• Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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Comments • 7 976

  • Fathersontime
    Fathersontime 50 minutes ago

    you should use it to make handles for a 1911 .45 cal

  • ian hasselfeld
    ian hasselfeld 4 hours ago

    Make chopsticks

  • beastdrew 111
    beastdrew 111 5 hours ago

    You should make a sword out of copper and nickel

  • Lawrence Gaming
    Lawrence Gaming 14 hours ago

    Make a knife

  • Ogre Under Bridge

    Beautiful, but copper does not a good blade make.
    Suggestion for a next experimental project; Brass & Stainless Steel damascus ?
    If it fuses or not I have no idea, but such a thing would in case shure become beautiful

  • Brandon Gibbs
    Brandon Gibbs 3 days ago +1

    Use them for know handles
    I bet that would complement a Damascus knife beautifully

  • Sinszyah
    Sinszyah 4 days ago

    looks like pewdiepie's theme

  • Hakan Hillgrove
    Hakan Hillgrove 5 days ago

    At 4:50 it looked like a block of really orange cheese

  • Jeffin Cyrus Antolijao
    Jeffin Cyrus Antolijao 5 days ago +8

    Am I seeing this right or is that Damascus is looks like sa background of PewDiePie's channel???

  • ChiralSymmetry
    ChiralSymmetry 5 days ago

    No flux used?

  • Daniel Nokes
    Daniel Nokes 5 days ago

    I think that a bronze and steel Damascus pattern would be an interesting one to try.

  • Rare Red Cobra
    Rare Red Cobra 5 days ago

    PewDiePie wants to:
    Know your location

  • Shariful Islam
    Shariful Islam 7 days ago

    you should've used it instead of copper in your katana.

  • Alphaoverdrive Omega
    Alphaoverdrive Omega 8 days ago +1

    hey Alec Steele, I'm an aspiring Blacksmith and I've heard you make some (Quality) Damascus Steel. I'm looking for such steel to make a fully customized Katana, with Norse runes carved into the blade itself. And on top of that, I was going to get some black rusting compound to make a black edge. If anything, I'd like to collaborate with you. This project may even get a ton of views if we do this, But it's up to you.

  • Duane Grabert
    Duane Grabert 8 days ago

    Just watched you make a pendant out of this stuff, came to this video and rewatched you make the billet.

  • ken ezzell
    ken ezzell 8 days ago +1

    I wounder how it will look as the copper is oxidized.

  • Radza
    Radza 9 days ago

    its pewdiepie pattern :D

  • Nico Steyn
    Nico Steyn 10 days ago

    Make a cranbit

  • Leo Cashmore
    Leo Cashmore 11 days ago

    I'm almost colourblind so I couldn't see any abnormal colours

  • lunarscout
    lunarscout 11 days ago

    Did you ever make anything with this?

    • lunarscout
      lunarscout 8 days ago

      +Duane Grabert So he did! Thanks for the heads up.

    • Duane Grabert
      Duane Grabert 8 days ago +1

      1 day early on the comment. He just made a pendant out of it yesterday.

  • Nacho Franc
    Nacho Franc 11 days ago

    Did ever did something with it?

  • David Schrumpf
    David Schrumpf 11 days ago

    PLS TRY GOLD AND SILVER DAMASCUS. i would love you forever Alec

  • Jc Nolan
    Jc Nolan 12 days ago

    with that cool pattern, I'd like to see a sickle made out of that.

  • Dragonight King
    Dragonight King 12 days ago

    Imagin a blade in this steal

  • atc5144
    atc5144 12 days ago

    What grade of nickel and copper did he use?

  • yoitsgunattack
    yoitsgunattack 12 days ago

    what is the electric saw thing he uses to cut the metal to see the pattern i need the name for a project.

  • Daniel m
    Daniel m 13 days ago

    To noisy

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell 13 days ago

    Hinges for your new box.

  • william hardaway
    william hardaway 14 days ago

    make a ring out of it

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller 16 days ago

    I'd love to see a pair of custom Tanto style blades made from the bars you made.

