Supermarket Instant Coffee - Which One Tastes Best?


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  • Casey Rodarmor
    Casey Rodarmor 11 months ago +3086

    Wearing a white shirt while slurping coffee out of a spoon nearly 70 times is honestly a *very* impressive flex.

    • •Dustys Corner🦋🤍
      •Dustys Corner🦋🤍 Month ago

      He just called me “clumsy” In 100000 different languages

    • Julius Caesar
      Julius Caesar Month ago +4

      Plot twist: he has a wardrobe full of these shirts. He changed shirts mid cut scenes and we don't know.

      VERY GOOD DRINKS 2 months ago +2

      @Bruno Bigras frickin genius

    • Bruno Bigras
      Bruno Bigras 2 months ago +1

      He's selling those shirts, so obviously he's promoting a way to ruin them. To sell more.

      VERY GOOD DRINKS 2 months ago +7

      you can tell it was folded nicely before he decided to wear it

  • Ham War
    Ham War 9 months ago +1789

    Growing up in Afghanistan, we could only find the nescafe brand. Growing up I would only drink coffee during school exams time as coffee would help stay up late for studying. Always thought that the instant coffee was the coffee. I never liked the taste, but I had to take. After the 2001 when the American came to Afghanistan, I started working for an American company. I remember my boss, who was an American, had set up a little table for brewing espresso for himself in his office. There were no fresh beans in Kabul, he had a big can of the typical superstore pre ground coffee. One day he offered me a cup, for the first time I enjoyed coffee. Now when I taste freshly roasted beans that are freshly ground, I can’t belief the difference. I haven’t had instant coffee for the last 17 years.

    • SA Rocket
      SA Rocket 22 days ago +2

      there is a much better thing in Afghanistan that can make you stay up late to study

    • Lillie George
      Lillie George Month ago

      @Linh Nguyen Jobs with American companies could get pay many times the other jobs. He didn't do it for coffee. Just an unintended side benefit. Don't judge.

    • Linh Nguyen
      Linh Nguyen Month ago

      you sold your soul for the invader just for some coffee?

    • Lillie George
      Lillie George 2 months ago

      @- benthejoker - I don't mind it. I prefer espresso drinks but I enjoy making that fluffy Vietnamese coffee n u need instant for that. It's strong lol!

    • Udit Anand Sharma
      Udit Anand Sharma 3 months ago +2

      I think coffee culture predominantly used to be same throughout India though some regions are known for growing coffee beans. I never got a chance to try them and Nescafe and Bru used to be my regular flavours of coffee. Due to their marketing strategy by writing rich tasting coffee I used to think that that's the best to be offered in the name of coffee. To cut down the bitterness of Nescafe I used to just drink it with milk just to stay awake for my exams.
      After living 18 years in India I moved to Canada and had the french vanilla thinking that's a luxury now. It's to sweet of a drink. 3 years down I learned more and more about coffee and now I have to say I just gave a shot again to the instant coffee and I hated it. I was starbucks instant though but still. Now, basically I don't like coffee from these chain running store after I tried the real cafes and bought a moka pot for myself to play around.
      It's good to know that countries like Australia and Italy are trying to preserve their coffee culture by not letting the corporates in.

  • Andrew Breeden
    Andrew Breeden 2 months ago +152

    James constantly proves how much of a coffee genius he is, but calling out the Ethiopian out of a potential 38 is pretty crazy

    • Adrian Scarlett
      Adrian Scarlett 14 hours ago

      Especially as he said it doesn't taste how he expects Ethiopian coffee to taste, but still knew it was Ethiopian.

    • Andrew Breeden
      Andrew Breeden 17 days ago +2

      @Ard Dermout Cramer oh yeah totally agree. It would be easy to call it out in a normal tasting but figured it was a bit more obscure with instant coffees

    • Siddharth Garg
      Siddharth Garg Month ago +5

      And that too among instant where thing could go wrong

    • Ard Dermout Cramer
      Ard Dermout Cramer Month ago +5

      oh but ethiopian coffee is quite crazy compared to other coffees

    • Pauper Knight
      Pauper Knight Month ago +1


  • Mark Long
    Mark Long 6 months ago +484

    I took my elderly father somewhere and on the way back, we stopped for a snack at one of the chains. I got us two lattes, both a fairly unremarkable medium roast Columbian bean. He took one sip and said that it didn't taste anything like coffee and asked for a cup of tea instead. It turned out that he had been drinking Nescafe for 45 years and had no idea what actual coffee tasted like.

    • dadt
      dadt Month ago +4

      I guess I am just not a coffee connoiseur. I had lived in Italy for many years, including in Illy's hometown of Trieste. I had drank all types of coffee. I can't tell that a fresh brew is vastly superior than instant coffee. I see them as different things. As long as it is not obviously disgusting, I am happy to drink it.

    • Joy-Mari Cloete
      Joy-Mari Cloete 2 months ago

      @Banana Douwe Egberts tastes okay. I'm a coffee snob, and I drink Douwe Egberts at home.

    • Tom Bombadil
      Tom Bombadil 4 months ago +4

      @Banana It was a necessary evil. It helped Allied soldiers during World War 2 pave the way for winning Allied victory so that soft men like you can enjoy your great coffee.

    • 85parrot
      85parrot 4 months ago +6

      @Ranjan Biswas okay... I have no idea what to do with that.

  • Scott Donohue
    Scott Donohue 2 years ago +4306

    James has some seriously impressive taste buds for coffee. Imagine being able to tell that an instant coffee comes from ethiopia from a list of 32 coffees.

    • Side85Winder
      Side85Winder 5 months ago

      @J W luwak coffee is pretty distinct 😂. I am by no means a coffee expert more a super novice but i have had luwak coffee and its very different from everything else i have had.

    • Bez Jones
      Bez Jones 6 months ago

      @DovidM and @SG:1969 it's Colombia not Columbia. Sorry, pet peeve of mine!

    • The Mekahippie
      The Mekahippie 6 months ago

      Not only that, he was able to identify the Classique at 9:30!

    • rimmersbryggeri
      rimmersbryggeri 6 months ago +1

      @S Electa You are probably getting too much caffine. LOL

    • S Electa
      S Electa 6 months ago +1

      I can taste the difference between the white monster energy and the blue one

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago +1

    Any test of instant coffee should include powdered artificial creamer for the full real-world experience.
    For what it’s worth, the worst I’ve ever had was from a malfunctioning vending machine that added bad instant tea to the coffee.
    If you can find a partner with freeze-drying equipment, it would be interesting to see if you can make a better instant coffee.

