• Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez Day ago

    tuning fork, idk something that would give it an abnormal use with interesting effects

  • poppa cap ak uzi
    poppa cap ak uzi 2 days ago

    You should try to make it into a knife or a machete or sumthing sharp that would b awsome as a knife

  • Branden Preston
    Branden Preston 2 days ago

    Do you sell your work? Ie chef knives.

  • Alez Mahony
    Alez Mahony 2 days ago

    Do you do this as a job?

  • Rizaldy Ramadhan Nodjeng

    PewDiePie can copyright this

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James 3 days ago


  • Cody Muller
    Cody Muller 4 days ago

    Forbidden carrot stick

  • Clampitron
    Clampitron 4 days ago

    I was wondering, what is so special about damascus?🤔

  • Josh Kyle Bacus
    Josh Kyle Bacus 4 days ago +1

    You just made pewdiepies logo pattern...keep up the good forging mr. Alec

  • Hugo Rabe
    Hugo Rabe 4 days ago

    Loved this video was thinking you should try to make a part of the knife handle

  • AlfredsBlaster gaming

    is it just me or does that look like pewdiepies colours?

  • Luther Blankenship
    Luther Blankenship 5 days ago

    The twist. Made the better paturn. Wood grain look. Your awsome. Dude. Major knowledge for your age. Feel proud

    • Luther Blankenship
      Luther Blankenship 5 days ago

      Use the twisted one to make pistol grips. Please. You would sell millions. 1911. 45 pistol sells loads

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 6 days ago

    If you can fuse tungsten and bismuth, I'll give you a dollar.

  • LeAidan Smith
    LeAidan Smith 6 days ago +1

    When you get tiger camo from black ops 1

  • Phant0m
    Phant0m 7 days ago +1

    Turn it into a tube and drop a magnet through it.

    • Lightning Torch
      Lightning Torch Day ago

      How do you turn a flat piece of metal into a tube without drilling? He said the stuff's expensive, so he probably won't want to drill it.

  • madwilliamflint
    madwilliamflint 7 days ago

    That would make the most gorgeous knife scales.

  • stilltlrforlife
    stilltlrforlife 7 days ago

    So cool..he does so much things to stuff using all his stuff and things, I wish I had stuff and things.

  • DJRafi01
    DJRafi01 8 days ago

    I wood like to see sword made of this

  • mildsalsa
    mildsalsa 9 days ago

    Make a knife out of this and send it to Pewdiepie

  • harry grayson
    harry grayson 10 days ago

    Traitor English lad doing well on TheXvid them move America unsubscribed

  • Evaristo Fernandez
    Evaristo Fernandez 10 days ago

    Pewdiepie damascus is best damascus

  • S.B.I
    S.B.I 10 days ago

    Make a damascus katana

  • Gabriel Davidson
    Gabriel Davidson 11 days ago

    Using tin and/or antimony may have helped...

  • DonFurlan
    DonFurlan 11 days ago

    Meme Review 👏👏

  • TehArgento
    TehArgento 11 days ago +1

    Did you mean to say pewdiepie metal?

  • Julian Honeywill
    Julian Honeywill 11 days ago

    Knife please!!!!!!

  • Caius Skeikx
    Caius Skeikx 12 days ago

    looks better with tiger pattern from twisting it, otherwise looks like wood

  • Unnamed Gameing
    Unnamed Gameing 12 days ago +1

    This is pewdipi metal

  • Nick Lemon
    Nick Lemon 12 days ago

    how much pole do you squat?

  • Facundo Mogor
    Facundo Mogor 12 days ago

    he did something with that piece of damascus? I can't find a video when he does it...

  • Ali Maki
    Ali Maki 13 days ago

    Pewdiepie logo !!!!!

  • 1Z
    1Z 13 days ago

    Make a necklace

  • 1Z
    1Z 13 days ago +1

    Does that mean if you stuck it in acid youd have a battery?

  • Casper Hendriks
    Casper Hendriks 13 days ago

    Make a csgo knife

  • Axcel Maaghop
    Axcel Maaghop 13 days ago

    Wow damascus steel pewdiepie pattern

  • Papa Logan
    Papa Logan 14 days ago

    Use the scraps for leaves and the first attempt for a knife!!!

