action scene breaks out.
    I specifically remember thinking, when I saw it in theaters, "What the f^&* happened? This is awful!"

  • Golivewiththis
    Golivewiththis 10 months ago

    That’s a G-Class SUV and not a.. Shut up!

  • Memo2Self
    Memo2Self 10 months ago

    Hey, hi. Just discovered this series. As an editor myself, I've thought a lot about the difference between the Bourne films and "Quantum" frequently. Usually I get very frustrated with so-called "Cuisinart Editing," but I never got that feeling of chaos with Greengrass' films. What really connected with me is a segment of a wonderful book called "The Conversations," between legendary editor Walter Murch and the novelist Michael Ondaatje, who wrote "The English Patient," the film of which Murch cut. And Murch talked about where the audience's eye is focused on as the film moves from cut to cut. He described an invisible dot, somewhere in the frame. And the focus on the next shot should be where the dot is at ITS first frame. (There are exceptions, where he WANTS the audience to be disoriented, and he'll move the dot somewhere else.) . But that was the eureka moment for me between the opening of "QoS" and "Bourne" (even though I believe they shared the same editor): Greengrass directs KNOWING WHERE THE DOT IS. Marc Forster did not. And it's an absolute mess, and the only Bond film I ever saw that made me ANGRY. (This, of course, is what George Miller has frequently said about editing "Fury Road," where the central focus at the beginning of every single shot is the center of the frame, so your eye isn't wandering around the frame, even with microscopic shot lengths.)
    I also want to add that in my opinion, one of the most perfect, and emotional, action scenes I've ever seen is the zeppelin rescue at the end of Miyazaki's "Kiki's Delivery Service." Its use of silence alone is heart-stopping. Okay! Now I can watch Part 3!

  • jochum334
    jochum334 11 months ago

    while I may agree in general then your point is lessened when you chose such a great scene for your primary excample. the Quantum car chase is fantastic

  • Soul Feed
    Soul Feed 11 months ago

    Was part 1 taken down

  • Ethan Rummel
    Ethan Rummel Year ago

    I remember there being a comment about Battle Field Earth that the director "knew some people used dutch tilts, but didn't know why so he just used a bunch of them" (might have heard that on this channel). Shakey cam is same, when used correctly it can work even if not everyone likes it. Or it can be overused and just annoying.

  • jsteele07189
    jsteele07189 Year ago

    oh my god, Mary looks like exactly your mom. Like you mom has been Mary in makeup this whole time.

  • Brad Botanel
    Brad Botanel Year ago

    0:11 That's a good "aw shit, now I feel bad" face.

  • Garbaz
    Garbaz Year ago

    Why is it called "Geography" of the scene? Wouldn't "Geometry" make more sense? Doesn't really matter, but seems odd to me.

  • Maher M
    Maher M Year ago +1

    Great video essay.. totally agree that geography is an important factor so few directors get right. However, still think shaky cam should be used super sparingly.. most annoying film invention ever

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor Year ago

    Hope to see more of this series.

  • Jamie Broomfield
    Jamie Broomfield Year ago

    Love it

  • Jamie Broomfield
    Jamie Broomfield Year ago

    Love it

  • Whym
    Whym Year ago

    Other examples: Geography is one of the few things that the Star Wars prequels did really well, and also the reason that The Expendables was unwatchable garbage despite all the big names involved.

  • Ciorchinele Suprem
    Ciorchinele Suprem Year ago +1

    Karl Uban drove a big black G-class my man not a Land Rover

  • Ramnusk22
    Ramnusk22 Year ago +1

    What if the character is in something like a labyrinth and they themselves do not even know where they are going?
    Do these rules still apply?

    • randomguy6679
      randomguy6679 9 months ago

      Sheepster20 that's a very different scenario than a car chase

  • Bryan Whyte
    Bryan Whyte Year ago +7

    I think the bourne series broke a lot of things. I just hate that Bond picked up the crappy action editing, after it did so well with Royale.

  • John Feeney
    John Feeney Year ago +3

    Mission impossible Rogue Nation,
    The Opera scene, perfect action scene in my opinion

  • Saturnus
    Saturnus Year ago

    At 3:30, there's also another truck (or something that looks like a truck) in front of the vehicle that is getting shot, meaning you could think that it is the vehicle behind the truck that is getting shot instead of the truck.

  • Daniel Väeger
    Daniel Väeger Year ago

    Funnily enough, I feel a good example of geography in a car chase is the chase in Spectre, with James in the silver Aston Martin and Dave Batista (can't be asked to google his name in the movie) in the red/maroon Jaguar. The scene is well paced so as to be exciting and suspenseful but still easy enough for the viewer to follow.
    ...shame bout the rest of the movie though.

