Blind French Fry Taste Test


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  • Cynthia Rojas
    Cynthia Rojas 5 hours ago

    You forgot del taco fries

  • zack roller
    zack roller 6 hours ago

    Seeing whoever's giving rhett his fries makes me disgusted since the one giving link his fries cares and is pushing the thing to let him get the whole fry and rhett gets like half to 3/4 of the fry

  • Stephen Pawson
    Stephen Pawson Day ago

    Sorry guys but I’m the original Spud Man, keep up the awesomeness!!!

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller 8 days ago

    Just drags on

  • Mekenzy Irish
    Mekenzy Irish 8 days ago

    You should try a “Will it” (French Fry) video with blind folds. So you have to say if it “will” or “won’t” and then guess what type of food it is after. Also have you ever done a will it French fry? Dumb idea?

  • Isaac Woods
    Isaac Woods 8 days ago

    not including wing stop fries is a crime

  • Steveasaurus Birkett

    3 mins: here here link

  • glenn estrada
    glenn estrada 10 days ago

    H8 sweet potato fries...for chumps

  • coolasice532
    coolasice532 12 days ago

    Do they have Sonics in their area cause they never mention it or anything

  • MissRadi0active
    MissRadi0active 12 days ago

    Am I the only one that remembers when Burger King had the fries that came with a pack of powdered cheese and you put them in the bag and shook them up? Those were amazing !

  • Renee Knudsen
    Renee Knudsen 12 days ago

    What about Chick-fil-A?

  • Asim Mohammed
    Asim Mohammed 14 days ago

    Whatever happened to Lizzie? She got a new job elsewhere?

  • Mr. Yakubi
    Mr. Yakubi 14 days ago

    How come they never do Chick-fil-a?

  • Boogeypop80
    Boogeypop80 17 days ago

    I miss Lizzie....

  • OOF
    OOF 19 days ago


  • Rosie O'Brien
    Rosie O'Brien 21 day ago +2

    I love sweet potato fries 😡

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 22 days ago

    Jack in the box has the best fries *curly fries* tbh

  • Gianna Parisi
    Gianna Parisi 26 days ago

    I'm not a hater but link you're going to make me one sweet potatoes fries are good I'm not a wuss I like both kinds of fries all shapes and size

  • Brent Delong
    Brent Delong 27 days ago

    Why did they use curly fries when those burger joints have regular fries as well.

  • Darq
    Darq 27 days ago

    i just noticed that the chicken stick and the fry stick are the same exact things...

    the frick is just the soulja stick

  • Hollow Kanti
    Hollow Kanti 29 days ago

    I feel like I would dominate all these blind taste tests.

  • WhitDog WhatsUp
    WhitDog WhatsUp Month ago +2

    *How are you not gonna have McDonalds on tha crown🤔?!?!* Haha. Much Love Beasts 😁💚

  • Alan Tackett
    Alan Tackett Month ago

    Yall didn't even get chick fil a fries?!

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias Month ago


  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias Month ago

    I hate everything Sweet Potato

  • Pierre Dolt
    Pierre Dolt Month ago

    I don't know why american's are calling it french fries because this come from belgium...

  • XxWill_productionsxX
    XxWill_productionsxX Month ago +2

    It’s funny because I watch good mythical morning at night

  • Westwood
    Westwood Month ago

    Mazagine Cult:
    7:31 "I fil like I've earned a subscription to Spud Man Mazagine" -Link

  • James Mullen
    James Mullen Month ago

    Hardees/carls has kris_kuts NØT curly fries

  • MissAquaGamer
    MissAquaGamer Month ago +1

    “Demented Slushy” is such a mood

  • Rizzy
    Rizzy Month ago

    *I love watching these videos!* ❤️

  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX Month ago

    Why aren't they ranking them?

