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  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents can be absolutely unbelievable! What kind of mother leaves kids by themselves with total strangers? And then when they go missing, they have the audacity to blame their friends and family! Honestly, entitled parents like these DESERVE to go to jail for how they treat others, and it's surprising they're not there already. Enjoy these ffunny Reddit posts featuring insane entitled parents!
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  • Cryo Ice
    Cryo Ice 29 minutes ago +1

    Btw did anyone research to see what America’s National language is only to see there is none

  • Creator Sama
    Creator Sama 42 minutes ago

    I'm learning Japanese (very bad still so far) and my response to the one time i got that "are you making fun of me" comment was
    "no but i think i know enough to do that if you really want me to?"

  • laldin puii
    laldin puii Hour ago

    I would say ' ka vaw thlu chak che '

  • ning kang
    ning kang Hour ago +1

    I am Chinese 我 是 中文

  • SansFan210
    SansFan210 Hour ago

    I would say"¡Eres un idiota! Deja que estas dos personas disfruten su día. El hecho de que no sepa lo que dicen no le da derecho a asumir que se están burlando de su hijo. Uno de ellas llorará literalmente por ti, perra."

  • SansFan210
    SansFan210 Hour ago

    I remember reading the first one. I liked it.

    PLAYXPERT BOI 2 hours ago

    Yo se que este video es del mes pasado pero sólo quería escribir en otro idioma :v quien más habla español aquí? Algún mexicano?

  • 윤성민
    윤성민 3 hours ago

    Oh my gosh - I’m korean too !
    그와 같은 일이 나에게 생긴다면, 나는 한국인들을 맹신하여 맹세코 영어로 능동적으로 말하면서 "중국인"이 아니며 카메라에 녹음 된 내용을 볼 것에 동의 할 것입니다.
    If something like that ever occured to me, I’d probably swear them off in korean call them idiots and then be passive aggressive in english, stating how I’m not “chinese” and will agree to see the recordings on the cameras.

  • Lily green
    Lily green 3 hours ago

    Me: chikmammyo (i want to kill ud mother) (CHICK-MAM-ME- O) (Vietnamese)
    Me: Vâng (yes) (va-ng) (Vietnamese)
    Ep: *mind blown*

    (For yes i used google transe late to see i was saying yes right

  • Mr. Incognito
    Mr. Incognito 4 hours ago

    Me : Bộ não của người mẹ này phải được làm bằng cứt
    Friend: ờ, cậu nới đúng đấy. Nó rất ngu

  • Brandon Fordney
    Brandon Fordney 4 hours ago

    What if when the korean woman was told not to talk to me in that language to me,she speaks korean,SHOTS FIRED OHHHHHHHHH😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Joshua Santiago
    Joshua Santiago 5 hours ago

    Fack a you ep

  • A Fetus On Bath Salts
    A Fetus On Bath Salts 6 hours ago

    May I please come in your tickle basement? I’ve been told I am a very good tickler.

  • Toshigami-sama
    Toshigami-sama 7 hours ago

    What would I say tho this EP in portuguese: Ala, me erra fia, tá querendo confete chegou na época do ano errada porque Carnaval só em fevereiro

  • Clarie
    Clarie 7 hours ago

    EP: Are you making fun of my Child?
    Me to my friend: Also wenn du mich fragst, ist das ganze Kind ein Witz.

  • The Insane Girl
    The Insane Girl 8 hours ago

    If I was in that situation
    Me:does that mean I can speak British?

  • itz jake28123
    itz jake28123 8 hours ago


  • Hanna Curlee
    Hanna Curlee 10 hours ago +1

    1:20 call the police for child abandoning

  • Snodre Master
    Snodre Master 10 hours ago

    Dette er norge

  • kids Brain In Action
    kids Brain In Action 11 hours ago

    Vete para el infierno
    Translation: go to hell

  • Batman Playz
    Batman Playz 11 hours ago

    That pedo voice thought.

    Tickle basement 😂😂😂

  • coco dawg
    coco dawg 12 hours ago

    Me: Вы не идиотский укол

  • The Science guy Nick
    The Science guy Nick 13 hours ago

    if I had to make fun of that mom in another language I would say " Parece tan pesada que ten sorte de que non está poñendo buratos no chan"

  • xAva Loves Potatos ÙwÚ

    Cala a ceu boca cinaom eu vote dar algumeas galjetas para cara so porko de merda cabrinha pober! Translation: Shut your mouth,or I'll give you a slap to the face you pig,poor b**ch!!

