Negotiating $50,000 N95 Masks To Battle Coronavirus

  • We are putting our healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines of this coronavirus pandemic at serious risk when we send them out without proper personal protective equipment. As my colleagues and I continue to treat patients we are running critically low on N95 masks. I am no Mr. Beast, but I decided to personally take $50,000 and buy as many masks as I could and donate them to our struggling healthcare system. CONTINUE READING!
    As you see in the video I was only able to complete about half my order so I'd like to donate the last $20,000 to a hospital or charity that YOU deem appropriate. Please comment and upvote where you'd like to see this money donated and after 72 hours I will make the donation. Thank you!
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    SEJAY BETTENCOURT 25 minutes ago +1

    This is crazy its just 7.50 their done but yo mad respect too this kid for buying the masks

  • M and E P.
    M and E P. 52 minutes ago +2

    anyone else got an ad that mike is in before the video even started??

  • Nina Vangelov
    Nina Vangelov 54 minutes ago +1

    This is criminal and makes me ill watching this.

  • turtle eats tomato
    turtle eats tomato 56 minutes ago

    shouldn't they atleast be n99 tho? that's what i read..

  • Pink Bloosom
    Pink Bloosom Hour ago


    *he is the next mr.beast but he is a doctor..*

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy Hour ago

    Bear, high five? Bear: Get away from me you RAT. It's called social distancing, DO

  • Randy Peterson
    Randy Peterson Hour ago

    Anyone have an update on Teslas making and donation of ventilators to LA and NYC?

  • Paul Leedham
    Paul Leedham 2 hours ago

    This guy is doing fundraising for masks a lot cheaper than you were paying for them, you may want to work together?

  • Jenna Ridenhour
    Jenna Ridenhour 2 hours ago

    I have M95 masks from an expired medical emergency kit from an aircraft. There was 4 in there

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy Hour ago

      @8:37 What's with blurring out the "STOP HERE" sign?

  • eden weisman
    eden weisman 2 hours ago

    This vlog type of video is really fun and entertaining you should definitely do more!

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 2 hours ago

    Those masks are probably laced with covid-19.

  • Ken Haas
    Ken Haas 3 hours ago

    No gloves when taking the nose sample???

  • XMoriartybrasX
    XMoriartybrasX 3 hours ago

    at 7.50 a mask..your getting 50k worth..prob didnt need a uhal lol

  • Mr_Hassell
    Mr_Hassell 3 hours ago

    Great grerat work my man. But why isn't the government doing this?? Why do we depend on individuals having to do this??

  • SC
    SC 4 hours ago

    where's other biggest youtubers like Pew KSI H3H3 Paul brothers etc to donate money.If they do nothing everybody should unsubscribe after all this ended

  • Rea c:
    Rea c: 4 hours ago

    Do you recommend PM2.5 masks? I know PM2.5 is larger than the coronavirus? So, I think they should be effective but i wanted to make sure.

  • S N
    S N 5 hours ago

    So was Trump lying? Man a doctor is running around dealing in PPE

  • Eysh Shsh
    Eysh Shsh 5 hours ago

    Wow such waste if money

  • thesleepcritic
    thesleepcritic 5 hours ago

    This mask will actually work against Coronavirus with items you can easily find.

  • thesleepcritic
    thesleepcritic 5 hours ago

    This mask will actually work against Coronavirus with items you can easily find.

  • thesleepcritic
    thesleepcritic 5 hours ago

    This mask will actually work against Coronavirus with items you can easily find.

  • DeeJay1210
    DeeJay1210 5 hours ago

    Elderly has nothing to do with weather you live or die, people in their 40`s are dying and are struggling to breathe in icu`s across the UK so the myth that if you`re young you dont need to worry is total BS!

  • Macia Kontonasakis
    Macia Kontonasakis 7 hours ago

    Just one question. If the hospitals are running out of masks, why don't they sanitize and reuse the masks?

  • Ethan Croft
    Ethan Croft 8 hours ago

    @8:37 What's with blurring out the "STOP HERE" sign?

  • marc higgins
    marc higgins 8 hours ago

    I loved your grandma driving position in the truck with your head forward and your shoulders hump..Also love your mindset..thanks for helping!