  • andres moreno
    andres moreno Month ago

    The frys make the burger the side

  • KnifeCrazzzy
    KnifeCrazzzy Month ago

    Sweet potato fries are for cowards 🤣🤣🤣

  • GoD_ Nut
    GoD_ Nut Month ago

    7:47 Link said this shit cold

  • Uzio
    Uzio Month ago

    7:47 “ This shit cold”

  • janet gutierrez
    janet gutierrez Month ago

    That kid at the end looked like Justin Bieber

  • TheBlazeGamerTBG
    TheBlazeGamerTBG Month ago

    I just notice their stick is a swear

  • Do you like chicken Nuggets?

    Anyone here in 2019? 👌

  • Henji 123
    Henji 123 Month ago +1

    How dare you diss my boi sweet potato fries

  • Lukman Seyal
    Lukman Seyal Month ago


  • Lukman Seyal
    Lukman Seyal Month ago


  • TheTrekkieGamer129
    TheTrekkieGamer129 Month ago

    The chips you get at smash burger are the best.

  • Noah Hall
    Noah Hall Month ago +2

    Sweat potato fries are for people who appreciate the best things in life such as sweet and savory

  • emma bustillo
    emma bustillo Month ago +17

    rhett: my instincts about fast food are always wrong
    chicken nugget blind taste test: *gets every single one correct*

  • CookieBoy770
    CookieBoy770 Month ago +2

    1:43 What would a fry truck be called?


    MISCHIEF Month ago +1

    WOAH WOAH WOAH! Wendy’s has the BEST fries.

  • Saeedat A
    Saeedat A Month ago +2

    Link legit contradicts himself in every video

  • Jozz Wheeden
    Jozz Wheeden Month ago

    I used to say mazagine when I was a little guy and the folks never corrected me because I guess they thought it was adorable.

  • Juice bops
    Juice bops 2 months ago

    *F R I C K*

  • Tambourine Man
    Tambourine Man 2 months ago +1

    I felt kinda bad when Link got Jack in the Box wrong.

  • NY Auto Traders Leasing
    NY Auto Traders Leasing 2 months ago +1


  • Makena Lue
    Makena Lue 2 months ago +1

    According to Link I’m a loser

  • Hannah Louise Seifert
    Hannah Louise Seifert 2 months ago +1

    As if you didn’t know jack in a box made curly fries 😂😂😂 epic fail

  • Hannah Louise Seifert
    Hannah Louise Seifert 2 months ago +3

    Everybody should know mcdonalds fries they’re iconic

  • parinormal unseen
    parinormal unseen 2 months ago

    Ret stop being a ashole

  • luhnuggs
    luhnuggs 2 months ago

    They never have food from Sonic lol

  • scoot tf2
    scoot tf2 2 months ago +1

    I like soggy fries

  • DW R
    DW R 2 months ago +1

    Blind pickle taste test ?

  • Baleigh Nielsen
    Baleigh Nielsen 2 months ago +3

    I've been watching these blind taste tests and now I must have cereal🍲donuts🍩 fries 🍟 ice cream🍦and coffee ☕

  • one eyed pekingese
    one eyed pekingese 2 months ago

    Finally, someone that feels the same the way I do about sweet potato fries.

  • Alyssa Galaxy
    Alyssa Galaxy 2 months ago

    "As you can see, we can't."
    -Link 2016

  • Absolute Garbage
    Absolute Garbage 2 months ago

    I laughed whenever I watched Link sniff his fries

  • Sofie Dénes
    Sofie Dénes 2 months ago

    Everyone should stop calling it french fries, the best ones are in Belgium!!!! :D

  • Carlos de la torre
    Carlos de la torre 2 months ago

    Omg eww the liquidy eww

  • Carlos de la torre
    Carlos de la torre 2 months ago

    So sad Carl's doesn't sell curly fries. They have they're own style. On Jack has curries that taste a lil burnt and like gas. Carl's has seasoned regulat fries

  • NickTheOneNOnly
    NickTheOneNOnly 2 months ago

    I thought they were giving them a gimme with the curly fries. To me, if they're curly fries, it means they're from Jack in the Box. I can't believe they weren't even aware Jack in the Box has curly fries. It's baffling to me.