  • The minecraft TNT
    The minecraft TNT 13 hours ago

    Gw sih dari indo nah gw bakal bilang *ehem* "haelah dia iri kali dia gs bisa bahasa kita hahaha goblok emang"
    I wish i can translatw it but im just to lazy :) LOVE FROM INDONESIAAAA!

  • Nexus Gaming
    Nexus Gaming 14 hours ago

    Hungarian is my main language but i speak english very well. Here's what i would say to EP in the Last story:
    Elnézést megkérdezhetném hogy amiért az ön gyereke azt hiszi hogy "Kínai" nyelven viccet csináltak a belöle ön miért hiszi hogy igaz? 1. Nem ismeri nyelvet szóval honnan tudja? 2. Szerintem a gyereke se ismeri szóval ő honnan tudná? Ezeket félre téve miért nem lehet egy másik országban más nyelvet beszélni mint az ottanit? Ez rasszizmus hogy konkrét nem engedi meg egy másik országból származó személynek hogy az anyanyelvén beszéljen. Plusz nem is tudja megkülömböztetni a koreait és a kínait tudom hogy hasonló de azért na.
    Üdv a magyaroknak!

  • The unpaid Workers
    The unpaid Workers 15 hours ago

    EP: Are you making fun of my child?
    ME: Mae baban i rhech mewn pôt jam
    Good luck translating

  • gamingwith raka
    gamingwith raka 17 hours ago

    Me (indonesia) : tidak
    me : i said no

    LA POLILLA KAWAII :3 17 hours ago

    I loved the "why is internet so slow here"
    Bcz when i went to korea the fcking internet was 78b
    Amrican average is 12
    And mexican is 13!! What the hell? The fastes wi fi in the world xD

  • Sophie
    Sophie 17 hours ago

    When in doubt, insult people in Latin, just to home in that extra bit of frustration from the familiarity.

    "Et adipem maialis et ei filium venio est. Et quod ego videri hoc erat terra libera est. Vacca stultes."

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 19 hours ago

    EP: were you making fun of my child? *Blah blah blah*
    Me: *whispering to my friend* απλά ας κάνουμε ότι δεν καταλαβαίνουμε τι λεει.. αυτό θα έχει πλάκα
    (Translation: let's just pretend that we don't understand what she's saying.. boi dis is gonna be fun (boy* this*, I just spell them like that because it's.. I dunno, the way I'd talk to my friend))

  • kennedy levy
    kennedy levy 22 hours ago

    I would have been like “bish if I was making fun of your child I would do it in English so you can understand heck I may even make fun of you “

  • Random Phoenix
    Random Phoenix 22 hours ago

    EP: you’re in America speak English
    Me (a typical British person): listen love we gave you our language so without us you’d be speaking whatever language the native Americans spoke

  • Layla Stadnyk
    Layla Stadnyk 23 hours ago

    This is why I live in Canada

  • just_ ariana
    just_ ariana Day ago +1

    If you do not feel like reading thus whole thing here's a short summery: I know some Spanish but don t look like I do and a lady started talking crap about me in Spanish. My dad is fluent in Spanish because he's Dominican he's likes to test my Spanish all the time. I started answerd the question in Spanish and the lady realized it was a huge mistake.
    Tiny backstory I am white especially at this time of the year cause I haven't had much sun and I am half Dominican so I am a tiny tiny bit more tan but am still clearly white and know a small bit of Spanish currently taking classes at school my father also is very fluent in Spanish being Dominican and having both his parents speaking Spanish
    On to the story I was at the Asian market with my father. While at the store I wanted to get a Spanish soda that I really like. I was not with my father in this part of the store because I went to go looking for the drink alone and I kept repeating the name out loud but under my breath(the way I pronounce in Spanish is like I am putting on a strong fake accent because I was raised english). As I was walking to find the drink i passed a lady Spanish on the phone she is our star of the show. Not knowing much Spanish from what I can understand she said "this girl that just walked by me and is trying to speak Spanish and sounds stupid" mind you I know she was talking about me because it was late at night and close to no one there. This lady continues to talk crap about me and my Spanish some I couldn't understand but one this I do remember is she called the skirt i was wearing ugly and weird. Its at that exact moment my father walks down the aisle she stoped talking and my father started talking to me(we were debating about drink because he found a Spanish drink that he loved to drink as a kid he obviously said it in Spanish the lady had a odd look on her face as a slight panic for a second then stop as I start speaking in English. At this perfect moment my father starts asking me something in Spanish(once I started Spanish class he has been testing me from time to time as if the gods were with me today it was easy) so I replied in Spanish. I turned back and looked at this lady with a look of hahahaha you just messed up and you know it I'm telling if looks could kill it's would be the big bang all over again the whole population would be wiped out. I'm sorry if this is so long I also never told my dad about it because I know there would be a throw down and he would win no matter if this lady was freaking john cena(I'm a daddy's girl and the youngest I'm currently 11years old so that just explains it.