  • GianlucaUK
    GianlucaUK Year ago +9

    I was born in Italy, where espresso is the only coffee. While working from home, I started drinking instant coffee for convenience and for months I've been drinking Nescafè with sugar. Then I watched this video and I tried the winner. OMG. It's so pleasant and I can have it with no sugar with no problems. Still, it is said in the video that instant is rubbish coffee regardless. I think this also means that outside espresso, I have never tried real coffee. I don't think the coffee I get from the high-street chains is as good as this coffee. I have to find a proper coffee shop now :)

  • Revocer GM
    Revocer GM 11 months ago +138

    I work in the cacao industry, and your intro was such a brilliant way of highlighting the issues with (at least in the UK) our attitude to the price of things like coffee and chocolate. Enjoyed the video! I do always have instant in the house- I find it nostalgicly comforting, rather than enjoyable. However maybe in light of that intro, I should move away from it.

    • Margaret Belle
      Margaret Belle 3 months ago

      @Celtic Connection Tom Scott has an interesting video on cacao quarantaining that happens in the UK which helps research into fortifying cacao for the future

    • Celtic Connection
      Celtic Connection 3 months ago +1

      That sounds interesting. Working in the cacao industry in the UK? Nice!

  • Sofa Miller
    Sofa Miller 7 months ago +108

    As an ice cream maker, instant, particularly a delicious instant, is what I need. I’d even like to use a freeze dryer to make my own. For my purposes, I kinda want overbrewed, heavily bitter coffee. But then, I really want it to be the most pleasant version of bitter, too.

    • Cindy Two
      Cindy Two 25 days ago

      I know this is an old comment but: try espresso powder.

    • Carl Aussenegg
      Carl Aussenegg 2 months ago

      Have you tried steeping coarse coffee grinds in hot ice cream base? If yes, how did it go for flavour?

    • Lillie George
      Lillie George 2 months ago +1

      Yes! Instant definitely has it's place! Very interesting I never thought of how it would be needed in ice cream making

    • CatReader
      CatReader 3 months ago +5

      I have sprinkled instant Cafe Bustello over packaged icecream at home for my own use; it's a consideration.

    • Seb Xiou
      Seb Xiou 6 months ago +12

      That's a brilliant, informative, reply. Thank you - makes one realise "horses for courses" etc. I am off to find YT vids about coffee ice cream now. Cheers.

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell 7 months ago +52

    "A little bit of ashtray at the end." is about the most apt description I've ever heard to describe at least half of all instants I've ever been unfortunate enough to try.

  • Mysticum81
    Mysticum81 Year ago +33

    My wife helped me with a blind tasting that spanned a few days and 20 cups of instant coffee of five different types. Little's Colombian was the clear winner there as well. Fun coincidence, given that I only had five contestants and Little's happened to be one of the brands my supermarket carried.

  • Chief Kief
    Chief Kief 2 months ago +41

    I oftentimes find myself coming back to this video for one distinct moment, and that's at 8:10 - when he manages to guess correctly that the coffee is Ethiopian. The cafe that I work at was the first specialty coffee shop I had ever been to, and we specialize in Ethiopian coffee. As a result, I have a pretty deep respect and love for the coffees which come out of the country, particularly how wonderfully complex and interesting they are (so very floral). The fact that James is able to guess - out of all the coffees he is tasting (with very similar taste profiles) - the exact country of origin of this one coffee speaks volumes to me about the amount of knowledge he has on the subject. I also think that it speaks volumes about the coffee coming out of Ethiopia, which I happen to think is some of the best in the world.
    Something about that moment just resonates with me in a deep way. Thank you James for what you've done for the coffee industry and for sharing your expansive knowledge with us.

    • antibullshit
      antibullshit 20 days ago

      @Chief Kief I don’t think you got the joke.

    • Chief Kief
      Chief Kief 21 day ago

      @antibullshit at least 2

    • antibullshit
      antibullshit Month ago

      Yes, but how much kief do you use when partaking in some fine herb?

  • Alex Atkin
    Alex Atkin Day ago

    Like many I used to drink instant sometimes but didn't really like it. There's only one I actually ever found passable, it was Kenco Peruvian and naturally, was discontinued.
    I absolutely cannot stand instant any more and hate how inconsistent commonly roasted coffee beans are, which I think is down to how fresh they are. If they were roasted recently, they usually taste okay but if its been a few months (god forbid, some claim a best before of a year since roasting) then it starts to bitter.
    Last year I tried a local roastery and my goodness the difference. Unfortunately all their coffees are a bit too sweet for my liking so I'm still on a search for somewhere that roasts to order a bean that suits my tastes. Its made more complicated by the fact the other person in the house has a completely opposite preference, so trying to find some middle ground.

  • Mai-Lien Olsson
    Mai-Lien Olsson 2 years ago +7515

    In Sweden, we don't call it coffee. If a dinner guest asks for coffee and you only have instant, you say, - I'm sorry we don't have coffee, only instant.

    • antibullshit
      antibullshit Month ago

      You truly are a civilized people.

    • CatReader
      CatReader 3 months ago

      That is what I have said when hosting at my parents' house and on occasion in my own. (U.S.) We kept a jar of instant coffee for parental visits.

    • Watersports
      Watersports 6 months ago

      Its ironic that a country where coffee cant grow drinks more real coffee than my country which is a coffee exporter but really only drinks instant coffee

    • Patrik Andersson
      Patrik Andersson 7 months ago

      This is so true. It's a shameful thing to serve instant coffee in Sweden. Unfortunately, people have no shame.

  • randomcow505
    randomcow505 7 months ago +73

    I really do appreciate a good coffee
    but there's something special about going back to where it all started, sat at a desk at 3am drinking a mug of the cheapest black instant coffee 5 tablespoons worth because I had no idea how to make it and thought "its gotta be similar to Ovaltine"

    • Ben Cheshire
      Ben Cheshire 5 months ago +1

      oh my lord the vegemitey flavour must have been 100%

    • Gulfstream
      Gulfstream 6 months ago

      Made me chuckle...cheers.

  • abueloraton
    abueloraton Year ago +7

    I grew up with Classic Nescafé with boiling hot milk. It tastes very well when accompanying authentic Mexican "sweet bread" ("pan dulce") in the morning and right before going to bed: half a teaspoon of it with boiling hot milk per cup. It does have caffeine.

