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  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents can be absolutely unbelievable! What kind of mother leaves kids by themselves with total strangers? And then when they go missing, they have the audacity to blame their friends and family! Honestly, entitled parents like these DESERVE to go to jail for how they treat others, and it's surprising they're not there already. Enjoy these ffunny Reddit posts featuring insane entitled parents!
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  • da random mochi
    da random mochi Minute ago

    Me:ok i would Say... (sart's Talking in polish) kurwa mać słuchaj mam cie w nosie więc zostaf mojego kolegę w spokoju

  • Owen C
    Owen C 35 minutes ago

    Tu es grosses et n’as intelligentè

  • Gacha life Is life
    Gacha life Is life 39 minutes ago

    I am Hmong I would say “Leej twg lub ntuj raug txim xav tias koj yog!!!”
    Which means who the hell do you think you are then I would call her a slut

  • Rob7n
    Rob7n Hour ago +1

    english: You are making fun of my You are making fun of my child!
    swedish du mobbar mit barn!

  • Mrkiks 105
    Mrkiks 105 Hour ago

    Id tell EM: vete para el carajo. Roughly translating to fuck off

  • Ada Chudok
    Ada Chudok Hour ago

    I’ve had ppl from my class telling me that I had no right to speak my language (Russian)in class as they could not understand and this is considered rude. I thought they were right and was really upset that I had offended someone, as we don’t have such policies in Russia. Now I see that actually, they were being rude.

  • Fabian S-B312
    Fabian S-B312 2 hours ago

    Bueno primero de todo yo no tengo que hablar el idioma que tu quieras y solamente porque no me entiendes no significa que me estoy burlando de ti ,y con todo el respeto que te mereces (que no es mucho) dejanos solos por favor

  • Raine Cloud
    Raine Cloud 2 hours ago

    Wel,RSlash,I'm Slavic so I'd definitely crack a few offensive jokes,even in English just so they get more frustrated ;)

  • Nathan joseph
    Nathan joseph 2 hours ago

    ആ കുട്ടി ശരിക്കും ശീർ‌ഷകമുള്ള ഒരു കഷണം മാത്രമാണ്, അതിനാൽ‌ അതിന്റെ ശരി. അമേരിക്കയിൽ‌ നിങ്ങൾ‌ ഒരു കാരെൻ‌ എന്ന് വിളിക്കുന്നതാണ് അവന്റെ അമ്മ.
    ā kuṭṭi śarikkuṁ śīr‌ṣakamuḷḷa oru kaṣaṇaṁ mātramāṇ, atināl‌ atinṟe śari. amērikkayil‌ niṅṅaḷ‌ oru kāren‌ enn viḷikkunnatāṇ avanṟe am'ma.
    That was a language called Malayalam
    In English
    That kid is just a really entitled piece of shit,so dont worry about it.His bitchy mother is waht you'd call in America a Karen

  • snake gaming
    snake gaming 2 hours ago

    this is in arabick تعلمي الاحترام يا خرية مو اسوا منك الا ابنك
    witch translates to learn manners you pice of shit no one is worse then u exept your son

  • BadGamer 200
    BadGamer 200 3 hours ago

    i would say: ok nu lyssnar du på mig din lilla skit gå hem och kom aldrig tillbaka. Och du vad är du för mor som tycker att det här är ok. du är inte en bra mor.

    this translates to: ok now you listen to me your little shit go home and never come back. And you what are you for mother who thinks this is ok. You are not a good mother.

    I am sorry for the language

  • Emzley
    Emzley 3 hours ago

    The last one made me sort of furious because of person experiences with people being so ignorant about language. My stepmother and stepsister are from the Philippines and moved here after marrying my dad. They speak English perfectly fine as it was a requirement of their schooling but their first language is Bisaya. I slowly learned bit of the language along with my dad until we were able to carry on small conversations now. I was out running errands with my stepmom and stepsister and we were at a farming store looking for something for the raised gardens, I don't remember what. My SM and SS were going back and forth in Biasaya trying to decide what they wanted while I was a few steps away replying to a text. An older white guy (note I am white too) who is walking through aisle stops and tells my SM and Ss that if they wanted to talk like that they could just go back to wherever they came from. My SM probably not having caught all of what he said gave her usual, "I'm sorry?" Instead of excuse me. He scoffs shaking his head at them and then looking at me for sympathy in his plight asks me what our country is coming to. I say in Biasaya, "With people like you, to hell more than likely." And then in English, "They speak two languages fluently and what about you sir? Do you know how to speak something other than jackass?" I don't put up with that bs. My SS was 12 when she came to the US and was so nervous and shy and worried to say something wrong in English when she first came. She's such a big and happy personality that I won't let and self entitled jerk take that away from her.

