Wish.com Vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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    Wish.com deals, a wishing well, troll, and pond scum… Just another day in the office! GMM #1503
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Comments • 4 935

  • Gabriel Young
    Gabriel Young 3 days ago

    Anyone else think that link and Rhett shared a MoMeNt when link helped with the jorts?

  • Ali Perrault
    Ali Perrault 3 days ago


  • ferdonandebull
    ferdonandebull 5 days ago

    Rhett is really afraid of link having shard things

  • Sam Shane
    Sam Shane 5 days ago

    rhett “this is deadly” I WANT IT

  • Hello World
    Hello World 5 days ago

    I have that same exact sword and I got it for 40 dollars

  • Aquarella Azobrab
    Aquarella Azobrab 6 days ago

    Why is everybody talking sht about wish when Amazon has alot of expensive stuff as well and people Will buy IT if they dont work anyways... I have bouught on wish and is ok

  • DerpsTheKitten
    DerpsTheKitten 7 days ago

    It’s called Wish because you *wish* they actually came.

  • normisodd
    normisodd 8 days ago

    love rhett

  • Green
    Green 10 days ago

    None of these are actually that expensive retail...

  • Kamerin Covey
    Kamerin Covey 11 days ago

    Wish - suggesting you crack pipes on Facebook since 2018

  • Timur Argynov
    Timur Argynov 12 days ago

    How's your chair rhett

  • jareddumble
    jareddumble 13 days ago

    They must have ordered everything they used this episode a year ago, AND THATS WITH EXPRESS SHIPPING LMAO

  • BroadwayG
    BroadwayG 15 days ago

    I love how wish is sponsoring the video but their roasting wish lol

  • Camocoder30
    Camocoder30 15 days ago

    Has anyone made a gif of that yet

  • Bender B Rodriguez
    Bender B Rodriguez 16 days ago

    Million dollar mansion, on wish $10 🤣

  • Brayden Grey
    Brayden Grey 18 days ago +2


  • Joy B
    Joy B 18 days ago +1

    2:30 lol we were all thinking it 😂

  • Johan Lindberg
    Johan Lindberg 18 days ago +1

    Don't support Wish!

  • MrLark Pokemon
    MrLark Pokemon 21 day ago +1

    6:56 jacksepticeye's smile

  • Señor Tequila Purr
    Señor Tequila Purr 23 days ago +1

    See that downvote number? Yeah, right there? Shows you're full of it.

  • Dope_Cat S.
    Dope_Cat S. 24 days ago +1

    With the sword when he kept saying miss I was waiting for link to say shut up

  • Denzix
    Denzix 25 days ago +2


  • Ay Maties
    Ay Maties 27 days ago +1

    That mask is not $999

  • Emily Forsberg
    Emily Forsberg 28 days ago +1

    LOL so much at the 311 references

  • oliverk3rry 1235
    oliverk3rry 1235 Month ago +1

    I got a wish ad lmao

  • Diego Bellavia
    Diego Bellavia Month ago +2

    Every Single Comment: making obvious statements about Wish as a company and their counterfeit products.
    Me: Rhett's a$$ too phat for them booty shorts.

  • NoLookDeadShot
    NoLookDeadShot Month ago +2

    Mandy muse wore those shorts search her up

  • Gianni
    Gianni Month ago +1

    Ah the cookin mask

  • PantherPlayz
    PantherPlayz Month ago +1


  • Idiot Buys a Sailboat
    Idiot Buys a Sailboat Month ago +1

    you guys just advocated the counterfeit website that could be using dangerous materials because they lined your pockets a little

  • Jayden Moyah
    Jayden Moyah Month ago +1

    Was watching you guys since 4k

  • toxic top hat
    toxic top hat Month ago +1

    I use wish to but lights for my car or I'd spend $200 on led tail lights only I spent closer to $30 my favorite TheXvidr Robbie used there headlights is 2 years later there still going at $20 for the set

  • Blood Lizard Inc.
    Blood Lizard Inc. Month ago +1

    If that tree trunk wasnt foam it'd be nice

  • Silvanodrago
    Silvanodrago Month ago +1

    8:50 looks so wrong

  • Madeleine Kamondi
    Madeleine Kamondi Month ago +1

    Link’s poor glasses...

    RIPPER95D Month ago +1

    The one video I down voted. Expected more from you guys

  • The Filmsoloist
    The Filmsoloist Month ago +2

    8:49, 🤔 wonder what's going on there

  • NathanMatthew Davis
    NathanMatthew Davis Month ago +1

    is wish true?

  • Gx Chronicle
    Gx Chronicle Month ago +1

    Aait did anyone else see that on reght ? Hes Diabetic ?!?!?

  • Jekai-Senpai
    Jekai-Senpai Month ago +1


  • Stuart O'Neill
    Stuart O'Neill Month ago +1

    This is an advert for wish

  • Stuart O'Neill
    Stuart O'Neill Month ago +1

    That's why it's called WISH..becaused you'd wish you bought the real thing

  • Jmbeastmode 569
    Jmbeastmode 569 Month ago +1

    When the troll try’s to hard for a joke

  • mr. pineapple face
    mr. pineapple face Month ago +1

    Any one else see some thing 😂 8:49

  • Izzie walsh
    Izzie walsh Month ago +1

    Anyone else 8:52

  • Chris Derkovits
    Chris Derkovits Month ago +2

    Everyone who hated on this video, go shove the facial steamer up your bum

  • Adalia Wright
    Adalia Wright Month ago +3

    My Reaction to the Denim Shorts: ah, yes. the modern loincloth.

  • Breanna Bennett
    Breanna Bennett Month ago +1

    The only reason why the products are actually decent is cause it’s sponsor

  • Aleek91
    Aleek91 Month ago +1

    its $ellout time

  • Austin Friedner
    Austin Friedner Month ago +1

    Anyone else get a stiffy when Rhett put on the shorts?

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave Month ago +1

    Everyone in the comments is so salty. They must have bought stuff on wish expecting it to be good lmao

  • boris borisavich
    boris borisavich Month ago +1

    8:50 NO TUMBLR NO!!

  • ForEverythingBeauty
    ForEverythingBeauty Month ago +1

    I would’ve been ok with this video concept if it was a sponsorship by wish

  • ForEverythingBeauty
    ForEverythingBeauty Month ago +1

    Rhett looks so amazing and way hotter with teeth

  • Keith Gomez
    Keith Gomez Month ago +1

    Everybody gonna act like 8:50 didn't happen lma[!!!

  • DreamLandBuds
    DreamLandBuds Month ago +1

    Probably the most disastrous LtD ratio from GMM...

  • Cody Janssen
    Cody Janssen Month ago +1

    As much as this is a good episode they shouldn’t be associated with wish

  • Jakey G
    Jakey G 2 months ago +1

    Not acc retail btw

  • Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez 2 months ago +1

    Sure sure

  • knight league
    knight league 2 months ago +1

    I laughed at 8:50