    • Delise
      Delise 27 days ago +1

      A lot of cafes in Cyprus use to do the Nescafe instant with boiling hot milk in the nineties early noughties. I loved it. Don't know if they still do it. I sometimes still make it at home in the UK and it takes me right back there. Happy memories of the hot Cypriot sunshine 🌞

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva 4 months ago +7

    Your videos are super detailed and honest. Kudos! I live in Brazil, I’m 60, and the generation of my parents was the last to brew coffee manually at home, I think, mostly. The traditional coffee here was ground coffee brewed through a cloth filter. Brazilian coffee is not watered down as in America, but espresso was introduced to my generation, specially home espresso machines. I loved the cloth filtered coffee my aunt made and kept on a Thermos, for God’s sake. I once bought an espresso machine and brought a coffee grinder from a US trip. Whole beans ground at home never seemed specially good. Perhaps always dark roasts. I’ m probably herectic, but I never really liked espresso, I find it too strong in terms of taste and effects on my gastric reflux, lol. I never liked paper filterd coffee because most of the ground coffees we have are very dark, so I found every coffee except my aunt’s and perhaps espresso in Italy too strong and bitter. I like sweetness in a coffee, and I only discovered it in, of all places, Nescafe Gold Colombia, a revelation to me. Never sold here, it just appeared in supermarkets, made in France by Nestlé. I like the convenience of Dolce Gusto no fat no sugar coffee plus milk, but I still prefer Nescafé Gold Colombia in hot milk or even a 50ml cup of it in mineral water. Will I be excommunicated? Lol

    • Albano SILVA
      Albano SILVA 4 months ago +1

      For acid reflux try adding cinnamon to your coffee especially if you're drinking on an empty stomach.

  • Christian Spanggaard
    Christian Spanggaard 3 months ago +16

    Thank you for your thoughts on instant coffee in the introduction. I never thought about coffee in the same manner as I think of clothes, entertainment, other kinds of food and, in general, what I consume. I like broadening my worldviews and this put my consumption of coffee into a bigger scope. Consumers in richer countries like yours and mine, Denmark, must take more responsibility of their consumption and coffee is one of those ways.

  • Sotiris Maragos
    Sotiris Maragos Year ago +4562

    What I learned: James likes Colombian coffee, Illy has chocolaty coffee, every nescafe regardless of price is trash.

    • Yaren Demir
      Yaren Demir 2 months ago


    • The Howling Brown
      The Howling Brown 5 months ago

      @Manasi M. I won't mention their hold on pet food also. Disgusting company

    • David Galbreath
      David Galbreath 6 months ago


    • L.Perpenhente
      L.Perpenhente 6 months ago +1

      I have unironically never tasted any coffee other than Instant Coffee because frankly Café's are really hard to come by (in my side of my country because I am at a foot of a mountain), so I don't know if I should feel angry or interested at the fact that the coffee brand have been drinking since I was 10 is actually one of the worse

    • Stewart Midwinter
      Stewart Midwinter 7 months ago

      @randommusings their coffee, yes. But their home espresso machines, no.

  • Jonathan Sturm
    Jonathan Sturm 9 months ago +17

    I haven’t drunk instant coffee for 20 years and I doubt I ever will again. Back in the 1980s I compared Nescafé instant to budget coffee beans in 1kg bags. The cost of the real thing was marginally less than instant and way better in flavour. The coffee grounds are a bonus as they make excellent compost activator.

  • Yolko
    Yolko 23 hours ago

    I like Littles coffee. When I don't want to grind anything I make a sweet thing from some of their flavoured instant. More like an instant "coffee drink" rather than actual coffee

  • Sagar Patel
    Sagar Patel 4 months ago +5

    I've never actually had instant coffee in water. Always directly in warm whole milk and with sugar and it actually ends up being my wife's go to.

  • Steve S
    Steve S 2 months ago +2

    I have a jar of instant coffee for those strange people (guests) that dont like proper coffee. I had to laugh when it went out in its first head to head 🤣

  • jeremy heng
    jeremy heng 2 years ago +2290

    James choosing dating partners: "Well this one is harsh and bitter. But this one is weird and interesting. Clear winner."

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen 2 months ago

      @mweverett My wife is also weird and interesting. We’ve been together for almost 40 years. I’m with you.

    • Mark Vincent Cocjin
      Mark Vincent Cocjin Year ago +3

      And some dates do taste like a little bit of ashtray in the end.

    • Maino1
      Maino1 Year ago +2

      "No.....and also No"

    • Kiyopon
      Kiyopon Year ago

      @Marc L What is he tasting?🙃

    • Sonnenblume25
      Sonnenblume25 Year ago +6

      I mean, he is a "weird coffee person"

  • T Williams
    T Williams 6 months ago +38

    “This one has more of a classic instant flavour”
    Yes it was indeed Nescafé Original

  • Marlene Meier
    Marlene Meier 27 days ago +1

    My mind is blown after finding this channel. I am so excited to go on this coffee journey with you.

  • tp
    tp 6 months ago +4

    You discarded my favourite instant, Azera Intenso, in the first round but at least I have it confirmed that my taste preference is for something earthy and woody. Just shows we all have different taste buds, one is not better than another, taste is individual. Personally, I don’t like the watery weakness of most fresh coffee-serving high street coffee shops and microground wins over freeze-dried every time for me but I respect everyone’s personal preferences. Imagine if we all liked the same thing?!

  • Courage, dear heart
    Courage, dear heart Month ago +3

    I have to admit, I was surprised you didn’t give Nescafé Gold a nod. When we lived in Europe (and didn’t have a coffee grinder etc), Nescafé Gold was my absolute choice. In Budapest I loved going to the Gellért Hotel’s cukrászda and get the cappuccino with CREAM. Ahhhhh!!
    Now, I am a coffee snob. Grind my beans fresh and use an aeropress or French press.

  • Grumpist
    Grumpist 2 years ago +1557

    James surrounded by approximately 87 containers of instant coffee: "I'm a little bit nervous."
    me: is it because you've clearly lost your mind?

    • Gan Wei Di
      Gan Wei Di 9 months ago

      He had already answered you with the wordson his T-shirt

    • Platypi007
      Platypi007 Year ago +1

      The things stay at home orders and quarantines make people do...

    • Hanny Mary
      Hanny Mary 2 years ago

      And yet none were Moccona

    • Shadow J
      Shadow J 2 years ago


    • Jake Surname
      Jake Surname 2 years ago

      He probably films the intro after drinking the coffee.

  • MeMnOn1000bc ShEpHeRdKiNgS

    I enjoy both brewed and instant coffee. Lately I noticed lots changes. I switch my coffee for variety though recently brands that have reputation for being better/best began bringing out new lines at higher prices and less contents while the usual jars increased in price (was $13 in 2010 @ $30 in 2022) whilst quality hit the floor.