  • It's_The_Milkman
    It's_The_Milkman 16 days ago

    5:18, forbidden cheddar.

  • Keith Basinger
    Keith Basinger 17 days ago +1

    It would make some beautiful knife bolsters

  • scp agent neon rose
    scp agent neon rose 17 days ago

    can chu make a blade wif those bars of metal 😺

  • FBI
    FBI 19 days ago +1


  • Jezler
    Jezler 19 days ago

    it looks like wooden steel, please make an elven sword or dagger with it!!!

  • James Lightfoot
    James Lightfoot 20 days ago

    This would make a wonderful habaki and tsuba on your katana.

  • Bryan Carpenter
    Bryan Carpenter 21 day ago

    A handle would be pretty cool to make out of it

  • Christian Surma
    Christian Surma 21 day ago

    You seem like a cool dude bro, would grab a beer with you 🤘

  • Jacob Kabage
    Jacob Kabage 21 day ago

    You should make a knife out of the billet

  • DwightMS1
    DwightMS1 22 days ago

    Gorgeous metal Alec. Way to go.

  • Eddie Moore
    Eddie Moore 22 days ago

    I'm super late to the video, but it would be awesome for you to make a throwing star or set of throwing stars made out of the material. I have watched a loooooot of your videos and am going back and watching all that I haven't. Lol

  • sairast
    sairast 22 days ago

    looked like pewdiepies logo

  • Tom Edwards
    Tom Edwards 23 days ago

    P E W D I E P I E

  • salvador vargas
    salvador vargas 23 days ago +3

    Make some guitar picks

  • mitch yelvington
    mitch yelvington 23 days ago

    handles for a damascus draw knife

  • Rod Lightning
    Rod Lightning 24 days ago

    Make a dagger

  • Tim McVay
    Tim McVay 25 days ago

    Isn't nickel only five cents.

  • Kenny VanCleave
    Kenny VanCleave 26 days ago

    Talk about a fidgeter's wet dream.

  • Steve Herring
    Steve Herring 26 days ago

    beautiful pic of metal !!!!

  • nekomorph
    nekomorph 27 days ago

    plz make a pewdiepie knife out of it

  • dave hassell
    dave hassell 27 days ago

    you are so annoying! keep up the show

  • Adam Drumonde
    Adam Drumonde 27 days ago

    So in the "a song of ice and fire" books, the Valyrian steel swords "Oathkeeper" and "Widow's Wail" are described as having a crimson colour attempted to be worked into them, but the colour kept darkening and dulling in the forging process, and I kind of always imagined it looking exactly like this. Do with this information what you will.

  • Matt Walker
    Matt Walker 29 days ago

    Love watching everything you do man. I love that you don't edit out you're mistakes. Shows people that it's ok to mess up and to not get discourage. Just learn from it. Failure is an attractive lure. Use it to learn to fish. Haha

  • Random videos by Joe
    Random videos by Joe 29 days ago

    You should make a normal Damascus knife but with a copper and nickel Damascus handle

  • Monty2451
    Monty2451 29 days ago

    Anyone know what grade of nickel and copper he used and how much sheets of said metal go for?

  • Dean Hall
    Dean Hall Month ago

    If I sent u the material and a drawing would u be willing to forge me a knife?

  • Ox Lord
    Ox Lord Month ago


  • Louis Campbell
    Louis Campbell Month ago

    Please more of this now your in america!!!

  • bluebasher420
    bluebasher420 Month ago

    epic job!

  • Matthew Falcon
    Matthew Falcon Month ago

    This as a handle scale of a knife along with a traditional Damascus blade knife I wouldn't care the cost...I'd buy it!

  • Vritex
    Vritex Month ago

    He is a nine year old!

  • Wes M.
    Wes M. Month ago

    Hope your ventilating well when heating copper in a forge.... copper releases arsenic at those temps

  • Ja M
    Ja M Month ago

    Did you ever make anything more from this stuff?