  • taifu99
    taifu99 3 hours ago

    Me: Nej frøken, men vil de være så venlig at fjerne dem og deres djævle unge nu?
    Translates to: No ma’am, but would you be so kind to remove yourself and your devil spawn now?

  • Goober
    Goober 4 hours ago +1

    I'm on a Chromebook watching this right? So this is how it goes.
    rSlash: Hey Girl. What's your name?
    Google Voice Assistant: *kicks in* I'm your Google Assistant

  • Luka is katka
    Luka is katka 4 hours ago

    Jebem ti mater .Witch means i am going to fuck ur mother im serbo-croesan

  • Emzley
    Emzley 4 hours ago

    The comment and scenario about the EM being a pedophiles wet dream made me die laughing.

  • [FOS] IBRO
    [FOS] IBRO 4 hours ago

    EP:DonT InSuLT mY DaUGHtEr
    ME:Tha gossei fala kalha balhah
    Kaagan(maldivian for go suck a dixk)

  • Geno D
    Geno D 5 hours ago

    6:43 what the hec

  • Daniel Terp
    Daniel Terp 5 hours ago

    Den lille idiot er så dum at han ikke Forstår vores sprog

  • kazuto kisuguya
    kazuto kisuguya 5 hours ago

    14:43 racism yes also. the fact she assumed it was Chinese that's also racist

  • diamond gamer version2

    Fuck you

  • Avnis5543
    Avnis5543 7 hours ago

    EM: Are you making fun of my kid?!?!
    Me: Nu rad de copilul tau daca vorbesc in alta limba idioat-o.
    Translation: I'm Not making fun of your kid if a speak in other language you idiot.

  • SpinoGaming
    SpinoGaming 8 hours ago

    హే, ఈ అమ్మ ఎంత ఇడియట్ అని చూడండి.
    Hē, ī am'ma enta iḍiyaṭ ani cūḍaṇdi
    (Translation: Hey, look at how much of an idiot this mom is.)

  • CZ Swiss 12
    CZ Swiss 12 8 hours ago

    Putang ina ka parang si pokwang ang kamoka mo waking Kwenta ka hayop ka ano gusto mo ba ng Sampal baka mag fly ka sa Mars. Filipino Tagalog

  • Rayquan Vance
    Rayquan Vance 10 hours ago

    There was TOO MANY LG'S!!!!!!

  • Aaron Shoilekov
    Aaron Shoilekov 10 hours ago

    Разсърди се, тъпа путка ( Razsŭrdi se, tŭpa putka) in English means” pissoff you dumb cu*nt”

  • Yousef X 123
    Yousef X 123 10 hours ago

    I don’t know how to write in my language but I Tell no b**** in my language.

  • Robert Seay
    Robert Seay 11 hours ago

    высмеивать его
    Translate make fun of him

  • Candy 月亮 YT
    Candy 月亮 YT 13 hours ago

    我只会用中文说话,并且表现得没什么不对。 然后,我会走开。

  • Wyatt S
    Wyatt S 13 hours ago

    Rslash never do another that voice again

  • Royalis Judgematas
    Royalis Judgematas 14 hours ago

    EP: are you making fun of my child in Chinese?!?!
    Me(knowing how to write Dragonscript/elder futhrack): no im makiŋ fun of jou. in elder fuþrakk
    (Translation: No im making fun of you. in Elder Futhrack)

  • Ellis Feldman
    Ellis Feldman 14 hours ago

    In Hebrew: המ ממש טיפשימ

  • amanda
    amanda 15 hours ago +1

    (wo qishi shuo yi diandian zhong wen hehe) na hai zi he mama DA HEN ben he ta ma de baichi :3

    translation: (i actually speak a little chinese lmao) that child and mother are EXTREMELY stupid and fucking idiots :3

  • Ayana Singh
    Ayana Singh 15 hours ago

    Me: Nahi meh Hindi meh bole re thi,
    Translates roughly to(in Hindi): No I was speaking in Hindi, horse.