  • Ramprasad Karanam

    A really good example of this is the Opera sequence in mission impossible 5

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony Year ago

    i never understood why ppl liked quantum of solace...what i noticed though is they r mostly diehard bond fans so they are completely blind to most of the basic mistakes and i understand that but mehn as an aspiring filmmaker i just cant afford to be that blind even when it comes to my favourite movies

  • Rivers
    Rivers Year ago

    3:10 did you smoked weed? So for decades (DECADES) we know that 007 will always ALWAYS drive the most expensive car out of any other cars and you're telling me it is hard to tell which one is bond?
    Dude your video makes no sense and I could write a whole essay pointing out the sins of your video.

  • Regis Coque
    Regis Coque Year ago

    Hi, i really loved your video, but mostly because i disagree with you :) while i can't deny that this scene is more chaotic than a spielberg or greengrass, i have watched it at least 50 times and really love it... it's true it's difficult for us to understand what really is going on but deep inside me i feel it's what's intended : we, as a lambda citizen, can't keep up with the speed of an action scene where a trained guy like James Bond feels at ease and stays dead calm.... he is better trained than us :) Also, one aspect of this scene that's not been talked about is the aesthetic.... the photography of this scene (and of most of the film) is way superior (to my taste) to any other bond... the number of frames i would gladly freeze, print, and put in my living room is great... and i think it's one of the reasons the cars are all black.... to give a super aesthetic contrast in the quarry scene.... I'm a graphic designer, not a movie specialist, so i agree with all you said, and loved your video while in the mean time most your arguments, in my interpretation, go in the way to make it even better: aesthetic. all black cars? better contrasted photography. Viewer is lost? intended to make him understand "you are not up to the task to even understand what bond does so calmly" :) great video and great arguments !! i loved it :)

  • Marcin Karczewski

    Fun Fact - in Poland all SUV's are simply called Jeeps. Perhaps similarly Patrick just named a type of a car with a common name for SUV'S - Land Rover, and thus creating a generic trademark. (great video btw)
    Also, all diapers are called Pampers, all running shoes are Adidas, razors are żyletki (gilette) and most importantly bicycles are called Rower after the company Rover, BOOOOOOM

  • MetFanMac
    MetFanMac Year ago

    Kind of ironic how you cite Jurassic Park for an example of good scene geography when it includes that infamous cliff that still has people arguing about its plausibility over 20 years later.

  • Gids Ryan
    Gids Ryan Year ago +8

    Another great example of great geography is in Inception when Mal is holding a gun to Arthur's foot to torture him, the camera style showed us how far away Cobb was from the gun on the table and how far away Cobb was from Mal and Saito. So when Cobb jumps on the table, sliding across to grab the gun and shooting Arthur to wake him up, we get wher everyone was, and how Cobb achieved this task.

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson Year ago +14

    I was so confused by that chase i even thought the truck driver was a baddie 😩🤔😆

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson Year ago

    I really liked casino royale but was disappointed with qos.. Mainly because of those action sequences... Horse riding in the middle? Confusing... Also the story was weak... Water? And does bond swap a car for a plane? Some silly stuff in it...i see comments of people saying they weren't confused about which car bond was in but even if you're sure i still didn't find that scene suspenseful...i know some people might not like it but a car chase sequence i liked recently was nick fury from winter soldier... "Get me off the grid!" 😆... Anyway, thanks for the video 👍

  • vivek chemmannoor

    You should have also mentioned seven samurais.

  • 唐智余
    唐智余 Year ago

    I think the scene showed in Jurassic Park is one of the most confusing geographic loophole in film history.

  • Barney Quinn
    Barney Quinn Year ago

    Well its an aston martin, Bond drives them a lot. I dont it needs to be made clear that Bond is the one in the aston martin. People who have watched previous Bond movies would probably know this so wouldnt have to work it out.

  • Pratik Mathur
    Pratik Mathur Year ago

    I agree Quantum of Solace isn't a good movie, but the first scene really worked for me and I was very easily able to decipher what was happening. I found it extremely thrilling and that was the hook I needed to watch the whole film.

  • Southeast Productions

    Once again another video showcasing scenes for car people being criticized by a non-car person....ANYBODY with any knowledge of cars and bond movies knows bond is in the Aston....You being incredibly unaware of the difference between an aston martin and an alfa romeo is laughable on its on.