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson 8 hours ago

    Okay......seeing you out of your gorgeous man you. You're probably annoyed with women and men hitting on you everyday lol, and I wouldn't blame you. But you really really are an extremely gorgeous human being, doctor or not. Thank you for doing your best to spread as much real awareness about this virus, it means alot to people like myself. You're a good man Dr. Mike. 👏👏👏🙏

  • Judah Mwania
    Judah Mwania 8 hours ago +1

    Mom: Dr. Beast isn’t real, he can’t help you
    *Dr. Beast:*

  • Elaine Michelle T
    Elaine Michelle T 9 hours ago

    I'm in Vancouver B.C., and there's actually a lot of offers people are getting, from China, for N95 or surgical masks. But the masks are made in China, massed produced in a rush, with 70% of it not passed quality inspection.
    They do admit theyre not certified.
    So then, I looked into whats so important of the N95 or Level 3 surgical masks being quality tested etc? Apparently......its a big deal.
    Some masks, if not made properly, actually can have loose particles from the fiber of the product, that could potentially be inhaled by the wearer 🤦.
    I'm now wondering how many of these not certified or non quality inspected masks are floating around? 🤷
    At least the ones in this video are from the States.

  • Jeffery Calvert-Bowen, PhD

    Mike, perhaps there is an abundance of pain medications these same gentlemen can provide at a low-cost?! ha Good luck!

  • Michael Rapson
    Michael Rapson 9 hours ago

    Weren't surgical masks worn by surgeons so they wouldn't spread pathogens to patients in the operating theatre? The fibres in the masks incubate pathogens, surely.

  • Ark Again1
    Ark Again1 9 hours ago

    Silly video that downplays the lack of government response and advantages of a mask for everyday people. Sad.

  • Tamal Chakraborty
    Tamal Chakraborty 10 hours ago

    lmao!!! i had the exact same experience yesterday in India. These are very strange times. Stores running out of masks, gloves, hcqs and sanitizers

  • Christy Fortune
    Christy Fortune 11 hours ago

    omg I love you dr mike -fellow RN

  • Pyscho Path
    Pyscho Path 13 hours ago

    You should likeeee give me one🥺👉👈

  • Kulik 1
    Kulik 1 13 hours ago

    wait you dont wear gloves?

  • Leyton Butler
    Leyton Butler 15 hours ago

    Tf is up with the date lol

  • Dustin Haus
    Dustin Haus 15 hours ago

    We should be making, and wearing surgical masks. anything to keep your contagion bubble down. Make sure to keep it sterile/clean. and everyone should be wearing them

  • Uchin Yuan
    Uchin Yuan 15 hours ago

    Why is the N95 so pricy? I have a friend at mask factory in China. They sell N95 masks at 1.3-2.7. Are there different N95s?

  • vivalabraga
    vivalabraga 15 hours ago

    Disgusting that people profit in these times. Companies are seen as selfish pricks if they do not donate masks, cover etc. to the hospitals here in Europe.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 16 hours ago

    Team up with Mr. Beast

  • Istvan Cregui
    Istvan Cregui 17 hours ago

    Who else is distracted by this doctor's looks? He's super handsome, and I know that's not the point of the video. Just saying..

  • Quisar Farhan
    Quisar Farhan 17 hours ago +1

    The WHO is losing it credibility for its very bad initial response.

  • hellojane
    hellojane 17 hours ago

    you're a hero!!!!

  • Hayden Hayden
    Hayden Hayden 18 hours ago

    Just a thought. Donate blood. I donated at a blood mobile outside of a fully packed semi fine dining restaurant in SC, GREENVILLE. They were their all day, with $20 gift cards, not one person donated. Blood expires, people are afraid of the virus, but if donors stop participating then your local hospital could run out.

  • The Haverel
    The Haverel 18 hours ago

    Invest in a collaborative effort , perhaps a high quality 3 D printer for face shiels, or hire a local seamstress to design a head to toe PPE. Don't mess around .

  • Dee Jaye
    Dee Jaye 19 hours ago

    What's the truth that NYC has enough ventilators but they've not yet distributed. Is Gov Cuomo crying "Wolf?"