  • Azeria
    Azeria Year ago +417

    I mainly hate Azera for how similar their name is to mine.

    • Ninja Shuriken
      Ninja Shuriken 4 months ago

      @HostileVTOLInbound oof

    • Seb Xiou
      Seb Xiou 6 months ago

      Think how pissed-off Henry Ford must have been, then!

    • HostileVTOLInbound
      HostileVTOLInbound 6 months ago

      @Azeria verified

    • Azeria
      Azeria 6 months ago +3

      @The One that’s a surprise

    • McR07
      McR07 6 months ago +1

      Hate? It'd've been an instant favourite of mine by that logic...

  • Nancie Erhard
    Nancie Erhard 5 months ago +8

    Thank you. I generally have loathed instant coffee, but I need something to take camping that is completely fuss-free. It doesn't have to be spectacular, just hot and drinkable. This helps.

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen 2 months ago +1

      Get an Aeropress. It makes good coffee (much better than any instant) and is light and portable.

  • nougatbitz
    nougatbitz 4 months ago +6

    Loved his reactions here 😅 Instant coffee can still be a safer choice over a pour over with whatever pre-ground coffee I may have around, which sometimes can turn out super sour or bitter for some reason… I‘m still learning…

  • Adam Baylis-West
    Adam Baylis-West 2 years ago +386

    There are some interesting patterns emerging here: the chocolate notes of Illy, the broadly consistent superiority of Illy, Percol and Little's instant and so on. It would be good to see a follow-up, non-blind video explaining those results.

    • Teverell
      Teverell 4 months ago

      I'm very glad I'm not the only person who doesn't like Carte Noire in any form

    • John Moseley
      John Moseley 9 months ago

      Note that the Percol Organic was deemed disgusting, in stark contrast to their others.I can vouch for this. Never again.

    • Mark Parker
      Mark Parker 2 years ago +4

      Almost finished a tin of the Illy and was about to go back to the Kenco Millicano Americano, which I just prefer (with milk and sugar). Ordered a small jar of the Little’s winner to give that a try. Still trying to find an instant to replace my previous very long time favourite which was Nescafé Cap Colombie, before they sneakily changed the name to Cap Colombia (that James tried here) whilst changing the blend along with it.

    • AlphaLeader88
      AlphaLeader88 2 years ago +2

      I was surprised by how well Illy did in this match-up. Would like to see a followup to discuss the top handful of brews.

    • WMF
      WMF 2 years ago

      or maybe another blind test with new seedings to see if there is a new winner

  • Ira Sobral
    Ira Sobral 7 months ago +17

    Hilarious, I just bought myself the Littles jar as a small birthday treat (admittedly mainly for the cute packaging) and was surprised at how decent it turned out to be. Then saw this video in my recommended, and clicked to see if there were other instant coffees that were this drinkable. Maybe I had just been oblivious? Turns out no, just lucky. Haha! I guess will keep the Littles in my cupboard for when I need a quick cupper next to my regular (better) quality go tos.

  • Paul Brooks
    Paul Brooks 5 months ago +5

    I’ve found instant to be universally disappointing and often tasting of plasticy dirt. It’s the classic example of coffee that people make, with something that makes you grimace after tasting. There’s no desire to have more, just drink it and get on with things after the caffeine hit.

  • Frozen Man
    Frozen Man Year ago +14

    I am just glad my country is getting a proper coffee culture. In a decade it went from being instant coffee everywhere to, filter coffee + espresso only cafés and now even our supermarkets started selling coffee beans which means a lot to be honest.

    • MrSimonj1970
      MrSimonj1970 Year ago

      Asda Colombian beans are really good. Their espresso blend are terrible.

  • MockUpGuy
    MockUpGuy 6 months ago +32

    I like my instant coffee. It is like a completely different drink than regular coffee. So I have espresso, brewed coffee, instant, and tea to choose from, depending on mood.

    • Andres Flores
      Andres Flores 6 months ago +3

      @MockUpGuy it is good. I have my nescafe with almond milk

    • MockUpGuy
      MockUpGuy 6 months ago +7

      @Joseph Stalin no it’s good. You just must not think of it as coffee. Like pan pizza. It’s good but it sure ain’t pizza.

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 6 months ago +4

      Instant kinda sucks ngl

  • Rami Okba
    Rami Okba 2 years ago +1286

    Petition to make him read an ebook we can listen to before bed because of his soothing voice.

    • Nicola Stewart
      Nicola Stewart 3 months ago

      I listen to him when I’m going to sleep. I don’t even drink coffee.

    • Serenity444
      Serenity444 6 months ago

      A book on coffee throughout history

    • Adibta Triantama
      Adibta Triantama 11 months ago +3

      Update, he made one

    • Rog A
      Rog A Year ago +1

      I'd like his voice for my nav app. 😆

    • Tania Earle
      Tania Earle Year ago +1

      Haha I'm doing that now :)

  • Nefos
    Nefos Year ago +8

    I became engrossed by instant coffee when I started intermittent fasting. By just drinking these, normally very acidic, without any food, it left a pretty bad after taste on the mouth.
    I started a little gourmet coffee hunt to compensate for the lack of food throught the day. Now I have piles of instant coffe at home that I can't drink. 😂

  • David L Rattigan
    David L Rattigan 18 days ago

    I've been drinking Nescafe Gold Blend Alta Rica for the past week, and I have to say, it surprised me. I generally avoid instant, but this was the only coffee available, and it tasted better than most wholebean instants I've tried. Commenting before I see what you make of it.

  • Magela
    Magela 2 months ago +5

    This is a great video! Let me give you my point of view as an instant coffee stan. I'm Uruguayan and instant coffee is the most common way we make coffee at home. Ever since I was a kid what my mom gave me for breakfast was a hot cup of milk with instant instant coffee disolved there, and two spoons of honey. It's a bad breakfast from any point of view, I know, but it's what I grew up with, is what every morning of my childhood tasted like, and even though I have a Moka now and make real coffee when I feel like it, the affective memory that I associate with the taste of instant coffee make it what I prefer every morning to this day.

