Batman: Arkham City - Audio Tapes: Joker

  • Published on Jul 15, 2013
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  • Waldo Found
    Waldo Found 2 years ago +60

    It would’ve been amazing if every time someone starts a new game and listens to the tapes he says a different story

  • Joopsh Whort
    Joopsh Whort 2 years ago +26

    My favorite part is, this being Joker after all, all of this could be total bullshit.

    Either way, riveting story.

    • Carsen Maxwell
      Carsen Maxwell 6 months ago

      It actually seemed somewbat similar to The Killing Joke which showed his real origin story, but his name was never revealed

    • Rhys Vella
      Rhys Vella Year ago +4

      It is

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 years ago +49

    1:45 I see what you did there, Rocksteady!

  • Ashter Moon
    Ashter Moon 6 years ago +19

    hehe I loved that line "give me 20 minutes and I'll have you wimpering like a school girl, you might like it"

  • Jovani Cepero
    Jovani Cepero 8 years ago +28

    When I was listening to Joker's story I was thinking about the movie.

    • Carsen Maxwell
      Carsen Maxwell 6 months ago

      @Tobi it wasn’t the entire city, just what became known as Old Gotham, slums, ghettos, where Thomas and Martha Wayne died

    • Carsen Maxwell
      Carsen Maxwell 6 months ago

      This is his actual origin story from the Killing Joke

    • Tobi
      Tobi 3 years ago +1

      Jovani Cepero whoever knew Joker bothered talking about his past to a mad scientist who turned the entire city into a prison

    • Jasper Hardy
      Jasper Hardy 4 years ago +1

      Jovani Cepero How can you not?😉

  • Jacob Rahn
    Jacob Rahn 8 years ago +8

    I think he's going to do Arkham Origins and Mass Effect 2.

  • Vin cam productions
    Vin cam productions Year ago +7

    so are we gonna skim over the fact that this is pretty much Luke skywalker talking to count dooku

  • JohnnyraggotGAMES
    JohnnyraggotGAMES 8 years ago +4

    this was cool TY

  • yousuf yasir
    yousuf yasir 8 years ago +3

    what game are u going to do next?

  • Daxshin
    Daxshin 8 years ago +2

    ME 2 he said he would do that so and also deadpool, i asked him in an older video somewhere near the end of Arkham city, Origins isn't out yet so he can't do that one yet

  • Mr1991Dragon
    Mr1991Dragon 8 years ago +7

    ohh Joker you awsome clown prince of crime

  • daniel
    daniel 2 years ago +2

    Killing Joke