  • Dee Jaye
    Dee Jaye 19 hours ago

    No one in this video was wearing the kind of mask you obtained. I'm a bit confused.

  • Lupita Espindola
    Lupita Espindola 19 hours ago

    You are amazing! We need more people like you out there 👨‍⚕️ proud wife 🤩

  • Age2Age Ministries
    Age2Age Ministries 20 hours ago

    Did anybody realize the date at 0:12 says 03/10/21? So the clip was from the future? Lol

  • Ukela Alred
    Ukela Alred 20 hours ago

    I almost broke down in tears watching you do this mask run. This is where we are, in America.

  • The Professional Edge
    The Professional Edge 20 hours ago

    Funny I thought you said we didnt need masks and that it was fearmongering.

  • Hey Miki
    Hey Miki 20 hours ago

    You really are a great man.🙏

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 21 hour ago

    You should've set him up for price gouging. Had the masks confiscated and then the LEOs would give them to Healthcare Workers.

  • J T
    J T 22 hours ago

    This must be very embarrassing for 3M... if they are capable of feeling shame.
    Also, looking at you honeywell.

  • Fien Goossens
    Fien Goossens 22 hours ago

    Who is the real hero of the year? Yep Dr. Mike

  • Silvano Meraz
    Silvano Meraz Day ago

    I swear no better doc than my man Dr.Mike going over and beyond for healthcare professionals and patients.🙏🏼

  • Adam Guymon
    Adam Guymon Day ago

    There are some PWD People With DISABILITIES that NEED these for their own personal Use. I have had to use one for over a year or so. I am on a medication called Methotrexate that lowers my Immune System. I have had to use these Vogmasks to help me from getting sick all together. There are some people who have used these masks because it is a "Trend" like people who can really eat "Gluten" and yet they will eat Gluten-Free things anyways. This type of person takes away from those who NEED them.
    When all of this started in Salt Lake City Utah. When I went to the store Non-Disabled people were "Hoarding" things that I and many other PWD NEEDED! Things such as N-95 Masks, Latex-Free Gloves, Clorox/Lysol Wipes etc, Rubbing Alcohol and other things that we with low immune systems needed. The thing that is so Stupid is that stores still let people traipse through their store touching everything inside. They need to set up lines outside and have people come up to a tablet where they can order and pay for items in real time. After you pay someone else inside the store will gather and bag up your groceries and then they bring them up to a certain point where they are passed off to the first person that checked your ID. This means that someone can't just go and purchase certain items and then go to the next store and do the same thing HORDING things they don't need.

  • Game Channel
    Game Channel Day ago

    3/19/21? Is 2020 over already?

  • cowboy87 Smith
    cowboy87 Smith Day ago

    My town is doing all they can to get mask from local Hardware stores, paint supplies, nursery's and supply wearhouse

  • Alicia Olson
    Alicia Olson Day ago

    Harbor Freight Tools is donating N 95 masks and 5 mil nitrile gloves to hospitals. Please reach out to them by speaking with your local store manager.

  • Abhimanuyu Sharma

    Plz doc make a video a how to make n95 masks..we have local video which r not good

  • Chechi De La Rocha

    See the media and organizations like the WHO lie to the public. They say masks dont work, yet medical professionals need them? Yep it's bs, this would spread less if everyone had masks. But stupid regulations are preventing them from getting made quicker. It's a really shady af!

  • Scwahtski
    Scwahtski Day ago +1

    “20 feet of... some horsepower”

  • KiDD ViDD
    KiDD ViDD Day ago +1

    You call yourself a doctor. What are you even doing to help the sick? Anyone can donate masks. You've obtained the knowledge to help others dealing with illness why aren't you on the frontlines somewhere helping patients? I'm about to go find a way to volunteer at a hospital cuase it breaks my heart to see these overworked physicians and nurses who are actually helping people and your laughing looking like happy dweebo in the thumbnail, posting and editing videos for views? Shameful. Go do something "doctor".

  • jackie yumang
    jackie yumang Day ago

    Elmhurst Hospital Center, at Broadway Queens New York. They need N95 mask, PPE, and Ventilators. My friends are in the front lines there. Please and Thankyou.