  • Shi Palabrica
    Shi Palabrica Month ago +1

    Hi, I got your vid from my recommendation as I'm watching for good coffee maker (i choose Moka Pot, also trying to move away from drinking instant for awhile now). I'm from The Philippines and I'm disappointed w myself that I never tried drinking "real" coffee bc of its intimidating taste, "Kapeng Barako" is one of the popular strong coffee we have here and most older generation loves it compared to instant. Anyways, I know now that using fresh coffee grounds are way better for overall health and I'll watch more of your vids to learn more. ☕ 💕

    • McMac Shalfilya
      McMac Shalfilya 2 days ago

      Instant works for me. With an occasional regular just for variation☕

  • Raymond T
    Raymond T 2 years ago +500

    James, my Mother is physically disabled due to years of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The other day she asked me what coffee options there were for people with a handicap and I honestly couldn’t make a good suggestion. This video is very welcomed to just make the best of the situation. Thank you!

    • SpeakNup
      SpeakNup 2 years ago

      Ray: are you sure she wasn't dropping a hint that she'd like to see you more often, say for morning coffee (made by you)? Or perhaps a hint at what she wants for Christmas: Jura e8?

    • dd dd
      dd dd 2 years ago

      +1 for the coffee bags.

    • feastmode
      feastmode 2 years ago

      do note that there are *higher quality* "new wave" instant coffees that are a notch above the ones seen in this video! probably easily ordered by your mum. here are some examples (US market):

    • Satoru
      Satoru 2 years ago +1

      The closest you can get to “instant drip” might be from Ogawa. They sell these kind of “all in one” filtered coffee sachets. Your rip the top off and it has 2 hangers that hold it over a cup. And you pour over hot water. As it’s from Japan it’s is over designed to be user friendly

    • SE Gamble
      SE Gamble 2 years ago +8

      This thread made me oddly happy today. Is James Hoffman’s TheXvid comment page the nicest place on the internet?

  • MarcosElMalo2
    MarcosElMalo2 21 day ago +11

    I used to be a coffee hobbyist, but I made a move to a country that also required a big cut in my income (and it’s been totally worth it). My first year I was in a rural area, not too far from a big town. More expensive finer coffee was available if I wanted it and wanted to splurge (and it was just OK coffee, neither great nor bad). I started drinking a cheap generic instant. I got used to it. Basically, I’m a caffeine addict. Instant coffee provides me with the most bang for the buck. A large jar of instant costs a little under $2.50 and lasts me 10 days.
    The convenience is nice. The brand I favor dissolves well in room temperature water. When I shamble into the kitchen on some mornings, I’m not quite awake and often clumsy. Gulping a cup of room temp instant gets me started.
    Fine coffee is a luxury. I think I appreciate it more than when I drank it often. I certainly savor it more. There’s a place nearby that does a light roast of (supposedly) organic Colombian arabica beans that I really love. But my daily “brew” is cheap instant.

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez 24 days ago

    I lived in Australia for a few years and I always said to my friends that sometimes, even instant coffee in my hometown were better than coffee in some shops. I'm from Medellin, Antiquia, Colombia. :)

  • StillHuntre55
    StillHuntre55 6 months ago +2

    My only complaint with this would be having the same amount of coffee and same water temp for each. Surely it would make more sense to prepare each according to their own package directions. That's how a consumer would make it. A brand intended to be made with two teaspoons per 6oz would taste watery at one teaspoon - and that's not the fault of the coffee.

    • Da Hawk
      Da Hawk 5 months ago +1

      Palate cleanse between each taste. Dunk the spoon into a bath of hot water every time.
      And he did not explain why he didn't include Starbuck's VIA, let alone these other instants
      which he did in a separate test:
      To make this bracket challenge even more interesting, it would have been excellent if he included 2 fresh brews into the mix:
      - One mediocre brand, and
      - One top quality brand.
      This would have made for a quite persuasive argument AGAINST instant if these two had been included, and his immediate reaction was repudiation of the instants he was comparing the fresh against. Even better if he had tossed in a total of THREE fresh brews, including:
      - One LOW QUALITY brand of beans.
      Then we could see if the best of the instants could have beaten the low end of the fresh brews.
      Since this extensive selection of instants has already been tested, James could revisit this test using only the semifinalists, along with the three fresh brew contestants proposed here.
      I suggest this revised rematch.

  • Karreth
    Karreth 6 months ago +2

    In my experience Nescafe Brassero is almost drinkable and the best I've had. I would never choose to have instant, though, if that's all they have I ask for tea.

  • Boldizsár Nagy
    Boldizsár Nagy 2 years ago +179

    It's incredible how consistent his tasting results are.

    • Cypeq
      Cypeq 2 years ago +4

      I'm not saying his skills are fake, they are very much real but visiual aids to consistency in this 'blind taste' are very real as well. Test like that in front of your own camera with editing are so easily faked, I personally choose to believe that James did honest work here, I don't think anything is fake about this video.

    • Cypeq
      Cypeq 2 years ago +1

      @Boldizsár Nagy you could easily memorize one that keeps standing out with 'weird chocolaty taste', it's just 4 characters, even without making conscious decision to memorize them they will imprint upon repetition, it's not like it was presented to him once. Just saying memory is a big factor, even more distinct shade. That's why it's called blind tasting, in normal situation you shouldn't get any visual reference unless that's something that will be judged as well.

    • Boldizsár Nagy
      Boldizsár Nagy 2 years ago +6

      ​@Cypeq I don't think he memorized all the four-digit number and taste pairs of the 38 types of coffee just so he can amaze me and fake his tasting skills.

    • Cypeq
      Cypeq 2 years ago +3

      to be honest he was able to see the stickers... so it's not 'pure scientific test' but it is fair, it will do. Don't feel like it's necessary to have him run double blind test here.

  • Edouard Prest
    Edouard Prest 19 days ago +1

    The description of coffee as lawful neutral was great.

  • Noypi54494
    Noypi54494 14 days ago

    Ive tried dozens of instant coffees from Asia, Europe, the Americas and my favorite is Nescafe Clasico Columbian. Very smooth, fruity, and aromatic. I get it in Walmart in the Hispanic items aisle.

  • CatReader
    CatReader 3 months ago +2

    "The chocolatey one, with a little bit of ash tray at the end." That line caused full on laughter in our house. For us, coffe is usually pour over. We do use Illy, the brand which caused James' comment, but only as Bold/Intenso and medium or espresso grind, not instant. Usually we buy from a local roaster (shout out to Black Dog in Kearneysville, WV). They have an espresso blend that we get freshly ground fine for pour over. I have a personal liking for an instant, too, that I wish had been included in the sip off: Cafe Bustello Espresso. My husband and I grew up in instant coffe households (Nefscafe in one, Folger's in the other), so we didn't begin to drink coffee until separate trips to New Orleans in our 30s. (I started to drink coffee during a brief trip to France as a teenager, but stopped quickly upon return to the home environment,)

  • Cruachan 11
    Cruachan 11 4 months ago

    Very interesting results, although of course (as you make clear) taste is a very subjective thing. I usually drink a dark roast from a bean to cup machine, but on the occasions I do drink instant (E.g. camping trips or travelling) I've actually found the Nescafe Azera to be a decent option.
    Also interesting that the Machu Picchu fell so early, I've had that (admittedly in bean form) a few times and thought it was nice.