  • Yours Truly, Meriel

    Im Filipino and this is what I would say to EP
    "Manahimik ka nga, nawawalan ako ng _braincells_ sa katangahan mo" (im not very fluent in my own language hAH-)
    "Cant you be quiet, im losing my braincells to your stupidity"

  • Sameer Katte
    Sameer Katte Day ago

    When EM said they were making fun of her kid in Chinese I got pissed off
    F this retarded racist mom and her retard son

  • Geometry Dash Kronosaurus

    Je détèste la figure dégoûtant
    Otoró we-nnu piyah fa-nnu ebe-a

  • Aysia Rodriguez
    Aysia Rodriguez Day ago

    Tous les EP me baisent vraiment

  • Flutter Junk
    Flutter Junk Day ago

    Me: nee je grote kont, maar nu dat je zeg dat, ik kan dat doen. Jouw zon is heeeel lelek, en jij ben en trut.
    Alt version:
    Me: que que tu quer sua quenga, me deixa em paz porra. Vc e seu filho com cara de língua de boi tão me incomodando

  • Robert Dominković

    EP: *aRe yoU MaKInG FuN oF Us iN A DifFeRenT LanGUaGe?!*
    Me: Goni se u kurac nenormalni retardirana kravo, of course not duuh.

  • The Sinkin' Bottom

    I would say to her:hej,da sad izađeš iz Sjedinjenih američkih država i otputuješ npr. u Francusku,moraš tečno znat francuski inače će te "izbaciti iz države" i pošto ovo ne razumiješ iskreno ti želim sve najgore.And i would only say that bc she don't know my language (dis was in Croatian)😊

  • Epic Shadow
    Epic Shadow Day ago

    “Tickle basement” gave me chillzz!!

  • Blaze A Tron
    Blaze A Tron Day ago

    Siguro ko sa kanila na bumalik ng bansa iniisip nila na ikaw lamang ang pinapayagan na magsalita ng Ingles sa dahil sa iyong pagiging isang rasismo piraso ng tae na kailangang maturuan ng mannars!

  • Xbek
    Xbek Day ago

    EP:Are you making fun of my Child?
    Me: Na klar und über dich genauso.

  • tony flamingo 76 /error sans

    me in German: Nein, war ich nicht, aber ich bin im Begriff, also muss ich sagen, dass dein Atem stinkt, bürstest du überhaupt? Sie sind nur hergekommen, um mich zu ärgern und rassistische Erklärungen zu sagen, nur weil ich Deutscher bin. Ich liebe Hitler.

  • Teo Music
    Teo Music Day ago


  • Ilya Kuznetsov
    Ilya Kuznetsov Day ago +3

    Ep: ArE yOu MaKiNg FuN oF mE iN jApAnEsE?!
    Me: Omaewa mou shindejiru
    Ep: NaNi??

  • Ilya Kuznetsov
    Ilya Kuznetsov Day ago

    Ты звучишь как школьный стрелок.

  • Yousuf Sameed
    Yousuf Sameed Day ago

    Ankhain hay k poond k tattay? (Urdu) Translates to does this guy have a wasp's balls for eyes implying that he's blind.

  • Zso
    Zso Day ago

    id probably say hagyj már békén te agyhalott or something lmao

  • HappyMatt12345
    HappyMatt12345 Day ago

    "This is America, speak english!"
    ME: No we are in america, speak americanish, english is for england.

  • Faketoast
    Faketoast Day ago

    Last one in the caffe
    In Swedish
    Fan ta dej i rövhålet

  • Edgar Larios
    Edgar Larios Day ago

    The dad got really lucky to be able to keep his kid. Another case of male privalige.

  • Milica Sindjelic

    EP: Speak ENGLISH!
    Me: Ma nosi se u kurac. 😑
    (I'm not sure how to translate this...🤔)

  • lynx_ arwen
    lynx_ arwen Day ago

    Hallo idioot gij bent gewoon racistisch dus ga gewoon weg is wat ik zou zeggen

  • Matthew Enginer
    Matthew Enginer Day ago

    Ok here goes:
    Ba copil prost de cacat needucat și răsfățat de o curva dobitoaca, stergeo de aici sau chem managerul!
    Like if you understand

  • Me You
    Me You Day ago

    “99.9% of the people are nice it the 0.01% that’s the problem”
    Me what about that last 0.09% are they mean or nice these are the important details and how big is your neighbourhood does it like 10000 people in it and if so why don’t you all just find some way of getting that like one person to leave

  • Katirelle
    Katirelle Day ago

    Oh my god the tickle basement XD

  • Mayank J
    Mayank J Day ago

    Haan, Gadha to aapka beta hai .
    Translation: yes, your boy is an ass.