  • Cicakkibin
    Cicakkibin Day ago

    Why stop buying mask. Everyone should start wearing a FFP3 or N95....all countries round the world should start the production of these mask. Once everyone is wearing one, those whom are asymptomatic won’t be spreading it, the healthy ones would stay healthy. Koreans are wearing mask indoors n outdoors. It will slowdown the virus until a cure be found or develop a vaccine .

  • Мурат Жанабаев

    1:34 Alex Karev. Who else has noticed him?

  • pinky75910
    pinky75910 Day ago

    I understand that painters, dentists, and other non-essential professions could possibly have access to masks. What can we do about medical gowns? What standards must they meet? Where can we get/make them?

  • Natalia A. C.
    Natalia A. C. Day ago +1

    my dad is a janitor and can order n95 masks by the boxes from his supplier

    they have thousands in stock

  • Lee Kichko
    Lee Kichko Day ago +1

    You are amazing bro. Keep it up. Need more people like you.

  • mari sharifashvili

    what should i do if i have a sore throat and my temperature is 37.2C?

  • Susan Renner
    Susan Renner Day ago

    I am making hundreds of n95 mask covers with an additional pocket to put a filter in. Vaccume bags that are HIPAA approved make good filters.
    I am a professional seamstress and a health care worker in Dental.
    The once a month mask frightened me, Scarves and bandanas?! That was even more frigtening to me. I cant just sit here and do nothing.
    I'm only one person, millions of people are also sewing for our heroes in the medical field.

  • MaecyMFerguson
    MaecyMFerguson Day ago

    Our hospitals and medical facilities are asking ppl to make homemade fabric reusable masks to donate and our fabric stores are even providing kits to locals to make them free of charge.

  • Epyonwings
    Epyonwings Day ago

    Interesting 🤔

  • Manuel Gschwend
    Manuel Gschwend Day ago +1

    We doctors in europe have to take the corona tests with normal surgical masks every day because we re to short on n95 masks. But as its supposed to be transmition by dropplets rather then aerosols I dont really see a huge problem with that. Aerosol producing interventions like an intubation or a bronchoskopie are done only with n95 (or ffp2 as they are called in switzerland) masks of course

    • Miss Mia Culpa
      Miss Mia Culpa Day ago

      The little family I have left live far away and I am living with someone who is extremely narcissistic. He would throw me in the trash just to make his life easier

    • Miss Mia Culpa
      Miss Mia Culpa Day ago

      Why are they telling families to sign DNRs??

  • KatannaXXXV
    KatannaXXXV Day ago

    They just found a bunch of these expired mask up here where I live in Indiana

  • cyclonicleo
    cyclonicleo Day ago

    Makes me sad and mad that the most powerful nation in the world has a medical system so underfunded and under resourced that doctors are having to do street deals to get PPE. This is the sort of thing you thought you'd only see in movies, for crying out loud. What the hell, America?

    • hen ko
      hen ko Day ago

      Shouldn't the nurse wear gloves for her own protection or does taking off infected gloves have a higher risk of infecting the nurse?

  • Viktor Samoja
    Viktor Samoja Day ago

    When this whole thing passes we should hunt down this price gouging SOBs and bury them under the prison.

    • hen ko
      hen ko Day ago

      She can swab my 👃 anytime....sorry, couldn't resist.

  • Jing Chen
    Jing Chen Day ago

    I have a contact in China that is very cooperative and able to ship medical supplies to the USA. I've called local hospitals in my area (Chicago), the mayor's office, and even Walgreens and no one has followed up with me. I hear of a severe shortage but no one is jumping on this. I've helped connect them to hospitals with shortages in Europe but why are things so slow in the US? I'm not affiliated or here to profit from sales. Just a concerned citizen who wants to help!

    • Jing Chen
      Jing Chen Day ago

      So sorry you went through sure a hassle to get these masks. It seems so sketchy. We can get you masks for half those prices. That's outrageous!

  • karosha Budhram
    karosha Budhram Day ago

    I can't believe people want to make money out of masks. It only shows how greedy human beings are at this time of crisis. People can make their own masks at home.