5 Easy Effective Match Skills To Beat Defenders | Easy Dribbling Tutorial For Footballers

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Beating players with match skills is one of the most exciting things in football. Seeing players dribble past opponents with tricks and skills is not only one of the most exciting things, but dribbling an opponent in a one v one situation can create chances for you, or your teammates to score a goal. Mastering one v one doesn't have to be complicated, and in today's simple and effective match skills tutorial, you can learn these easy dribbling moves to help you dribble past defenders with simple skills. Even players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Isco and the the best dribblers in the world use these simple skills moves, and if you practice these simple dribbling moves, you'll find yourself having much more success in one v one dribbling situations.
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  • Sindhu Mohandas
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    Seeing pwg after a long time😀

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    Where to look when dribbling

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    Simple skills always work

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    John Diaz Month ago

    Good skills too know going to use it for my U10 team

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    2nd skill I'm definitely trying it in my next match looks so effective.

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  • imateapot51
    imateapot51 2 months ago

    When you push the ball by the defender you can push it a few inches off the ground - high enough to go over the lunging defender's foot (if they were not 100 percent fooled) but not high enough to let the defender realize the ball is in the air and will go over his foot. Easy to do on the real grass but kind of difficult on the crap turf they are making kids play on these days in the USA.

  • Aadan ilyaas 123 Aadan
    Aadan ilyaas 123 Aadan 2 months ago +1

    this is so easy but most of the people they don't understand

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    Good play

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    That’s so cool !!

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    Please apply for a job at Manchester United 😂

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    Bebbel Kojak 3 months ago

    would have been great to have him doing this after you did to see if he can do it ;)

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    Kidas Namso 3 months ago

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  • andre.dognini
    andre.dognini 3 months ago

    This skills are good because they're effective

  • atharv priya
    atharv priya 3 months ago

    I was injured 8 months ago on my hamstring and now i am getting injured quite often. What should I do?

    • Kidas Namso
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      Nothing tbh your like Ousman Dembele he keeps getting the same injury and there’s no solution 🤷‍♂️

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    it's very useful.

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    A video on defending skills plz!!!

  • Maria Roxy 16
    Maria Roxy 16 3 months ago

    My favourite skill is La Croqueta, and every time I do it, I always get past my defender, and sometimes I can nutmeg the defender which is very cool😂😂...The fake shoot is my second favourite skill, and I use it very much as well...Love them❤💪🏻

  • TQ T
    TQ T 3 months ago

    Love your in-depth explanations of the moves

    • 7mlc
      7mlc  3 months ago

      Really appreciate the positive feedback!

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    Nice nice skills this video helped me Thanks 💯

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    We all know that the guy who you came up with is the worst defender ever

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  • Yong Sanity
    Yong Sanity 3 months ago

    The footballer I admire most:
    1. Messi 10
    2. Suarez 9
    3. MLC 7 (7mlc)

  • Rafin rf
    Rafin rf 3 months ago

    Its effective bro your slo mo....thankz a lot. lots of love from india keep going😊🙌

  • pranav sajeevan
    pranav sajeevan 3 months ago +3

    I don't know if he went to pwg to make him the defender usually ytbers when meet another ytber they teach them new skillss but here it is th opposite

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      No you don’t, you post good videos, and the followers will come as a result, not the other way around.

  • Andrew Francis
    Andrew Francis 3 months ago

    Are these skills applicable during futsal games ?

  • iComanBeast
    iComanBeast 3 months ago

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    Soccer Training Club 3 months ago

    👏👏👏 Very informative and great moves 👍👍

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      Appreciate the feedback mate!

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    You are the best bro .. keep going

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    It’s always great to go back to the basics

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    This is quality TheXvid

    • 7mlc
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      Glad you enjoyed it Nathan!

  • Magnus Robertson
    Magnus Robertson 3 months ago

    the third variation of the third skill is probably my favourite skill move , works every time !

    • 7mlc
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      Agreed bro!

  • Hafizur Mahdi
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    I stopped watching skill videos. BUT WHEN I SAW YOU UPLOAD A SKILL VIDEO...I couldn't help it

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      Appreciate you stopping by to check it out, thanks mate!

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    Thanks for the moves

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      You’re more than welcome!

  • Mihir Kanadia
    Mihir Kanadia 3 months ago

    Hey plz tell me I have great footwork but I can't beat the player why this happens to me we play in very small space as we don't have big grounds we play in streets plz tell me how to deal with this problem

    • 7mlc
      7mlc  3 months ago

      Just continue to practice, work on your fast feet so you can react quicker and improve your balance in tight space situations.

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    Thank you very much 💯

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  • danielle brown
    danielle brown 3 months ago

    Love these! Simple enough to execute but deceiving enough to trick your defender. And these are moves I can coach my young players. Thanks!

    • 7mlc
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      Appreciate the positive feedback and kind words!

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  • Mohammed Qabazard
    Mohammed Qabazard 3 months ago

    I just suggest if you can put numbers, words, signals, blips, colors .. etc .. between those multiple skills -in order to separate them- that would be a good idea ⚽️💜

  • Mohammed Qabazard
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    William Suantak 3 months ago

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      Athang Letminthang Already covered it mate 👍

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      William Suantak 3 months ago

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    • 7mlc
      7mlc  3 months ago

      Which particular skills of his do you want to learn that I haven’t already covered on the channel already?