  • spicy_fries
    spicy_fries Day ago

    Jag får väll prata vilket språk jag vill, kan du går här ifrån nu?!

  • Communist Ninja69


  • Gazoomba
    Gazoomba Day ago

    Πίσω πριν σας φτιάξω
    That's Greek for "Back off before I make you"

  • TheSlyFox Productions

    You wanna have a bad time?
    - Sans

  • Joaquin Iniguez
    Joaquin Iniguez Day ago

    Hola retrasado

  • El Suéno
    El Suéno Day ago


  • The Killer King NL

    Me: hey hoe gaat het (hey how is it going)
    Ek: what language is that!
    Me: its dutch
    Ek: what where you saying then?
    Me: i was just saying to my friend how is was going with him
    My friend cant speak english well
    My friend: wat zij hij (what was he saying)
    Ek: are saying mean things about me in that weird language?
    Me: no
    Ek: you are lying
    Me: NO IM NOT
    My friend: waarom schreeuwde je naar hem? (Why where you screaming to him)
    Me: (saying in dutch) he thougt we where mean to him in our language i sayd to him that we where not, he sayd that i was lying and i screamed no where not

    Ek runs away and comes back with his em
    Em: why is my ek crying?

    Me: he was thinking we where mean to him but we where not
    Ek: he is still lying mommy!!!!
    Me: (saying in dutch) lets go (friends name)
    My friend: (says in dutch) ok sure
    Me: (ignores em and ek) and calls for a employee and says can i pay
    Employee: ok sure but is there something wrong here
    Me: no of cours not!
    Em: (visibly getting mad)
    I payed and walkt away
    Em tries to stop me but i ignored her and just walked past her with my friend
    Em follows me and tries to get our atension
    I sayed to my friend that he needs to ignore her and push her away if she gets in the way we steped on our bikes and got away from a pissed em

    Srry for bad english

  • mıstsparkz
    mıstsparkz Day ago

    Jag skulle säga till henne att flera personer i Amerika pratar spanska så det engelska språket är inte det enda språket där som är vanligt

  • K455UZ Z
    K455UZ Z Day ago

    Vitun autisti painu vittuun ku näytät ihan rotan perseeltä

  • hasábburgonya
    hasábburgonya Day ago

    "Sorry, I don't understand you. I don't speak 'idiot'"

  • drippingwax
    drippingwax Day ago

    Sí, estoy de acuerdo, una madre así debería ser encarcelada.

  • H.R.C. Jansen
    H.R.C. Jansen Day ago

    ep: are you making fun of my child?
    me: Leentje leerde lotje lopen langs de lange linden laan...kut!

  • Mello Hello
    Mello Hello Day ago

    Me(In Russian): резервное копирование теперь ты сука, прежде чем я раздавлю тебе голову

  • DaLemonsHateU
    DaLemonsHateU Day ago

    A simple one to remember in German
    Du bist doof
    You are stupid
    Or you could say
    Ihr seid doof
    Which is a collective version of You are stupid
    And also
    Sie sien doof
    They are stupid

  • Kelly The galaxy star

    El Niño y padre son bien estupidos hahaha I also speak English and what I said was “The kid and the parent are very stupid hahahaha” I just made fun of them and they wouldn’t even know

  • Kris Freouf
    Kris Freouf Day ago

    I nearly died laughing at the tickle basement part lol.

  • Jiaen Guo
    Jiaen Guo Day ago

    translate this


  • Jiaen Guo
    Jiaen Guo 2 days ago +1

    EP: You will not disrespect me or my kid in this way! this is America, you should be speaking English, ENGLISH. do you know how rude it is to everyone around you?if you want to speak Chinese, go back to china.
    Me: (in Chinese) Fucking bastard. did ya adopt the kid?
    Me: (in English) fuck off ya cracker

  • ナルワルNarwhal
    ナルワルNarwhal 2 days ago +1

    Entitled parent logic-
    Person- is asian.
    Entitled parent- *yOuRe ChInEsE*
    (I’m actually chinese if any of you are wondering, 你 好!)