  • Alan Fueki Official Ch.
    Alan Fueki Official Ch.  2 years ago +478

    James Hoffman is giving us the coffee tournament arc that we deserve.

    • Wontonslol
      Wontonslol 2 years ago

      I can't wait for the redemption arc

    • Daneve Obero
      Daneve Obero 2 years ago +6

      TouuuuuuuuuurnMent arccccc!!!!!

    • Mart J.
      Mart J. 2 years ago +6

      Thank you very much Mr Hoffman for this precious piece of „infotainment“. I’ve been enjoying this so much, I didn’t even skip the ad.
      That being said, there has always been a place for instant coffee in my heart. I’ve worked s as a barista for most of my working live, always for shops that sourced better than average coffee an had their own roasting facility.(I left the world of coffee a year before corona shook it so hard, for which I’m really grateful in retrospect.) I have an SCAE certificate lying around somewhere and I really love quality coffee.
      As such it guilty pleasure, like a chef secretly eating a McMuffin for breakfast, to just have a cup of instant and have a hassle free morning.
      Little‘s the only coffee of your bracket available in my country and I have defaulted too it as the “best” instant coffee so far. So nice to see my choice vindicated here ;)

  • Mr.Tomski
    Mr.Tomski 9 months ago

    While looking at James' videos, this one caught my attention.
    Would a 'smell test' be interesting at all?
    I sometimes drink instant coffee (from a Portuguese brand, Delta) and it has a roasted cereals / bread smell to it and I'm unsure if other coffees share the same attributes

  • Lena Kielk
    Lena Kielk 11 months ago +1

    I was surprised when he didn't like the Alta Rica coffee because that's the one I always have, though I do pair it with caramel syrup sometimes which makes it much sweeter. But even plain coffee out of it, I never taste any bitterness or harsh tones from it.

  • Saralius
    Saralius 2 months ago +3

    Best instant I've had (both decaf and regular) was Mount Hagen Fairtrade. Hard to find a decent decaf coffee at all here, so I was really happy when I found that one, since I couldn't drink regular coffee with the medication I was on back then.

  • FTF
    FTF 4 months ago

    First of all, Merry Christmas!
    I enjoy watching your videos, even "old" ones!
    Two things:
    1: I'm no expert (despite having spend the past 20 years enjoying places like Bar Italia in Soho and your very beans selection...) but I'm pretty sure that Azera has changed its recipe / beans.
    When it first appeared it tasted like half-decent, burnt, strong filter coffee.
    Recently I'm tasting that old chicory powder my farming grandmother in France used to serve after every lunch on Saturdays...
    Any idea why? (I bet you'll say "profit" 🤣)
    2: You and Morten Hilmer are among the very best people on this platform, any chance of a one-off episode together? Maybe you could tailor a special "Arctic Expedition Coffee Kit", with equipment and beans that could withstand extreme weather?
    Cheers, keep up the great work.
    Best regards,

  • drstefankrank
    drstefankrank Year ago +7

    I drank Nescafe classic for years at work. Their brewed coffee there was just way worse than that. Nowadays I enjoy fresh ground ones out of a Moccamaster and I don't want to go back for sure.
    I'm impressed on how you spotted the Nescafe classic as the classic instant, could even spot the Ethiopian one out of all of them and your final contenders were both Columbian ones.

  • HH756
    HH756 7 months ago +3

    The effort you consistently put into every single one of your videos is amazing, Liked & Subbed.

  • Jeffrey Black
    Jeffrey Black 7 months ago

    A lot of what you said at the start applies to both instant coffee and coffee beans. The companies selling it are trying to make a profit. And the price doesn't vary that much.
    The sole distinction between instant and beans is that instant coffee is for speed and convenience.
    The main difference in price comes when you go to a cafe and buy a coffee, or if you purchase everything you need to brew it yourself.
    So if you aren't okay with the system, you shouldn't be having coffee at all.

  • Fozzy
    Fozzy 4 months ago

    Ive only ever had Instant coffee, except for occasional cafe trips, and all those notes you mentioned have been my exact feelings towards it. I normally buy the Azera Americano because i thought it was the lesser evil. At least I can try Littles now until I can comfortably afford all the coffee equipment for the fresh stuff

  • Ambrose Reed
    Ambrose Reed 6 months ago +38

    I loved whenever he’d say “classic” and it was literally called “Classico” or something

  • Blithe Dream
    Blithe Dream 6 months ago +6

    My fiancé will literally eat a spoonful of instant coffee from the jar 😂 he makes his coffee with like 6 spoonfuls and has to drink 2 cups before he is ready to do anything in the morning
    I occasionally enjoy a cold brew coffee (home made, from the supermarket or from a shop) but I hate the instant kind!

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen 2 months ago

      You really need to buy an espresso machine.

  • oldtrojanskin oldtrojanskin

    A professional coffee barista that really cares about those that grow the coffee.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 8 days ago

    My tolerance of instant coffee depends on where I am. I spent a jet-lagged week in Tokyo, waking up at 3am every morning and craving caffeine. There was a jar of Nescafé in the kitchen, and under the circumstances, it was good enough.

  • Lukas don
    Lukas don 2 years ago +387

    The fact that you managed to pick out the Ethiopian is pretty astonishing to me.
    Also, watching you hate-taste stuff is very enjoyable.

    • Brandon Hunt
      Brandon Hunt 2 years ago

      @Grip Side Meh, it would be like doing a blind taste test with thirty regular sodas and picking out the one diet mixed in.

    • Grip Side
      Grip Side 2 years ago +4

      I’m impressed he was able to call out the Ethiopian while pointing out it’s not what you would expect from an Ethiopian. 8:30

    • Brandon Hunt
      Brandon Hunt 2 years ago

      Ethiopian has a really distinct taste profile. I'm a home roaster and steer clear of Ethiopian, not my taste.