  • LP Jones
    LP Jones 2 months ago

    "Mine didn't sog out, mine colded off"

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Are there no What-A-burgers where you guys at??

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson 2 months ago +1

    I guess I'm a coward!! I like sweet potato fry too

  • Jim Yang
    Jim Yang 2 months ago +6


  • Drew Mitchem
    Drew Mitchem 2 months ago

    Bojangles has the best fries

  • Jonenzki
    Jonenzki 2 months ago

    Mcdonald's should be easy because those fries are horrible!

  • Gray Mcneely
    Gray Mcneely 2 months ago

    "Im tryna play tricks on your mindd" fell over laughing

  • Mar Muster
    Mar Muster 2 months ago

    Sweet potatoes are so gross but normal are good

  • Ryan O'Callaghan
    Ryan O'Callaghan 2 months ago
    50$ gift card to five guys on a new channel!

    I TRIGGER PEOPLE 2 months ago +3

    Man Link likes all the sissy sweet stuff like cereal and peanut butter but he doesn't like sweet potato fries???

  • Bailey Denny
    Bailey Denny 2 months ago

    am I the only one who heard link say "this sh*t cold" on the last fry taste test

  • Mike Kim
    Mike Kim 2 months ago +2

    How could Link be so confident about Carl's Jr./Hardee's and yet know nothing about it?

  • Anna Aucompaugh
    Anna Aucompaugh 2 months ago

    I don't know why, but I always find myself routing for Rhett.

  • Chloe Lane
    Chloe Lane 2 months ago

    Why do I do this to myself!? 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 #dietlife

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 2 months ago


  • MëmēS Mäñia
    MëmēS Mäñia 2 months ago

    Had anyone ever had Eggees ranch fries? They might be local but they are bomb

  • Sleeg22
    Sleeg22 2 months ago

    Bk fries are nastyyy

  • Crazy Bonehead
    Crazy Bonehead 2 months ago

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to cook up 5 servings of fries for myself and myself only.

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon 3 months ago +2

    Link's fry server was a LOT nicer by letting him take the whole fry serving by unclipping the frick, but Rhett got the lazy server (or the scared server cuz they didn't want to lose their fingers LOL)! I want fries too now haha!

  • Very Nice!
    Very Nice! 3 months ago

    dude on the right looks like the dude from Wayne's world

  • The WMDR
    The WMDR 3 months ago

    Why do I always watch there videos when I’m hungry?

  • V Larsen
    V Larsen 3 months ago +5

    Sweet potato fries are amazing!!

  • Ruthieee M
    Ruthieee M 3 months ago

    Link actually got 4 right

  • Gray Clouds
    Gray Clouds 3 months ago

    the winner should have been called lord of the fries
    edit: I finished watching the video. I am a fool.

  • toilet paper
    toilet paper 3 months ago

    Has anyone ever watched too much Mythical Morning

  • Sam Till
    Sam Till 3 months ago

    Do mashed potatos next

  • Caprece Coley
    Caprece Coley 3 months ago

    is it me or link said "this shit cold" ? at 7:46 ish?

  • Peyton Nicole
    Peyton Nicole 3 months ago

    I like this intr better

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 3 months ago

    Sweet potato fries are not for losers!
    They are for SUGAR!
    Not salt!
    And that "Liquifry" stuff is nasty!

  • Subscribe to pewdiepie
    Subscribe to pewdiepie 3 months ago

    I only came because I wanted you to have KFC French fries the best fries ever I'm so disappointed:(

  • Darealdeal
    Darealdeal 3 months ago

    This is the same as the chicken nugget stick

  • Jake Ng
    Jake Ng 3 months ago

    I know this is old butt... WHERES TGE CHIC FIL A FRIES???