  • Lauren Brueggemann
    Lauren Brueggemann 15 hours ago

    Not mine but my dad's story... My family and I were at my brother's soccer game (Their coach wasn't the best at coaching so parents voluntarily stepped in) We where in town where mostly Spanish speaking people live so I didnt understand much. So... my dad was stepping in for the coach this time and during the game was yelling to support our team. I geuss two girls on the opposing team didnt like that so called my dad an "effing white guy" in Spanish. (We are all American and speak english) but little do those girls know, my mom taught my dad Spanish for future vacations because we travel alot. Back to the story... my dad turns around to look these girls straight in the eyes and says "como?" ("What?") And sees the surprised looks on their faces. But, the stories not over... the girls turned around looking shocked and sit on the bleachers. My dad follows them and sits right between them making them uncomfortable... I love this story. Dont judge people before you know them.

  • Duckie Boi
    Duckie Boi 16 hours ago

    هي خرية ليس فيها خلايا عقل ههههه
    translation for ya non arabic peepos: shes a shit with no brain cells hahahaha

  • dane Kock
    dane Kock 16 hours ago +1

    Serra bo boca idiot
    Transelate shut your mouth idiot

  • Ali a x
    Ali a x 16 hours ago

    First ave all its not chines its coreane

    • Ali a x
      Ali a x 16 hours ago

      So chut the tuck up

  • Liam O'Halloran
    Liam O'Halloran 17 hours ago

    6:43 How do you know about my dad

  • frikbodingo
    frikbodingo 18 hours ago

    Here's what I would've said: "Откажись от маленькой пизды, почему бы тебе не испортить себя?" Its russian for Back off little twat! Why don't you sh*t yourself out of exsistance?!

  • Pony crazy Panda
    Pony crazy Panda 18 hours ago

    Du rassistische Schlampe, dazu hast du kein Recht! German by the way

  • Subnautical Dan
    Subnautical Dan 18 hours ago

    Mera pendeja callate o sino te voy a dar por no pensar en buscar a google translate

  • The Gaming J
    The Gaming J 19 hours ago

    I am 25% Korean

  • Odd Potato
    Odd Potato 19 hours ago

    (I know a lil Norwegian and can do light translating so it's only 2 words)
    Faen henne

  • dirtybikemike 2006
    dirtybikemike 2006 19 hours ago

    Hör zu, du verdammte Schlampe, wenn du nicht gehst, schneide ich dir die Kehle auf I can speak German

  • Semra Imsirovic
    Semra Imsirovic 19 hours ago

    am gana sej samtin srbijen . jebise

  • Makayla Votaw
    Makayla Votaw 19 hours ago

    Almost the same thing happened to my sister! So she and her friends were talking in Spanish and this one kid walked up to them Kid: are you making fun of me?!?! My sweet innocent sister: no we are just talking about food... Kid: yeah right! And then he started saying how all Mexicans commit crimes, do drugs, and are extremely violent (bish wut?!?) the school supervisor heard and sent the kid AND my sister and her friend to the principals office. After the principal talked to all of them she sent them all back to class and the kid didn’t even get in trouble! (I still get hella pissed when I remember it)

  • ryanmatthew 02
    ryanmatthew 02 20 hours ago

    Yo le diría que se valla a la mierda y sigo con mí conversación pero eso soy yo no se usteds

  • Hayden Oliver
    Hayden Oliver 20 hours ago

    12:01. Don’t catch you slippin’

  • Noah Henderson
    Noah Henderson 20 hours ago

    Сука объед

  • Zak Anderson
    Zak Anderson 20 hours ago

    If I was that entitled mom I wouldve booked when I heard they were speaking in a different language

  • MightyMusicWarrior Gromo

    EP:you are making fun of my child
    me: nie ale zaraz zaczne jak nie odejdziesz od nas
    translates to
    me: no but i can start if you don't leave us alone

  • rainbowsofdeath
    rainbowsofdeath 20 hours ago

    Eh lady ta ki jane je america te tumi kotha freely bolte paro. Ou america te born hue are english bolte y o e tuku o janena. Kirokhom jaega eta.
    Translation: This lady knows this is America and you have the ability to speak freely. Even though she is born(from) America and knows english she doesn't even know this much. What kind of a place is this?