  • karan S Kumar
    karan S Kumar Year ago

    which is the movie at 6:51

    • Hail Hydra
      Hail Hydra Year ago

      Yea its Atomic blonde. Great long fight scene.

    • Matthieu Allemand
      Matthieu Allemand Year ago

      karan S Kumar and right after I think it's "heat"

    • Matthieu Allemand
      Matthieu Allemand Year ago

      karan S Kumar looks like atomic blonde (Charlize Theron)

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Year ago

    Where do you get all these ideas? Mr. Willems.

  • Geahk Burchill
    Geahk Burchill Year ago

    Holy shit! Mary looks exactly like your mom!

  • Colin Moreshead
    Colin Moreshead Year ago

    Fun fact: Dan Bradley choreographed both the Quantum of Solace chase and the Bourne Supremacy chase.

  • androssteague
    androssteague Year ago

    Although I see what Willems is saying, for a person like me who watches bond films, it's not hard for me to follow which car is Bonds (the sleek silver one.) The scene is chaotic and jumbled because the chase is chaotic and jumbled. Bond was just suppose to grab and bag the man in his trunk. Although he's trained to adapt in these situations, he didn't plan to be persued, driving on roads he's unfamiliar with. If the scene shows messy quick cut camera shots I think it makes sense for the audience to feel that situation with the way the character feels it. Messy. Now if he was talking about the boat chase in Quantum of Solace, I'd agree with him 100%.

  • androssteague
    androssteague Year ago

    This is why The car chase in The Matrix Reloaded is the best car chase.

  • iClone Animations

    It's crazy how professionals don't realize what seems obvious to the rest of us.

  • Gemr
    Gemr Year ago

    Astute observations. Leave it to Spielberg to provide a template for the perfect action/suspense sequences. Too much reliance on flashy CGI and effects nowadays and not enough clever cinematography!

  • speelbergo
    speelbergo Year ago

    I love the series but I still didn't care for The Bourne Supremacy. It may have been arguably more coherent, but it was still so bombastic that I lost interest before it was even over.

  • Green Brain Seaside
    Green Brain Seaside Year ago +1

    G-class Merz, not a Land-Rover

  • African Comedy
    African Comedy Year ago

    Thought I was alone in finding that car scene from QOS confusing. Thank you!

  • Christopher Walker

    I love this - Jason Bourne is being chased by Karl Urban 😂😆

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    How to ruin an action scene: Talk in the cinema

  • Zeke The Plumber
    Zeke The Plumber Year ago

    I had zero problem understanding the scene and loved it as-is. Maybe watch a Wes Anderson movie if you want slower editing?

  • Colin Wellings
    Colin Wellings Year ago

    Listen to Forster, in interviews for quantum. He said that he wanted, and deliberately wanted, to create confusion and you be with Bond in his confusion. The chase in the sewers, after the the credits has the same problem. Nice video though and I understand your point completely.

  • Banana Joe
    Banana Joe Year ago

    I honestly think that quantum of solace is an ok movie

  • Paul Sz.
    Paul Sz. Year ago

    Maybe you can't tell Alfas and Astons apart mate, NOT ME BRO. :P

    • Paul Sz.
      Paul Sz. Year ago

      Cooler than that forced geography joke at the beginning.. I like your videos, I do man, but skip the comedy attempts please.

    • Patrick (H) Willems
      Patrick (H) Willems  Year ago

      Whoa man you're so cool

  • Sergei Frante
    Sergei Frante Year ago

    Patrick, i have to disagree with you on the Bourne car chase scene. For me its exactly the opposite - one of the worst examples of geography. And let me explain why: we're going from chasing at the boulevard scene straight to the tine Moscow street without even showing how we got there (it happened at least twice through the sequence) . Usually, when you're switching streets (going on / off freeway for example) you show that little piece of turning or actually going into the new direction. The backgrounds here changing very drastically without enough explanation which leads you to losing the sense of geography. It's additionally disturbing through the fact that i live in Moscow and this jumps in geography had really pissed me off. Check Baby Drives car chase sequence, for example, geography in its scenes is pretty solid and way better than Bourne's is.

    • Sergei Frante
      Sergei Frante Year ago

      But i do agree upon one really important thing - different car types and body colours which is really helpful for the viewer.

  • EllisThings
    EllisThings Year ago

    Right on. Have you ever checked out Rossatron's channel? He's very good when it comes to this sort of thing.

  • BadKarma 714
    BadKarma 714 Year ago

    And that's why they make the big budget movies

  • Tous
    Tous Year ago

    If I had a film, I’d let you direct it.