Tennis Backhand LAG And SNAP Explained (DONE IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS!)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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    What’s the correct wrist-lag & snap technique on the two-handed backhand? Should your wrists be passive through the whole stroke? Or is there a more dynamic way to force the racquet flip down and up?
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    Resources Mentioned
    The Coupling Effect:
    Feel Tennis Drop Technique:
    The Rick Macci Backhand:
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Comments • 24

  • thors blot
    thors blot 13 days ago

    these vids have made something click into place, the best 2hbh vids by far that I've ever seen, thanks heaps mate.
    I had this purple patch where my 2hbh was working awesome, what I;d try to concentrate on was going from:
    left arm bent/right arm straight at takeback
    to left arm straight/right arm bent at contact
    It kinda worked, then I lost it, and couldn't reconstruct it. It's that slight right hand pull at the beginning which makes the racquethead flip which has really helped, but staying really loose, and pushing through with the left. I am not thinking about shoulder snap, but it is still working again

  • frank mancuso
    frank mancuso 15 days ago

    Many coaches say left hand does much work on BH?!?!

  • TennisTroll Channel
    TennisTroll Channel 16 days ago

    awesome video - thank you for the info!

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    I see you including my boy Nishikori, ey. :] Thanks for the informative video guys. Enjoying the physics and biomechanics as always.

  • JorgeAndresCoppiano.

    Maaaaan that technique!!! And that racquet! Haha
    Top Pros, and what the Science says.
    Love it!!!!!! Nishikori, Nadal, Berdych, guys, good choices!!!!

  • invatafreestyle Street & Freestyle Football by AL

    Your explanation and analysis is awesome man!!! Way better and more complex and detailed than others that have ay more views... I don't understand why your vids dont grow more in views...TOP CLASS!

  • mate brouchy
    mate brouchy Month ago

    Hey RF! I didnt understand the Nadal and kei backhand technique? They use both arm in sync??
    Thanks and good luck!!

  • Marco Laspe
    Marco Laspe Month ago

    You lost me at elastic energy. The human body doesn't store significant amounts of elastic energy. Especially not when you coil your body. During your stroke your tendons will store elastic energy and release it afterwords immediately.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith Month ago

    Awesome, I have been waiting for this one. Great job guys!

    • RacquetFlex
      RacquetFlex  Month ago

      Glad you enjoyed the video Tony! Much more to come 🏆

  • TNToncourt
    TNToncourt Month ago +2

    The hair is a distraction.

  • alessandro signorini

    great guys , you did it again !!!! Thanks after a woundelful forehand series , a benchmark from now on for the forehand videos Now you touch the topic of twohanded backhand with the same prospective . great job

  • Dave R
    Dave R Month ago

    Very intuitive to follow. Can’t wait to hit the courts and practice. Thank you!

  • Joshua Tsukamoto
    Joshua Tsukamoto Month ago +1

    This would've been helpful when my tennis team forced me into a two handed backhand from my already-strong one hander. Neither of my backhands are anywhere near as dynamic or strong as they should be now. Great vids tho, better late than never :')
    Would also love to see this on the one handed backhand!

  • Obaid Farghani
    Obaid Farghani Month ago


  • Shane Potter
    Shane Potter Month ago +4

    The use of your legs in this video is likely more critical to proper backhand technique. The movement, transfer of weight from the back foot to the front foot and hitting off the front foot at contact point sets you up for success. Likely the most overlooked component of generating power and consistency in all shots regardless of technique.

    • Tennisfreak54
      Tennisfreak54 Month ago +1

      Shane Potter always footwork footwork footwork 😂😂 you can have the best legs in the world but if your hands can’t control the racket your legs ain’t worth shit.
      And the subject of the video was not about the legs

    • RacquetFlex
      RacquetFlex  Month ago

      ​@Sz KiVideos on the one-hander are coming soon! Sure thing - we're based in Long Beach and Laguna Niguel, SoCal. You can learn more about our services here:

    • Sz Ki
      Sz Ki Month ago

      @RacquetFlex will you also do a video for the 1h backhand?
      Also, do you do private lessons? City?

    • RacquetFlex
      RacquetFlex  Month ago

      That's a great point, Shane. Thanks for the feedback!

  • MiniBoys123 Gaming
    MiniBoys123 Gaming Month ago

    Does practicing left handed forehands help with backhand?

    • Tennisfreak54
      Tennisfreak54 Month ago +1

      MiniBoys123 Gaming ASK sharapova how many times she has to play only with the Left hand at the IMG academy and she probably can’t tell you exactly if it was 500000 or 510000 and she had the best backhand at her time

    • RacquetFlex
      RacquetFlex  Month ago

      Great question! Although you don't want to hit your actual shot like a left-handed forehand, it is very helpful to practice a "classic-style" left-handed forehand to practice the contact & extension.