  • Dale Wood
    Dale Wood 14 days ago

    is this how you make cheese? make a metal cheese sandwich even the hardest rocker cant handle

  • nick dujunco
    nick dujunco 14 days ago

    Curious... is it hard enough to make a knife?

  • MrCubeLord Bx4
    MrCubeLord Bx4 14 days ago

    Looks like wood

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot 15 days ago

    Hey that’s pewdiepies pattern

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack 15 days ago

    Am I colorblind? Copper is clearly orange... right??

    • YusakuGod
      YusakuGod 11 days ago

      copper is more pinkish-orange, but quickly forms oxides that are greenish and visually makes it more orange. wash some copper with certain acids or heat it up and put some acid flux on it and that can be fairly pinkish. At least that's my theory. could be the acid or flux forms another compound thats pinker..

  • Dr. M. H.
    Dr. M. H. 15 days ago

    Never seen a hipster with a forge b4

  • Dr. M. H.
    Dr. M. H. 15 days ago +1

    How does just spraying the metals with acetone clean them?
    The acetone evaporates leaving behind any oils that were originally there

    • Dr. M. H.
      Dr. M. H. 14 days ago

      Besides that, any oils would rapidly burn off of the metal in the forge anyway....any carbon left behind would be miniscule.
      Who taught this guy blacksmithing???
      His ham handed reaction to the product was the equivalent to giving himself a hand job.... Wtf?

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace 15 days ago +1

    Copper looks nothing like pink to me🤔

  • th3msavageboys
    th3msavageboys 15 days ago

    Ring or knife would look crazy nice

  • Axzuin Zakaris
    Axzuin Zakaris 15 days ago

    Looks like cheese when you're forging it lol

  • Kerem Akyüz
    Kerem Akyüz 16 days ago

    It looks like tiger skin

  • Memeologist
    Memeologist 17 days ago +5

    Mokume Gane, huh? More like PewDiePie!

  • Halo Fan
    Halo Fan 17 days ago +8

    This is the first time I've heard the phrase "holy granola that stuffs not cheap "

  • Sebastiaan Rijkens
    Sebastiaan Rijkens 17 days ago

    A damascus still for making moonshine

  • Joeparlaconte Parlaconte


  • Söckchen823 ilike
    Söckchen823 ilike 17 days ago +1

    how much shittalking ?
    : yes !

  • Cowboy Randle
    Cowboy Randle 18 days ago

    12:15 boots n’ cats

  • Angel LD
    Angel LD 18 days ago

    Make it into a ring or a functioning arrow head

  • The Man from Epsilon Crucis

    Real Damascus steel is Wootz Damascus. Wootz Damascus does not use multi metals or billets It is made in the crucible. This process is not actually traditional Damascus.

  • Tony Bacon
    Tony Bacon 19 days ago

    Hair Comb

  • SaftSchinken23
    SaftSchinken23 19 days ago

    9:20 OMG it's pewdiepie damadcus XD

  • fullfire0
    fullfire0 19 days ago

    You should use american pennies and nickles

  • Frans Bima
    Frans Bima 19 days ago

    Im just wondering, after seing some of your video combine some metal, can you make damascus katana?

  • Sitiveni12
    Sitiveni12 20 days ago

    I need this man's face for memes

  • Herman Sones
    Herman Sones 20 days ago

    Scales for a Damascus blade knife

  • Elias Melendez
    Elias Melendez 20 days ago

    The mikume twist needs to be a chef knife

  • Krallesmusic
    Krallesmusic 21 day ago

    You know what would look super Nice... an axe

  • TheFixer710
    TheFixer710 21 day ago

    It looks like wood grain

  • Petyr
    Petyr 22 days ago

    this thing costs a pretty "penny" hehe

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 22 days ago +8

    Salmony pink, the colour is literally copper

  • matejk matejk
    matejk matejk 22 days ago

    This kinda looks like pewdipies banner

  • orange
    orange 23 days ago


  • Ronnie Runyon
    Ronnie Runyon 25 days ago

    How much would it cost me to get a small piece of your mokume it's beautiful, I really like the twist pattern. One day I'll make some. I would make a ring out of it.