    • Luffy :D
      Luffy :D 2 years ago

      It's almost like he knows his coffees 😛 but I know what you mean, I was also impressed

  • Lady Crowley
    Lady Crowley 3 months ago +1

    I'm Algerian and when I tell people I only drink instant coffee ( mostly Nescafé ) they think I'm crazy or I'm trying to show off. It's more expensive then "normal" coffee that people make at home with a Moka. The only reason I choose Nescafé is because almost all fresh coffees sold here are acidic and I can't stand the acidity in my coffee, the smell only makes me nauseous.

  • Sarah Smith-Long
    Sarah Smith-Long 6 months ago +13

    I'm rewatching this video and I just realized that the day this was uploaded last year, I had just met my future husband on a dating app two days prior; I've been following you for a while now, so I likely would have watched the video the day it aired. We're now happily married and we love your videos. Crazy!

  • JBCamacho
    JBCamacho Year ago

    I really enjoy my daily cuppa but I'm still surprised at how much I'm enjoying this content, bravo Mr Hoffmann.
    Don't usually use instant but always have some lying around for convenience and I'm now buying some Little's Colombian Premium Instant Coffee. Cheers for the recommendation and keep up the great work.

  • julie Wallis
    julie Wallis Year ago

    Terrific film, so glad to have found this wonderful channel.
    If we (my husband and I) have to drink instant, let’s say we are camping/glamping or somewhere else ‘uncivilised’ then we are reduced to drinking instant coffee we kind of enjoy Millicanno or Azeri americano
    I can’t believe we used to regularly drink instant and enjoy it.

  • Zazen Zach
    Zazen Zach Year ago +1592

    This guy is exactly what a youtube coffee reviewer would look and sound like.

    • Velvet Deluxe
      Velvet Deluxe 5 months ago

      @Carl Kamuti imagine being triggered about change.

    • Carl Kamuti
      Carl Kamuti 5 months ago

      @Katy Raynsford I mean, I suppose there's nothing wrong with being fair trade, feminist or organic. But the rest is everything wrong with our generation.

    • Katy Raynsford
      Katy Raynsford 5 months ago

      @Carl Kamuti I mean... You say that like it's a bad thing ✌️

    • DevilboyScooby
      DevilboyScooby 6 months ago

      SLURP agreed.

    • bananana
      bananana 7 months ago

      He's the Platonic ideal of a TheXvid coffee reviewer

  • Karine Savard
    Karine Savard 6 months ago

    Instant espresso coffee from Nescafe is also good, but you are right, coffee is often bitter and the taste can be "off" with an ashtray aftertaste. I guess tea is a good alternative and often has a more uplifting effect which lasts longer. I guess I watched this too late to be eligible to win... oh well... the idea was nice. 👍😘

  • Mac
    Mac Year ago +268

    This is definitely the first time I watched someone slurp coffee for 10 minutes

  • Gavin Shortall
    Gavin Shortall 4 months ago

    Without naming names, you slammed the coffee that my parents have been drinking for years. I've made them coffee from freshly ground speciality beans on several occasions (and they've loved it), have introduced them to the simplicity of brewing with an AeroPress, and yet they persist in drinking the instant coffee of choice. For them, I think the ease and simplicity of instant coffee is hard to compete with, even if the drinking experience is mediocre.

  • safari 87
    safari 87 7 months ago +10

    It's extremely hard to stay consistent when blindfold testing anything. Very impressed. Illy is chocolatey! I believe you.

  • Char10tti3
    Char10tti3 2 years ago +145

    My mum always mixes about three types of instant coffee together in an airtight coffee jar. It's bloody awful, but never a dull moment.

    • Satoru
      Satoru 2 years ago +7

      That’s like Russian Roulette Instant Coffee 🤪

    • minnsminns
      minnsminns 2 years ago +9

      We jokingly started a half-caf at work cause we couldn't remember which jar was which and it's now it's the most popular...
      Edit: we also have a full size barista style coffee machine for the people who like coffee

    • TheLadyKaz
      TheLadyKaz 2 years ago +26

      Chaotic evil?!!

  • Natasha Oniszczak
    Natasha Oniszczak Year ago +2

    Before watching this, I’m going to say that Nescafé Gold espresso has to score well.
    I never was an instant coffee drinker, but then I had twins. Suddenly didn’t have the time to make “real” coffee and clean up afterwards. Nescafé Espresso was the first instant coffee that made me feel like I wasn’t missing out.

    • Natasha Oniszczak
      Natasha Oniszczak 7 months ago

      @Kevin De Bondt I don’t like the gold regular nescafe. Only the gold espresso.

    • Kevin De Bondt
      Kevin De Bondt 7 months ago

      Nescafe Original for me. Gold is alright but bit weak for me

  • David de Groot
    David de Groot 7 months ago +1

    So many many moons ago when I drank instant, I used to go with Moconna (Douwe Egberts in your list), since the alternatives (mostly Nescafe) were terrible. But since progressing on my coffee journey I now can't drink any instant coffee, it is just bad. Well I suppose with enough milk and sugar it might be drinkable, but generally, no.

  • Meredith
    Meredith 2 months ago

    I had to go back to Instant coffee recently because my espresso machine broke down. It was just good old Nescafe that had been sitting in the cupboard for a long time so I decided changing my morning coffee to a cup of tea was much more preferable.

  • Sparky
    Sparky 2 months ago

    Dollar Tree in the US used to have a jar of instant coffee, which I liked. In the fine print, it said that it was manufactured in Egypt. Unfortunately, after the "Arab Spring", Dollar Tree no longer had it. It had no fancy name. It was just a generic jar of coffee which could make 60 cups of coffee for one dollar.

  • sauercrowder
    sauercrowder Year ago +1843

    You know his palate is on point when he blindly calls Nescafé original the "classic instant coffee profile."

    • light487
      light487 Year ago

      And continues to pick up the chocolate notes of the Illy over and over again.

    • sauercrowder
      sauercrowder Year ago +2

      @Towkeeyoh Ethiopian coffee is very distinctive though tbh, you ought to be able to distinguish that even if you've only had it once

    • Maatheo Vallejo
      Maatheo Vallejo Year ago +2

      Greetings from Medellín antioquia Colombia.

    • j m
      j m Year ago +1

      or when he picks out the ethiopian coffee out of 38

    • munki
      munki Year ago +2

      @GlacialImpala i find it tastes like vodka, is gross

  • Dr. A.
    Dr. A. 19 days ago

    You have some consistent taste buds! Enjoyed it but I can only drink the stuff with more milk than coffee.