  • Kinda weird Muffin
    Kinda weird Muffin 20 hours ago

    EM: are you making fun of my child?!
    Me: hææææææ

  • Deadgamer323
    Deadgamer323 21 hour ago

    EM: Are you making fun of me? IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE? WHILST IT IS LEGAL?
    Me: Οχι μωρι μαλακο, απλα ειμαι χαλαρος, μηλαγα με την φιλη μου και το μικρο σκατο σου ειρθε να μου πριξει και αλλο τα αρχιδια! Οποτε σε παρακαλω εξαφανισου πριν σου γαμησω οτι εχεις και δεν εχεις! C:

  • X Scissor
    X Scissor 21 hour ago

    Du bist ein dumm hünden (German for your a dumb bitch and du is the informal you so that's another insult to another adult since you should be formal to adults in public)

  • Frostbyte
    Frostbyte 21 hour ago +1

    I would say kuule nainen minä saan puhua mitä kieltä haluan sinun lapsi valitti meille että meidän pitää puhua englantia lisäksi tämä ei ole kiinaa tämä on suomea eli haista paska ja painu kuuseen

    • Albert Einstein
      Albert Einstein 21 hour ago

      Translation: listen lady i can speak whatever language i want. Your kid is the one who bitched to us about that we have to speak English besides this isn't even Chinese it's Finnish so smell my ass an go fuck off

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 22 hours ago

    I would say
    mechie ụzọ abụọ chere ihu ọtụ.
    Translates to
    Shut the fuck up two faced pussy

  • sharknado096 PDTH
    sharknado096 PDTH 22 hours ago

    Me if i was there:Lady shut the f**k up or the next time u see me is in a jail cell

  • Arici
    Arici 22 hours ago +1

    EP:Are you making fun of my child in Chinese?
    ME:Nu,râdeam de el în Română,deci dute și vorbește Română in China să vedem ce cred...?
    (No,we were laughing about him in Romanian,so go and speak Romanian in China and let's see what they will think about that...?

  • jacobgamesgr The Greek Gamer

    Me and friend chatting
    EM Why you make fun of my child?

  • aj boyd
    aj boyd 22 hours ago

    ide say halt die clappe
    meaning shut up in german

  • DiamondRookie_ _2002
    DiamondRookie_ _2002 23 hours ago

    EP: This is America. You should speak English.
    Me: Hallo. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Nein? Sie können kein Deutsch sprechen? Mir leid. Auf Wiedersehen.
    That means: Hello. Do you speak German? No? You can't speak German? I'm sorry. Goodbye.

  • king venom
    king venom 23 hours ago

    I would have said callate pendeja

  • THZ_ Olizz
    THZ_ Olizz 23 hours ago

    Here comes my little speach in my language: Gå å dø din lille tiss, du ble adoptert, fordi moren til hadde voldtatt deg, og ingen liker deg. dø i et hull. (that was norwegian)

    GD HIFMV LIVE 23 hours ago

    from sweden:
    EM: Stop making fun of my child.
    ME: Men är du dum i huvet eller va

  • KawaiiWillRule
    KawaiiWillRule 23 hours ago

    그는 누군가의 거시기를 빨아 갈 수 있습니다.

  • Ben Tampke
    Ben Tampke 23 hours ago

    Me:Vielleicht solltest du einfach nicht so ne Nutte sein und dein Kind besser erziehen
    Translation(german):Maybe you shouldn't be such a whore and raise your kid better

  • dacharalover alsofrisk

    Tell me your answer
    You see an EP and she wants your stuff what do you do?

  • Mateusz Aniśko
    Mateusz Aniśko Day ago

    EP: Are you making fun of my kid?
    Me: ( in Polish ) Nie, cały internet będzie się z niego śmiał, gdy wyślę to na Reddit'a.
    ( No, the whole internet will make fun of him when i post this on Reddit )

  • Pedro Marquez
    Pedro Marquez Day ago

    15:09 me: Señora por favor cierre el ojete (ma'am please shut your ass up)

  • Baohua Chen
    Baohua Chen Day ago

    你是哥殺人:You are stupid in Chinese

  • Tododoki OwO
    Tododoki OwO Day ago


  • CursedArtist
    CursedArtist Day ago

    Je lui dirais que ce que nous disons n’est pas de son affaire et que nous pouvons parler la langue de notre choix.