  • Friar Rodney Burnap
    Friar Rodney Burnap 25 days ago

    Maybe you could become a Preacher of the could Preach...

  • Rodger B
    Rodger B 25 days ago

    It looks really good how would it work as a knife handle like on a cold steel Ti-light or something?

  • Kim Watchman
    Kim Watchman 26 days ago

    Wondering if you can duplicate the Goujian sword???

  • David Marsella
    David Marsella 26 days ago

    Make a katana.

  • wlod nat
    wlod nat 26 days ago

    What's the point of spraying acetone on something and not doing anything else, like cleaning, just letting it evaporate? :)

  • John Pelfrey
    John Pelfrey 26 days ago

    How come you never make anything? You could’ve made a knife or something once you proved it would work.

  • venom XE
    venom XE 27 days ago

    Its looking like pewdiepie's logo😄😄

  • Jac Tur
    Jac Tur 28 days ago

    I would like to see it on the spine of a pattern welded bowie knife

  • Alec Lipscomb
    Alec Lipscomb 28 days ago

    You should send some of this stuff to Patrick Adair

  • Militia Scene
    Militia Scene 29 days ago

    That would make a kick-ass wedding band

  • Woodsy Dayz
    Woodsy Dayz Month ago +1

    haaha D&D fan know it Acquisitions Incorporated

  • mattias andersson
    mattias andersson Month ago


  • Caleb Kent
    Caleb Kent Month ago

    @4:45 the forbidden cheese

  • Valentin Virban
    Valentin Virban Month ago

    Great video! You could make Otzi the Iceman's axe/hatchet from that!

  • GaiaChrono
    GaiaChrono Month ago

    10:59 Alec goes full Tom & Jerry on us

  • kathy taylor
    kathy taylor Month ago

    It would make beautiful rings and jewelry

  • B
    B Month ago +5

    Would you consider doing a "viking" Damascus axe blade (or some kind of heavy use blade) from 4150 Ordnance grade alloy, Nickle, and D2 tool steel?

  • J Lil
    J Lil Month ago

    This guy definitely gets alot bitches

  • Jako Snot
    Jako Snot Month ago

    A PewDiePie 100 mil "item" like a knife, or sign, or some shiet like that mate. :)

  • Killer Furret
    Killer Furret Month ago

    Can you try to make a Damascus dog tag? I think seeing that would be very interesting

  • 24Cash Simard
    24Cash Simard Month ago

    a sword

  • Lan Emmanuel Cayco
    Lan Emmanuel Cayco Month ago

    9 year olds are shaking

  • Josef
    Josef Month ago

    Why didn't you ever do anything with this?

  • Uncle Jack
    Uncle Jack Month ago

    Make some kind of dagger out of it

  • Shuaib Moosa
    Shuaib Moosa Month ago

    What's wrong with his eyes

  • Niekto na Myjave
    Niekto na Myjave Month ago


  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr Month ago

    Hey, how and where did you get that plus cut that way? And why you don't use flux? I haven't seeing you use flux anymore?why? You should make a knife out it ?that would look cool. you can send me your end pieces.

  • 정원석
    정원석 Month ago

    Have you been made geology hammer? If you made that, please remain that vedio link.

  • Robert Casanova
    Robert Casanova Month ago +2

    You shoukd try to be on forged in fire

  • Odd Ball
    Odd Ball Month ago

    How about making some type of shaped Paper Weight? Say 3-4 inches wide, with multi angled facets.?

  • Potato the Flof
    Potato the Flof Month ago

    I'm not sure but maybe (I'm fairly new to forging and metalwork so be kind and if somthing is wrong im always open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism) just use a little more flux to help it bind better or maybe use some Cupronickel-alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese. The copper contents typically varies from 60 to 90 percent. (Monel metal is a nickel-copper alloy that contains a minimum of 52 percent nickel.) yeah i googled it I don't know if it would help bind if place between layers of copper and nickel OR if it will change the Damascus pattern too much its just an idea to try this again in a new video.