  • alexxa
    alexxa 2 days ago

    Friend and I: [casually speaking portuguese]
    EK: SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!11
    Me: Desculpe? Eu tenho o direito de falar o que sempre idioma neste país. Estou tão desculpe, eu tenho DIREITOS. Foda-se você e seu filho estúpido, e dê o fora do meu rosto antes que eu chame a polícia.
    EK: stop making fun of me! [stomps away]
    [EM stomps over]
    EM: O-M-G! STOP speaking spanish, this is AMERICA and YOU should be speaking ENGLISH.
    Me: [vira para o amigo] O nariz dessa mulher é enorme e tem rugas por toda parte, ela parece um rinoceronte!
    [friend and I laugh hysterically]
    [EM stomps out of store]

  • Sir Guinea Pig
    Sir Guinea Pig 2 days ago

    Tu esi Loti stulbi un tu edi kaka

  • David Whitehurst
    David Whitehurst 2 days ago +1

    Me: zraste! (Hi in bulgarian)
    Me: kukfo?

  • JReel 303
    JReel 303 2 days ago

    This is what I would say fを閉じて去る
    Use translate and copy the f

  • Little puppet theatre

    Hey, so when we are in the North Pole we have to speak pengilish? (I made that word up)

  • Ruby P
    Ruby P 2 days ago

    Me: ydy, mae’n plentyn yn dwp
    Translation: yes, your child is stupid 😂
    Anyone else speak Welsh?
    I can speak both languages fluently

  • Aubrey Baldwin
    Aubrey Baldwin 2 days ago

    Du bist eine ashlook.
    German for "you are an a$$hole."

  • i'm Nocturnal-shade
    i'm Nocturnal-shade 2 days ago

    ME (in argentinian spanish): ¡Obvio, pelotuda! ¡¿Qué te pensas que sos, hija de puta?! Ubicate o te ubico yo, infeliz.
    Translation (attempt): Of course, dumbass! Who the f*** do you think you are, bitch?! Shut the hell up or I'll shut you up, a**hole.

    • i'm Nocturnal-shade
      i'm Nocturnal-shade 2 days ago

      At least, that's how most argentinians I know would react. (I am one, btw).

  • Motiejus Lipskis
    Motiejus Lipskis 2 days ago

    What i would say in a diferent langauge would be tu ir tovo sunas ara durni

  • Hermine Nysæter
    Hermine Nysæter 2 days ago

    Hva faen feiler dise entiteled foreldre

  • Rokuczi
    Rokuczi 2 days ago

    I would just throw every insult i know in hungarian... We could swear like 10 minutes straight without repeating a singel word. It would be fun

  • Zachary Vroman
    Zachary Vroman 2 days ago

    Me in Vietnamese: Xin lỗi vì sự hiểu lầm nhưng chúng tôi đã không. Nhân tiện nói tiếng việt.
    Translation: Sorry for the misunderstanding but we were not. By the way were speaking Vietnamese

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 2 days ago

    jag fucking hatar den där mamman som är rasist #swedish det är svenska

  • Noobish LOL
    Noobish LOL 2 days ago

    Me (Turkish): Tabii ki de yapmıyordum salak. Acaba neden çocuğun bir yalancı pislik gerzek? Sen de öyle olduğundan.
    EP: WTF

  • Sonia g
    Sonia g 2 days ago

    Δες εδώ μια μαλακισμενη τώρα, μάθε τρόπους στο παιδί σου κυρά μου που θα μου πεις και τι γλώσσα θα μιλάω!
    (Check out this asshole here, teach your child manners lady. You won't tell me in which language I should be speaking).
    Honestly I lived in Germany for six months NOOOO ONE ever came to me and said to me Sie müssen auf deutsch sprachen, das ist Deutschland. Ich weiss Sie sprachen deutsch. At the time I could only say the names of foods and order a strawberry milkshake in German. Nobody cared. As long as we could communicate it was fine.

  • Lowzilla Ofcorse
    Lowzilla Ofcorse 2 days ago

    Katsokaa Thihenkinen idiootto translation: Look at thi mental idiot

  • Plushy Yu
    Plushy Yu 2 days ago +2

    The 2nd one triggered: I'm Korean

    P.S. I'm Chinese

  • Mohammed Alshaibani
    Mohammed Alshaibani 2 days ago

    This is a mix between pro revenge and entitled parent

  • dmitro
    dmitro 2 days ago

    كيف امك يا بنت الوسخة

  • Megan Harmony
    Megan Harmony 2 days ago

    Me: Oo, kasi Boba siya
    (translation: Yes, because he's (bad word))

  • GelatinBoy
    GelatinBoy 2 days ago

    this is dutch:
    U bent een vuile kaaskop en stik in je kut kaas