  • Azizul Rahman
    Azizul Rahman Year ago +2

    This is excellent, well done. Love the idea.
    Although it's not in the tournament, my go-to instant coffee is the UCC The Blend No.117

  • Humungojerry
    Humungojerry Year ago

    we had bean to cup type giant machines at work, which were fed some kind of kenco beans. the coffee it produced was extremely bitter and burnt tasting, i’m sure it was the beans to a large extent, but the machines must have been terrible too; perhaps not cleaned enough. james made an ashtray comment for one of these and that definitely brings back unpleasant memories of this machine! either way i would prefer instant coffee any day

  • OrchestraRobert
    OrchestraRobert 7 months ago

    I chose this winner coffee couple of days ago to try. I choose coffee based on the size of seeds and their color. Certainly, it has the most well shaped and biggest size beens among all competitors. I loved the color as well. Not dark and too bright. I tried it and I loved it. My stomach is sensitive and normally cheap quality coffees hurt. This one was good and I could tolerate.

  • Rose Eliz
    Rose Eliz 2 years ago +517

    Back in the Middle East my grandmother makes coffee from scratch(roasting-grinding) and spices it. She then divides it up for her children, so that when you visit any one of her children you get our family's signature coffee. Our neighbor's coffee would be spiced differently as well, and so that family would have their own signature coffee too. The older generation literally do not know what instant coffee is.

    • Elf_VIP_Sone_Blackjack_Army_Ikonic xox
      Elf_VIP_Sone_Blackjack_Army_Ikonic xox Year ago +1

      Omg my grandma used to do it too!

    • sauercrowder
      sauercrowder Year ago +2

      @Rose Eliz Interesting, thanks

    • Rose Eliz
      Rose Eliz Year ago +2

      @sauercrowder Turkish coffee is from the Turks (some argue the Greeks, but I do not want to cause drama, lol) even if it's spiced. Arabic coffee is different, the grounds are not nearly as fine in texture and it is spiced in a verity of ways; each family does it differently. It wouldn't be odd to spice it with cloves.

    • sauercrowder
      sauercrowder Year ago +1

      Is this the same as coffee with "chel" in Israel? I imagine it is, since there is plenty of arab influence there. Turkish coffee, spiced with what I remember being primarily cloves

    • Rose Eliz
      Rose Eliz Year ago +1

      @IamIceQueen7 Yup! I'm from the Gulf. You nailed it, those are the basic spices we use. We have the blonde 3ahwa (coffee), and that's the one that has a lot more saffron. I don't know if the darker 3ahwa has saffron at all, at least not my grandmother's. I could be wrong though.

  • N K
    N K 11 months ago +1

    I buy the Nescafe Clasico. I use it only for making my cold mocha late and when I just want a regular cold coffee. I find this easier to mix with 2 oz hot water to melt sugar and coffee then add my other ingredients, milk froth, and ice.
    Using this with milk or creamer avoids melting my ice and watering down a good cold coffee or late. Using milk in a cold late also takes the edge off if you taste any bitterness when you want it strong. It also prevents me from going to Starbucks :) for that quick cold mocha or macchiato fix. Many great recipes on youtube from coffee shop owners using these.

  • MABH -
    MABH - 9 months ago +9

    I came across this channel a week ago. I like coffee that’s bold and dislike light and acidic coffee. But after watching his videos, it might be because I’ve been drinking cheap coffee all my life. 😂 oh no.

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 8 months ago

    Instant coffee I’ve grown up with but I’ve just got into actual better coffee I like the nespresso pods the most and find beans a bit hard work and bitter but each to their own, also for instant I like the simple Nescafé gold works well.

  • Saad Zaman
    Saad Zaman 5 months ago

    Getting the equipment necessary to make my own freshly brewed coffee is right up there on my wishlist. I'm a coffee lover but not a coffee connoisseur. I still need to do a lot of research before i go out and buy the equipment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • nickpjk
    nickpjk 2 years ago +187

    James is like coffee Jesus, sacrificing himself for us

    • Nemanjinho
      Nemanjinho 2 years ago +1

      The best commentS here, rofl!

    • Jen Placido
      Jen Placido 2 years ago +4

      @Daniel Seelye Nearly choked myself laughing at this unique coffee verse. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Daniel Seelye
      Daniel Seelye 2 years ago +10

      *Café 3 : 16*
      For James so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Tongue, that whosoever believeth in him should not pollute themselves with bad coffee, but have everlasting refills and Heavenly Flavors.

    • Yeng Sabio
      Yeng Sabio 2 years ago +5

      😂😂😂 That's one nice way to put it! Cheers & mabuhay from tropical Philippines!

  • Kenneth Tan
    Kenneth Tan 11 months ago

    I do enjoy a good cup of freshly brewed coffee, but my work-coffee is the Aldi instant coffee (with coffee milk) added.
    The taste beats most work coffee machines by far. I have a container with me on worktravels. Maybe it's the work-coffee taste I got used to and got fond off.

  • John Behan
    John Behan Year ago

    I haven't worked in sensory science for a minute, and I should probably criticize, but I really enjoyed your blind coding and fun method, even if there is no panel. And I like how you encourage people to be objective and learn

  • Unique Hybrid Cultivars UHC

    I feel like your descriptions are on point for what ive tasted in instants, vanilla, tangerine etc

  • Narobii
    Narobii 6 months ago

    Been watching a bunch of videos for like 2 weeks, don't even like coffee (chocolate espresso beans and coffee flavor deserts are great though) but so interesting to see how you compare stuff.

  • shin1300
    shin1300 Year ago +634

    James perfectly captures the energy of a chill person with too much caffeine
    He's just awesomely pulls it off

    • R David Robinson
      R David Robinson 2 months ago +1

      I somehow doubt James is a chill person. I suspect he simply has strong ethical streak, excellent interpersonal skills and high intelligence and a highly developed non-chill filter. : )

    • Axel Selhammar
      Axel Selhammar 6 months ago +19

      "I drank some coffee!"
      "So now you're not sleepy anymore?"
      "I'm still sleepy but now I've also got anxiety!"

  • Chris Wills
    Chris Wills 7 months ago

    Interesting that your preferred C of O was usually the Colombian option. I wonder whether the lighter roast suits the instant as it avoids the darker, harsher tastes. Very interesting, especially as I usually don't favour the Colombian.

  • AlinaGray88
    AlinaGray88 Year ago +4

    I love instant coffee! I actually don't like regular coffee for some reason instant just tastes better to me. My personal favorite is the Nescafe original. I drink a lot of Nescafe Original.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 9 months ago +4

    Fascinating... as a fall-back instant, my preference for Percol's Colombian ended-up 2nd. best in James' opinion - and he SHOULD know what he's talking about!