  • Tony GM
    Tony GM Day ago

    Lo siento, me no saber very good english... And then leave

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  • Pàlmi Rúnar Gudnason

    I would say haltu kjafti foking hora þín its Icelandic

  • luigi luigi
    luigi luigi Day ago

    EP: stop making fun of my son in Chinese
    Me:أيتها العاهرة كنت أتكلم العربية
    Bitch i was talking Arabic

  • Max Byrne
    Max Byrne Day ago

    I'd tell her a pretty easy frase in Irish "póg mo hón" it means kiss my ass 😂

  • Zero0004
    Zero0004 Day ago

    If all Americans should speak the native language of America then we shouldn't be speaking English. That's from England. We should all be speaking one of the native american dialects. Yet you dont see anyone from the native american tribes yelling at us to speak their language.

  • Minegaming LP
    Minegaming LP Day ago

    Me making fun of her in german: als ob die weis aber garnichts über sprachen XD die weiß bestimmt nicht mal ihre muttersprache

  • yoran vd bempt
    yoran vd bempt Day ago

    Ep:are you making fun off me
    Me:jij vieze hoer ga
    U hoofd in u reet steken
    Translation:go shuve your head up your asss
    It sounds more offencive in dutch
    Sorry if i made any mistakes

  • Ishan Ahlawat
    Ishan Ahlawat Day ago +1

    ये क्या पागल आरत है ये।।। बकवास बंद नहीं होती कुछ लोगो की।।। Rslash को सब्सक्राइब करना मत भूलना मेरे दोस्तो!

    What a crazy lady... Some people just go on with their nonsense... Don't forget to subscribe to Rslash my friend!

  • emil jacobsson
    emil jacobsson Day ago

    Idioot... stop met dat te doen...

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond Day ago

    Mamu ti jebem glupu, jebao te tebe tvoj Trump i tvoja Amerika nisam dosla ovde da me neko vredja i tera da pricam na jeziku na kojem ne zelim.

  • Spriterider 1 Shelf

    Plz let me have your yt channel I have 11 subs I get a lot of mean comments about you should do this that and all I will let you buy my channel for $0:00

  • luka martinec
    luka martinec Day ago

    ja bih napravio tu ženu klaunom na Hrvatskom

  • dudu
    dudu Day ago

    I ill say va a merda (portuguese)

  • Nathan Phan
    Nathan Phan Day ago

    Me: khong la do dien nhieu lam (no this lady is a freaking lady xinfinity) chi la #### (she's an f...ing bi...)

  • Farha Ahmed
    Farha Ahmed Day ago

    As an Arab :
    Em: How dare you make fun of my child in Arab! (As Arabic is an easy language to distinguish from others)
    Me:احنا كنا بس بنشتمه على غبائه و غباء امه.
    Which translates to: We were just insulting him for his stupidity and his mother's stupidity.

  • Un known
    Un known Day ago

    Haista vittu

  • Wild Nuts
    Wild Nuts Day ago

    haha hon är så dum i huvudet om hon tror att vi har gjort någonting fel, asså titta på henne hon ser ut som en jäkla åsna hahahhah

  • hakerboi hackerboi

    "Tickle basement"... good times...

  • Håkon Wiik
    Håkon Wiik Day ago

    Hun er veldig dom

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew Day ago

    In a different language I would say " shut up before I spill the coffee on you" 😇🤬😎

  • Tanky Boi
    Tanky Boi Day ago +1

    Andate a la puta wellona gorda y stupida yo voya mandarte a la puta y matar tu puto nino!
    Translates to: go to hell you stupid fat bitch I will send you to hell and kill your fucking kid!

  • Vali Carmody
    Vali Carmody Day ago

    Ep: You're making fun of my kid in Chinese!
    Me: Apakah kamu bodoh? Ini bahasa Indonesia!
    (Translation: are you stupid? This is Indonesian!)

  • Kinq
    Kinq Day ago

    EP: DiD yOU jUSt maKe fUn oF My cHiLD iN ChiNeSE????
    Me: pas seulement lui, vous aussi
    Translation: Not just him, you too

  • Pitch Fork
    Pitch Fork Day ago +1

    ME: fick jo ler me spik, däck

    • Pitch Fork
      Pitch Fork Day ago

      That translates to fuck you let me speak, dick

  • matsie patsie
    matsie patsie Day ago

    Facking kit hoer