    Forge a knife with it

  • Anchin life
    Anchin life Month ago

    Make a katana out of MAKUME GAME

  • Shane Ellis
    Shane Ellis Month ago

    I don’t know
    Why, but this is my favorite episode

  • Benja Freeman
    Benja Freeman Month ago

    Make a knife guard out of it.

  • Sadum
    Sadum Month ago

    Make a Knive out of it... YEEET

  • wilson324
    wilson324 Month ago

    Did he ever make anything out of this? I did not see any videos posted after titled Mokume gane.

  • Phahel7
    Phahel7 Month ago

    I have a mokume gane wedding ring. It's rose gold, green gold and palladium. From a company called Grew and Co. I love it so much.

  • justin bradshaw
    justin bradshaw Month ago

    A play button would be sick if you made it out of that

  • William Shreckengost
    William Shreckengost Month ago +1

    Woah. Looks like you're shaping a glowing piece of wood in some of those shots.

    ...Great. Now I want a power hammer.

  • Pedroc Bolio
    Pedroc Bolio Month ago

    make a sword

  • PopenZ MADMAN
    PopenZ MADMAN Month ago

    Send a sheet to pewds so that he canput this in his background

  • Lyle L
    Lyle L Month ago

    Dude I will put money on it your well hung and me

  • P.Ahmad
    P.Ahmad Month ago

    Pewdiepie is gonna copystrike you

  • Vincent Kelly
    Vincent Kelly Month ago

    now that you're in america, it would be cool to see you make Quarter Mokume Gane

  • Sandy D
    Sandy D Month ago +3

    make a chess game out of that material

  • Arthur R.
    Arthur R. Month ago

    I'd definitely make a knife the first billet reminds me of a jaguar

  • TJay Grigg
    TJay Grigg Month ago

    Make a knife and sell it. Let me know if you do i will buy it.

  • TheGreatDeku Tree
    TheGreatDeku Tree Month ago

    alec hella THICC

  • Ice Cream Bob
    Ice Cream Bob Month ago

    try to Damascus two different Damascus things together

  • Les Adam
    Les Adam Month ago

    Paper Knife, -letter opener mainly decorative ornament.
    Wouldn't use it as a knife handle, for chef 's knife, the cooper would discolour the hand.

  • Penalty Prime
    Penalty Prime Month ago

    Make a shield with the Damascus

  • Jakenbake YT
    Jakenbake YT Month ago

    Make a samurai mini katana fir when they dishonor themselfs and havto kill them selfs

  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 Month ago

    A saber hilt?

  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 Month ago

    Ow, ow OWWW!!! Just went over backward in my chair! Fix the sound volume! Geez!

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis Month ago

    I like to see I knife made from the copper and Nic block

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis Month ago

    I like to see I knife made from the copper and Nic block

  • Jonathan Finger
    Jonathan Finger Month ago

    Nickel isent expensive it only cost 5 cents lol

  • Hashslingingslasher

    I think you should give away some of those little squares cause personally those things are dope af it’d just be something cool to have on your night stand

  • Smokey Beardman
    Smokey Beardman Month ago


  • Иван Юрченко

    May be siutable material for sword handles and surrounding decorative elements

  • adam holland
    adam holland Month ago

    Do you even still have this after the move? Always been curious where it went and what you will do with it.

  • xXyoungmeysterXx
    xXyoungmeysterXx Month ago

    Make am awesome gyuoto chef knife, I'd definitely buy it off you

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Month ago

    The thumbnail says you can

  • Wimo Tapia
    Wimo Tapia Month ago

    Omg a samurai out of that 🥰❤️🙌🏻

  • TheMattiePoo
    TheMattiePoo Month ago

    Yes. You can. That's why it has a name and has been made for centuries. What even is this title?!

  • ferron zomeren
    ferron zomeren Month ago +1

    Your powerhammer sounds like a suffocating bulldog

  • TheSadSnowman
    TheSadSnowman Month ago

    Send this to pewdiepie